Wednesday, September 24, 2014

It Makes Sense To Me

Have you ever said something and then gave yourself a what?

I do it all the time myself and I would say that anyone that has ever raided with me knows exactly what I am talking about.  I oft times forget the names of abilities and just wing it.  I would say something along the lines for "once a minute the boss with do this ability called somethingorother and you will need to use some personals because it does huge AoE".  Now admittedly I should be better at remembering names but does it really matter?  There is some ability that does big damage at a predictable time in the fight, does it really need a name?  Okay, I am rationalizing, but it makes sense to me and apparently the people who raid with me become fluent in gibberish because it makes sense to them.

That is just one of many types of those what type of things.  Those I call the memory what, for people like me that forget names of abilities.  I suffer from the memory what more than I would like to admit.  But the memory what is not the only what type there is.  The typo what can be really fun too.

My favorite typo what of all time is something I saw on wowbash where a hunter was looking for a glyph for explosive shot but made an unfortunate typo and asked trade chat for the glyph of explosive shit.  I admit I am even laughing as I type that.  Nothing wrong with a little bathroom humor from time to time and more so when it is accidental bathroom humor.  Of course trade had some fun with that but I am sure I have made my fair share of typos as well.

Then there is the third type which is the brain fart what.  When you say or type something that you did not intend too.  Or you answer a question that was not even asked because you heard one thing when they asked another.  It is one of those moments that it is like your brain shut down and you forget even the simple things.  Anyone that has ever raided has had those brain fart moments.  Have you ever done a fight you have done 200 times before and suddenly get caught off guard by some mechanic?  Oops, brain fart moment, completely forgot about that one.

Every single one of these cases all have the same end result.  It makes sense to me, even if people might say what.   Hey, people forget names, people make typos, and people seem to have brain farts from time to time.  It is just human nature.

Have you ever suffered from what moments?  Share some fun ones if you wish.  It is okay to admit it.  No one will ever be as bad as me when it comes to forgetting spell names.  You just need to understand what I mean when I say that two people need to stand in the swirly thing because it makes sense to me.


  1. In my freshman year of college, I returned from winter break needing to write a term paper. I was typing away on my first-gen Macintosh and needed to use the word "that." I typed "thaught." I erased "thaught." I retyped "thaught." I re-erased "thaught." I did this three or four times, knowing that it wasn't correct... knowing that I had written -- and spelled correctly -- this stupid four-letter word thousands of times previously but for the life of me couldn't right then and there.

    I stood up, opened my dorm room door and shouted "how do you spell 'that'." I was met with a brief moment of silence and then laughing heads started popping out of their own doors.

    I did get my answer -- and smacked myself on the head, of course -- but folks just assumed I'd been drinking a lot. Sadly, no.

    1. I have that problem constantly... over and over. At one point I thought the word "people" looked ridiculous, why would there be an "o" in the word? But I couldn't figure out how to spell it. So I finally settled on "peaple". Even though I knew it was wrong.

      Though come to think of it, that one may have involved some drinking...

    2. People need Peaple. Thaught much I can tell you!

    3. I've had that same thing when spelling a word sometimes. The worst is when you keep looking at it and you know it is wrong and you rack your brain trying to figure out how to spell it right only to find out in the end that it was right to begin with.

      That has happened t me way to many times. And it is always a super simple word that I thing I am spelling wrong.

  2. Hey Grumpy.

    I'll post this in your next column in case you don't see this. I know you wrote about garrisons late last month in detail. Is there a way you can make another post before the expansion hits on what strategy you may take on, say, your main toon with what buildings to use, etc, and how they'll work with your professions that you have? And if leveling alts to 100 and having them do garrisons is necessary to gear your main at all? I've been doing a lot of research, but since I'm not on the beta, I'd like to hear your perspective.

    Thanks a bunch.

    1. I plan to do some sort of update on it. They recently made a lot of changes to work orders and what you get from them so I will need to do some new testing to judge. They went from materials coming out of everywhere in huge amounts to now not being able to get enough at all. So that will play a part in my decisions when I write about what I plan to do.

  3. Oh Sufferwell! I wanted to see a what moment :D

    I am thrilled to see that I am not the only one who forgets spell names or abilities in WoW - even Elf does it! That makes me feel a lot better. My guild makes fun of me for those what moments. Which is why I am not allowed to do fight explanations. Should I share them? Maybe just one.

    (Ulduar Thorim fight trying to do the Achievement "Don't Stand in the Lightning") - You have to not get hit by the dotty things that come from one side on the fight, OK? You know those sparky dotty things that go to the middle.. oh what are they called.

    But my favourite guild joke typo is something we still use (if we had paladins) and that would be Bacon of light. Putting the bacon on the tank is all sorts of awesome.

    (btw I am sitting here giggling about explosive shit - I have very bad toilet humour)

    And I have a really bad time with the shaman healing abilities. How many times have i yelled in raid "Tide thing!" or "Put your green totem THINGIE healing circle spinning thing!" My poor guild shamans.

    1. You are not alone calling for the healy thing. I have done that many times and I played a shaman healer quite often last expansion so I should know better.

      The lightning one is funny. Sometimes it is the simple words that escape us. lol

      I find myself saying, afterwards, you know what I am talking about, so often.