Tuesday, February 24, 2015

6.1 Patch Day, What Do You Expect To Do?

While we are all aware that 6.1 is very light in terms of content, as in none, it is not without things to do at all.  There are a lot of updates to what is already in game.  While nothing new in terms of content it does still leave us with something to do.  Or if you are like me and thinking about it, a lot of somethings to do.

For me my plan of attack with the 6.1 patch is as follows.

First and foremost I need to handle my main, a hunter of course, and his one piece of crafted gear.  I will be upgrading that to the 4th level immediately.  I will also be finally making a weapon.  I kept saying "I'll wait for a drop" but after pugging any weapon boss I could get into and using all my coins on weapon bosses I still am stuck with a crap weapon. 

It made some, but not a ton of, sense to make myself the crafted gun but as I had a 655 since the week HM opened changing it to a 660 even with the right stats seemed like a small upgrade.  Even more so when I am sure my luck would not be that bad and I would get one that was better.  As it turns out, that never happened.  So now that I can make it 670 with the right stats it is a huge upgrade over the 655.  And think of it this way, worst case scenario is what always happens.  I make it and then I get a drop.  So if the drop is better I switch and if it is not I don't, simple as that.

So with those two gear issues out of the way I will be upgrading one of my followers to a 660 item level ASAP.  I will not send my followers immediately out on missions either after doing that.  My hopes are that I will trigger the BRF mission, as it should, having one level 660.  So I will do some other little things before I send away my followers on missions to see if I can bait the mission out.

I then plan on doing the LFRs.  As it turns out the two wings that are open are the two wings we do second and last.  We do the other wing first because, for us at least, they are easier bosses.  Still collecting runes so by running those LFRs if we only manage to down the three in the other wing this week on our one night I will still get the maximum stones I can with the exception of the last boss.

I also will be buying all the new cooking patterns and making lots and lots of food while I am waiting in queue most likely.  My main has every cooking recipe in the game and can't stop now.  I even have some removed from game like them kicking chimaron chops.  Even still have some made on an alt in their bank because I am sentimental silly that way and you can not even get the meat to make them any more. 

But this is for the new 125 stat food.  And as I knew what I would be needing for it, I've been fishing it up the needed fish like a made elf.  I have well over 2000 fish that need to be turned into multistrike food thank you very much.  And I bet I will still not get the darn pet from cooking.  Has anyone got it from cooking yet?  I must have cooked over 5000 things so far trying to get it and no luck, but that is another story all together.

While in LFR I will also do my apexis daily, something I really do not do daily any more as there is no need for apexis crystals any more.  Had been none for a very long time.  However I am doing it to trigger an invasion.  Have to try to start getting them again because there are platinum invasions and achievement associated with them to get now.  Admittedly the only rewards I want from them are the mount because the gear rewards are still blah.  Really, platinum should reward at least 670 gear and more like 680 gear now.  Why add such low gear rewards?  Blizzard makes no sense some times.  Do you honestly think that any group that will be capable of easily getting platinum would actually need a 660?  I think not.  Think next time blizzard.  Most people that can easily get platinum probably do not need 670 either.

I'll be surfing the trade chat trying to pick through the trolls, the political arguments, the racist rants, and the other brain rotting crap that it is filled with to look for raid boss garrison invasions.  Again, for achievement sake and because I dig that sort of stuff and want to do it.

Then I will move on to cycling thought other characters.  My shaman and my paladin will now be able to add another piece of crafted gear because shields are no longer counting toward the crafted three.  So I have to decide which ones to do.

I plan to log into all my lower level characters or any characters I might have some heirlooms on just to add them to the tab.  I will surely have more than the 35 needed for the achievement for the mount.  I had a full set for all classes, doubles and triples of most.  So 35 will in no way be an issue.

My rogue will start soloing BT again for the pets that now drop from it.  At least it gives me the motivation to get there as I still need the other warglaive.  Maybe I will get lucky while going there and kill two birds with one stone.  Get my drop and get my pets all at once.  I have always been a huge fan of doing things that have multiple purposes. 

As that seems to be the theme of going to these old raids to get the new pets then my priest will surely have to be the one doing mount hyjal.  She has been after a piece for transmog off the last boss since last expansion.  Ah, love it when I can do two things at once.  Try to get the piece I want and get pets means putting my time to best use.

As far as the pets go, yes I want them all and yes I want the achievement, but first things first.  People over pay, as in over pay insanely, for pets on my server when they are new.  I plan to sell every single pet I get.  I will even run the raids on multiple characters.  If things go as they had in the past and I have a little luck, I can see me making well over 500K over the next week just on pets.  Even more if I take some time to level them first.  Once the pets start to settle down in price, which will probably be after the weekend when everyone is soloing old content, I will keep one of each for myself.  If they are drops, as they are, they will come easy enough in time so I have no issue selling the early ones I get.  Also, I am in no rush.

Speaking of being in no rush.  I realized something I do absolutely love about 6.1 and it is going to sound weird.

There is no content in 6.1.

I hate it and I love it.

I have no new quest hubs that I feel I need to get done.  I have no new dungeons I want to venture into as soon as possible.  I have no new gear to grind.  No new quest lines to follow.  Nothing.  I have absolutely nothing but filler crap that I am in no rush to complete.  I kind of like that. 

I will get to all my heirlooms sooner or later as I log into those characters.  I will get all the pets some day.  I will get all the music rolls at some point, probably on a weekend when I am bored.  I will get the camera and take pictures of myself just for achievements sake.  I'll kill bosses with pepe on my head.  None of this is anything I would rush to do.  It is all junk content, filler content.  And right now I kind of like that nothing actually worth doing is being added.  Because if I feel like logging off right after I upgrade my gear on my main tonight, I can.  I won't feel like I am missing something, I won't feel like I am not trying my best, I won't feel like I am neglecting my main.  There is nothing I feel I need to do.  As weird as that sounds, I am kind of liking that right now thinking about it.

What are your 6.1 log in plans?


  1. Don't have any plans differnt then I had yesterday. Nothing changes.

    1. No gear to upgrade?

      As a pet collector and achievement hunter I have some things to do but they will be things I can probably finish in one day if I put my mind to it. I am not going to rush however, it is all we have and I am going to stretch it out.

  2. Slowly gearing up my 10 toons in LFRs (I'm an LFR creature at my cap).

    Finishing Khadgar's Rings 680 (the last upgrade for all except my main).

    Treasure hunting on my main.

    Doing Stables quests which were untouched yet :)

    1. I stopped after 7, garrisons burnt me out. I might get back to them at some time. Congrats on 10. Are you planning on doing 1 of each class? I will probably head that way myself.

      The stables quests are not so bad, give garrison resources and award mounts at the end. Needless to say, I really liked them. Have fun.

    2. I've already tried almost every class and spec. These 10 are quintessence and natural selection of playing styles that fit me (all different classes). I don't tank and I don't heal, not the thing for me. Also started 2 priests and 3 Death Knights - they didn't survive field tests :)

    3. I try them all as well. Usually have a rule that if it can tank it tanks, if it can heal it heals and if it can do nothing else it does DPS.

      This means my only damage dealers are the four pures. I like to tank and heal, sad part is I hate doing them in random groups which sort of takes away the fun of tanking and healing for me. Such is life.

  3. A small correction: you can get the meat for the chops again, from a lvl 85 Rare ('Last of the Chimaeroks' or smth his title is) that spawns in the mountains in NW Silithus/Feralas. It only drops those meats (as well as being Skinnable).

    The Veteran Account thing would normally be something I'd check out (also because they added a Toy with Lunar Festival, and I love copse-hopping lower level toons for these kind of things) but reading the comments from the US my worst fear has come to pass: activating it removes the XP-Lock from your characters in question.

    Combine this with the matter that the Heirloom Mount from the Achievement is sent to your mailbox, and, like Starter Accounts, you can't recieve even Blizzard Mail (as we all know Blizzard is heavy into gold trading and other such shenannigans that were the original reason to remove the mailing option) , and that option is very uninviting.

    However, as, like you mentioned, 6.1 also brought both higher iLevel Craftables as well as allowing more of them (besides the Shield iirc also Alchemist Trinks), going full sub isn't attractive, either, as the PvP-imbalance has become even worse for Holdouts.

    Frankly, getting to the point that Blizz can go suck a lemon, there are more than enough other games out there that screw you over less if at all.

    1. Cool. I saw him one time while flying by, he is a rare hunter tame now. Did not know he drops the chops. Cool.

      Never thought about not being able to get mail from blizzard in that situation, that really sucks. You should at least be able to get mail that is directly from blizzard.

      While I would agree blizzard can go suck a lemon and I complain a lot. It is still the best one out there in my opinion, even if I really hate it sometimes. lol

  4. Applied gear upgrades to followers (prioritized based on Master Plan mission lists), got 8 at or above 660 now

    BRF Mission popped up with 100% chance of success, so did that and other missions

    Killed Ruhk'mar - got warforged, socketed boots!

    Did the Jukebox quest, initial heirloom quest, and apexis daily while waiting in LFR queues

    Got a fresh run of Slagworks. Kept losing tanks on Blast Furnace, so that took 5 or 6 pulls.

    Went straight to Kromog in the Forge. Took a few pulls as well to get that down. Still have to do the first two bosses...

    Furnace and Kromog seem to have bad mechanics for LFR.

    Logged in to all of my alts and gathered up my heirlooms. I don't have any half naked alts anymore.

    Didn't see any sign of these special vendors that sell the new profession plans. Dumbest design ever.

    Found the new cooking recipes but didn't make any new food. Like Grumpy, I collect cooking recipes.

    Still need to buy some heirloom upgrades to 100 and look into getting any other heirlooms I could use

    Also need to change up my talent choices as BM and get used to the tuning changes

    1. Congrats on the great boots.

      LFR is going in the wrong direction again. They need to remember HM wing 1 and how everyone loved how easy it was and they need to keep that in mind for LFR. Hate the wipe fests all over again.

      I am not making the BM switch. It is better with the 4 piece but not really before by much, 1% at most really. Being I can use the same gear with MM and SV it is easier to keep those two at the moment than having to have 2 sets of gear for BM and something else. Heck, I am having a hard enough time getting one set of gear nevertheless 2.

    2. The difference between the specs is really small (even smaller than it was before), so play whatever you want. I was BM before (always BM), so I'm just going to consider some different talent/glyph choices. Mainly going to try and get used to Steady Focus and Stampede.

    3. If you really like BM then just that alone will mean you will do better at it. So that is worth a few percent right there. So it really is up to you. I am sticking with what I have now because it is what I am used to. And like mentioned, the difference is so small until the 4 piece and near best in slot it really is not a big deal to play whatever you are most comfortable with. Being comfortable is worth a few percent anyway.