Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Random Thoughts

- I actually did a little LFR this week and while it was not great it was nothing to complain about.

- Unless I wanted to complain about not winning anything.

- Seems rare when I win a piece of gear or a quest item.

- Did help with a normal run on one of my hunters this weekend.

- Got the trinket off shamans, warforged at that.

- My main hunter is still using a heroic ToT trinket because that one never drops.

- Because any one never drops.

- At this rate my alt hunter will out gear my main hunter if it wins another piece before my main hunter wins something.

- My alt hunter is only 1 item level behind.

- At least my alt hunter is not having DPS issues like my main hunter.

- Odd how that works sometimes.

- Maybe it brings something many people said to the front again.

- Luck is tied to a character.

- Like with loot, crits, procs, etc.

- My alt hunter just seems to not get into a funk.

- Ever, at least not this far.

- But then again he is not that old yet, not even 10 days /played, so he is still a baby.

- Maybe his bad luck streak just has not started yet.

- Played some diablo this weekend and boy have things changed.

- Legendary doesn't feel all that legendary now.

- I have a legendary in nearly every slot.

- They must have nerfed the ever living crap out of the game too.

- I was blowing through stuff like there was no tomorrow.

- In the same gear I had from the last time I played 2 years ago.

- And the new gear is way better than the old gear.

- They must have changed stats on gear, a lot.

- I was still only in my 40s.

- I gave up after running it through the first time before ever finishing it the second.

- It occurred to me, why am I doing the same thing all over again.

- A friend of mine had given my some 60 gear so when I got to 60 I would have a few nice pieces.

- The gear that was dropping in my 40s was better than that 60 gear.

- And I am not talking legendary items.

- Getting back into the swing of things with my demon hunter something occurred to me that first occurred when I originally played it.

- They are getting all their hunter ideas from the demon hunter in diablo.

- Glaive toss and barrage come directly from diablo as does the upcoming bloa shot.

- Looking through my skilsl I started thinking, what other hunter abilities would I like my warcraft hunter to carry over from my diablo hunter.

- Because we know that is where they are likely getting the idea for almost every single hunter change in the last 2 expansions.

- Made me want my volley back.

- And an even better one, a set it and forget it one like in diablo.

- They started to add some glyphs that do things that diablo talents do like the one that changes what explosive trap does.

- I would not be surprised if we see more of those.

- Or maybe even an entire tier of talents that change one of our traps.

- Now that they are adding the paladin to diablo under the name of crusader do you think the witch doctor is coming to warcraft next?

- Monks came from over in diablo this expansion.

- I don't think the witch doctor will ever come over even if there is history for it in the game.

- There are a lot of troll witch doctors.

- Because witch doctors are already in game, they are called shaman.

- I often wonder if the diablo loot system is better than warcrafts.

- Let loot drop, even the best loot, like crazy from everywhere, not just raids.

- But with tons of random stats on it.

- Or keep it as it where the best designed loot drops so rarely it makes people want to quit.

- There is something that makes you feel better getting loot even if it is not the best loot for you.

- Maybe warcraft can steal that idea and let loot drop like candy, but let luck decide if it is great or not instead of keeping loot at arms reach where you just can not get it.

- It is all about that feeling I got when playing diablo this weekend every time a legendary dropped with its question mark.

- A moment of excitement because it might be something great.

- I clicked on it and waited for it excitedly and even when I did not get anything I could use at least I was happy that I got something good.

- And even if I could not use it, it was account bound so maybe another one of my characters could.

- Now that is better loot design, better than warcrafts by a mile.

- Warcraft can use a hell of a lot more of that "letting people feel excited about the game" thing.

- Making people happy is a good thing.  Isn't it?

- So much better than going months without getting anything.

- One thing I hate is that all this gear is account bound now.

- I want to sell these extras on the auction house and maybe buy one I need with the gold I made.

- Why hand out all this loot and change the design so we can not sell it or buy it.

- Makes no sense.

- Then again, from blizzard, makes no sense makes perfect sense.

- I guess they act the same with every game they make.

- I said to a friend once I noticed this, does blizzard really want me to quit every game it makes?

-  I love to grind, it is the type of player I am, it is part of what I like about diablo.

- But I have horrible luck.

- So I could grind, sell the bad luck items and buy the ones I need.

- But with account bound drops now, that is not going to happen.

- Makes me wonder if the person that designs these games like to kick puppies.

- Their basic design is "fuck the people with bad luck".

- No selling stuff to buy better stuff in diablo.

- No valor gear in warcraft.

- If you have bad luck you can kiss my ass.

- That is blizzards motto.

- Hey blizzard, how about making your games more enjoyable and adding bad luck nets back into your games instead of using horrible drops rates as a way of getting people to keep playing.

- I swear that is why blizzard loves to give the shaft to people with bad luck.

- They use it as a way to keep people playing.

- If they never give you loot they figure you will keep coming back until you get it.

- I personally think making your games better and more enjoyable would keep people coming back.

- But then again, that is just me.

- They run a billion dollar gaming company and I don't.

- Guess that makes them right.

- Doesn't mean I have to like it.

- I don't think I will get back into diablo.

- I don't need another game where I spend my entire time playing it thinking about my bad luck.

- I gave up on going out of my way to try and get specific drops for my main in warcraft.

- That is a huge change in the type of player I am and the way I have always played.

- I used to always go out of my way to get the best gear I could get because it mattered.

- Now I just do not care any more.

- And I am not about to get involved in farming for the luck of drops because I can no longer farm to sell for gold and buy what I need in diablo.

- Blizzard just really doesn't want people playing.

- I sometimes think that is the reason for decisions like this.

- Or maybe they just don't want people like me playing.

- Have a great day.


  1. yeah, but try to zoom out and look around - can't do that in Diablo, no matter how much they make it look pretty, it will always be a console game - and not a very good one at that.

    A side note - got my 8th lvl 90 - IceyRose yesterday. Going into the week-end - Thursday she was 87 (a few shy of 88). Friday I did not play. Saturday was for a few hours - made 88, about 10 slots shy of 89. Sunday, from 10:30 to 5:30 with a bunch of breaks, 90. No raids, no instances, no dungeons, no partying up with anyone, no scenarios. Got my flying, now I can go anywhere. :D Even learned the porting to Golden Latern. Took my sister's DK who is 78 to Golden Latern. So she can use that place as her base.

    What's this new one one Blizzard is going on with Beta - Heroes or something like that?

    And whats up with a "sale" button on the screen where you pick your toon to play, a button for "sale" next to the what I like to call the system buttom (where you change things) and it even has a damned "sales" button in it. How much sales are these folks going to do?

    How does one find a "private server" for WOW?


    1. That has always annoyed me too. Hate not being able to change the view. It took a lot of time for me to get used to it.

      Congrats on your 8th 90. You will be catching up soon.

      Heroes of the storm is a fighting game. Not my cup of tea personally.

      They added that as just another way to push the shop. They are really pushing it.

      I would suggest staying away from private servers. Blizzard has a way of finding out if you make a mistake and go to log in without fixing the data for the real game and you could get a ban, life time one even.

      However, if you really wanted to you can google it. Last I looked there were hundreds out there. None that jumped out to me.

  2. Valor needed a change. It was indeed designed as a safety net for unlucky raiders but it changed into whatever, gearing method for pve, gearing method for pvp, obligatory gear improvement, currency for rep gear etc etc
    If they manage to change the lucky coin to work as the needed safety net, then no loss.

    I'll play Diablo again, to finish whatever there is to finish. Never liked grinding, I don't get fun from it, so these types of hack and slash games usually last for a few weeks max.

    1. I still think valor, or some currency system, is the best route to go. I hate luck based loot. It is no an attractive game play mechanic and if it disappeared forever I would not mind it at all. I'll take the earn my gear currency system over the luck into my gear drop system any day.

      I am the same way with diablo. I get into it, hack and slash around for a few days and then get bored with it again. Then removing the auction house will really keep me from playing.

      Again, an earn vs luck thing. I would rather earn my gear by getting drops, selling drops, making gold, and buying the things I was unlucky enough to get, instead of just keep grinding over and over and over until I luck into it.

      Earn > Luck

    2. Well they can't please everyone.

      I for once prefer luck based reward over things like "in X amount of kill I'll have my gear".

      ANd no I'm not really luck with drop, my shaman is still in 540ilvl gear after a lot of flex runs (and the legendary ofc). My hunter got a weapon after 3.5 month of clearing SoO (so that 4 shot for weapon a week). I have a grand total of 2 heirlooms weapons from garrosh, and I'm out of a farm of over 10k crabs kill on TI for the pet.

      It's just that currency system feels boring to me. I never used the AH on either WoW or Diablo cause I find it to be a PITA.

      Not being able to trade legendaries in Diablo is the best move blizzard ever did with the game for me.

    3. To each their own, but I do not see why they can not have both. Isn't the idea they were trying to push all expansion to be choices and they gave us none and took away some we had?

      A currency system might be boring but it is earning. Work is boring, but it gives me money and with that money I can buy things I want. That is how things should be. Much better than me wandering the streets for hours looking at the ground hoping that I will get "lucky" and someone dropped money on the ground.

      You might say you are unlucky but if you support a luck system you are lucky. 2 heirlooms off garrosh? My entire guild only has 2 and that is with various kills in normal, flex and outside of guild in pug groups. If you got 2 heirlooms you are lucky. Sorry, but saying luck works when you are a lucky person completely invalidates what you say. If I won everything I wanted I would like the luck system too.

    4. I'm not playing to work, hence currency system is not fun and boring to me.

      And I'm not saying I'm unlucky, I'm saying I'm not lucky.

      Because no, 2 heirlooms out of 50 garrosh kills accros all toons when you have a 10% drop chance and some guildies already have like 15 of them is not what I would call lucky, but in the average.

      Having to kill thousands of crabs for month to get that one pet that you miss is not what I call lucky.

      Having 200 kills on midnight and still not having the mount is not what I call lucky.

      Granted we all focus on our bad luck spot (you aswell I'm willing to bet) but I'm definitely not a lucky person that get everything at once.

      I'm not unlucky either, I'm in the statistic middle like most ppl I think. And that is why the system works.

      In Diablo aswell they implemented the smart drop system what drop you get tend to be for your class. I had far mor bow and handcrosbow since 2.0 that I've had says....mojos or mighty weapon.

      If they use a similar system for the new bonus roll, I'm all for it, far better than having to grind currency X so I can get gear Y on week Z.

    5. Say it as much as you want, but it is work even if you don't call it that. You work to get better at your class, you work to gear up, you work to get reputation, you work to earn valor, you work you work and you work. Just because you enjoy what you are doing does not remove the fact it is work.

      You are still lucky. It is a 1% drop rate I believe, maybe even less so winning 2 is lucky. Heck, 1 in 50 times would be lucky.

      The crab design has nothing to do with luck, it is stupidity on blizzard part. I gave up on it. It should be a 100% drop rate. I would go around killing crabs to make the bastard spawn, he would spawn on the other end of the zone, any half way decent player even in crappy gear can kill him in less than 10 seconds, and I never even get to kill him. So not only is it not a 100% drop rate but I do all the work to spawn him and someone else kills him before I can get to him.

      It is part of the reason that one achievement will never be something I get. Screw blizzard and retarded designs.

      You are aware the pet does not drop from the crabs right? It only drops from the are that killing crabs spawns. Just in case you did not know that. Not sure if you did the way you wrote it.

      I only concentrate it because I am always reminded on it. Yes, I admit it is easier to remember the bad than it is the good, it is human nature. But if there were ever a reason to keep those "bad" feels at a minimum don't you think that would be it? If all I ever remember are the bad moments it will taint my view of the game and that is not really a good business model for blizzard. To leave everyone only remembering the bad things.

      If they made bonus roll a 100% change you get something, that might work. Otherwise you are still leaving it up to luck and even with a 50% chance there will still be people that use 20 coins and win nothing.

      Luck is not a good way to design things. At least not if you want to keep people happy. Make them earn it.

      Like the noblegarden event. If you want to mount you can buy it for 500 eggs. Or you can get it when picking up eggs. The lucky people get it from picking up eggs, I collected 500 to get it years back. But you will NEVER see me complain about that because that is excellent design. There is the random where someone can get lucky and there is the catch all that allows someone to get it anyway as long as they are willing to put in the effort.

  3. I had a break from progression this weekend, mostly worked on VP capping my raiding main who has some gear to upgrade and got another toon to max. Many down, one less to go.

    Side note - hadn't realized that the TI weapons don't require any rep so you can buy them (1H ones at least) for 10K coins pretty much right after hitting 90... once I'd done a chest run and killed half a dozen rares while running around I'd picked up about 25K coins, enough for 2 weapons. 489 weapons aren't optimal but considering I had the funds for them within a couple of hours, that seems more than appropriate as starter gear for SoO LFR at least and is almost on par with the 496 catch-up gear.

    I haven't played D3 in ages but I did recently play Torchlight 2 and it has a similar style with loot dropping constantly... I like it for that type of game but I wouldn't want it in WoW. I could go for a bit less random but not THAT much.

    1. @R

      is TI "timeless Isle"? the place off the coast Ihavent been too yet? And if so, what do you do for finding those coins?

    2. Yes. You get coins from chests and killing stuff on the island.

    3. They just boosted those weapons to 489 too. They used to be 476. Now they are must more attractive at 489. At 476 they seemed like a waste of coins. Glad they changed it but I sometimes wonder what took them so long or better yet, why did they release it at 476 to begin with. Again, does anyone that works there play the game?

      Never tried torchlight 2, maybe I will look into it.

      The one problem with those types of games is they have a short life. I usually play a lot for a few days and then forget about it. Heck, the last time I had logged into diablo was 2012.

    4. thanks Jaeger and GE. No, stillhave not made it there. I was having too much fun with my mage, then I went to a very popular wow site read their mage guide and now so confused, I am giving her up.

      guide says - "Do this, then this and this but only if that is done before you even think about doing this".

      WTF. Confusing. I have to give it a few days to be erased from my brain before I can play Icey again- pertty much my way without the "taint" of some one else"wisdom". :D


    5. Most classes are a do this and then do that but only when this is happening. It is what gets the most out of classes.

      There are simple rotations you can roll with that will get you okay numbers but not maximize your potential. Perhaps that is more comfortable to play with. Heck, it is one of the reasons why even if I hate playing a rogue I don't mind it sometimes. There is nothing to do. One thing to worry about, refresh rupture with less than 1 second, and even if you do it a little earlier you are not losing much. No do this then that but only if this happens stuff to deal with. When you want nice and easy and no thinking involved (outside of that annoying running around because you are melee) then rogue is the best class.

    6. @Roo - Yep, as the others mentioned, Timeless Isle... everything you do there (killing, gathering, skinning) gives you special coins that can be used to buy items there. The items aren't great for already-played toons in most cases but they're nice for catch-up purposes on a new 90 toon.

      @GE - My non-WoW games are almost all play-and-forget games, although longevity varies greatly (in the past couple of years it goes from 220 hours in Skyrim to about 23 hours in TL2). Like Stubborn, I generally call a game a decent value if it's less than $1/hour... so TL2 is pretty good even at the $20 list price but since it's often $5 or $10 on sale it's pretty much unbeatable at those prices. The game is dumb but probably no dumber than D3, it's just mindless killing stuff and every 30 seconds having to evaluate 5 new pieces of gear that dropped. It's just a fun button masher.

    7. I usually think of it as $1 per hour. If I pay 60 bucks for a game I expect to get 60 hours play time out of it. Minimum.

      Nothing wrong with mindless killing stuff once in a while. It is actually a great way to pass the time and just chill. I like games like that once in a while.

  4. - Haven't played D3 in ages.

    - D3 Loot 2.0 is totally different from how it was originally. The original loot in D3 sucked because of the RMAH.

    - I don't think I've played since they changed it though.

    -WoW is adding the extra randomness to loot in WoD with random gem slots and random tertiary stats, but I think they're still going to be very stingy about handing it out; making it even more frustrating for people with bad luck.

    On the WoW front:
    - No loot off world bosses this week

    - Did some leveling on my feral druid. Even at lvl 40, the rotation feels messed up. Need to research it again.

    - The mount speed upgrade at 40 is an insane difference...

    - Had to go back and farm herbs because I had out leveled my herbalism. Skinning was fine, but herbalism was about 50 points behind...

    - I use an addon called AutoGratz. I have it setup so that it's not obnoxious and most people don't even know I use it. However recently since Blizz changed all our names to be "name-realm", it started giving me a "gratz" for achievements that I had earned myself...

    - Unfortunately, the person who created AutoGratz is no longer maintaining it.

    - I found a different one called AutoGratzer, but it's very basic and only has 5% of the options that AutoGratz has.

    - So I dug into the lua to figure out what was going on.

    - The WoW API documentation that's out there really sucks, btw. Blizz should really publish all the documentation themselves instead of leaving it up to the players.

    - Anyway, after some trial and error for about an hour, I figured out the code and how to fix it.

    - Fix is in the comments on if anyone needs it.

    - That was one of the reasons I leveled my druid up to 40 to get the achievement and make sure I didn't "gratz" myself... Luckily the addon has code for responding to people saying "ding", so I could test it that way, but needed an achiev to get a final confirmation.

    -Skywall connection is coming on Thursday. Hopefully that will go smoothly.

    1. The RMAH sucked, but they are removing the auction house too. That sucks worse.

      Wow with all the random stuff is basically telling me to quit. They really do not want my playing. So now I can "not" get the piece and "not" get one with gem slots and "not" get one with extra stats and "not" get one that is warforged. Screw blizzard. Just let me buy my gear with some sort of currency and stop with this random bullshit.

      Split personally disorder. Congrats for yourself, that made me laugh.

      Hopefully your connection goes well and you can get back to doing some more runs and kicking ass and taking names.

    2. I'm sorry to say that but you seems sooo entiteled when you say that.

      The gem, extra stat or warforged are BONUSES, you should NOT expect to get them. and if anyone expect you to have them they're just stupid. It's an extra, something to keep you a little excited when you kill an on farm boss.

      Hell, if I wasn't hoping for Warforged now raiding would be soooooo boring.
      (well, that's not totally true, but it adds some fun :p)

    3. Entitled to want to earn something?

      Do you know what entitled means? Apparently not.

      People that feel entitled believe that things should just be given to them. Not sure what planet you live on but earning something and buying it with hard earned money is the exact opposite of entitlement.

      The entire luck based system should be dropped.

    4. What I mean here with entiteled is aabout your ""not" get" about the BONUSES.

      You sound like if your gear does get the extra,, it's shit. So yes for me taht sounds like someone who is entiteled.

      I get you're not liking the luck system. But even with a curency system it would be good design IMO to have those extras aswell. You buy your gear and sometimes it would come with socket, stats or WF, sounds good to me and gives you a reason to keep getting your currency.

    5. Yeah, when the bonus rate is 10% it really does need to be treated as a bonus, not as a requirement. Once you get up to the 50% range it's a somewhat different story but at low rates, it's just masochistic to think otherwise.

      @Jaeger - No loot off world bosses is pretty much my weekly status at this point despite a lot of toons still needing multiple items. If something drops, it's a dupe. My luck almost completely dried up about 2 weeks before 5.4.7 hit. I think I got one legitimate upgrade on a toon I sort of care about this week but when I'm rolling 70+ times a week, it's rough to only get 1 useful drop, especially now that there are new (generally) useful PvP pieces added to the mix.

      @GE - The luck system won't be dropped. :)

    6. @Anon

      When gearing you want to get the best piece. If there is a version out there with a gem slot and some additional stats then that is the piece of gear you want. So even if you get the piece if it does not have all those random "luck" additions it is not the piece you are seeking. Therefore, it is going to make getting the piece you are seeking harder. Anything else is just something to "fill the hole" until you get your piece.

      I would rather the bracers I need to either drop or not drop than have to wait for them to drop and wait for them to drop and to be warforged and wait for them to drop and be warforged with a gem slot and wait for them to drop and be warforged with a gem slot and an additional stat and wait for them to drop and be warforged with a gem slot and the additional stat I actually want.

      You are talking way to much luck involved in there. I either way it to drop or want it not to drop. Not to have the system run a million behind the scenes rolls on if it will be the right piece for me.

      And yes, anyone that cares about their gear will have the "right" piece for them and anything else that drops will just be filler until they get it. This just adds so many levels to the already dreadfully horrible random drop system.

      Now, if they had the basic piece purchasable with currency and the raid pieces always having something additional, like warforged, extra stat, gem slot, 2 gem slots, etc. Then you might have a winning design there.

      Gives a reason to raid to get the "best" piece for you but also gives you a safety net so if those bracers do not drop at all in any form at least you can buy them.

      How about that version? Seems I addressed your concerns and mine. All I want is a safety net.

      I have just been burnt by bad luck and I am sick of it.

      We are talking about a guy who killed every boss I could get my hands in the first tier and finally got the bow off MV 3 weeks before ToT came out and never got the sha touched one even running it three times a week in LFR too just to use my coin all three times. (we were not up to that on normal sadly)

      We are talking a guy that went through the entirety of ToT without a weapon and then won 2 in 1 week, the week before SoO came out.

      This time around I was lucky, I got the bow 3 months after the raid came out and actually get to use a current level weapon for a bit for the first time all expansion.

      BTW, I am still rocking a ToT heroic trinket because I can not get the one off the shaman. Not even the flex one.

      I am not asking for "easy" loot. I am just asking for a fair looting system. The least they could do it have a catch all so if you kill a boss 10 times (or some arbitrary number) you open up a shop that allows you to buy what he drops off him with currency.


      I know that, but that doesn't mean I need to like it.

    7. @GE

      GE = Ashendal? Hm. :)

      Either way, figured the original post was pretty much on point with your various opinions and if Blizzard does believe their revamped system will satisfy THAT guy, presumably it should work for you as well. Unless you are that guy, in which case... yeah, same deal. Future satisfaction incoming, hopefully.

    8. That guy does have a few moments where we sounds like me, and he is an elf. ;)

      If it were not for the fact I never use the forums it might be possible but he seems more like an angry elf than just a grumpy one.

      It will not satisfy him or me. They are just towing the company line. Nothing more, nothing less. I would not be surprised if some of the blues are not sitting on the side talking "what the fuck is blizzard doing" but it is their job and they can not say that on the forums.

      I do not envy their job having to defend the half ass things blizzard does some times.

  5. My views on D3 loot are similar to yours and yet different, like you i love the idea that loot is practically showered on you , the real RNG lies in the actual stats it rolls. And I dont mind the loot being bound to account, it sucks that I cant sell it , but its ok, think of all the people getting all these legendaries so fast , and being able to trade them, everyone will get geared too fast and get bored and quite playing. But you can circumvent that, any legendaries that drop are tradeable for 2hrs amoung the party members, so make a party with friends or join a public game and farm till your left click finger hurts.
    Overall a really positive experience for me, I replaced almost all items on my level 60 barb in 2hours of playing, tripled my dps and doubled the toughness stats. Also got a near bis 2h legendary weapon, 1435 dps "the zwiehander" .

    Regarding WoW,
    -Joined a 25man 12-heroic progressed guild at start of feb, apart from little nuances in tactics , what caught my eye was the amount of loot that drops in 25man, its night and day difference.
    -Almost gear capped on my rogue, 576 avg ilvl ,and all slots heroic geared items, only things that can be upgrade are heroic warforged items.
    -Killed Paragons of Klaxxi heroic, after 4 weeks of wipes, nearly 200 attempts. Oh man the feeling of killing a boss after a long and bloody struggle, reminded me why i love raiding, the high of first progression kill. This fight started as the most frustrating ever and me cursing obscenities with every wipe, but ended up being my favorite fight ever.
    -Did few attempts on Garrosh and got the phase 1 tactics executing smoothly. Yay 3 more phases and 2 more transitions to go. I get a feeling that I will be seeing his throne room a lot more :P .
    -straws , kazzak-eu

    1. I hit 60 for the first time last night on my DH and got a nice legendary bow. 1300 DPS I think. Not bad for a start. Now to get them paragon levels up.

      25 man are better designed for loot. As odd as it sounds I think 10 mans need more loot to drop because of the amount of loot that drops that is completely useless.

      Good luck on garrosh. I don't think I will ever see heroic while it is current. I can't even get all the regulars to show up each week any more so only do normals.