Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Random Thoughts

- I tried to enter some LFRs again this weekend after two weekends off from attempting them on alts.

- I was quickly reminded, painfully, why I don't do them on weekends.

- Almost 200 gold on repair bills.

- Before we even got to the first boss.

- I think it warrants me saying this again at risk of sounding like a broken record.

- The LFR is too hard for the general player base.

- Can you imagine what the ToT LFRs will be like when it is no longer current?

- Decided to play one of my healers for the first time in many months.

- Figured I should at least attempt to get a little gear even if I had not needed to use them.

- The shaman was sitting at 483 and the priest at 490.

- Got the shaman up to 493 and the priest up to 504.

- My goal is at least 510, so they could be LFR ready for the next patch, if need be.

- Will the item level be 510?

- Your guess is as good as mine, but that seems like a reasonable number to aim for.

- Even for the LFR only player 510 seems easily attainable, over time of course.

- Between 502 LFR gear, 522 valor gear, and perhaps a BoE or something off the first boss of the real raid means 510 is easy.

- Because lets face it for most servers, like my own, even beating the first boss in a pug is an achievement and there is no prayer in hell of doing horridon with 10 or 25 pug people.

- So 510 on all my alts is what my intention is.

- Oddly enough, my tank I tank ToT with is not even 510 yet.

- But it is more than ample to do the content at 507.

- Still, I think by the time the next patch comes I will be 510 as should anyone else.

- If my tank can do it where it never has run the LFRs at all and only downs a few bosses a week and that is all the valor it ever gets, then anyone can get to 510 if they actually put in some effort.

- But looking at the ability of the people in the LFR I wonder how long people can put up with it before they rally against the system and get blizzard to nerf the hell out of it.

- My nightmare this weekend, one of them at least, was the bats before tortos.

- Tanks pulled both bottom packs, died instantly.

- Next try, think they learned, well you thought wrong.

- They pull both packs, did not even warn anyone they were going, people were still coming in and buffs had not been given out yet.

- One tank goes down instantly the other shortly after.

- Next try they pull only one pack.  One tank goes down instantly and complains that no one is interrupting.  The other goes down shortly after.  We wipe again.

- Mind you, the tank complaining about no one interrupting did not interrupt once himself.

- Rule #1, if you are going to open your mouth, at least make sure you can do what you are complaining others are not doing.

- When I tank I interrupt.  It is not exactly hard.

- Almost said that in chat even if I do not often say much but I was tempted.

- Something like, how many interrupts did you do mr super star?

- You are the tank, you interrupt if you do not trust your melee to do so, and in the LFR never trust your melee to do so.

- See, simple isn't it.

- No need to say anything to him, he drops, more come, more drop.

- After tanks drop and tanks come we wipe and wipe and wipe.

- On the freaking bats.

- We go through 7 tanks, yes, 7 tanks.

- Not a one of them has a freaking clue how to interrupt.

- Out best attempt was when they finally decided to pull only one side and at that we still wiped.

- There were 2 interrupts.

- Can you guess who had one of them?

- Yeah, me.

- The other was from a guild mate I queued up with.

- That is it.

- And this, my friends, is why I say the LFR is too hard for most people.

- After countless time saying they need to be interrupted.  After countless wipes.  Still no one interrupted.

- That was the pace of that run.  Wipe wipe wipe.

- I should have dropped the second we wiped on the bats the first time.

- Guess how long it took to finish that LFR?

- If you guess over 3 hours, here is a cookie, you win.

- I hit 90 on yet another character.

- I played one of my baby hunters for the first time in ages.

- The one that I mentioned still had arrows in its bag since the last time I had played it.

- I got a few levels until I ran out of rest.

- Got my guild up to level 3 doing that.

- Yes, it is in my own guild.

- It is now level 40.

- What can I say, I like playing hunters.

- Almost played on my PvP server hunter this weekend.

- Then I remembered why I don't since cross realm was added.

- Doesn't mean I did not get my PvP on this weekend.

- In a fun way, on one of the role play servers I have characters on.

- I was on one of my hunters, yes another one, level 36, in theramore.

- A ?? undead DK came to put out our fire.

- I opened a can of whoop ass on him, after some emote joking around of course.

- He ran around like a mad man as my pet nibbled at the dangling flesh from his dead body and I pounded arrows into the back of his head.

- It was funny because he was not going to kill me, we were just having fun with it.

- We both eventually ran our own ways.

- See, PvP doesn't always need to be about killing.

- It could have some role play fun on a role play server.

- Where my 36 hunter chased away the ?? DK that put out our fire.

- So what would I do if he killed me you ask?

- I would just revive.

- When you flag yourself there is always a chance someone will kill you and not just have some fun like we were doing.

- No need to cry over dying in PvP on a PvE server where you have to flag yourself to make PvP happen.

- Crying because you purposely flagged yourself is about as lame as it gets.

- Did end up getting my first ever honor kill on that character later on however.

- Before my flag fell off a level 41 mage attacked me.

- I toasted his butt.

- Achievement attained [An Honorable Kill]

- I was thinking something about these virtual severs coming up.

- Those along with the 11 characters per server limit.

- If my server is joined with Thrall I can now make 11 characters on Thrall and have them join my guild.

- Effectively meaning I have 22 character on my server right?

- Now if I do that with each of the servers we are virtually connected with I could basically have all 50 characters in the same guild right?

- So why is there still a limit to how many characters we can have on the same server if we can bypass it now?

- I can't wait to see which servers are thrown together.

- It would be like the game lotto if I get my main server thrown into a server I have alts on that could use some assistance gold or bags wise.

- And will I be able to send my BoA gear to them now?

- I sure hope so.

- And will my valor of the ancients transfer over to them?

- The buff does say on "this" realm.  But if they are virtually a part of "this" realm now would they get the buff?

- All good questions if you ask me.

- All interesting things to wonder about.

- But it is just more cross realm crap, but official cross realm crap now.

- Tried to get the summer pet this weekend.

- No luck, parked a character there and kept switching to it.

- 100s of people there.

- At noon, 3 PM, 6 PM, 9 PM, midnight, 3 AM, 6 AM, 9 AM, you name it.

- Any time I was on I checked.  I logged in just to check here and there even when I was not playing.

- Always hundreds of people there, always no pet there.

- A few times I spent looking at everyone that was there and not one, repeat, not one was from my server.

- And this is one of the reasons CRZ sucks.

- I would have had the pet no problem if not for it.

- I just want to get my achievement and move on.

- I do not consider sitting there for hours on end, days on end, to be fun.

- This is blizzards idea of getting people out in the world?

- They really need to rethink that.

- Just reading chat in that zone will tell you that people do not like this kind of "content".

- One day blizzard will realize that rare is fine but making people camp like this is not.

- It is not fun, not good for the community, and something that is more frustrating than exciting.

- Perhaps if they tried to make content exciting and not boring like sitting and waiting for something to spawn, it would be more enjoyable.

- Perhaps design it as this is one pet that can escape the cage and you have to finish the fight in 5 moves or you lose it.

- That would make it a rare and make it so there were more around so everyone could at least have a chance to get it.

- It would be more exciting catching it in the timer, even if you fail a hundred time.

- Better than waiting with 100 people all complaining about spawn rates.

- I decided to try and get one of the other ones I am missing while there are hundreds of people there.

- Flew to every unborn valk spawn sight.

- There was someone standing on the spawn point of every single one, and of course, none to be found.

- If I see someone standing at a spawn point, I leave, it belongs to them, they are putting in the effort as annoying as it is.

- Its amazing that other people will sit right on top of them to try and steal it from them.

- Face it, someone beat you to the camp sight.  Move along.

- I do, you can too, it is call good form.

- But decency in a game like this, never, I kid myself to even consider people might be decent.

- Reading some of the twitter comments made by head twit in charge GC left me with the need to comment on a one of them.

- Don't you dare make heroic scenarios something you can queue for.

- If you do I will come down to blizzards head quarters and bitch slap you so hard your grandchildren that have not even been born yet will feel it.

- Well, I wouldn't really because it really does not matter that much, but you get the idea how strongly I am against it by me saying that.

- How could you even consider it?

- Do you remember what cataclysm heroics were like when you tried to add a tiny bit of difficulty to dungeons?

- Pre made group, blow through it even in 329 gear.

- Random group, wipe fest even in 380 gear.

- And heroic scenarios are harder, in design theory at least, than anything that was part of the original release of the cataclysm dungeons.

- You said yourself that hard content for random people was a mistake.

- You singled out cataclysm heroics when you said this.

- If the easier cataclysm heroics were bad random content, your own words, then why even consider making the harder heroic scenarios into the random system.

- Leave it as is.

- They are easy to assemble as you can do them with three of anything almost as long as the group is not totally mentally damaged.

- I even did one with two of my guild mates all on characters we actively suck at that just made it in with a 480 item level.

- We were so bad that none of us broke 40K.

- But we knew how to move, interrupt, plan, attack the right targets, etc.

- We cleared it no problem because we know how to play even if we sucked at the characters we were on.

- In a random, that would have been wipe city.

- In a random 20K would be considered a lot.

- Sad when I talk about us sucking that a decent player "sucking" would double what the average player could do.

- Do not make heroic scenarios into something people can queue for.

- Please, because then all we would hear is people asking for nerfs when they are fine and probably the best designed mini content difficulty wise you have made since BC.

- They are easy for over geared and skilled people, they are fun for semi geared skilled people and they are doable with badly geared but still otherwise skilled people.

- Notice a trend there.

- Skilled, something 99% of the random people you meet in game will not be.

- When making random content you can not have anything that requires skill to any degree.

- And now for a message from our sponsor, Coalition for the Decrease of LFR Difficulty (CDD).

- The LFR is too hard for the audience it is aimed at.

- After beating that dead horse lets return you to your regularly scheduled blog.

- Does it suck that I can not get a heroic scenario group for my horde characters easily?  Yes.

- Does it mean I can't get one?  No.

- It just means I would need to work chat, work guild, find a better guild, or just put in some type of effort to make a group.

- But I can do it if I really wanted to.

- As they are alts and I do not have any raiding characters horde side, I don't.

- It does not need a queue system.

- In the immortal words of marvel, 'nuff said.

- They increased leveling speed so much with that 33% reduction it has totally screwed me up.

- I had this nice and easy set pattern for leveling and it is all screwed up now.

- I had to skip so many parts of what I normally do.

- Not such a big deal for the starting zones, forest, winds and summit but for townlong and wastes it messed me up.

- I usually finish all shado-pan stuff and go to wastes after that, usually works out perfect that when I am on that last quest line I hit 89. 

- Now I had to skip stuff, lots even, and was still 89 well before I beat the sha at the end of that quest line.

- And then I hit the wastes and usually I would have 7 of the 8 paragons, 6 at least, done before I hit 90.

- I hit 90 when I finished the 3rd paragon meaning I need to do the other 5 now.

- At least at 90 I can fly which does make it easier but it really breaks the flow.

- The zones were well balanced quest progression wise, at least the 88 zone (townlong) and 89 zone (wastes) were.

- Now I have to go back and do things.

- Yes, I do not "have" to do it but I like to finish the klaxxi area and the shado-pan quests.

- I think I found a class and spec that the stat depreciation works opposite with.

- Protection paladin.

- I felt weak, squishy, and as if I was fighting against the wind early.

- Hit 88 and you normally go down.

- I hit 88 and suddenly if felt like I took a dose of steroids.

- I went from not being able to handle multiple mobs to being able to pull 5 or 6 at a time.

- I went from doing 8K DPS as a tank to doing 14K DPS as a tank, even on single target.

- Why did my stats seem to get better as a protection paladin when I hit 88?

- Maybe it was because I was finally getting back into playing one when I hit 88.

- But now I felt powerful again.

- I can't wait to finish that one off.

- All I have left is the paladin and the warrior, then I will have at least one of every class at 90.

- I'll finish it off next week.

- Wonder if the warrior will feel like the paladin because it feels weak now.

- Will it suddenly feel strong at 88.

- How odd.

- What should be next to level 90?

- After those of course.

- Or maybe between them.

- I have to finish off my herald priest.

- Want to get herald of the titans and I have a priest all set for it.

- Just need to gear it up.

- Anyone know a good site for BiS for herald?

- I looked but had no luck.

- Maybe I should compile something and put it up for everyone to see.

- A BiS for herald has to be somewhere.

- I'll leave this day saying something I don't think I touched on yet. ;)

- The LFR is too damn hard for the masses.

- Have a great day.


  1. Each time I see you speaking of the LFR I'm left wondering "do we really play the same game?"

    I'm doing LFR on my horde hunter EVERY Week-end since 5.1 I would say. Never had one with more than a couple wipes on Lei Shen and the likes. Often I also do last part on Monday on my main hunter.

    So here was my question : How can our experiences be so different? I can't be lucky every single times I ran LFR, and I hear no one I knows complaining about really dumb groups.

    And then I made the connexion : you play in the US, and I play in EU.

    I think THAT is the big difference, it seems the average skill level in EU is way higher than in US. I would even say that for me the LFR difficulty is overall spot on. Myabe Lei shen an Jikun requiering a bit more of preparation/organisation. Hell even durumu maze of death is no longer that deadly in my runs.

    So my opinion LFR difficulty is fine, but there is a huge gap it seems in average skill level depending on the regions (remember Asia geting higher difficulty in 25 mans?), so must be hard for developper to find a sweet spot.

    With the introduction of proving ground in 5.4 I would love that to be able to queue for LFR you completed say silver level in the with the toon you want to queue with for LFR in that role, may help sort a lots of problems.

    1. I wish I had your groups. During the week, tuesday and wednesday I seem to have decent groups. Sometimes thursday. But from friday on it is hit or miss and every saturday for the past 4 or 5 weeks it has been nightmare after nightmare.

      It could also have to do with the time you play. I have a guild mate that says he always has good runs but he does them while I am still at work. I do mine when I get home. Difference is, he plays with mostly adults, I play when the kids are there. That I think plays a huge part of it. I find it that adults are far less likely to troll a group with bad play on purpose when compared to kids doing it.

      It could be partly the US/UK thing but I think there are many other factors. Like the time one I mentioned.

      If they linked proving grounds to queue groups I would be in heaven. Only bronze with bronze, only silver with silver, only gold with gold, only those that have not done it with those that have not done it.

      But it would go back to what I say. If you put all the bronze and lower together, they would never get to the boss, never the less down it. The difficulty is just way to hard for the masses. As in you might as well ask them to be brain surgery because that would be easier for them than raiding is.

    2. I was going even farther with the proving ground things. I was even saying that if you have not silver level you just can't even go in LFR, that would teach ppl to play. I don't think there will be any need of segregation on skill level after that.

      As for the time I play, well....maybe but I too only play when I'm back from work or on saturday/sunday. I do think that it's the time most kids are playing.

    3. Being I never played on a UK server I can not say anything for the skill difference. But it would not surprise me if the US "kiddies" were a hundred time worse than the UK "kiddies".

      But like I said, I know people in my own guild that say they rarely or ever have the issues I do. Perhaps it has to do with tolerance. I never kick people, he kicks all the time. Maybe the system throws him with "better" players so he won't kick but it puts me with all the people no one else wants to play with because I don't kick. Do you kick people? Would be interesting if this actually played a part. If it did, I will start kicking like crazy.

      Maybe having a silver to even queue would be a good idea. But you know as well as I do that people would cry a river until they nerfed getting a silver to the point where all you had to do is enter and stand there without going AFK to get it.

    4. @TheGrumpyElf

      June 24, 2013 at 9:45 AM

      > If they linked proving grounds to queue groups I would be in heaven. Only bronze with bronze, only silver with silver, only gold with gold, only those that have not done it with those that have not done it.

      I was going to protest your original post and suggest linking the ability to queue for hard content with passing some sort of test. Looks like you already thought of that.

      I don't know much about proving grounds (does anyone?) but if they combine it with the gear scaling from Challenge Modes then it could be a real test of skill and not just a test of gear.

      I would love random content with people who are good.

      At present I have to find people for Random Heroic Scenarios through realm chat, oQueue, or openraid.

      The realm chat especially is a toss up.

      I had a DK in a random heroic scenario pulling like 40k or something. I don't remember, but I remember pointing him to icy-veins in whisper afterward. The other dps in the group was doing 100k+ which is what it should be, imo. Even 80k would be good.

    5. The proving grounds might have some potential to be useful as some sort of a gate. I just worry that the community would rebel. Or even someone like myself, what if it is account bound. While I feel I would be able to get gold on my hunter without much of an issue, does that mean my rogue now gets a free pass? Some things would need to be worked on and any gate will meet with much resistance.

      You can actually do, and meet timers, with a group doing 40K each. I've done it on my alts with some guild alts. Not the most powerful players but if you do what you need to do when you need to do it, you can still have an easy run of it.

  2. @Anon

    That's probably part of it but I only play on US servers and generally my LFR runs are good enough. You get a few dicks and I've had to drop from a couple lately but almost always the runs get done in a reasonable amount of time.


    I suspect i500 will be the requirement for the new LFR, that's where I'm aiming to get my toons to who aren't running higher-end content right now. The previous LFR gave i483 and ToT requires i480 so i502 and i500 work in the same way.

    Plus, i510 isn't exactly easy to get to... it can be done but not without putting some decent time into LFR &/or getting really lucky with drops or being willing to farm the tokens. I still only have 1 toon at i510 but I have... 5, I think, in the i500-i509 range. i500 isn't hard but gearing slows down quite a bit at that point.

    The last two raids I've dropped (the only two recently) were both on Tortos... one I dropped after the 3rd trash wipe, the other I dropped after the 3rd boss attempt. I don't normally like to drop groups but that seems to be a good place to filter out a group that's going to be painful to run with, that 2nd quarter is by far my least favourite to run in ToT LFR, I'll only run it when I need something from it. Mostly I'll run 1, 3 and 4 on my toons and if I'm looking for a few more VP, I'll run Terrace for off-spec gear.

    My warriors have both felt odd when I leveled them... like mages. Glass cannons. They didn't feel weak, but they felt squishy as hell. Every hit they took seemed to hit for 20% of their health, pulling 2 or 3 mobs required using cooldowns. I think warriors need some sort of passive regen... enraging heals for 10% of your health, maybe. The 2% or whatever heal from Bloodthirst is a joke and Arms doesn't seem to have any built-in healing at all. Sure, Victory Rush is great when you can burn down mobs fast enough but it's of no help when you can't. I don't get it, plate wearers should feel tough but I'm more comfy having mobs beating on my MAGE than I am my warrior. That continues with gear, too... my warrior is my least favourite Island questing mob right now and he's in ToT LFR-calibre gear. Zero healing doesn't scale with gear, unfortunately, and the piddly additional armour can't make up for fights that last twice as long and mobs that hit twice as hard.

    1. At least I am not the only person that got a group that wiped multiple times on bat trash. Sometimes I start to think it is just me and my bad luck.

      510 should not be much of a problem really. Sure some work and some effort will need to be put into it but it can be done. My priest has 1 valor piece only. Two heroic scenario pieces. Still rocking the two piece 496 from last tier and a couple of 502s and I am 504. If I put even a tiny bit of effort into it and got it a couple of the cheap valor pieces 510 is not out of the question.

      I think 510 would be better, but I do agree with you. I believe it will be 500. That seems to be the ultra easy you need to do almost nothing to get to it item level.

      Things you mentioned are why my warrior is still 85 and not even on the new continent yet. It just feels weak over all damage wise and when plate classes start to feel as squishy as my rogue, there is an issue. The thing is I level as a tank and there is no reason a tank should feel like that. I was able to walk into the new land on my DK, druid and monk and just pull whole zones as a tank. I should have been able to do the same on my paladin and warrior but can't and that shows there is something off. At least for how I play them. Perhaps a better paladin or warrior did not experience the weak feeling I did stepping into there.

  3. Hi Anon. Anon, and Ge - if I may add my 2 potatoes to this cook-out-

    well dang, nothing. Oh yeah GE -you said -

    - No need to cry over dying in PvP on a PvE server where you have to flag yourself to make PvP happen.

    One doesn't have have to flag themself on purpose, sometimes without knowing it, one gets flagged by a quest. Some of the old world still isn't fixed to warn a person about this.

    But I do agree, if you flag yourself on purpose, don't cry about it.

    As far as the other, I hope you 3 are wrong (I have a gut feeling you 3 aren't) and new ilvls are not anytime soon. I finally got to 450 on one of my toons and I am happy. :D (see a happy face)

    -stay frosty...

    1. In that case crying is fine. I hate accidental flagging too. I was more so referring to my case when I flagged myself on purpose attacking a ?? undead I knew could have one shot me. I would have not cried over it.

      We need to get you some gear so you can take your place on top of the food chain as all hunters should be.

    2. it was my rogue who got there due to the fact all the LW 458 crafting I have been learning has been for shamans, druids, and rogues, all this time. Who would have thought that shamans need 4 different chest pieces?

      Finally learned my first 458 hunter's glove!!!! (I also know the wrists (shared with shaman), shoulders and belt.)

      But anyway, I was able to fully outfit my rogue in 458 gear, except for the cape and one trinket. I think it was that ilvl 502 sword that did the trick :P

    3. I have my new 90 I need to deck out next week. But first to finish off the shado-pan and klaxxi quests. Even if I do not need the reputations it has become a habit to do all those quests. It also gives me more chance to play the character doing the stuff at an appropriate gear level. Once you over gear things you really do not learn, at least I don't feel I do.

  4. aye,

    I have 4 hunters lvl 90 and now the rogue at 90. I am putting together a matrix to who does what professions for the rep needed for which group which does "X" rep rewards. I know for Roo, it needs to be the August Cesspool group for those shadowleather leg armor (I cant buy them at 1000 gold plus - too much money). Then for another one, another group for something else and so on. Its better than doing all the quests for each group at the same time - that way I won't get burnt out. Or I can find another 4 button win-win for the druid and get him from 87 to 90 in a day or so.

    What is your new lvl 90?

    And me warrior is still lvl 80, as is my DK. Just can't get into playing them.

    1. The paladin for me.

      Only 2 hunters at 90 at the moment, one alliance and one horde. I have a few sitting at 85 but all but one of them is on my other account which I refuse to reactivate until they offer that mount deal again. If they die off, they die off. So be it.

    2. GE, I thought that mount was being offered - the winged black looking stone lion one, that you transform into and you carry someone on your back - or is it a different one?

      I don't have that one, but I do have the X-53 (or whatever) for the 2 man rocket mount. I don't remember how I got that, but I do.

      And for the record, I thought I had all 458 leather gear, nope - only 3. But when I learn more, Wee Willy will have it.

    3. The account need to be inactive from a point that mine does not meet to get that spirit one. So I want that time to be extended to cover mine so I can get it.

      The one you mention is the new refer a friend one. I have the refer a friend rocket mount too but not that new one. I would not refer a friend to this game any more.

  5. I have some crappy LFR runs but that just means we wipe a couple of times and I'm probably doing 30-40k more than the #2 dps. I've never spent "hours" in an LFR though.

    I usually do them on Friday night, Saturday afternoon, or Saturday night (eastern time).

    I don't do the old LFRs though. I only do PoS and Halls for Runestones.

    I got 3 this week so I'm up to 8/12 now. Hopefully, only take a couple more weeks.

    Didn't valor cap for the first time in weeks (don't need the valor). Didn't play the DK either other than doing some mining. was giving Torchlight away for free so I snagged it and have been messing with that instead. It's basically a Diablo 2 clone from a few years ago.

    Finally got the stupid LFR tier shoulders off Iron Qon... after I bought the 522 SPA shoulders... Technically, it's an upgrade to swap my 522 shoulders and 502 tier chest, for 502 tier shoulders and 522 chest... but it's maybe a difference of a couple hundred dps. So screw it...

    Still need to spam trade to find someone to craft the 522 LW boots. Maybe tomorrow night when the raiders are on.

    Farmed a bunch of ore and created a bunch of living steel so I can get a 502 weapon crafted for my DK. Ghost iron ore is super easy to get, but trillium is a bitch. I just bought the trillium and wasted a bunch of SoH to xmute the living steel. I was tired of trading them in for GL so thought what the heck. It wasn't the most efficient use of them, but I don't care. I'll get the weapon for maybe 2k worth of mats plus a nice tip for my guildie and an hour or so of my time flying around dread wastes listening to music and chatting with guildies, instead of 30k off the AH to some random person on the server.

    I should probably do some pet battles on my mage. Can you actually gain XP from pet battles? She's got full heirlooms so she'll get decent bonuses I guess. I'm sure it won't be an effective way to lvl but it'll be better than wasting it on my hunter or dk.

    I'll definitely say that it's nice having professions. I have all the gathering and one crafting and really, really, really want to get the rest of the crafting profs covered. I just really, really, really wish I didn't have to lvl more toons and grind reps and all that crap.

    1. Sadly I've had way to many of those hour long runs. I've lost count how many of them, but I would have to say it has been over a dozen.

      I still need 8 runes. :( At least I got 1 each of the last 2 weeks tanks to the guaranteed drops. If not for those I would be on 6 weeks straight with none.

      I am at that valor point now myself. Unless I get an upgrade or decide to upgrade my 4 piece of 502s (I really hate that I have no nalak or raid drops yet) I have nothing to spend them on. The only things not upgraded are my hands and legs of the tier set because I am holding out for the nalak or counicl drops.

      I love having all crafters. Ruins me for other servers because I have become used to it and can't see how I would play without it.

  6. We still have the occasional wipe on Tortos trash. This is how my raid leader broke his table hitting it repeatedly last time. I actually find it funny, though I think he didn't. He's a healer. Before the pull, he said to the other healers to be careful with the heals, since I'm the only one tanking (the other tank had changed specs). At one point, he starts screaming - am I the only one healing? Apparently, the second healer had changed specs as well already and the third healer was alt-tabbed, on Facebook. We've been calling him 'Facebook' ever since.
    Anyway, there's two issues at Tortos. There's 3 bats and you only need one to go off to be silent, you can't really interrupt them all as a tank unless you're a belf and even then I'm not sure if the cast aligns properly. Second, there's that Council fight before. We use the interrupt on focus macro for that one and sometimes, people forget to switch so that may have happened to your tank. In a 25m you'd think some people would have discovered their interrupt, maybe. I'm just throwing it out here ofc, have no idea what really happend in your group.

    I don't recall being squishy at all at lower levels as prot, but I had heroic DS gear, which I think I only started changing at around lvl 89. It does seem like it's hitting really weak compared to other tanks when without vengeance, though. Spent 9 minutes and a half killing G'nathus which seemed like forever. Prot scales really well with high vengeance, that's the thing, which make it god-like in the current tier. Hope it lasts :)

    I used to love pve over estinguishing the flame thing. I still recall fighting my way through Darnassus and jumping on the boat with two Alliance following me, killed one, and the other one was low health, jumped off trying to escape. Hammer of wrath ftw. Used to have so much fun with all the events.

    I went there to get the Quiraji pet thingie as well. There were a few people there. I was talking to a friend and alt-tabbed to listen to song he had linked. I alt-tab back and I was dead. Resurrect, and there was a war there between us and Alliance. Pretty sure they were all from Sylvanas and not from our realm, but I liked it tbh. I'm gonna come back in a month, at an odd hour. No rush.

    As for spawn places being camped... so many people use auto-clicker and the like to camp, it's not like I have to be decent about it. I don't bother with farming pets / mounts, but if I did, I don't think I would care, seeing as most are bots.

    1. It happens to us all. Last two times no wipes but last night 2. Oh well, so be it.

      Mine had a few normal pieces. My warrior and bear where my DS tanks for the most part. My paladin was only in on alt runs and I always passed gear if someone else needed it. Still find it odd how I got stronger at 88 when other classes felt that was their weak point.

      I would still be decent about it. But I do think people that use the auto clickers deserve a ban for the day. If you do not want to camp yourself, don't camp. It is a game, play it, do not let a bot play it. Perhaps I am just too old school where I think people should earn what they have.

  7. There's a fair bit of angst over it since I posted this tip on Pet Battle forum...but it's still easier than any other realm despite the bitter angry people! What to do is make yourself a DK on Ravenholt or The Venture Co. These 2 are the only US realms that are NOT in CRZ, since CRZ only puts together realms within a certain time zone and of the same type, they're both the only RP-PVP realms with their times. Awesome for finding rare pets ect with no CRZ and both realms are fairly quiet, especially TVC.

    As for Herald...I know you're wanting to be the best you can, but really BIS isn't needed. You can use Cata flasks, pots and food, that alone is a huge amount more stats than were available at 80, you can also level professions and have Cata profession bonuses. I did spend a fair amount of time on my Herald char, getting him almost full BIS, when I found my group I was the best geared in it, there were people wearing blues and even a few heirlooms! And we killed it second attempt, first attempt we'd tried to 8m it because 2 were 15m late and wiped around 25%.
    Just run a few 25 ulds, fill in slots with gear from the ICC dungeons (can use the heroic dungeon weapons, but only normal dungeon other gear) and a few pieces from the dalaran vendors for JP, you'll be more than fine.

    1. Now the hard part, finding the group.

      I would do that making a character there if I were a hard core collector. But I am not. I will leave a char parked there on a few servers and check them from time to time. I am bound to catch one sooner or later. Yesterday 2 people in my guild caught one using that log on to see technique so maybe it is already slowing down some.

  8. You really dont need a full group fir it.
    As stated above if you spend some time to gear your herald char, you willl "outgear" it by a large margin.

    Some people even 2manned herald. 2paladins(what else).

    Actually i am gearing my 80monk for herald right now.

    Do some random cata starter ini for justicepoints. Run some icc dungeons.

    On wowhead comment says: some lvl80 damage dealer can reach as high as 50k dps. With BiS gear and profession bonus.
    Tanks with 80k life. O-O

    So. Find some interested player. I think 5 should be enough.

    1. Have to think those numbers are a bit insane. With damage dealers doing 50K it should be a laugh.

  9. Comes from profession bonus.
    Leatherwork, tailor, engineer and herbalism.

    Leatherwork give big amount of stats.
    Herbalist big boost of haste.
    Engineer big cd on in base(2k primary stats. Its like double your stats on minute base).

    All those benefits and the crazy skaling.

    Killing algalon befor the first big bang.

    Sure those 50k are bursts. But still.

    There are alot of in-depth comments on wowhead. About each profession and its benefits.
    Tanks go well with leaterwork and mining. Gives you over 1k+ stamina.