Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Things I Will Do, in 6.0.2, How About You?

For some odd reason that title reads like something written by Dr. Seuss in my mind.

6.0.2 is coming out today and if I am lucky it will be finished patching itself up before I get home from work so effectively if all goes well there will be absolutely no down time for me.  I will never have even noticed the update happened.

I left my computer on and my loader up so it will download whatever it needs to while I am sitting here typing this.  Hopefully there is nothing to download when I get home and I can log right in and hopefully not head to the blasted lands.  My intention is to wait until the rush calms down some but you know what they say about best intentions right.

So here it is, my list of things I intend to do tonight on 6.0.2 patch day, the day after mists ended and the day warlords begins.

A Fool and His Money:

Unless there have been some quick last minute changes like they did to some of the damage dealing specs we can expect that the BiS enchants will range as far back as BC for some classes and the best food, flask and potions will be from the cataclysm era.  This of course means there will be a lot of money to be made.

Being the pack rat that I am I will have more than an ample supply of materials to make all the enchants, food, flask and potions that are needed.  With a guild bank filled with enchanting materials and cataclysm era raw foods it should be no issue making a nice supply to flood the AH with.

On my herb catch all I have three herb bags in his bank that just so happen to have lots of cataclysm herbs in them waiting for that moment I need them.  Now is as good a time as any to unload them in the form of flasks and potions.

So I get to clear out a lot of my assembled stock and maybe make a few gold before the expansion.  Nothing better than killing two birds with one stone I always say.

Just for the record, the older enchants, food, flasks and potions will only offer minimal increases, as in from 4-11 DPS increases with each.  For most of us, myself included, I really do not care about such a small amount right now at this stage in the game but there are some people that would never be caught dead, even after progression is done with, without the best of the best and to those people I will gladly take their hard earned gold.  If we were going to be in this stage for a long time I too would be looking at having the best of the best, but right now, all I am thinking about is moving forward.

You've Got Mail:

With the removal of justice points and valor points from the game all my characters that had them will be getting in game mails with some gold.  A little or a lot is no difference to me, gold is gold, and I will be making sure to log into every single character that might have even had 1 justice point or 1 valor point to make sure I collect their gold.

I am sure there are many characters I have not logged into for months, including my level 80 hunter that is still waiting for a herald group and is never logged into, that will have some money waiting for them.  I am even considering reactivating my other account that has been inactive for years because I know there will be some gold sitting there for them now too.

Hey, call me a sucker for gold, but I would think anyone that won't take 2 minutes to log in on a long forgotten alt to check their mail box a sucker.  Go and get that gold.

Is That a Toy in Your Pocket or are You Just Happy to See Me?

I am going to love the toy box for a couple of reasons but the number one reason of course is that it will give me bag space.  Beautiful, wonderful, heavenly bag space.  And lots of it to boot.

Of course most of the toys are gathered on my main including things that are no longer in game but thankfully blizzard was kind enough to add those things removed from the game to the toy box.  Makes me so glad I held on to that furbolg quest item from back in the day.  While you can buy a newer version of that has a longer cooldown this one has a 1 minute cooldown and a 3 minute effect, which means I can be a furbolg all the time and now, even more importantly, I can be one on every single character and not just my hunter who is the only one old enough and quested through that area to have it.

Sadly some other junk got thrown away over the years but much of it I still have.  From archeology items to timeless items there are a lot of toys cluttering my bags and every single one of them is going to find its way into my toy box.  It will take some work to find them all however because while many are on my main I do have additional ones on other characters scattered over different servers even.

So while my priest might have the little blue bear my hunter doesn't, it will go in the toy box, and my rogue who happens to have the green version none of my other characters have will put his in the toy box too.  I am sure there are many other little toys I just can not think of off the top of my mind on many characters that can find there way into the toy box.

Not only is it great that they all now share the toys, so everyone has everything, but it does not exactly only free up one space.  There are some toys I have on multiple characters, say 10 or 12, and it will clear out a bag space on all of them.   So basically putting 1 toy in the toy box will clear up 12 bag spaces for me.  How freaking awesome is that for bag space love?  It is just going to suck having to throw away those other duplicate toys.  I wonder if they will find their way to the island of misfit toys.

One Pinch of ground Bat Wing and Two clippings of Lizard Toe Nails:

The reagents tab is the one that is going to take the most time for me to work on.  Not because it is hard, you can just click the deposit all option, but because I am one of those really weird people that believe there is an order for everything and everything needs to be in order.

For 100 gold you can open a 98 slot reagents bag in your bank and every single character of mine, probably at the same time I go to check for gold in the mail, will be opening that baby up happily.  They could have made it 1000 gold and I still would have considered it a great deal.

I will need to not only open them all but sort them out and stack them up being most stuff stacks to 200 now.  I will still have profession bags on each character and I do not want to hit the deposit all option because it will bring even things from my profession bags in there and I do not really want that.  So I will have to do it the more time consuming way and that means stacking them up by hand and moving what I want to move by hand.

As weird as this might sound, this is the thing I am looking forward to most.  I dig that I will have so much more space and I will be able to organize things better and stack them higher and I will probably spend most of my day doing exactly that, getting stuff in the order I want it.

I have my druid for catch all on gems, my paladin for catch all on ore, my mage for catch all on herbs, my rogue for catch all on leather, my shaman is the catch all for all current food, but I also have a guild bank that has a lot of all of that stuff also.  Over the course of years this happens because I either did not have space on the catch all at the time, or it was easier to just send everything off to my bank alt.

So while I have profession bags on all those alts  I need to go through all of them and stack them to 200 and then take all the extra stuff from my guild bank, or from alts that still have pieces in their bags or banks from leveling, and send it over.  Then I need to decide on which bags will be for what.  Will I have enough space now with stack of 200 to put all my leather from both wrath and BC in the same bag?  You know, things like that.  A lot of storage decisions need to be made.

Once I decide, even if I don't need as many profession bags as I used to have, I need to combine everything just the right way to make me happy with it.  I will also need to put some royal satchels on a few of my characters in place of profession bags. 

Being I will be able to craft directly from the bank having a profession bag on me while I run around means so much less.  If I am pressed to make something on the fly, like flask or potions or what have you, I can do it right from my bank.  So my herbalist will no longer need an herb bag, and so forth.  Which means that bag rotates to the bank and another bag rotates to the main bag section which in effect gives me more running around room with bags and what is there not to like about that.

There is also another added thing that will require a great deal of time on my part all thanks to this.  After I do sort out who gets what and were I will stack it and I send over all the extra goods from my guild bank to them for storage I will have more space in my guild bank.

This means more room to store those extra pets.  I have so many characters with spring rabbits, giant sewer rats, direhorns, micro sentries, etc all sitting in there bags because I could not learn them because I was out of a place to keep them otherwise.  Now I will cage some of my pets, put them in that newly open guild bank space and go on to those characters and learn them, and send them over to the guild bank space.  Also, if you have not noticed, this is a great way to get money to other servers.  But, you need the space for it.  And now with the reagents tab I will have more space in my guild bank and I can go from having one tab of pets on my main server to two tabs and one tab on my alt server to two tabs.  So that, in turn, will free up even more space on my characters.

Which looking at the much larger picture and how much I need to stack, move, learn, cage, etc, the addition of the reagents bag for me is not just a case of buy it for 100 gold and hit deposit all like it will be for many, it will be a week long, or maybe longer, adventure of moving things around and putting them all in the right place.  And guess what... I love it.

Raiding, Questing and Achievements, Oh My:

There of course will come the time to check out specs and do some raiding and there will be the new quest line in the blasted lands which will come with some new achievements, a new title and a new pet, but that will be there for a month so no rush really.

I plan to keep my main hunter SV and MM for now and test SV first with it.  My horde hunter, due to bad luck and never getting anything better than an LFR assurance of consequence will go from BM and SV to BM and MM and give MM a try with the heroic sigil of rampage because it might actually be decent when compared to an LFR AoC now and I want to test that.  My RP hunter will be playing around as my BM tester.  My other 90 hunters will just stay as they are, for now, until I can get a feel for how and what is going on with hunters.

Big question here is, with all the changes, which spec do you think my level 80 herald hunter should play with now?  Interesting question and I have no clue myself.  Didn't really give it that much thought until I was typing this just now.   I will have to think about that.

Me and My Shadow:

Then, after I finish playing around and have a couple of minutes, I want to try some soloing at 90 to see if I can get down some things I was having some issues with beforehand.  Namely heroic rag.  While I've seen hunters do it I just have not been able to.  I should be able to now right?  Well, I plan to find out.

Now is the missing time.  The time after mists is done, the time leading up to warlords but not quite there yet.  We are in limbo.  So for the next month I will just try to get things in order because nothing is better than starting a new expansion having everything else in order in your house.  As for preparation, I plan to start planning out my garrison set up on all my characters and starting a series of posts here all about garrisons in an effort to both help myself think it out while writing and maybe give some ideas to others that were not lucky enough to be on the beta.

So how will you be spending your patch day, assuming we actually get on?

Happy patch day.


  1. For me:

    1. Retalent, reglyph, rewrite macros, rearrange bars.
    2. Do the intro quest, kill mobs for some time both for chance at the rare drop (there's a pet) and to refamiliarize yourself with the spec post-apocalypse.
    3. Buy reagents tab, go through bags and bank moving reagents into that tab and moving toys into the toy box.

    Switch to next char and repeat.

    1. After this is done, pwn the AH. :-)

      I guess I will also visit the new instance on one of the chars, but I won't farm them for 550 drops. There are better ways to spend time, like getting missing toys or roflstomping BGs with new OP specs (things are broken even at level 100, they just can't not be broken at level 90 where we are now, so with a little luck one of these broken specs is amongst the ones I have geared).

    2. Forgot about redoing the macros and bars. I have a buttload of keybinds to remake being many of my abilities are gone sadly.

      I will farm it on my rogue, which is one of very few characters that can use something from there. I have a 502 dagger. My warrior can use a 2 handed weapon for leveling. I have my 569 main hand, but I do not think I will be leveling as prot and do not have any 2 handers so maybe that one too. But we have time for that as well so it is later on my list.

    3. oh crap, you mean the macros wont work?

      There are a few things though I don't understand and need the old Grumpmeister help -

      1) The trap launcher, use to be able to be put on the bars and it had a little arrow, so you click on the arrow, all the traps you had learn would open and you can chose which trap to launch. I don't see that now. Is it still possible to be able to do that?

      2) Where in the sam hill is Serpent Sting?

      3) Where in the sam hill are the aspects? They use to be on the left side, on top, but know they are gone. I cant find them to turn off them off and keep getting dazed when a mob hits me.

      4) The toys - once they are in the toybox, can I delete any extras I may have on other toons?

      I hate the faces my toons have wound up with. My gnome females look like sluts with all the make-up on them. My female dwarves all have heavy 5 day growth of beard. And I swear, all their breasts have grown bigger.

      I just spent the last 8 hours hand picking all my toons. And like you I removed bags, added different bags, etc. Nice having most everything stack to 200. Why potions couldn't, is the 20 dollar question. And I hate the new "Quest" title on the right side of my screen. Why not have it like the old way, which I liked. It was not in the way as this title now is. And what an opportune time to make all the windows that open (character, bags, etc) moveable and Blizzard failed.

      Ok GE, thanks for the heads up. And for the help.

      -roo "wut, now I gots to think?"

    4. Roo, this might help if you haven't seen it yet:


    5. thanks PVP Anon. I am on it like a duck on a june bug.


    6. ok, went there and it told me where in the hell serpent sting went (for BM, bye-freaking-bye), but nothing about the aspects or trap launcher. Looked all over, but those are just areas, those Icey Veiners just aren't probably interested in. :(

      Sad sad roo.

    7. Some macros might not work. More so if the ability was removed.

      1) I never used that, I just had the traps themselves out there. So I can not say for sure being I never looked for it as I never used it.

      2) Serpent sting is now survival only. It is not its own ability. When you use arcane shot that applies it now. So basically your arcane is now arcane AND serpent all rolled into one.

      3) There is no aspect bar any longer. You are always in hawk, no way to turn it off. If you need pack or cheetah you toggle it on and off as you use it and fox is a 3 minute raid cooldown. Just click it once and for 6 seconds you, and everyone in your group, can basically do everything while moving, with few exceptions.

      4) Delete away. I spent a ton of time typing delete yesterday. lol

  2. 1. make sweet, sweet room in my bags.

    2. spend 3+ hours in reconfiguring my UI, bars, remapping keybindings and so on.

    3. see what's else to be done. (oh, pvp anon mentionned a pet, ok that's going to be my 3)

    1. I thought the pet was from finishing the quest line. That is how it was on the beta, maybe they changed it to a drop. Will need to look into that.

      I had forgot about redoing my bars. I am not really looking forward to that. However, being I have been playing a hunter on beta for a while, I already know where I want things. Funny part is, even losing as much as we did, I still have a ton of binds.

    2. There are two pets. One from the questline, another a rare drop from mobs.

    3. Well then, I know what I am going to spend a lot of time too. Even more so if it can be caged. So then you can sell it later. But I doubt they would do that.

    4. I get irrational when it comes to pets!! I mean... An iton star and finally a bronze whelpling? How awesome is that? Over on warcraftpets i read somewhere that the new ones will come in different breeds. Maybre just the bronze whelp but that alone will warrant some farming.

    5. i also read that the whelpling will stay in the game. for the star, it's doubtful. maybe i'll just get 3 of them or so with 3 chars just to be sure. i mean... if they get tradeable, just imagine what they'll be worth come 1-2 years?

    6. Both pets can be caged, the drop rate for the drop pet is about the same as for other Whelplings (which is: pretty low, you might, of course, get in on your 5th kill, but normally you'd spend hours).

    7. I think the bronze whelps have a decent drop rate now. A guild mate got a dozen or so last night and sold them for 6K each. I told him to try to get more. Might as well stock up now, if they have not fixed it yet. He said he would give me one for free if I do not manage to get one when I go there because they fixed the drop rate. That is cool of him.

      If the event pet can be caged that thing is going to be worth a fortune. Could you imagine what I could get for my spirit of competition or vampire batling or onyxia 5th anniversary pet now if you could sell those? Usually the one time only things you can not trade. Going to be sick if you could. Years from now you will be able to get a lot for them. And me with my 20 90s will most definitely get 20 of them. ~wicked evil laugh~

  3. Give in to the Darkness! Trust your Passions! Head to the Blasted Lands immediately!

    I havent done it on the PTR or beta, but I cant imagine that as hunters it will take very long for us to finish the questline. Hunters are so good/fast at tagging things that it is generally the other classes complaining about low respawns when we are around tagging everything in sight.

    1. I do not do very well with massive amounts of players and spawn camping. I would end up yelling at the screen, cursing the makers of the game, and maybe even worse.

      There should never be any situation where a game intended for fun should put you in a situation like that. So I will try my best to stay away or tomorrows post will be about how stupid blizzard is to still not realize that having 10,000 people in the same place looking to kill the same mob is a bad idea. It is amazing how they still have not managed to direct flow into areas like that and always have them turn into a complete mess.

      It took me nearly an hour to finish it the last time I did it on the beta and there were only about 6 or 7 other people there. Spawn rates were insanely low. It should take no more than 10 minutes otherwise. It will take longer to fly there and fly back.

  4. There is a 'sort all' button on the reagents tab. It might not be the order that you want stuff in, but it does accumulate everything into neat stacks.

    1. Yeah, it is a start and might be what I used. Get them all in one place then drag the ones I want to move out and put them in the profession bags otherwise.

      From my experience on the beta I can say, with absolute certainty, you are going to need all of those 98 spaces for the new stuff. There is just so much of it. I filled mine after 2 days on the beta. lol

  5. Anon, Grumpy's former Guild Leader:

    First I downloaded as many updated add ons as I could find, though sadly not all are yet. Then I loaded the game and looked at the new versions of my characters. I will get used to it, and the barbershop allows some changes if I so decide, but by and large, I more or less approve of the new looks.

    Next I loaded a couple of minor bank characters, then went back and checked my add ons and updated some more. Finally after getting my add ons to the point I could see my spells on my bars again, I loaded my paladin who was at 89.81 level and saw I needed only a single point to be 90.

    Tried resetting my bars to be updated, and it is true that by and large I was able to get things done right, but I think I will still be going back and pulling all the buttons and redoing the whole thing yet again.

    Anyway, after a cursory look at the action bars, I went to the bank and took care of those stacking details. I also retired two of my specialty bags for now, replacing them with a couple of 22 slots bags I had left over. Finally after all that, I flew to speak to King Varian, and got my one extra experience point gaining level 90 when I turned in the quest aboard the sky ship.

    From there, it was straight on to the temple of the white tiger. It was also straight on to OMG, this is a tough fight. Died twice on the first mob of the quest, killed the second in one try and then died again to the third mob once. I felt like I was lacking enough buttons to push for most of the fight, but with the area effects the mobs had, it had to be a movement fight anyway, so that was not as big a problem as it might have been in the end. I could see me getting frustrated at the delay between offensive abilities in a toe to toe match up. To be honest, it really reminded me of the delays a leveling paladin experiences in the first twenty levels.

    I don't know, it is a brand new game again, one I will have to learn to play all over again. I think that may be the ultimate problem with Blizzards designs, that they sometimes just don't get the notion of continuity, both in the story lines and in the game play itself.

    At any rate, I got to 90 before I hit Pandaria, and now I can fly there, with all but 5 quests to still do in that land. So yea, I am going to buy WoD just for the levels.

    1. @Anon, Grumpy's former Guild Leader:

      You hit the nail right on the head and GE's thumb, cuz he was in the way - Blizzard doesn't get that notion of continuity. They are like a bad Charles Bronson movie - the mike in the way, wrong tie on from one scene to the next, etc. lator gator

      -roo "whack, whack, whack, with 10 whacks Anon smack Grumpy, and gave him another 34!"

    2. It does feel like a whole new game for some classes and specs, that is for sure. The event mobs were taking out heroicly geared players in one shot. I think they are a bit overtuned if you ask me. But I have not been there yet on live and had no troubles myself on beta, but then again I am a hunter, so things are always easier for me in terms of questing.

      I agree. Blizzard really seems to have lost the concept that people like continuity, not only in story but in character development and these changes really do break that for a lot of people. Things just do feel right.

      Last night I logged off earlier than I had intended because I was just not digging it. For me to log off before I usually do on a day there is new stuff to do, well, that says a hell of a lot about the game.

  6. WRT PVP in WoD, by the way. Go try BGs. Yup, at level 90. If you don't have gear, it's fine, if you don't know how to PVP, it's fine as well, just trust me, go into a BG and spend 10 minutes of your time in that BG...

    1. I will have to do that this weekend. Is it really cool or something?

    2. Everyone two-shots everyone else.

      Just burst from the start.

    3. Yeah, just read a post about it on MMO and immediately thought that much be what you were talking about.

      So, go MM with a mastery build for range increase and sit back and kill people when they are not even in range to hit me. Got ya. ;)