Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday Random Thoughts

- This is the second time I am starting this post.

- First time I changed into a draft that I might publish another day as a post.

- It was about a very... interesting... day of pugging.

- Figured it would be too much for random thoughts, so I will just leave the random parts of it in here because I just have to talk about them some.

- Random thoughts about pugging this weekend.

- Setting, 18 person flex raid, 2 tanks, 3 healers, 13 damage dealers.

- Me, needing something off all 4 bosses, so while over geared for the content not so over geared that I need nothing from there.

- Iron Jug, me 35% damage done.

- Ask the kiddies say, lolwut?

- Kicker, 2 of the damage dealers were in mostly heroic gear.

- How is it even remotely possible for one damage dealer to pull off 35% of the damage done in an 18 person raid?

- The character I was on was female.

- Sometimes I wonder how many future sex offenders are playing this game.

- And how stupid people are to think that any female character is actual a female.

- And how disgusting these people are to whisper some of the things they did to me.

- It has been a long time since I had a jerk message me thinking I was a female.

- But they came out in force on pug day.

- Had one guy that kept whispering me licking me and biting me and doing all sorts of stuff to me.

- Had one guy that asked me my age and location, not just once or twice but over and over, and then cursed me out calling me every name in the book because I did not answer him.

- Apparently I am a stuck up bitch, among other things, because I refused to answer him.

- Had another that kept emoting on me with hugs, kisses, licks, you name it.

- Three in one day and I probably had not had a day like that on one of my female characters in such a long time.

- I almost had some faith in the world that not all guys were creepers being it had been so long.

- I apologize to all the female players out there for those jerks.

- As you can guess, I never responded to them.

- What is up with guys like this?

- Is real life interaction such a problem that they have to sexually harass women online to make themselves feel good?

- I hope they try that stuff on a girl in the real world and she calls the cops on them.

- I think a future as a registered sex offender is in their future.

- It really pissed me off.

- I can only imagine how an actual female would feel.

- Again I must apologize for the, not all guys are like that, just the jerks.

- As you can guess, my pug weekend was not the greatest.

- But there was so much more, but that I will leave for a later post, some might even find some of it humorous.

- That is if there is any humor to be had from doing 35% of the damage.

- One person whispered me, fresh SoO, and when I replied I was saved they called me an asshole.

- Dude, that is why it says I am looking for a flex.

- It is not like I was looking for a normal that I could not do to begin with.

- If that were the case than I would be an asshole.

- I love getting invites without someone telling me what it is for.

- I asked for specific things, it is okay to ask me if I will do something else, but do not just ninja invite me and expect me to accept.

- If you do not send a whisper before an invite, it is auto declined.

- I don't care if the invite was willing to carry me on a fresh dinged 90 to a heroic garrosh kill.

- If you do not message me first, I do not run with you.

- Seems like a reasonable request doesn't it?

- Ran a bunch of old raids this weekend.

- The standard, maly, ony, you know the deal.

- Still no mounts.

- Did some LK dungeons on one of my horde characters that I never did them on before.

- I was getting blue and purple BoE drops left and right.

- Is it just me or did they never drop like this when it was current content?

- Man I could have sold that stuff for a fortune back then.

- Did the oculus and was wondering if you could get the achievements for doing it without each type of drake at the same time.

- For the record, you can.

- I just flew up and dismounted and then attacked him from range and killed him.

- Got all three achievement for doing it without each type of drake.

- Kind of cool to just skip things like that right?

- Talk about skipping things, I can teach you how to get both ground mount trainings for free on a druid.

- We all know that druids get flying for free when they get flight form right?

- Well, was leveling a druid through pet battles only, so no need for riding and never bought it.

- When I dinged 58 (or was it 60) and learned flying I also learned all riding skills lower than it, for free.

- Cool, did not intend to do that, but was kind of cool to get them for free.

- Yes, I am leveling characters through pet battles now from time to time.

- Change of pace and all, even if I do love leveling.

- I just love killing two birds with one stone.

- I have pets that need leveling, I have characters that need leveling, around the farm has super easy battles, no mobs, so might as well level pets and characters at the same time.

- I love saving time. :)

- Talking about pets, wild how the market is sometimes.

- Saw a pet on my server selling for 10K that was only 1K on another server.

- You know what that means right?

- Flip it baby.

- Buy from one server, sell on another, great way to get money transferred between servers and make a sweet profit in the process.

- Takes a lot of work however, and some risk.

- A friend went crazy and bought 3 pets on one server for 30K each and sold them all on another server for 45K.

- Took him roughly 10 minutes and he made a 45K profit.

- Have another friend that scopes the market for deals and levels them.

- He has got leveling pets down to a pattern, can get one from 1 to 25 in less than 20 minutes.

- Found a speed imperial python someone was silly enough to list for 3K, leveled it in 20 minutes, then went on a server he needed money on and sold it for 90K leveled.

- 87K profit for leveling a freaking pet he did not even need to get to drop himself.

- Doesn't get much better than that.

- I could do that, just do not have the patience for bouncing around.

- Not to mention, I always find other things to do.

- A friend ask me for help with blackwing lair because he needed some ingots for a quest he wanted to do for a piece of gear.

- I said, no problem, was on my DK so just went on that.

- We get to the hunter shoulder boss and I did not even think about switching.

- Two tier shoulders drop for a hunter.

- (insert lots of curing here)

- Let me put this in perspective for you.

- I have been trying for that shoulder piece since before trangmog even was a wet dream in some developers mind.

- Being my hunter was an alchemist and the last boss has some really great potion recipes, resist ones, that are BoP I would do it as often as possible to try to get them all.

- I am a completest that way.

- Then I needed a bunch of the ingots that only drop there, at a rate of 0-3 per run, for some quests so I ran it over and over.

- Then after getting both bindings from molten core I needed more ingots to do that quest so I did it over and over.

- And there was that little story called the sepeter of the shifting sands, the best quest line ever to have been put in the game, that required a bunch of them, so that meant I did it over and over then too.

- So you see, for many years I ran BWL.

- I ran it for ingots left and right, for alchemy patterns over and over, for pet drops more recently many times.

- And I had never seen those shoulders drop.  Never.

- And the day I am there on my DK because I was too lazy to switch they drop.

- Son of a...

- Goes to show you never to be lazy.

- Next time I will switch and next time they will not drop.

- Did my VoA run for the mount, on multiple characters.

- You would figure, with multiple characters, 4 chances per run, and all these years, I would have gotten that mount right?

- Nope, not happening, but when talking to someone on vent about it, he said, I never did that before.

- So I showed me where VoA was, explained that half the gear has no value so unless you are an enchanter leave it on the body, and that all bosses could drop the mount.

- Bastard got it on the second boss he killed in there.

- He only has 25 mounts to begin with.

- Maybe that is why I have no luck, I have too many mounts so the game figures I do not need any more.

- Decided to pick up on getting the legendary dagger on my rogue so I finished off the second part of the quest that was sitting in my logs where I needed to go to kara.

- I then made a small group for 25 man, so I had a higher drop rate and, as is well known, I suck on my rogue so I will not exactly be soloing anything from cata on it in the near future.

- We made it up to spine with just the few of us but spine 25 proved to be too much so we finished it off on 10.

- No mount from either of those bosses.

- I've never even seen the one from ultraxion drop.

- Did see the deathwing one more than a few times but I never won the roll.

- Word to the wise when clearing trash in the maws.  Never shadowstep.

- I wish I would remember that, I always end up dying when I go in there because I always step to the claw and end up underground and disconnected.

- I come back on the top of the temple.

- Okay, I am not the brightest blub sometimes so maybe someone else can explain that to me.

- How do I fall under the ground from in the maw which is below the temple to the top of the temple?

- As ralph wiggums would say, that is unpossible.

- Blizzard physics, taught at the same school as blizzard math.

- I guess it is better than dying and having to run back however.

- But that would be like tripping on the 2nd floor of a building and landing on the 18th floor when you finish falling.

- Yeah, don't see that happening all that often in reality.

- So no new mounts this week, but I did progresses my rogues legendary quest line some.

- At this rate, doing it once every 3 or 4 months, I might be done with it in a year or so.

- Hey, it is something fun to do when you are bored.

- It is also a reason I am completely against the removal of the legendary cloak quest line.

- Going back and doing stuff like that is fun stuff to do when bored.

- It gives people something to go after.

- Could you imagine what my weekend would have been like in game if it were not for old stuff I went back and did?

- Old runs for mounts, old runs for achievements, old runs for items, old runs for a legendary, old runs for old stuff that I wanted.

- Leaving stuff like the legendary quest line for the cloak in game would be a good thing.

- Give the title to the people that did it while it was current content, and leave the quest line there for others can experience it later.

- Wake up and smell the coffee blizzard, you are burning it with removing stuff like that.

- There is absolutely zero reason to ever remove content that makes for a great reason to go back and do things.

- Because as my weekend shows, going back and doing things can be a lot more fun that pugging current content.

- At a 100 to 1 rate of fun.

- Old content is good content.  Leave it in the game.

- That's the final word on that, can't see how blizzard does not notice it.

- Have a great day.


  1. So, getting you to try on this red lipstick and blond wig is sort of out of the question?

    Sorry, GE, could not resist.

    I play roughly 70 to 30 female to male percent wise. I prefer the female toon, and no I do not act like a slut or a bastard or pretend to be female when asked. But I have been hit on whether I was on as female or male by other males with comments worse than what you listed (I figured you cleaned up a lot of them before printing). I figure there are some really ugly hard upped (no pun intended) young male assholes out there.

    But enough - my question for the day - have you found or seen or heard of any new heirlooms or updates to heirlooms going from the standard of 1-85 now, to lvl 1-90 or 1-95? Let me know, please. I got the change to turn in some tickets for DMF for a couple of new daggers and a bow, BUT I don't want to blow what I have if something new is coming out.

    Thanks in advance.

    -rooette the hotty dwarf hunteress

    1. Slightly out of the question. I guess unless I am on a human female, than it might be okay. ;)

      I prefer females of certain races because of size issues. Some males are just too big and seem to be limbering when they walk so the females are just better options in my opinion. The size of the character matters more to me than the sex of the character.

      Nope, no news on heirlooms except that all the ones you can buy with justice points will be removed from the game (maybe temporary). They said they will add a new heirloom system in the future, but who knows when that will be.

    2. Thanks. On to buy some daggers and a new bow.

  2. I tried to salvage a failed oQueue flex PUG where the raid leader bailed on us. I used the built-in "other raids" group finder tool.

    People list themselves for the wrong thing (or maybe the tool lists them improperly). I drilled down to Flex > Vale of Eternal Blossoms and tried inviting people.

    They got mad and said why are you inviting me. Because you listed yourself.

    One of them was kind enough to explain that I should have whispered first. I didn't realize you could whisper cross realm. I wish you could do that with oQueue. So many times I wanted a melee dps with a tank offspec, or someone was listed as melee dps but I only had room for a tank and wanted to double check if they had a tank spec.

    Anyway, so if whispering first is the "right" way to do things, then ok. How do I handle multiple whisper windows and keep communication lines open with the pug raid so they don't all drop because it looks like I took the raid lead spot and went silent? There is probably an addon that will help with that.

    Anyway, after accepting the admonishon to 1) whisper people first and 2) read their comment first, I started seeing that lots of people in queue for Flex > Vale of Eternal Blossoms had nonsensical conditions like "Fresh Heroic SOO only."

    At that point, I gave up.

    If Blizzard made it show only people who wanted in Flex 1, it would be great. But I think that the people are using the tool wrong, listing themselves for Heroic SOO, and getting made when I send them an invite.

    If you don't want an invite, don't queue up. I can sympathize with the request for a whisper first, but it sure makes it harder to put groups together quickly, or salvage a failing group.


    1. I've noticed most people never read those things so I think a whisper is the best option first either way. I understand your frustration from people listing for the wrong things and can see how it is equal to mine for getting invited to something I did not want. But, as rude as this might sound, you are see seeking my assistance with the raid, the least you can do is reach out first. Sure you can say it the other way around saying I need you to raid, but the difference is I did not actively seek you specifically, you did seek me specifically.

      As for how to handle it, trust me, it is a nightmare. That is also why I do not do it any longer. I would rather just join a raid and let someone else deal with the hassle. I have a great respect for anyone that goes through all that trouble. I gave up on doing it. I know many raid leader or raid leader type people who used to make groups all the time that refuse to do it any longer and that is only part of the reason.

      The reason you see free SoO Normal, Fresh SoO heroic, Normal locked to Sha, Heroics locked to Thok, and so forth is because blizzard did not add a specific space for normal and heroic.

      I've gotten all of my heroic and normal progression on my horde characters using the "flex" label looking for a group in game. I love the tool, but it is just not robust enough.

      However, even if blizzard made it just for flex than people would still list wrongly in it. The reason is that they want to get it seen by most people and listing in more places increases your chance of being seen. For better or worse, that is just one of the many hardships for assembling a pug and again one of the reasons I do not do it any longer.

      And I do want an invite, to what I am looking for. If I am looking for flex 2 on shaman, because I already did the first 2 bosses with a fail pug that took 3 hours to down 2 bosses and then broke up, the last thing I want to do is join another group starting a fresh flex 2. I want one on shaman or nothing. Hence why I put "LF Flex 2 on shaman. pst first"

  3. I'm sorry for your experience with the hard-up jerks harassing you on your female character. Pretty sickening isn't it? That is one of several reasons most of my characters are male though I am not. I won't pretend to be a guy if I'm directly asked but I am perfectly okay with most people making that assumption and leaving me alone because of it.
    Sounds like it was sort of a bad pugging weekend in some ways. So far I've only really used the in game raid finder for Celestials and Ordos, so I don't mind if people don't whisper me before those. However, I do mind when I'm queued only for Ordos and someone invites me to a Celestials group. Definitely not running back down there to help you with a kill I've already got for the week when that wasn't what I'm queued for. And I always assume the comment function on those is there for people to read, so I really wish they would.
    I also agree with you about the removal of the legendary cloak. I'd finished the ones I really wanted, though I debated on doing one for a cloth caster. I figured I'd get to it later for the shiny wings, so I'm sad that that won't be an option for me. It's not enough to drive me to do another one right now, but it definitely means I won't get to waste any time doing it later which is very disappointing. I love going back to do older stuff, for mounts, or quest or just because. I'm currently working on a Quel'Dalar for my prot paladin just because I wanted to do the quest again. I could definitely have seen doing that for the legendary cloak in a few expansions if it was going to be around. Removing content really doesn't seem in the game's best interests in cases like that. My cloaks don't feel any shinier because my friends who spent less time playing this expansion won't be able to get them now.

    1. I wasn't even dressed to impress sort of thing, I was wearing the normal tier gear. Makes you wonder what is wrong with these people sometimes. Perhaps if I had some sexy transmog on I might, just might, see why someone would whisper me, at least to ask about it, but in tier gear, never.

      It had been a long time since I got one of these interactions but to get three in one day was insane. Even more so after it not happening in such a long time.

      I remember flying on my DK, female human, back in wrath when I got a random whisper asking me if I was really a girl. I responded, should it matter. They said, guess not. I swear it amazes me.

      For an ordos or celestial kill I do not mind. It is self descriptive of what I am looking for so an invite without a whisper never bothered me on those. But I tell you, I hate needing one celestial for the legendary and trying to "luck" into the one I need.

      I got multiples of the cloak on many classes but I did not get it on 3 classes, the three plate ones, warrior, paladin and DK. I really wanted to go back and get them at some point. Really upset I will not be able to for no real reason what so ever.

      I agree, and have expressed here many times, that removing content is really not in the best interest of the game. Even more so content like that. Some things make sense, challenge modes at 90, proving grounds at 90, because the stat changes and the removal of hit and expertise among other things. Not worth fixing them so they work correctly, but for other stuff it just grinds my gears.

      And my cloak would not feel less special even if I got it the day 5.4 came out than some guy that gets his 3 years from now. What do I care he got his after mine? I would not deny him the fun of doing the quest if that is what he wishes to do. Not sure why blizzard wants to.

  4. I don't remember getting sleazy comments. But I play a Tauren female, so maybe people look at me more as an animal rather than a female. But ugh, that's not nice, and sorry you had to put up with that. Some people would say well glad now you know how we feel, but the people who should be knowing how we feel aren't the ones experiencing the slime.

    And I remember doing the oculus achieves without using a mount. I think I did it in Cata, but it must be way easier in Mists.

    And about hat 35% damage - well maybe all those flexers were in LFR stuff. It happens. And if you're a good player and the others are not so good players (which is why they're doing flex) then it just goes to show why you are doing that damage, right? I go to flex sometimes not for gear but because I want to see what my heroically geared toon can pull off in a flex. The pugs don't seem to mind, though I get irritated if people play outrageously stupidly and I get to feel great about my healing, especially if I am pretty much doing 60% of the healing in a 20 man flex. I do feel bad for the other healers though, coz as a healer I hate feeling like I'm not doing anything except wasting mana.

    1. I play a tauren female too and the person wanted to milk me, and bite me, and, well, you get the idea. lol

      I had the achievement on my main in wrath so never went back there in cata. Sure it would have been easy enough then. Was super easy now.

      Most of the people in that group had a mix of LFR, flex and normal, a few pieces of each, and 2 where in mostly heroic raid gear. Being 1 of only 2 people over 100K shows how bad they were. Even if you were in only LFR gear you should still be pulling over 100K on a patchwork fight like Jugg in flex. They were just "that" bad.

      I had a healing thing like that some months back doing ToT 1 on my disc priest. Someone yelled, there is nothing to heal here. I said, with a well geared disc priest in old content, don't expect there to be much healing needed. I did over 60% of the healing on one fight and over 80% on the other 2 without really casting any heals to begin with. Not skill, just over gearing stuff. When it comes to over gearing as a disc priest you make every other healers life hell.

  5. If I'm on a tank, people assume I'm a guy playing a female toon, but sorry you had a bad experience. I have experienced that sort of thing on some alts but it doesn't happen often. In fact, it's usually been a guildie being a misogynistic jerk than a random, though randoms have been guilty too.

    1. It does not happen often at all. If I had to guess I would say it has been over a year since I even had a comment.

      I think it was because I was on a hunter. For some reason people think female hunters are females. I am just a female tauren because they look better than their male counterparts and they are smaller, which I like. It has nothing to do with the sex of the character personally.