Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Random Thoughts

- Got two more 665 BoEs from my salvage yard this weekend.

- Sadly both are well past the time I would need them.

- Mail shoulders and an agility DPS neck, both of which I have better.

- Would have been nice to get these ones early on.

- Not like it is any less cool to get them now, just not as useful.

- The only major difference now is, do I use them for alts or do I sell them?

- Thanks to the garrison grind I don't see myself wanting to level as many characters so I won't need it as much to gear alts.

- Also this expansion I am really not enjoying playing in general, so my play time on the alts I do level will probably be a lot less than it used to be.

- Add to that the fact I can kill the same bosses over and over again now means I do not really need extra characters.

- Outside of mythic. which you can't kill them over and over or mix IDs. that is.

- But I do not see myself ever doing mythic this expansion.

- Thanks for not making it cross realm blizzard.

- That was sarcasm in case you did not pick up on it.

- One day I need to find a better server.

- So back to my gear, sell it or use it.

- Prices on 665 pieces are dropping, but I still see people listing them in the 20K area sometimes.

- And the mail shoulders should go for more because they are not a BoE slot you can get by farming a raid.

- So use them on my shaman or sell them?

- The agility neck, use it on my rogue or sell it?

- I think the rogue answer is simple, he got BoE hands from his highmaul mission, he needed them, he still sold them.

- He got the heroic BoE hands from the first boss and pass them to someone else that could use them, even if he needed them.

- So as you can see, I am not really geared my rogue as a priority.

- I don't plan on playing him so crafted gear and whatever else I run across is fine for him.

- Too bad we can only wear three pieces of crafted gear however.

- Another brilliant idea from blizzard.

- Sarcasm again for those that have their monday morning sarcasm meter set too low.

- The shoulder I am thinking about, it is a double edged sword really.

- Let me explain.

- My shaman is a healer which basically means all I need to do is have a pulse and I get invited to pugs.

- Item level usually means nothing when someone is desperate for a healer.

- Don't agree, just check how many 620 geared disc priest healers have done highmaul heroic.

- I know mine did when I was 620.

- One healer, even a poor one, can really help a lot.

- And if they are even remotely competent, even with a low item level they can make or break a group.

- My priest on butcher turns the fight into a joke regardless of item level, thank you very much.

- Guess that is why they are nerfing shield huh?

- Then lets forget we ever said that, move along, nothing to see here.

- So even without the shoulders, being my shaman is a healer it won't hurt them getting into pugs too much.

- If someone gets desperate enough for a healer and a healer says "know and have done fights as a tank, healer and damage dealer" they will grab them without even blinking an eye, even a lower geared healer.

- So I don't need the shoulders.

- So I think I will see if I can milk the market for an item you do see often and sell it, and then if I need a pair later down the road I can buy them for less than I sold them.

- Speaking of pugs, I joined one of the best pugs I have ever been in for an Imp kill on heroic.

- Still have not downed it sadly. :(

- I joined a group that was looking for 25K DPS, and I know I can get to that, or at least near it.

- They were asking for achievement, I did not lie, I just told them I could do 25K and I know the fight.

- Both of which are 100% truthful.

- We get in and pull, I am top DPS for the start wondering since when does survival have this much burst to beat everyone out.

- I start to dip a little over the fight and I ended it at 24,700, so just shy of the 25K they said they were looking for.

- I was third, beat by a mythic geared warrior and one of the tanks.

- If I had done some multishot spam I could have easily taken first, but I behaved myself and went priority target with light AoE on adds, which is the right thing to do unless you are the one tasked with killing the adds to control when they die based on every thing I read, saw or groups I was in.

- We wiped at 2%.

- Really?

- First pull we almost had it, that is amazing for a pug, even more so when they all apparently were not over geared as no one except the warrior was actually over 25K.

- I figured we got this next attempt and then the entire group fell apart.

- Come on people, we got to 2%, one more pull and we would have had it.

- How do you drop a group that wipes at 2% on the hardest boss of that raid on heroic?

- The entire group fell apart, one after another they all dropped.

- Oh well, maybe next week I will get my kill.

- I really hate pugs.

- What I hate more is the group finder feature.

- I sat there and wasted hours looking for groups when I could have actually been doing things like, you know, playing the freaking game.

- They need to add a system back to complement what they have now that allows people to list their name.

- That way I could put I am looking for an Imp kill or whatever and go about my day playing instead of sitting there waiting to get in a group.

- Refresh, scroll, skip ones you do not meet the requirements like ones with team speak, ones that killed the bosses you wanted, ones that only need tanks and / or healers, refresh and scroll again.

- Do this for 30 or 45 minutes to finally find a group perfect for you, hit apply, say know the fights, will move on butcher, do throwers on brack, what have you, and then wait for the full 5 minutes without getting and invite or a decline.

- All to do it over again.

- Sorry, this system F'N sucks moose balls, big time.

- I do not want to sit there refreshing and scrolling for hours on end to find a needle in a haystack blizzard.

- We desperately need the old system back.

- Don't need to remove this one, but have both.

- Not even sure why the other one was removed.

- Unless you count stupidity, which explains it and sums blizzard up in one word rather nicely.

- Oh, back to BoEs.

- We did some farming for BoEs over the weekend.

- I think we have now officially geared every cloth wearer on the entire server.

- And most plate wearers too.

- Leather and mail wearers seem to get the short end.

- So a hunter in my guild was complaining about the bad luck of things.

- Said he would just buy them off the AH but they are selling for 200K.

- Yes, some dim wit listed 680 items for 200K.

- The 685 stuff was only going for 40 or 50, how is 680 worth 200?

- But that is another story all together.

- I told him don't buy them, mail will drop.

- He said, if it goes down to 50K I am buying it.

- I said, don't buy it, we will get it while farming.

- He said, I don't want to wait, I want it now, no mail is dropping.

- I said I have three reasons why you should wait.

- These things drop like candy, for each cloth piece we get there is some guild getting mail stuff they do not need, we can trade for it for our raiders with the extra pieces.

- Two, we are more than geared enough to do the content, we do not need those items to down bosses.

- Three, I bet you by the end of sunday night the BoEs will be less than 30K, perhaps even way less, after a weekend when people will be doing nothing but farming.

- And bonus 4, you can 5 man trash, so we can go whenever we want to try to get more to trade, sell or maybe get it, so there is no rush.

- He went and bought both pieces for 50K each friday night.

- Sunday night there was a guy in trade selling both pieces for 15K.

- Not each, both for a total of 15K.

- I hate to say I told him so, but I told him so.

- Not sure why people rush to buy BoEs they do not need.

- If I wanted to start raiding on my rogue being so far behind, I would buy the BoEs to speed up the catch up process.

- But if you are an active player, you really should never need that gear.

- If you get it, awesome, if you don't, who cares, you are downing content each week, you will get it sooner or later.

- And if you are willing to pay for it, wait until it is a more reasonable price.

- The 2 of 15K was a little odd, only saw a two piece mail and a two piece plate set sold like that, but most others were selling pieces for 20K or less.

- One guy even was selling a warforged piece with a gem slot and avoidance for only 28K.

- Almost bought that bad moy for my warrior tank, but I was too late whispering him, he sold it fast.

- I still wonder why people do not listen to me when I say these things.

- I've proven myself over the years, I knew they would go down in price, even if I did not suspect they would go down this huge, but I knew they would go down.

- Is being the "best geared" really that important?

- Not for me, but for people that paid huge numbers for stuff anyone that thought about it knew would be worth a lot less by the weekend, it means a lot apparently.

- I just don't get it.

- Speaking of BoE gear, trash runs and BRF, they need to add another section in their group finder for trash runs.

- Looking for a BRF heroic I spent the better part of an hour not even finding one fresh group and only seeing trash runs, in progress groups, ones with voice chat requirements I do not have.

- They need better sorting, so I could say, choose not to show me ones asking for team speak.

- They need better sorting, so I could say, only find fresh runs, or runs that are on or have available bosses I want.

- They need better sorting, so I could filter out all the trash farming groups.

- And of course, to beat a dead horse, they need a way for me to just list my name and let people find me instead of having to look through it.

- I like the group finder and all, but it is really half assed as far as implementation goes.

- Blizzard could have, should have, done so much better with it.

- I do my trash farms with my own groups anyway.

- I don't trust pugs, even more so pugs with master looter, which is what you need for a good trash farm.

- We managed well over 30 BoEs this weekend, mostly 5 man farming heroic.

- So keep it small, fast, and rake in the BoEs.

- And this is exactly why the prices will keep going down.

- Until blizzard drops the inevitable nerf on drop rates.

- The way they have been dropping I am guessing it will come soon.

- But the good news is we farmed up enough for everyone in the main raid group to have wrists and boots should they need them without having to pay AH prices.

- I must say I love having a few BoE pieces to aim for and trash farms back.

- I think the last time there was a worthwhile trash farming experience was back in firelands.

- I am glad to see it back.

- Have a great day.


  1. re: group finder.

    oQueue had filtering and keyword inclusion/exclusion. Blizzard didn't adopt those features.

    For the premade finder, they should tell you which group you are being invited to. If I waitlist several totally different groups, e.g. trash farm + higmaul + brf, it should tell me when I get the invite so I don't have to accept and then ask "what's this group for?" like an idiot.

    Blizzard could do some really awesome stuff with the group finder (or LFD) if they wanted to.

    They could make it so group finder allowed you to check a box to auto-group for people who have your same lockout with similar ilvl.

    They could automatically find groups of people based on experience downing bosses and mix a group together to try to optimize success. They could aggregate data from past successful LFR/LFD runs to see whether the "leader" checkbox made a difference, and prioritize those people for good groups.

    They could make a challenge mode LFD for good players.

    So many possibilities.


    1. I never liked OQ, it is too intrusive, adds people to my battle net, feels more like a virus than an addon.

      Even if they changed it over the years, the bad taste it left in my mount from being so intrusive I will never try it again.

      I agree with the telling you so you do not have to ask, that would be a good thing.

      There is so much blizzard could do to make it better, just seems like they don't want to. They would rather have half functional feature missing parts of the game.

    2. A lot of that is oQueue trying to workaround Blizzard's limited grouping systems...

    3. I still do not like my addons feeling more like spyware than addons, and sure as hell do not like it adding people to my real id without my permission or without me even noticing it.

      It is a hacking addon, nothing more, I will not use it.

  2. - Haven't gotten any BoEs lately, but did go through the loot tables for BRF and the new world boss... disappointing for a non-raider.

    - Have to wait 'til 6.1 for the "good..." stuff...

    - I have 3 garrisons now. Got Blood DK to 93 and SPriest to 92.

    - Leveling with the SPriest is rather annoying for me. I'm not accustomed to multi-dotting or to channeled abilities. Died a couple times while lvling her because I'd just get overwhelmed by several mobs and couldn't do anything...

    - Blood DK is actually kind of fun to level (as fun as melee can be anyway)

    - Don't know that I'll do much more with them for a while, just wanted to start their prof/work orders to create upgrade items for gun (DK=Eng) and trinket (Priest=Scribe) for hunter.

    - Trying to avoid capping garrison resources on hunter. Waiting for Blizz to figure out what they're doing with 6.1 Garrisons before I change out some buildings. Candidates for demolition are Inn, Stables, Barn, Salvage Yard...

    - I've bought several BoEs in WoD (after the prices dropped down to an acceptable level). I want to gear up but I'm not raiding so I need to get gear some other way (and there aren't many options for decent gear). I can actually afford to buy them Week 1, but I won't pay those crazy prices.

    - Ah, Firelands trash runs. I remember those. Good times.

    1. Is there any "good" stuff coming in 6.1 yet? I have not noticed anything. It all seems like stuff that should have been part of the initial release that they held back to say they are releasing something later.

      Blood DKs are fun to level yes, mostly any tank is fun to level. I enjoy playing tanks while leveling, melee, not so much.

      Yeah, paying week one prices is really insane, even more so if you do not intend on raiding, you can wait until they drop a little.

      Firelands trash was fun.

    2. Yeah.... that's why I put "good" in quotes... it's not really that good...

    3. I sensed the sarcasm, was just agreeing with you.

  3. I wish I could get some BoEs to sell for the guild bank. They're all being snapped up by raiders so far. Guild bank doesn't replenish itself you know...

    And I'd need more people like that silly hunter in your guild so my guild's coffers would be full. I bet the person who sold it is laughing now. Oh well.

    1. I hate that they removed cash flow from guilds. We have had a few to sell, even put some aside for selling. Helps we have few plate wearers, so the plate drops usually get sold. But we gear our people first.

      When I was 5 manning it I did not need anything for myself. I have 680s or better in the neck, feet and wrist department, I was doing it for my guild mates that might need it.