Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Good News Everyone, Blizzard Watch is the New Insider

WoW Insider signed off yesterday and many, myself include, were very sad to see it go.  It had become as much of part of the game as actually playing it had.  I had checked it every day, even if less so after they cut staff and cut columns, but I still checked it.  It was like logging in to do your dailies, it was just part of what you did, for me at least.

The saying goes that you can't keep a good man down, or a good idea either it seems.  Alex decided to see if he could crowd fund enough to continue moving along with WoW Insider and to his surprise it really took off instantly.

You can help out at Patreon by donating to Blizzard Watch.  Patreon is slightly different from some crowd funding sites you might have seen or heard of before.  Unlike those which ask for a one time donation this site looks for subscriptions, in any number, basically making it a subscription service.  You could easily spend $1 per month as part of your donation and it would help.  But even if you can not afford to help out it will not mean you will miss anything.  Blizzard Watch will remain free and completely open to everyone to read, post and be a part of the community as it shifts from WoW Insider to its new home at Blizzard Watch.

Congratulation Alex, it looks like you are off to a great start, and thank you for bringing WoW Insider back.  Needless to say, I am very happy to see that my daily routine does not need to change.  We fear change.

So check out the new site, already underway with posts, at Blizzard Watch, I know I will be.


  1. This is fantastic news!

    I will be subscribing to show my support, I hope they can make it work.
    I loved WoWInsider, particularly when I was new to the game, and could always find something that piqued my interest on there even if I didn't read every article.

    1. Looks like they already passed the class columns coming back and are on their way to more, which is awesome. Maybe it can return to what it was like before the layoffs, when it had so much more. It was best then.

      I never read them all either, but when they had a lot of different writers and columns there was always something worth reading. I remember waiting each week for the new hunter article, it was like waiting for reset day in game. Something I looked forward too.

  2. Ever since they stopped being it seems they changed. Some of their columnists really like to jump into stuff I don't care about (gamergate) so I'm hoping that doesn't come to the site.

    I signed up do donate through patreon.

    Hoping for good things.


    1. I agree, they did lose something over the years, mostly when they cut the majority of the staff. Here is to hoping they can bring back the days when they had a lot going on and it always seemed like there was something good and new to read there.