Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Trolls Made Me Do It

For a long time now I've had a Tuesday tradition for the game.  I log in and try to cram in as many heroics as I can on my hunter that first day. 

The reason I do that is because it seems like all the best players do their randoms that first day.  I get good groups that all know what they are doing for the most part and I am not the only person in the group that can do over 20K.  It makes for mostly event less runs that are fast and for the most part stress free.

I did not do that yesterday.  I could not bring myself to do it yesterday.  I am sick of trolls.  If I never see a troll again it will be too soon.  I have not even logged into any of my 5 troll characters in the past month.  I've been learning to hate trolls which is sad because trolls are (were) pretty darn awesome.

Some might say that I could just do some normal heroics to mix things up but over all it is a waste of time.  Most of the time the dungeons are roughly the same length (if you have a good zul group) and you get half the valor points and no crystals either.  I have a saying I am quite found of.  If you are going to do something, do it right.  Doing it right is getting the most out of your time investment.  That means doing zuls, like it or not.

I am so sick of the zuls and in turn it is making me hate the game in the same way it is making me hate the trolls.  Not only did I not do my dungeons yesterday I did not even log in at all.  I did not even log in to do my jewelcrafting dailies.  I did not even consider logging in.  I actually enjoyed not seeing any trolls this Tuesday.

For the first time since I started playing I actively did not want to log in.  Even when boredom hit me I always logged in.  I always did at least my dailies and then moved along.  I would log in and see if anyone needed some help, a low level run through, a tank for a random, a healer for a random, to do some dailies on a different character that I do not do them on often. 

There was always something I could do to at least pass an hour of my free time I like to spend playing WoW.  The trolls have beaten me down to the point that not only do I not want to log in to do the zuls I don't want to log in to do anything at all.

I will most likely jump back into the troll mix and do them later this week because I feel as if I have no choice as that is the only thing (non raiding) in the game to do where I can get my valor.

I am forced into doing it if I want valor.  Like it or not.  That is probably another reason I am beginning to hate the trolls.  When you do things because you want to do them you enjoy it.  When you start doing things because you feel you have to do it you start to hate it. 

The difference between what you want to do and what you have to do is huge.

I started to feel like I had to do the zuls.  The trolls where calling me.  They where telling me that no matter what I was stuck with them and I would run the dungeon again 20 times this week, or more.  They where mocking me with their jamaican laugh, mon.  Telling me that I had no control of my game time any more.  I could not enjoy myself.  I had to do what I had to do, like it or not.  The trolls thought they ruled me.

I showed them.  I did not even log on last night.  I did not do dailies.  I did not run any zuls.  I did not see any trolls.

No trolls laughing at me this time telling me I was stuck with them this time.

I quit, for a day at least, and the trolls made me do it.

Wednesday nights we usually do whatever the weekly raid is, for fun.  We will knock out the whole raid, whatever it is, for achievements or just for fun.  We will sometimes do an EoE 25 or a OS 3D for mount runs too.  Wednesday nights are for relaxing, for fun.

I am thinking I do not even want to log in for that tonight because I know if I do the zuls will be waiting for me.  The trolls will be whispering me, come play with us.  They will continue to beat me down from doing the same two dungeons over and over.

My guild can down old content without me.  You do not need a raid leader for that.  Hell, they can knock out current content without me.  I am not needed.  No person is indispensable.  Everyone is replaceable.  Even the raid leader.

I am just beaten down by the trolls.  They mock me and I can not take it any more.

It might only turn into me taking one day off, maybe two.  I will be back by Thursday however being we plan to finally start raiding again then.  That might make me feel like I have something to do even if I rarely ever get to do it on my hunter which is my main and that is the reason I am stuck running zuls with him for valor.

I can usually always find something to do but it has gotten to the point that the trolls have chased me away.

I wonder how many people have quit the game already because of what I am talking about now.  Those people are a lot smarter then I am.  They know when to give up.  I don't. 

I keep hoping that the game will be enjoyable again.  I keep hoping that there will be something to do besides see trolls nearly every second I play the game.  I have the knowledge that it will pass and I am trying to hold on until it does.  The day of trolls 24/7 will go away.  I just have to wait for it.

I do really wonder how many people quit the game and when blizzard sent them the questionnaire asking them why they simply replied... the trolls made me do it.


  1. This is why I rarely do Zulroics. Why bother? The regular Heroics often take half as long for half the JP. Also, they're easier, and there's no idiots freaking out about pushing for bear runs when the group isn't capable of trying for the timer.

    And I actually have a use for JP now, too! (To buy older gear for Transmogrification.)

    To me, Zulroics are only done if I have a guild group or if I want to practice my healing. There's just no point doing them, otherwise. (Exception, of course, is if you are doing them to actually gear up. Then you're stuck with them.)

  2. I don't even know why I do them any more honestly. My main has everything he needs from VP. My main healer only needs one piece, my second healer I do not feel comfortable doing them with, my main tank raids and does the occasional guild only runs and my secondary tank only does normals even if they are zul geared.

    I do them on other characters "just for fun" but it is not fun any more. In a way I miss being able to run heroics "just for fun".

    PS: I totally forgot about buying old gear with JP. Damn you, now you are making me run them again. lol

  3. Zulroics as apparently they're being called now are the dumbest things in the game at this time, at least for me. I can't stand doing them..if i don't get fully capped from firelands..which in most cases i do i just don't get capped at all because these heroics just suck..nobody knows how to do anything, when i do run them on occasion it's for achievement purposes only, for instance i was kicked out of the group yesterday because i was bored because i started raging at the fact that the druid dps in the group killed ohgan when the boss had 100k health and we were seconds away from the achievement, like what the hell. So usually i just decide to do the regular heroics anyway because they're more relaxing and i still get my goody bag at the end of the run.

  4. and no crystals either

    Fun fact: Because of everyone running Zulroics more than the old heroics, on my server Large Heavily Shards are actually worth twice as much as Maelstrom Crystals now. So running the "normal" heroics is actually more profitable in terms of money!

    I just stay away from too much heroic running myself. I really liked how they revamped the Zuls and I don't intend to ruin them for myself.

  5. Personally I tend to avoid Zulroics unless I'm tanking for a solid guild group, and even then I think twice before queuing. I'm as bored as you are, of running the same two instances. Especially since I ran ZA quite a few times back in TBC.

    At this point I do not see much of a need to run them. Like Rades says above, standard heroics are usually faster, if you can get a single decent dps.

    Shintar has it right as well; LHSs sell for 30-50% more than Crystals on my server, so there's no loss there.

    If you raid FL at all you can get a decent bed of VP every week without hitting heroics. Plus if your server has a remotely decent PUG scene, you can get 70-210 VP from the T11 instances. Between all of that

    I've been able to cap weekly without being forced to hit Zulroics.