Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Some FAQs From Day One of 6.0.2

Here are just some randomly thrown together questions I was asked last night more than a few times.  I figured I would try to collect them so maybe some people might find the answer they are looking for.  As it seems, these are things people did not know about, understand, or were just unsure of.  Maybe I can help.  Warning: anything can change and I could be wrong, but my answers here are accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Hunter Specific:

Q: Where did my serpent sting go?
A: Serpent sting is not only available to survival hunters.  It is a passive and automatically applied to all targets you hit with an arcane shot or a multi shot.

Q: What happened to stampede?
A: It is now a talent on the same row as a murder of crows and blink strikes and at the moment it is not useful for any spec in terms of raiding.

Q: Is stampede completely useless now?
A: Not at all.  Stampede is still a great burst cooldown but over the course of any real amount of time, like in a raid, the other abilities will pass it in effectiveness but if you are out in the world killing rares or something that will go down quickly, as in 20 or 30 seconds max, than stampede is still a great choice for its burst damage.

Q: So now that scatter shot is gone does that mean I need to get better at targeting my traps in PvP?
A: While getting better at targeting is not a bad idea, do not worry too much.  For the sole purpose of the scatter trap situation the range of traps has been greatly increased meaning you do not need to be perfectly accurate as you were before hand.  Sadly for all other applications the loss of scatter shot does suck.

Q: Which spec is best now?
A: At the moment, and it seems at level 100, marksman is the way to go for the best numbers.  However that can change if any last minute adjustments are made, but I would not expect it to change much at level 90, if at all.

Q: Should I quit playing a hunter, they suck now?
A: That is completely up to you.  I will not quit using mine.  If it ends up being that bad I will raid on a different character, but my hunter will always be my main as long as I am playing the game.  So really, only you can answer that question.  How much you do love playing a hunter?

Q: Can I solo XXX now?
A: Give it a try.  Sometimes soloing is about skill, sometimes it is about power.  I will tell you that you have a hell of a lot more power than you used to when going to old content.


Q:  How can I just join a flex 4 group?
A: You can't.  There is no such thing as flex any longer, it is now referred to as normal.  With that change it means it is treated just like a normal raid and you must start at the beginning and zone in through the entrance.  You can still join a group at later bosses, but you will need to travel there or be summoned.

Q: If I got an heirloom on flex but never on normal can I get the 100% change drop one on normal now?
A: Yes.  Your flex one is now a normal one and the normal one you want is now a heroic one.  But you will get a 100% chance of getting a weapon for each raid level.  So if you have never got one on normal (now heroic) you will have a 100% chance to get it if you kill garrosh.

Q: Is the 100% drop per account, per character, or unlimited?
A: Every character on every account on every difficulty will have a 100% chance to get the BoA weapon if they have never received one on that difficulty before.  Once you get on on that specific character for that specific difficulty, you can still get another but at the normal, very small, drop rate chance.

Q: So I can't do mythic 10 man?
A: No, the days of arguing 10 vs 25 are over.  Mythic, the highest level of difficulty in game, is now a single group size of 20.  So your 10 man will need to recruit more people if you want to do mythic.

Q: If I just did heroic (normal) can I pug into a mythic group?
A: Yes.  LFR, normal, heroic and mythic are all separate lockouts now.  So if you do one with guild you can pug the other if you wish.

Q: So what are the raid sizes and difficulties now?
A: LFR is completely unchanged, it is still LFR for 25 people.  Flex is now referred to as normal and can be anywhere from 10 to 30 people.  Normal is now referred to as heroic and is now also flexible and can be anywhere from 10 to 30 people.  Heroic is now referred to as mythic and is a strict 20 player format.

Q: Holy crap my gear says heroic and I've never done heroic, is that a bug?
A: Nope, not a bug.  That just means your gear is normal gear and being normal is now called heroic, your normal gear is now heroic gear.


Q: I hate my new face, can I change it without paying real money?
A: Sure you can.  As long as you trust your local barber shop gnome or goblin with scissors.  They took some classes in plastic surgery and will gladly reconstruct your face for a nominal fee.

Q: Where did this gold in my mail come from?
A: Justice points and valor points were removed from the game and converted to gold at a rare of 47 silver per point.

Q: Is it safe to delete toys that I already know?
A: Yes, it is safe.  If you want to be sure click on it and when you do not learn it you are now sure and you can delete it.

Q: This mob just two shot me, is that intended?
A: Maybe yes, maybe no.  Is it something you could normally kill easy enough?  If so make a bug report with the name of the mob and explain that you used to kill it easily and now it two shots you.  Some stat squish problems are around and they will fix them as they are reported.  If it is something that used to two shot you, it most likely still will.

Q: Where is the reagents tab?
A: You will have an additional tab at the bottom of your bank.  Click on that and you can buy the use of the tab for 100 gold, well worth it if you ask me.

Q: I learned my toy and it disappeared. and Where are my toys?
A: Your toys are now in the same place where your mounts and pets are.  It is an added tab there which you can click on.  You can use your toys directly from there or drag the ones you like to your action bar for easy access.

Q: What happened with all the things I used to buy with valor / justice?
A: Most of them were converted to be purchasable with gold, like the justice gear and valor gear.  Some stuff was removed from the game like justice heirlooms and wrath commendations.

Q: Where can I get heirlooms from now being the vendor for justice is gone?
A: You can by them from the argent tournament and from the darkmoon fair.  However this will take considerable more time collecting the needed currency and some heirlooms are not available from them at all.

Q: Will the heirlooms removed ever be added back to the game?
A: Blizzard said they will at some point but don't hold your breath waiting for them.

Q: Can I get to Draenor?
A: No, that is part of the expansion, anything you see here is not part of the expansion, it is part of the base game even if you never buy the expansion.

Q: Where is my garrison?
A: On Draenor waiting for you to get there on November 13th.

Q: So what exactly was added?
A: The limited time event for the title, pet and achievement and anything that you do not need to go to draenor for.

Q: How long do I have before the quest line goes away?
A: Just like all other prepatch events they will go away as soon as the expansion comes out on November 13th.


Q: One of my abilities is gone and I know for a fact it was not removed, what happened?
A: Some abilities like mangle for bears and death coil for blood DKs were designed to be used by more than one spec.  When they changed it to be different for specs, or removed it from another spec, the spell ID changed and that is why it disappeared from your bar.  Just pull it out of your spell book and drop it back on your bar.  It is still the same spell, just different behind the scenes coding for it that removed it from your bar.

Q: What is with all these question marks on my bar?
A: They are broken macros most likely.  If a spell has been removed, like greater healing wave on my shaman, the macro shows as a ? for me.  Also if the spell has been renamed, like unleash elements on my shaman, it will show as a ? for me.  I deleted the deleted ability macro and took it off my bar and changed the name of the one that changed.  The ? for unleashed elements started showing the right image when I changed the macro to the new name of unleash life.

Q: How come my abilities hit so hard sometimes and so soft other times?
A: Older content gives us a buff, so you could see yourself hitting something for 400K one minute than come out into current content and only hit it for 20K.  Nothing is broken, don't worry.  You will just do higher numbers in older content.  It is part of the system and intended, even if it feels weird.

Q: How come it is telling me I have unused talent points?
A: Because you have unused talent points.   There were many changes to talents and if there was a large change in any row, or if a talent you had was removed, you will need to reselected a talent for that row.

Q: How come it will not let me select a level 100 talent?
A: Maybe because you are not level 100.

Q: My character seems broken without the level 100 talent, is that intended?
A: All classes are designed around being max level and yes, we are playing incomplete characters right now.  The leveling perks we will get while leveling added to the level 100 talent may very well help with making your character feel less broken.

I got asked more questions, but these are some of the ones that stood out and I thought maybe the answers might help other people.  If I can remember any more later, or someone asks one here that I happen to know the answer too, I might update this later.  I might be grumpy, but I am definitely more polite than trade chat for when you have a question.


  1. Q: Why do I still feel the need to setup up a group to spam Heroic Scenarios for Valor? Is there a treatment for this addiction?

    1. I wish there was a treatment for it.

      Actually I did get asked something similar to that a few times, but I have no real answer to give so I did not put it. Mostly it was people asking "If there is no valor what reason is there even to log in?" or "Does this mean no more frog farming because of the removal of valor?" or "what use are dungeons or scenarios without valor?"

      Basically, a bunch of people that are asking the same question I am asking. What the hell was blizzard thinking removing the one thing that kept people logging on, the valor grind?

      Wish I knew the answer, or the cure as you put it. I looked at the stone quest and saw all I get is 1000 timeless coins now and said, well here is something I will never do again. lol

    2. got you beat GE - even 1 timeless coin now and said, "weel here is something I will never do again. Mu-hahahahaha". Thanks for the faq. answered my question on how to change my females back to "Sweet Neil" from "Hookers from Hell".

      -roo "the awaken at this ungodly hour".

    3. Well, for some guys, they like that hookers from hell look.

      Glad it helped.

  2. Q: How come it will not let me select a level 100 talent?
    A: Maybe because you are not level 100.

    BEST ONE lol

    1. I swear I had to be asked that at least 10 times. Not kidding. Some of the other, lets call them lame, questions I did not even put up there.

  3. 1. Have you noticed how stupid NE look now when they run?

    2. How fun is Ordos now that we can't just roflstomp him and ignore all the mechanics? So much for "you will be just as powerful as you were before...."

    1. 1) Yes, I have been complaining about how horrible it looks since the first released it on the beta. Even put in a ticket on it saying it much be a bug because no one runs like that.

      2) Wiped on ordos with a full group for the first time since the beginning weeks yesterday. It was really sad, but in a way, I kind of like you have to follow mechanics now a little. Shows how many people get lazy so quick and forget how the fight is supposed to be done. They did really whiff on the squish in a lot of places.

  4. Thanks for the FAQs. I think I was prepared for the patch. My main priority is just relearning the classes I intend to play, and redoing some keybinds/macros. One question for ya. You mentioned the other day about older enchants and food being hot sellers, like mongoose. Does this mean they're better than current MoP consumables? Just a bit confused by this.

    On a side note, went into FL last night to test this squish. I just LOL'd at how it's changed. I never had luck on the bosses, but trash would be a challenge sometimes unless I was in blood spec. Took me no time at all to get to Rag, and it felt like I was killing mobs in Westfall lol.

    I intend to place my DK in an early retirement home for the first time since early 2011 and work on a rogue and warrior as my main dps, although changes to Arms kind of worry me. Anyways, I'm just excited to try some new classes.

    Thanks Grumpy

    1. At the moment (unless it has already been hot fixed) cataclysm flasks, potions and food are better than mists stuff but it was said that they were going to fix that, so it is not worth going crazy stocking up on them.

      I think the just patched it so it is not as easy to solo it. Should still be done easily enough at 90, but the laugh fest you experienced it how it is supposed to feel at 100, not at 90. So they might be toning it down a bit soon, or looking at some posts on the forums, maybe they did already.

      Sadly I am almost in the same situation with my hunter. I might play around with my warrior, as I intended to do at 100 anyway because I want to try gladiator stance, but hunters are in a bad place right now. At least a few recent tweet show that the developers have finally opened an eye to the hunter complaints over the last months. Sometimes I wonder why they never listen to the feedback on beta and ptr and just go live with things when they knew well enough there were issues.

  5. Is there a way to turn on my gunshot sounds? I have a bow and mog it to the kara wolf rifle and have become accustomed to the sounds...its kinda my audio queue thag I am actually attacking something. With the patch drop I now have the bowshot twang with my we know how to change to gunshot sounds?

    1. To my knowledge this is a known bug right now and there is no way in game to fix it that I am aware of. It is on their "to do" list but you know how that goes sometimes. ;)

      There have been a fair deal of sound issues with the patch, for us hunters the gun sound is one of those problems. Lets hope they fix it with a coming patch, which I am sure they will.

      There is (was) an addon for weapon sounds for hunters but I am not sure if it works currently and sadly do not recall the name. Perhaps you can search curse or whatever you use for addons to find it. It might still work.

  6. Finally got my giant Ulduar gun last week and it sounds like a daisy air rifle... Also im used to checking my active pet abilities on the right and now the damn bar is on the left- any way to move that back? Also those stupid shortcut C# on my pet buttons??! Please tell me I can go back to icons only. I went to Black Temple trying for that snub-nosed gun drop and I was suddenly two-shotting bosses and mobs were falling to a single glaive throw- yeah our power went up. Also WTF is going on in LFR with loot now. There are chests and ive used a dozen rerolls and gotten nothing but gold ever! At that rate I will never see anothe gear drop again. Please tell me this isnt the new loot system from here forward.

    1. You can change the key binds (or remove them if you wish) in the key binds section or with an addon, I use bartender personally. Bartender might be able to move the pet bar stuff for you as well because I don't understand what you mean by that. I did notice my skills disappearing, if that is what you are referring to. But it could be bartender messing with things on me.

      Black temple will not be as easy next week, it was a slight bug that made you that over powered. It will feel like it just did for you at 100, was not supposed to be that easy at 90. I believe they already fixed that.

      Seems like you have gotten on a bad streak of luck. I have used 20 or more coins in a row with no wins many times. It is too early to call it a bug, in my opinion, might just be a bad luck streak. Trust me, I know about them all too well. Week 33 on hunter #4 and still no tier legs off the celestial boss and no ordos legs, and I have used a coin every single week on both (don't raid with that hunter). Yeah, sad.

  7. By the way, if someone here is using ElvUI, it has been revealed that the addon contains a backdoor which the dev can use to say something on your behalf and execute some commands (like /gquit, for example).

    The dev has hastily removed the backdoor since - or at least he says so, but I would suggest you uninstall the addon immediately and never trust the dev again. At the very least, he doesn't understand what fire he is playing with.

    Thread on MMO-C (there's also reddit):

    1. That is the second addon I have heard that about in the past two weeks. Bagnon was the other.

      Wonder if the reports are true and if so, why would they be doing stuff like this, is there something they would gain out of it other than some grade school laughs?

    2. The reports are true.

      The dev for the ElvUI is saying that he was using this for testing. At the very least, he's clueless and playing with things he doesn't understand, putting his users at risk. The backdoor apparently existed for 2 years, it will continue to exist basically forever because many people upgrade slowly, and it's an open invitation to exploit them, eg, someone can easily fork ElvUI, add some small features, put the backdoor in and distribute that fork with the intent to use that backdoor, etc, etc, there's no end to it. Also, if the dev is so clueless as to put a backdoor like this into a public build, what else is he clueless about. What else is in the code? And what else he will add tomorrow?

      It's serious. Just uninstall the addon.

    3. As to what they could gain - the exploit with Weak Auras was mailing people's gold to others. The backdoor in ElvUI can do the same and more (the Weak Auras exploit needed you to click "Yes", this backdoor doesn't).

    4. I just read his reply to why it was there and while, as someone that does know how to code, I do agree with his reasoning, I also believe you do not let it get out to the public like that. A test group, sure, but even a free item should not use its public as the test audience.

      The bagnon addon was said to be doing that, mailing your stuff to other people. See, that I can see people doing, but still, it is only virtual stuff, I can not see a reason to steal it. But to each their own. As they say, everything is worth something to someone.

    5. "it is what it is" (my new horde, yes I said horde, guild on winterhoof. come for a look see GE.).

      Even in the virtual world, people will steal, make fun of others, and if they can (pvp) kill you over and over and over.

      I wonder how many people have committed suicide over emails, facebook, et cetera , over the last few virtual world years. Too many I am afraid. So yeah, people will do their best to hurt one another even in WoW.

      "it is what it is" - sad really.

      -Wingfist (aka - "der roo")

    6. Not "even in wow", it is "more so in wow". The shield of anonymity has given people the feeling that they can do and say anything they would like. Many of those people use this as justification for being "bad" people. "It is only the internet". They do not grasp the concept that there are real people on the other side of those pixels and they have real emotion and real feelings.

      The internet can turn even decent people into horrible human beings. I have seen it happen time and time again. It is easy to be a jerk online, it is hard to remain a decent person.