Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday Random Thoughts

- I had a very mount filled week.

- It began with the patch where I got the three other mounts from the challenge mode silvers.

- I was happy just with that, 3 more added to my mount collection.

- Then that day, when doing my weekly easy raid route the azure drake fell from EoE 25 finally.

- It has been easy to do for a long time, but I am still glad to take it off my list.

- Even if it was usually one shot and dead once we got to the last mounted phase, the fight was still annoying.

- But it does not end there for me, my week would see more than 4 new mounts.

- While on my horde hunter killing some time waiting to find a decent raid group I was killing some stuff in the vale as well and got my final shy shard to drop.

- I was not even AoE pulling and grinding like I normally do.

- I was just leisurely walking around killing one at a time as I came across them.

- I must have spent well over 100 hours game time grinding for those 10 shards.

- If you add up all the time I leveled there, did dailies there and just flat out grinded for them.

- Heck it might be more.

- So I broke alani's shield and collected my thundering ruby cloud serpent.

- That gives me five mounts so far for the week.

- While doing stonecore over and over I hit the 10 instance lockout and got stuck on the loading screen.

- It would not let me in, it would not kick me out.

- So I had to log into another character, but I could not go into an instance with them because the 10 per hour is shared across characters.

- Which sucks but I understand why.

- So I figured I would see if I can build a mount.

- I only ever built one of the helicopters so I figured I would build the other.

- I had most everything needed but the hula doll and some additional fel iron needed to make felsteel for the felsteel stabilizers.

- So I went to BC to farm up some.

- One guild mate said, why don't I just buy some off the auction house.

- I said, because I have an hour to kill until I can go back to mount grinding.

- And because I do not waste gold when I can get something myself.

- That is the reason you have never seen over 10k gold and I have alts I don't even play with over 100K sitting on them.

- I don't waste gold buying grossly over priced items I can get with a few minutes of my own time.

- So my miner wasted about 30 minutes, would have spent more but I was only doing this to waste some time, flying around and got more than enough for what I needed.

- I made the bars, converted them to felsteel, mailed them to my engineer, made the fel steel into stabilizers and I made my second helicopter.

- Still have not made the two engineering mounts from this expansion yet.

- And yes I do have both a goblin and a gnomish engineer that can make each so I could do both myself.

- I just do not look forward to spending 20K now, because we lost the guild perk, per orb at a rate of 3 orbs per to make them.

- I'll wait for some fool to put one on the auction house for 30K, which has happened before.

- Love, as a buyer, when people put things on the AH for much less than half what they even cost to make.

- So the mount count for the week is up to 6 mounts.

- Can I make it to 7?

- A friend asked me to show him where to tame chimaeron, so when I was capable of zoning into an instance again I took a break to help him do that.

- After doing that it occurred to me that I only needed one more achievement for glory of the cataclysm raider.

- I never managed to get four play, so I might as well go nab that and get another mount.

- Not to mention that Al'Akir has a chance to drop a mount too.

- So I went and knocked that one out quick even if I wasn't sure if I was doing the achievement right but I got it.

- Ding, mount number 7 for the week.

- Too bad he did not drop the mount, that would have been 8.

- But I am not about to complain at all.

- I had a very good week for mounts, wouldn't you say?

- On one of my solo character servers, as in a server I only have one character on, I decided to do a little cleaning up.

- I purchased my reagents tab and hit deposit all.

- It filled nearly every slot of the reagent tab.

- We can not have that can we?

- Not after I have said over and over we will need a lot of space for warlords.

- So you know what that means right?

- Auction house time.

- I cleared out my reagents tab completely, as in there is no longer one single thing in it.

- I had everything I collected over the years in there.

- 1 mage royal, 3 peacebloom, 17 heavy leather, 66 rugged leather, 3 tigers eye, 8 rhino meat, 20 golden dater, you name it, I had everything I had run across over the years of playing sitting there.

- I put it all on the auction house.

- Listed 138 auction, not with the intention to make a lot of gold, but with the intention to clean out my bags.

- And of course make more money than just vendoring the stuff would give.

- 24 hours later I collect the 14 auctions that did not sell and nearly 5K gold.

- I'd have to say that was a stunning success in clearing out the junk.

- I finally got my heirloom from heroic for my hunter.

- Sadly I needed to get the 100% drop rate buff to do it.

- Got a normal one and a heroic one.

- To bad I really do not have any more hunters for them.

- I guess that means I need to get to 90 with another one now right?

- Almost all my hunters have a better than heroic garrosh loom.

- Yeah, I think I will level another hunter, maybe.

- Also got my rogue a heroic heirloom this week.

- That brings me from a 502 weapon to a 569 weapon.

- Think that might help my DPS some?

- Have to get some other characters through there to take advantage of this 100% drop rate.

- Sadly the only characters I have over the 570 mark that everyone asks for are 3 hunters, a priest and a druid, and I save 4 of the 5 for possible guild runs.

- Which means I need to get some of my lower geared ones into raids.

- And when you do not know someone and all you have to go off of is an item level, no one will ever give you a chance to get into a group.

- Makes me feel bad for some people like newer players without a base team to build with.

- They could be great players but because of their item level you would never notice it.

- Finding a group in game for stuff is horrible now.

- The in game finder now sucks huge moose balls.

- People need to make a group and you have to request to join.

- I plan a post how HORRIBLE of an idea this is for some people.

- It is a good addition, sure, but they should have left the other way in too.

- Where you list your name and people invite you from that.

- Why not have both?

- Because that would make way to much sense for blizzard to do.

- I do not like the new in game group finder.

- I do not like it at all.

- While looking for groups I found at least a dozen listed "LF something" and when I hovered over it the instance was done.

- Excuse me?

- Once the instance is done, why is it still listed there?

- Blizzard coding error?  Group leader error?  Trolling?

- I never made a group, so I am not sure which is which.

- Finding a celestial group is a nightmare with that now.

- I looked for one of my characters yesterday and there were 2 groups.

- One with 17 people, all DPS, and one with 1 person, 1 DPS.

- So you know what that means?

- I did not ask to join any of them.

- Whereas with the old way, I could list my name and just get an invite.

- For me, I do not want to join a group I do not see ready to go.

- But if I was sent an invite to a group not ready to go I would not know until I joined it, and once I was in it I would stay being I am there.

- They need to old way back, in addition to the new way, or their new group finder will be nothing more than a spectacular failure.

- I must say some of the custom groups were... interesting.

- Epic dance party.  Lowbie farming.  Naked leveling.  And my favorite and most confusing, headless horseman.

- Why create a group for something there is a random group finder for?

- Just queue for it dude.

- But frogs, oh my god frogs, there had to be 10,001 groups for frogs.

- Try finding a frog alive on any server, even completely dead ones.

- Blizzard made another one of their, becoming expected, huge mistakes.

- Changing it so upgrades come from lesser charms and then having only one place to get lesser charms at a reasonable rate was not exactly what I call a good idea.

- Blizzard needed to make make more places to farm lesser charms.

- Even up where ordos is, which is always filled with mobs because even now most people can not handle them, there were groups fighting over spawns.

- Everything was dead.

- Blizzard, if you wanted lesser charms to fill an important role, even for only a month, you should have added a reliable way to get them.

- How about all those things you removed valor from, add lesser charms too.

- 200 lesser chrams for the epoch stone quest.

- 7 for a daily.

- 80 for a dungeon.

- Instead of creating an extremely hostile environment that the frog area creates.

- People talk about toxic community, well, blizzard helps stir the pot with things like this.

- They know if they put everyone in the same place fighting over the same thing in limited supply that it would create a hostile gaming environment and they still did it.

- So while the blame goes on us for acting poorly as people, it should also go on blizzard for creating that situation and allowing it to happen.

- I did the warlords entry quest in the blasted lands on 6 characters so far.

- Plan to do it on all of them at some point and save the pet for selling later.

- If it is indeed removed from the game it will be worth a lot more than the 20g it is going for now later on.

- Just think what the vampiric batling would go for now if you could sell it?

- Of course this is more plentiful than that one was, and pets are a huge deal now as opposed to then, so there are more people collecting them, but the theory is still the same.

- If you can stock up on a one time only pet to sell 2 years later, go for it.

- I know I will.

- I managed one bronze dragonling so far.

- I tried farming for it, even after killing everything in the blasted lands including all the elites, and getting none, I decided against it.

- If I get some extras while doing the quest, cool, if not, it is not being removed from the game, so no big deal really.

- I got my one, so I am happy.

- I did the hallow ends routes and got both my pets and my toy already.

- So I am done with hallows end once again.

- I thought about getting a few extras of the new pets but after seeing the time involved in doing that, it is just not worth it.

- But, if you were to do it, do pandaria and northrend only.

- It will get you 150 easy and it is quickest.

- And then buy one extra pet with each 90 that you can.

- Maybe I will do that later.

- I am still missing some addons from being updated.

- I love the addon people and it might be wrong to ask for them to hurry up, but, hurry up guys. lol

- Addons spoil me.

- I swear I want to rip out my speakers when soloing spine of deathwing.

- I soloed it a few times this week on different hunters and I wiped at least once on all of them.

- Not because it is hard, but because I end up losing my freaking mind from hearing the countdown and make some sort of mistake.

- One character on my first attempt I got to the last tendon and was beating on it and got blown off as the killing blow landed.

- I thought I had time, I thought as soon as it died it would be okay, I thought wrong.

- For the records, it is still a wipe even if I did finish the fight and break the last tendon.

- Saw the last panel start to fly off, the screen switch like it does to start the cut scene, and then my dead body was on the ship.

- How cheap is that?

- It is like the week I killed yogg 3 times in a row and died as he died and kept having to do it again.

- I don't care if I die as the boss dies, if the boss is dead it is over even if I die.

- I should not need to do it again.

- Did LK to see if you can skip by dreamwalker now, yes you can.

- Oddly enough the only boss I had any problems with on in 25H was PP.

- Everything else was easy enough.

- Did ulduar to see if you could run the hall and not be killed on thorim, you can.

- I did so much soloing this week it was insane.

- Not even counting alts which soloed a bunch as well, my main soloed (or helped someone with) 20 raids this week.

- I did not even know there were 20 raids in the freaking game.

- It sure does not seem like that are that many, until you look at your raid lockout list.

- A few were for mount runs (ICC, DS, etc) , a few where to help others (BWD, ToC, etc), and a few were for fun (BoT, RS, etc).

- Basically I ran nearly every raid in the game this weekend.

- It is a decent money maker.

- They might have nerfed gold drops, but the gear still sells well and even the gray gear sells nicely.

- I am sitting at 241 mounts and 87 toys.

- I am wondering, can I get to the 250 and 100 numbers before the expansion comes out?

- I guess that all depends on how well the RNG lords want to treat me.

- Or how much gold I want to spend.

- There are a fair deal of toys and mounts on the AH I can buy.

- Not enough to get me to the 250 and 100 numbers, but they will get me closer.

- I might go that route, if I am really really close and it will get me there.

- Otherwise it comes down to collecting.

- And I think I am out of toys I can just go and get.

- So now it is a couple of drop ones, and waiting until holiday events come and the new expansion comes.

- The mount one seems more attainable.

- But the RNG gods need to shine on me.

- I love you RNG gods.

- Be nice to me.

- Think they will buy that, did I sounds sincere?

- Have a great day.


  1. Seeing the new pets and that cool Lich King disguise toy thing added to Hallow's End was stretching my resolve. I had originally said I wouldn't resub until the 10th of next month as the Blasted Lands quests and UBRS wouldn't take that long. However, the holiday stuff was tempting me and lets face it the whole damn game was tempting me. It's been months and all the talk about it, I just want to play.

    However, before I could do so my PC crashed. No big deal I thought, it's crashed before, though not since my friend added new fans which stopped it overheating. Then it crashed again, and again, and again. I took it to my friend who told me it needs a new PSU and he also had to do something with the OS as it got corrupted files crashing so many times. It'll be a few days before I can get one, so Hallow's End will be half over before I even get access back. That's if the PSU is all that's wrong with it. No PC kinda helps my resolve as no choice. There's always next year after all.

    How are you getting on with Siege now btw? My friend beat 4 new Mythic bosses with a pug the other day, no voice comm just 570+ ilevel required. They also cleared Heroic in 2.5 hours apparently. They say it's a bit of a joke now and given how much trouble they used to have even clearing to Garrosh, let alone Garrosh, I'm inclined to believe it. I wondered what you had experienced.

    Congrats on all those mounts! That's awesome. Isn't the group finder though supposed to be blizz's official version of that addon? I forget what it was called as I never used it. I guess if their version sucks then everyone will still use the addon. I hope that the addons I like the most will either still work or have updates. I haven't checked.

    Random but why are people caring about lesser charms now? All the gear is going to be vendored/kept for transmog in a month anyway. Are they stocking up in anticipation that lesser charms will be a big deal in Warlords? Blizz being dumb about it, not anticipating what people will do, is hardly new. Only need to think of the opening Alliance quest in Jade Forest to realise they have no forward thinking skills.

    I know I have more than 200 mounts but not sure of the number. I don't know how many toys I have as the armory hasn't updated, I'm guessing because it needs me to login to populate that part. Also hasn't updated my picture with the new model. Somewhat more disturbingly all my alts on other servers, so not my main server, are inaccessible on the armory. No idea why that would be, I logged into my level 80 pally as recently as any of my alts on my main server. Weird. I hope that blizz hasn't accidentally disappeared them or something.

    Have a nice week.

    1. It doesn't seem possible to get the lich king thing at all, and even if they lower the price, as they said they would, it would be the only thing you can get. So if you want the pets and toy as well as that you will need multiple 90s to do the trip.

      I personally would not bother with the LK thing. First it costs too much. Second if you do not get really lucky with trick or treats and daily dungeons even with the lower price you could still end up not having enough for it and I do not want to get my hopes up for nothing. Third, it is not a toy, it is a limited use thing. So it serves no purpose other than a waste of time. So I guess that is its purpose, a time sink, just not one that would interest me. 150 tricky treats for a limited use thing might be worth it, just might, because it is cool, but anything more is a waste in my opinion.

      Sorry to hear about the computer. I had one die on me not to long ago myself. If all you are after are the pets and toy it should be no real issue to show up a bit late to it. I got them all knocked out on the day it came out. Hope you get back and running soon.

      I have not tried mythic yet, but we blew through heroic, even garrosh, with some really suspect people in the group and most of the guilds on alts, me on my rogue, to show you how bad the group was, and we had zero problems. So it is a bit easier now. Actually, this is the difficulty level it should have been to begin with if you ask me. I'd suspect mythic would be the same. So the last 4 bosses my guild needed should be no problem now.

      Group finder of now, and group finder of old which not many knew about, combined would be great. It is not that, so it sucks. Yes, it is their attempt to replace OQ. But it really needs to be better if you ask me. It is half assed and is worse than the one they had in place already, even if not many used it.

      Lesser charms are used to upgrade gear now. They replaced valor for upgrading and you need 200 to upgrade on piece. So on my main it means nothing, on my alts, some who lived week to week for their 50, upgrading a piece of gear now is a pain in the butt. I think they are doing it because they want the best gear they can have. I know I would want that, at least on my main. Also, the better the gear you have the less you need to replace while leveling. In all upgraded (2 times at the time) normal (now heroic) gear I leveled straight to 100 without replacing a single piece. So maybe that is what people are aiming for, or even better means an even easier leveling time.

      With the toys some will be automatically put in your book, others you will need to manually put in. Anything duplicate or ones automatically put in you will need to delete to get them out of your bags. It took me forever to go through my characters to do all that.

      The armory is a bit, or more than a bit, buggy right now. Lots of errors. I am sure they will get around to fixing it sooner or later.

      You too, have a good one, hope you get your computer back soon.

    2. It's lame that they disabled oQueue.
      With my tinfoil hat on I wonder if they just didn't want the competition to make their Group Finder look bad.

      The thing is, they didn't provide an API to their Group Finder, so creative addon makers have no chance to improve upon it or provide a better user interface.

    3. Maybe they just got tired of regular people coming up with better ideas than them and doing them better than them. So they do not want to share any more because they don't want to look bad.

      They need to fix the group finder. It is horrible. It barely serves its purpose, it does not offer many options, and it had no real way to sort through that you are looking for, and I could go on.

      Not saying I liked OQ because I didn't. I removed it the day I downloaded it and it started adding people to my real id without me knowing and without asking me permission. OQ is a tool made for hacking, nothing more, nothing less. I would not use it if you paid me too.

  2. I never get the obsession with keeping the items that you have as long as possible for me I want to change them out as I level its a cleansing process out with the old in with the new. for me leveling in the beta I was really disappointed I wasn't replacing things by about level 95 or 96. I get the I worked hard to get this item I just put it in my bank and it becomes a transmogrify piece. This really made leveling in WoD fall down for me this time.

    1. Sometimes I have nightmares about lvling gear from BC and Wrath. BC because I looked like I was in a clown suit. Wrath because I was dressed and fighting with pieces of driftwood and seaweed.

      I quite liked being able to wear my wrath raid gear for most of Cata lvling, without having to spend transmog gold every time I got a new green.

      Did yall see the hunter buffs? Almost all abilities got a 15% buff. Some more than that. This at least makes us competitive. I'm doing a happy dance.

    2. frost mages got 20% on most things, happy dance here as well.

      don't tell anyone but I hated all the BC gear looks.

    3. I personally like the idea of not having to look at every single piece that drops when I level to see if it is an upgrade. I am wearing raid gear, next expansion or not, the next upgrades I get should come from the next raid. It is as simple as that. The gear does not last quite that long, but at least it can last through questing.

      I could see if I were wearing quest gear to replace it with quest gear, but it makes no sense to replace raid gear with quest gear. There is no worse feeling than to replace something you worked so hard to get, killed a boss 30 times to try to get, with some piece or quest gear, or worse, some random green drop. It just does not feel right. But that is just my opinion. Personally, I would be happy if I could get best in slot and then keep that same gear forever and never need to replace it again. I play to play, not to farm gear endlessly.