Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Random Thoughts

- My random thoughts today feel like old school random thoughts.

- Not really thinking of anything specific.

- So I might be all over the place, so hold on to your seats.

- Have you ever noticed the clouds in Pandaria?

- Neither have I, but I noticed them this weekend.

- I stopped to pick a snow lily on a mountain side of pure white snow.

- It was blinding, really, the sun reflecting off the snow made it hard to see.

- Then suddenly the sun went away.

- I panned upwards and didn't really see any clouds but I knew what that was, the clouds passed in front of the sun.

- The color of course changed, no longer was I blinded.

- I picked my snow lily and waited a few minutes and the cloud passed, the one I could not even see was there to begin with.

- The snow reflected the light again and I was once more blinded.

- The visual of the cloud passing and the temperature change there because of it was so well displayed that I could swear for a moment I felt the temperature change.

- No, I am not losing my mind, have to have a mind to lose it.

- I really felt the temperature change.

- Now that is good art and design and gives a whole new meaning to the word wow when using it in reference to this game.

- I did some exploring this weekend just for fun.

- Did not run any dungeons, raids, do pet battles, anything.

- I just farted around.

- Killed some rares, picked some herbs, explored areas I often do not explore.

- Stopped to kill some mobs for no other reason then I felt like doing it, I was not looking for a drop or anything.

- I just... played around.

- I stopped by to visit my old friend I found early in the expansion, Grohl Grohl, and hung out with the drum master as he beat on them for a while.

- He is hidden in a cave in the summit that is really hard to find.

- I would not even try to explain how to find him and his drum set.

- He is on the far end of the mountains in a little hole in the wall, literally.

- Good luck finding him, and tell him the grumpy elf sent you, he might even play you a special song.

- Okay, he won't, but just let go and pretend and have some fun being silly and doing nothing for a while.

- It worked for me.

- Is it just me or can you tell the difference between pandas and what side they are on just by looking at them?

- I could swear their features are different depending on if they are horde or alliance.

- Be careful of the pandas however, I ran across some panda just sitting on an island in the middle of nowhere fishing and I decided to join him, do some fishing, and maybe share a few stories.

- Little to my surprise he did not want to fish with me, he did not like me, he hated me and he had never met me.

- He just wanted to flag me and kill me because he was horde.

- What did I ever do to him, we had never even met before.

- I had no choice but to fight him and kill him.

- I felt so bad, all I wanted to do was fish with him.

- What if he had a wife panda and baby pandlets.  They would never see him again because I killed him.

- All because he would not sit and fish with me, he wanted to fight for some stupid reason like he joined the horde and I was not horde.

- Senseless violence that left his wife a widow and his children without a father.

- This game is sad sometimes when you think about things from that perspective.

- And the bodies, all those bodies.

- We go around killing things left and right and just leaving their bodies all over the place to rot.

- Could you just imagine what the world smells like with all these rotting corpses all over the place.

- It can't be the type of place you would want to live.

- Is there some cleaner that runs around cleaning up after us and our mass genocide?

- Kind of like the mob has someone that goes in to clean up messes and make it look like nothing happened there.

- There has to be, because out of nowhere those bodies just disappear, just like the body of my horde panda friend did.

- As if some magical imp or something carried him away to clean up after the mess I made beating him senseless.

- What is more cruel, me leaving his dead body just laying there, or the fact that I still stayed and fished for a while admiring the little hut he had in the fishing area he had designed there.

- He reappeared and I was forced once again to kill him.

- The emotional roller coaster his poor family must have hearing he is dead and then he came back to life and then he is dead again.

- His kids are going to grow up with some serious mental issues and end up being end game bosses one day all thanks to me wanting to fish a little bit with what I thought was a friendly panda out in the middle of nowhere.

- I spent a fair deal of time during my exploring underwater because I know that is a spot not many will ever see and I would hate to see all that art work go to waste and no one ever see it.

- They take great effort to put in some amazing details in areas where only people like myself will ever see.

- I found a plug at the bottom of a lake.

- You know the type you put in you kitchen sink to let the water build up.

- Or is that too old school for the people that read this?

- And when you pull it out you get this big bloop type sound and then the water starts to swirl and it goes down the drain.

- Well, I found a plug like that at the bottom of a lake.

- I could not remove it, but I wonder, why is there a plug at the bottom of the lake?

- More importantly who puts plugs at the bottom of lakes but does not even put a bathroom anywhere in any city?

- The art team has too much free time to add little things like that, and I must say I love them for it.

- But they must also take a page from the design, encounter and class teams, if something would make sense, don't add it.

- An artwork door anywhere with a sign that says bathroom would fill the need, do not need to make it functional.

- There are only a few bathrooms I have found and no, I am not sharing the locations, the lines are already long enough thank you very much.

- They are so great at adding the little things, I think the lack of bathrooms is more of a running joke than an oversight.

- It is probably something like they can't add them now, so lets keep not adding them.

- Maybe the magical invisible imps that carry away the dead bodies so they don't stink up the place make it so we don't need a bathroom, or sleep.

- Just don't ask me how they remove the need for us to go to the bathroom.

- It has to be a dirty job.

- How would you like to be one of those magical invisible imps?

- You spend your entire day dragging around dead bodies and removing the crap from peoples bodies so they do not need to go to the bathroom.

- That is just disturbing.

- Ever kill a mob and it just reappears instantly?

- That is one of those imps on speed.

- All drugged up he does his job so quickly.

- Ever wait on a quest mob to respawn and it seems like it is taking forever?

- Imp is taking a nap.

- See, the imp theory explains it all, doesn't it.

- I might be on to something here.

- I wonder if I can get the imp to remove the plug from the lake, I would like to see what happens.

- Underwater you find some of the most interesting things.

- And the most deadly creatures.

- There is some scary crap out there in the seas, don't think of it as some cute finding nemo type of thing.

- There are some serious beasties out there.

- And they did not slouch on the artwork in those areas either.

- You can get lost looking at it, for the few seconds you have before you become lunch for some over grown guppy.

- There is a lot that goes on in game that we never notice because we never take the time to stop and see it.

- The crops in the tillers area grow each day.

- If you pass by multiple times you will notice that.

- I am willing to bet most never do.

- Watching what the animals do when no one watches it funny too.

- All those mommy animals with their little ones around them is funny.

- It is almost as if they have personality, they play with them and are protective over them.

- It had to take some time to design that type of interaction.

- I have to say the art team really does a bang up job giving the world around us real life.

-Of everyone that works on the game they do the best job and get the least acknowledgement.

- Seems unfair, but I guess that makes sense.

- The art around us we take for granted and most people never even notice it.

- It is one of the reasons I say warcraft is the best of the best of the games of this type out there, because of all that attention that is paid to the little things.

- Even the stuff people do no notice, like plugs at the bottoms of lakes.

- It all meets up somewhere in the middle of awesome.

- Without anyone really ever noticing it.

- Everyone feels the environment around them and it really helps with the feel of the game even if they never actively take notice of it.  It is part of what makes the game great.

- You know who notices things like this?

- I mean, outside of weirdos like me that just decided to go exploring this weekend.

- Role players.

- They get the most out of their environment.

- They notice the things around them.

- Not the raiders, we are too busy doing anything else besides noticing what is around us.

- We need to get this done now, get that done now and the other thing should have been done yesterday.

- It was nice to take a break from that, even for only one weekend, and do nothing.

- I did not care that I was not capping.

- I did not care that I was not getting rep.

- I did not care that there were alts that needed to do things.

- I did not care about the game at all.

- I just did nothing even if there was a world of things to do around me.

- And it was damn nice to do nothing.

- Makes me wish that there were more time to take a break from the every day grind and not feel as if you are falling behind by doing it.

- Blizzard really needs to work on that.

- How about making it so people have a little more free time that they can enjoy the sights and see the little parts of the game.

- Trust me, standing on the snow and seeing the sky chance and actually feeling as if I could feel the temperature change was amazing.

- I needed that.

- I'll get back to grinding to get this, that and the other done, but for one weekend, I did nothing and I liked it.

- We all should occasionally take some time to do nothing.

- Have a great day all.


  1. I could not remove it, but I wonder, why is there a plug at the bottom of the lake?

    Simple - so the water can be changed for the fishes....

    -roo the dimwitted

    1. actually glad to see you out and about exploring. I too, found that plugged and got a giggle out of it. Grohl Grohl was a delight to find when I made 90 and was able to fly around. Like the hawk masters and a few others.

      However, I have not yet found a cave behind a water fall as Li Li said there could be. :(

      That would be a nice thing to explore. Some type of nice account bound weapon or heirloom boots that one can choose what type they are.

      Glad to see you had work today, lol.

      -roo of the "Super Adventure Club"

    2. I totally forgot about the cave behind the water fall. Can't say I have run across anything like that either.

  2. Did 5.2 go live today like it was suppose to?

    1. Nope. Might go live next week as the release candidate is now on the PTR and the PvP season ends on the 5th.