Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Random Thoughts

- Still not leveling any of my other characters and I am liking it that way right now.

- Not checking all my garrisons each day either.

- It allows me to do other things, like waste time with archeology and pet battles.

- Two things that a) without flying and b) the garrison bus work, have been put to the side.

- I managed to get enough pet battles in the get my level three pet menagerie now.

- With one of my alts finally getting the robot chicken again and using it enough to finish the gearworks achievement for the level 3 pattern the only patterns I have not unlocked yet are the mage tower and the PvP one.

- I'll get there.

- Never even built a mage tower yet, but that would only take one day to do I am sure.

- Already have the PvP building so it is just a matter of getting on my PvP character and breaking some bones.

- I hate seeing that now that I have finally managed to get the gearworks achievement they are nerfing it to not need everything.

- Please disregard this next line if you do not want to hear a lot of foul language.

- You %^$# sucking mother ^&$*#^@ ^@#&!^*(s.

- Fill in the blanks.

- It took me forever, I logged on to a character I do not play, I stayed on that character so I could use all the itmes that had a long cooldown like the robot chicken, I worked for that achievement and now you are changing it to just give it away to anyone.

- I wish I could curse you more and I wish you could hear it.

- The expansion has been out over 2 months, DO NOT CHANGE stuff like that now.

- I am not upset that other people will get it easier, that does not bother me.

- What upsets me is that blizzard played me for a fool.

- If I knew they were going to fix it I would have waited to get the achievement.

- You can change stuff like this the first few weeks of the expansion, not well over two months later.

- It really pissed me off when blizzard does stupid crap like this.

- I would not mind if I knew they were going to change it, I would have waited.

- But I sat there on a character I really did not want to play at the moment to use the robot chicken once every 10 minutes 20 times for the last step of the achievement I needed.

- Seriously, if I knew I would have just waited.

- As I have said many times here like a broken record, the thing I hate more than anything else is wasting my time.

- Blizzard wasted my time.

- They should have left the achievement as was.

- You do not change something like that 2 months after release.

- It would be like me asking for them to change the bigger bag achievement because I still need things from timeless island for it, but not many and if they changed it I would have the achievement.

- No, just no.

- The people that earned it when it was full earned it.

- Do not take away what they did because I don't feel like camping there any longer.

- If I want the achievement I will go get it.

- And if people want the gearworks, they will go get it.

- No reason to change it now after two months.

- I don't mind that other people will get it easier, what I do mind is that blizzard wasted my time.

- Back to topic, doing other things.

- Did all my mount farming and even managed to squeeze it in on some other characters.

- Even though I am sitting a 274 mounts alliance side the game seems to say I have 249.

- Blizzard and math do not work well together, we all know this right?

- When I read the bug on the PTR where the reputation mounts were 45K instead of 5K I was going to go grab them.

- But I did not as a blue said it was an error, they are still only 5K.

- Good.

- Why have I not bought them yet?

- Because I do not want a milestone mount, 250 in this case, to be something I bought with some gold or some gold and a few apexis crystals.

- It would not feel right.

- I am weird that way.

- I want 250 to be a drop, or come from an achievement, or basically be anything I worked for, not just something I purchased.

- Anyone else weird like that?

- Some could argue I did work for the reputation mounts.

- I worked grinding the reputation.

- Which I did, I did not use cross realm groups to make it super trivial.

- Why would I do that, grinding reputations is the only major outdoor content in the expansion.

- I could have joined a reputation group and been done with it in one day and then be even more bored as time went on.

- I could see me doing that on alts if I want the reputation, but on my main I earn my reputation myself.

- Some could say I worked for the gold I used to buy it, I worked for the apexis crystals I used to buy it and of course I worked grinding the mobs for the reputation needed to buy them.

- All good points, but I would still rather it be a drop that gets the achievement.

- I actually have one drop in mind that I want it to be.

- The drake off deathwing.

- I never won any of the rolls for it when it was current content and I have never seen it since.

- It is the last drake I need for the drake achievement.

- So getting it would get me that achievement and the 250 achievement.

- I think that would be cool.

- Would love to get the double mount achievement with one mount.

- But really any drop mount will do.

- Throne of the four winds bugged on me again this week.

- Killing the first boss on 25 heroic drops no loot.

- I wonder what is up with that.

- So I finished catching one of each pet on draenor for that achievement.

- Got enough pet battles under my belt for the achievement that unlocked my level 3 building.

- And leveled a few pets in the process.

- That is the only time I level pets really, when going out trapping.

- I always keep one leveling pet in to soak the experience while my others go on the hunt for upgrades.

- Did some digging and got a few more pristine pieces.

- Looks like I still need about half of them.

- I can give you some advice when doing archaeology that is really simple.

- What ever direction it is pointing in, look for a tree, or anything that might obstruct your view, bushes, rocks, etc, that is where the dig will be.

- It loves to put the things in hidden places.

- And even with the glow on items they sometimes are still completely impossible to see.

- I have to slowly hover my mouse all over the place looking for the wheel because I can't see it sometimes.

- And I hate those ones that you have to go around entire mountains , or rocks or walls, or what have you.

- Anyone that says they do not miss flying is either a) full of shit or b) a troll  or c) someone that never leaves a city anyway.

- Anyone that goes out in the world I can be 100% certain they have said to themselves, at least once, I wish I had flying.

- When trying to get to that quest marker you can't figure out how to get to in gorgrond you can not tell me you don't wish you could just fly straight to it.

- Doing archaeology and having to run around the long way instead of just taking one step left, like you would have if you could have flew up there instead of having to run around.

- Looking for that rare spawn pet when you have to run all over the place instead of just flying, which means fights, slower progress, and frustration.

- Now I understand why so many in my guild said they refuse to touch archaeology or pet battles until fight is added.

- After spending some serious time doing pet battles and archaeology and can say with completely honesty, I am with the people that want flying back.

- It needs to come back, sooner than later, stop wasting my time blizzard. 

- And I have met the first person that quit because of flying in guild.

- They actually put that in their reason to qutting reply blizzard asks for.

- He said, when you get off your high horse about flying and give it back to people send me a mail and I will subscribe again, but until them, never send me a mail because there is nothing you have to say that I would want to hear.

- Good for him.

- Why don't we just remove raiding on a whim?

- Blizzard apparently believes that removing things that some people like and some people don't care about is perfectly fine.

- So next on the chopping block is raiding.

- If you can let them remove flying without a fight, you never know what they will remove next, it might be something you like.

- There is a saying that sums up the situation of just letting them take things and not putting up a fight.

When the Nazis came for the communists,
I did not speak out;
As I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,
I did not speak out;
I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
As I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,
I did not speak out;
As I was not a Jew.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out.

- Not meant for the same thing, but the idea is still the same, if let someone take something from you even if it doesn't mean anything to you and you do not stand up against it, they will keep taking stuff from you.

- Sooner or later, they will get to taking something that does matter to you.

- I think I am going to try to solo some raids on my rogue.

- Which ones do you think I can get done with him?

- Currently he only does thrown of the four winds because that is really fast and easy.

- Maybe I can add some more stuff to his solo list.

- Have to find a use for the guy, it is my only 100 that I really do not have a job for.

- Have a great day.


  1. I have a question for your Tot4W bug

    How far from the middle guy are you when you finish the fight?

    When I was farming it I noticed that I got no loot only when I was too far away from the body of the middle guy, so I dragged it toward the last one,, and on the las platform I was standing as far as I could toward the middle platform, and I was getting loot taht way.

    Oh and I don't miss flying, and I'm neither a) b) nor c), and I'm farming archeology right now (5 pristine left). Things like Avianna feather or skyterror wouldn't be as fun with flying.

    1. I can try dragging him over so he is closer to the last platform. That could be it. I jump from first, to middle then last. So it usually dies near the first side, will try dragging it to the last side.

      They would be no fun with flying, but if I personally had to choose between the "fun" of flying or a limited use toy or building item that requires me to have the building, flying wins hands down personally.

      Just because we can get by without it, and I have been, doesn't mean it wouldn't be nice to have it.

    2. I have Avianna's feather... It's annoying because it either flies me too far or not far enough... I'll take a normal flying mount instead, thanks.

    3. It can be fun, but yes, flying is so much easier. And not on a cooldown. ;)

  2. I had other comments but then I got to the part where you compared no flying to the holocaust. Holy crap godwins law.

    1. I knew it was over the edge, but it is not a comparison between "things" just in theory of if we do not stand up for what we want do not be surprised if we lose it.

  3. -Finally started lvling an alt (Blood DK)

    -Got through Tanaan and did part of Shadowmoon but didn't make it quite to lvl 92

    -Doing follower missions and engineering work orders, but that's about it so far.

    -Speaking of Blizzard changing stuff, there are a lot of "good but too late" changes coming in 6.1 (and some wtf? changes as well)...

    -I should do some mount farming but I just don't feel the urgency to do it. What's the point of getting more flying mounts when I can't use them?!? It'd just be for the achievs (I'm at 185) and that's not enough incentive right now.

    -I have the drake off deathwing. That's the only raid tier where I was actively raiding so we got the mount for everybody on the team back then. Drop rates on those get really low afterwards though...

    -Still haven't even built the pet menagerie in my Garrison. Just have no desire to do pet battles. Was never really my thing anyway.

    -Done some archeology (tends to be my activity on Sunday afternoons while watching FinalBossTV). It's rather annoying without flying so I need something entertaining to keep me distracted from the annoyance...

    -Need to try out the new world boss; seems like a raid version of that one bird dungeon boss with the annoying phoenixes.

    -Also need to figure out the new loot tables that are available with BRF.

    1. I have two blood DKS sitting in garrisons at 93 and 94, I've lost my will to level another character right now but their time will come I am sure.

      Their changes should have been made sooner, as you mention, and we on the beta suggested them back them. Looks like they were, as normal, slow to react or did not take our input seriously.

      I was doing it while listening to final boss on saturday, how funny is that. lol

      Wowhead has the loot tables up now, you can check them out there.

    2. I have a disc priest still sitting at 90. She opened her garrison, but not planning on leveling her at all until 6.1 with the level 100 heirloom gear.

    3. Leveling is faster than it has ever been before, I would say that the 10 levels here take a little more than half the time it took to do the 5 levels in mists, if you are working on rested.

      I think heirlooms would really make it too fast. Heck, it is too fast already. I do the zones until I get all the followers, and I still hit 100 WAY before I can do just that. Those, in my opinion, are quests I am going to have to do anyway a I want the followers, so might as well do it while leveling, because once I am 100 I will not go back. But that is just me.

  4. I'm pretty annoyed about the flying too I've been avoiding the expansion because of it and every ticket I submit has a bit on it about how I feel, also GM survey too. I'm polite about it but annoyed. Youngest child just said don't renew her sub till there is flying, so it's been canceled since the expansion, with that as a reason. I may use a trial to pop into Draenor and collect a few pets.

    1. Be careful not to buy the pets off the AH. There are many that are super easy to get but people do not realize that and they buy them. Many you can get just by killing something as a 100% drop chance or doing some jumping. Heck most I do not even get on purpose on my characters because I can't do anything with them.

      I really hope they add flying back soon. It is a fun part of the game when you have done everything else. If people choose to wait until they have it to do everything, let them, that is my opinion of it. I also do not mind leveling without flying, but when 100 I think we should have it.

  5. I just posted an article that might come in handy. Someone's developed a handy-dandy website that will analyze your character and give you a 'mount plan' on how to get your classic mounts. It includes drop rate % and links to wowhead. I only have 90 of the 300-ish possible mounts, so my planner is quite long..

    1. Cool, thanks for the list. Sometimes I forget which ones I had not gotten yet, like I never seem to go back to strath any more even if I still need it.

    2. that is NEAT. Thanks Elkagorasa for posting it! Got it book-marked.

      -roo the weird

  6. lol, I like that inclusion of not standing up for someone. damn right skippy - better to bitch than not bitch at all.

    the local government has me under watch, since I sent a letter to 10 state senators about using marijuana for medical purposes. even had the cops ring my door bell to ask me questions and no, I did not make threats. LOL, ain't life grand. my wife thinks I am a big pothead, though I hadn't touch it in over 45 years.


    1. It is wild that they came knocking on your door, but "the man" doesn't like when anyone does not step in line and follow orders.

    2. ah, this is Nebraska, where the state attorney is suing Colorado for them having pot legal, lol. His big claim to flame (yes, that is correct, a pun) to be so anti-medical pot is "people will use it for recreation purposes", LOL. wow. ok, enough on this. Take care.

      -roo "where I would rather have this bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy"

    3. And people use beer for recreational purposes, as a matter of fact, that is its intended use. But he does not want that banned?

      How about all other prescription meds that are being used and abused. Nearly ever sort of pain med is being abused and used for recreational purposes, does he want them gone too?

      The guy needs to open his eyes a bit. I have not smoked pot since I was a teenager, which was some time ago in a galaxy far far away, and I still say it should be legal, not just for medical use, but for anyone that might want it.

      Fewer people have died from the use of pot in the last 20 years than people have died from the use of alcohol yesterday alone, and booze is legal. Maybe someone should tell him that.