Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday Random Thoughts

- Taking a day off from the garrisons and professions posts.

- Because it is random thoughts time.

- Been running horseman on my paladin because there is something I want from it.

- Have the mount from a while back.

- How many people do you know that are doing horseman to actually get the sword or helm?

- Yeah, that is how poorly my paladin is geared.

- Both of my paladins really.

- The lower one did the blasted lands quests.

- Not sure about anyone else but my paladin feels powerful even at a 498 item level.

- It is my lowest geared character.

- Don't think I touched it since it hit 90 and I made it all timeless gear and did the world boss rounds that first day.

- It actually needed every single piece of gear from the blasted lands quests.

- But I had absolutely no problem with it, even at that item level.

- I could pull multiple mobs in tank spec, and make fairly quick work of them.

- In the end my 498 paladin had a much easier time than my other low geared character, my 518 second mage.

- Say what you want about the blasted lands lead in quests, but they were designed for everyone, and I think that is good.

- Even a fresh 90 could hit timeless island, grab a couple of pieces, and have little to no problem there.

- This seems to be blizzards new direction, and I like it.

- Make all outdoor content intended for everyone.

- There is always a problem however because the well geared people complain.

- And blizzard has this horrible problem of listening to the 1% and they really need to stop doing that.

- Well guess what, the content is not made for the well geared, it is made for everyone.

- So the well geared people should just be happy they can get it done fast and they have something to do.

- Games need to be designed from the bottom up, not from the top down.

- Can't make new content for people with 570 and 580 gear and expect more than 1% of the population to have fun with it.

- Not to mention, us people in 570 and 580 gear would still blow through it in a matter of minutes anyway even if they did make it harder.

- We would still say it was super easy no matter how hard they made it.

- Because we are that type of player that would find it easy.

- That is why we are 570 to 580.

- So instead of designing for the 1% and telling everyone else to go to hell they designed it for the 99%.

- Like I said, works for me, no matter how they made it, I would have blown through it quickly on my mains.

- But at least this way I was able to do it on my 498 paladin, and I like that.

- Speaking of item level, got one of my hunters to 580 item level.

- And it is still wearing 2 LFR pieces.

- What?

- I know right.

- Talk about bad luck with drops.

- I finally ran into a situation that I said I knew would happen.

- The new group finder declining people and causing drama.

- I had two personal experiences with it.

- Trying to get that previously mentioned 518 mage some gear I looked for an ordos group.

- First off, with the new design it is nearly impossible to find a group.

- After 30 minutes waiting for one I signed up for the one that popped up and got declined.

- I assume based on item level.

- I just do not understand that.

- They ended up going with 20 people.

- Why not go with 21?

- It is not scaled content, the boss does the same abilities for the same damage and has the same health whether you have 20 people or 200 people there.

- So who cares that I would only pull maybe 3K, it is still 3K more than they would have had without me.

- I always run up to ordos when I queue for it, because everyone should.

- I don't believe in that "press 1 for summon" BS.

- If you want to do ordos, get there.

- Don't assume a warlock will be there.

- If you are too lazy to head there on your own, I am too lazy to invite your worthless ass.

- Seems fair to me.

- At least make an effort and start heading there and just be happy if you get a summon.

- Either way, standing there on my mage, wasting my time, because I can't do anything else up there at that item level.

- Not like I can go killing the mobs for coins and rep in that area at 518 on my mage.

- I waited until another ordos group popped up.

- I requested to join, they let it time out.

- I requested again, they let it time out.

- I figured maybe they are doing the "nice" thing and not declining me, so I do not feel rejected.

- If that were the case, I guess it is a good thing, because it really does suck to be declined.

- Another group popped up and I applied, and immediately got declined.

- It is as if they saw 518 item level and instantly declined.

- Even with a low item level, the more the better, even more so now that ordos seems to be a hard fight with few people.

- So I thought maybe they were declining based on item level because they assumed I did not have the legendary cloak.

- Makes sense I guess, no way you would have the legendary and still have that low of an item level.

- So I actually put a comment this time.

- Standing at ordos, have 12 cloaks, this is an alt.

- Okay, so there is absolutely no way anyone could decline now.

- I am there, I have the cloak, and still I got declined.

- I said screw this and just teleported out of there.

- World bosses are intended to gear up alts.

- If an alt can not get there, what the hell is the use of even having a world boss.

- In the end it did not matter to me, I was just doing it for something to do.

- I like gearing up characters, but it is not necessary, more so when it is now just wasting my time.

- I am not a fan of wasting my time.

- That was my second mage to begin with, and I do not even raid on my first mage.

- But for many other players, getting turned down for content like that, stuff that is intended to help them gear up, can really hurt the game.

- The old system of list your name and wait for an invite was ten thousand times better.

- At least people did not feel like they were being held back.

- Not getting an invitation is better than being declined.

- For the person, for the game, for everyone involved.

- Blizzards new system is nothing but bad when it concerns world bosses.

- And I am really skeptical about its long term use for anything else.

- People are already using it to troll.

- It is not like they are declining people for a real reason.

- One of my guild mates, a 578 healer, kept getting declined.

- From groups that needed healers.

- From groups that were only asking for 500.

- She has been killing garrosh for almost a year, has a 578 item level, they are in need of a healer, the only explanation for declining her is they are trolling.

- Then we started to talk, and it seemed to be the same for everyone.

- On low toons we could understand it, but even on high toons it was happening to everyone.

- Groups asking for a specific thing, 550 item level, you apply, 570+, say you have done it, still get declined.

- Happened to everyone I spoke to, over and over and over.

- The only answer is that people are trolling.

- Then the cesspool we call trade chat confirmed it.

- Hearing people talking about creating groups saying things like need 1 DPS than GTG and then declining everyone that applied.

- They were laughing because they knew they were upsetting people.

- They said so many things like they wonder how many people would be crying they got turned down, how many people would log off and rage quit, they were all laughing about it.

- Good going blizzard, once again you completely missed how the player base would abuse a system you put into the game.

- Great idea, horrible implementation, would be so much better with moderation.

- Just like the LFR.

- Blizzard always has great ideas, no doubt about that.

- They just need to realize that their player base will abuse those ideas.

- When will they just add moderators to keep people in line?

- How does blizzard not see this was going to happen but some idiot like me writing a blog called it?

- Maybe because I have a brain, something no one at blizzard has.

- Sad, the tool would have been great, but decline trolls already have ruined it.

- I killed heroic garrosh 10 times this week already, might do a few more kills tonight.

- Not a single one of them using the in game tool.

- I built all the groups myself the old fashion way.

- On my server, by inviting people, and having them invite friends.

- I stayed about as far away from the in game tool as possible.

- Had some one shots, had some wipes, even had one really really hard time, but over all, I had more success with that than anyone could have had with the group finder.

- I carried guild mates as low as 504 item level to a heroic kill.

- One guild mate who was trying to get a garrosh kill for him, his wife and his brother, all day and kept getting turned down started talking about wanting to quit the game.

- See, this is what I was talking about when I said that declining people would really hurt the player base over all.

- The invite if you want them option is better than setting people up for failure like it is now with the decline option.

- He spent the better part of 8 hours trying to get a group only to get declined over and over and the couple of groups that he did get into broke up after only one wipe.

- So it was about time for me to head off and I saw him saying this.

- He, his wife and his brother have never really raid with us much, maybe once, so I did not know what they could do.

- I whispered him and said, don't log off, give me a minute to check something.

- I shot out a few whispers, got me 2 healers and a tank, and filled with the most powerful damage dealers on, which was slim pickings.

- Figured I did not know what to expect from them, so want to hedge my bets.

- All three had never done the boss before, 2 did not even have voice chat to listen.

- I invited them, said zone in quick, I got 20 minutes.

- We killed trash, we one shot garrosh, they did quite well actually and were not being carried, they pulled their weight.

- I then logged off having gotten them their kill they tried for 8 hours to get but apparently the group finder didn't think they were good enough for.

- They did not seem to hinder my group which consisted of them, a bunch of 540 or so alts, and only 1 main out of 14 people there.

- Call it my good deed for the day helping them out.

- Maybe next week it will help me with my mount runs.

- Karma and all, you know.

- I had not known they were looking all day or I would have invited them earlier.

- Had done a couple of killers earlier in the day.

- Word to the wise, it helps to speak up people.

- We can't help you unless you help yourself.

- If anyone wants to know how I managed 10 heroic kills in one week I'll give a quick run down.

- I took one of my hunters being I have a bunch of them and already have a few heirlooms for them now, and quick cleared the first 13.

- I then dropped group and finished with another character.

- I then started a new group with the hunter as lead, invited 2 people, even if they had killed garrosh arleady, it makes no difference.

- I zoned in first, then they zoned in afterwards.

- I passed one of them lead, dropped group, switched to another character that needed the kill.

- Rinse and repeat.

- I am able to do garrosh over and over, and people that already killed him can do it over and over as well.

- The key is my hunter with the lockout needed to go in first.

- If you killed garrosh already you can not get awarded loot, but you can use a coin again.

- It works because it allows people to help others get their kill on.

- I tanked it 2 times on my druid, healed it 3 times on my priest, you get the idea.

- I did manage to get a few of my alts in there to get some heirlooms, so it is a one hand washes the other thing.

- I do a weak character and a few friends do some better ones, and then we trade off.

- That way we all get kills and we all get heirlooms.

- And I bring along a few people that do not raid normally each time.

- And I do not charge them.

- Every time I see someone in trade selling a heroic garrosh kill and someone interested in buying, I take the buyer along for free.

- If they seems like they are a decent person.

- If they talk in trade like a half wit while trying to buy using things like "u" instead of "you" and never capitalizing the beginning of a sentence, or using leet speak, or things like that, they can rot for all I care.

- No reason anyone should have to pay for it.

- Even those half wits, but I let someone else help them.

- The game is supposed to be about fun.

- And maybe, just maybe, that really bad player I let tag along today becomes serious about the game later, he or she might remember the nice hunter that took them along for free when everyone else wanted to charge them.

- Karma and all you know.

- I would rather make friends than make money anyway.

- And even if I do not make friends, it makes me feel better helping someone than it would taking their money.

- Yeah, I am a sap sometimes.

- No new mounts to report, but that is not from lack of trying.

- Finally think I got spine down to a science.

- Have done it a fair bit now and always seem to make one mistake and always wipe at least once.

- But did it on one attempt this week, on multiple characters.

- So looks like I finally got the grove working for me.

- Let me offer a word to the wise for the fight before spine on the ship.

- Never kill the drake before it is over the deck of the boat.

- Most embarrassing wipe of the week.

- If you kill the drake before it is over the deck it will drop the elite it is carrying over the side and instant wipe you.

- :(

- Decided to try my hand at soloing on my rogue to see how well I could do.

- Did throne of the four winds on my rogue, which might not be impressive to anyone else out there, but to me I was really impressed.

- Wiped once on the first boss (bosses) due to not having enough healing.

- Switched the order I was killing them in and had no problem at all.

- No mount when I finished it however, but now I have another character that can do it.

- So even more characters that can not get the mount.

- Been running ZG on more than a few characters every day for those mounts.

- Rogue went there and killed the bosses faster than my hunter did.

- My hunters record was 2 second for one and 4 seconds for the other.

- Rogue did one in 1 second and the other in 3.

- Sad how my rogue kills faster than my hunter.

- At 30 item levels lower too.

- 1 second?  I laughed when I saw that.

- Not getting the mounts is an interesting situation.

- If I get the mounts I am going for I will be happy I got them, but I would lose my something to do when there are down times.

- So it is a double edged sword.

- Get them and have nothing to do, not get them and be upset I never get them.

- Did onyxia again on a bunch of characters, no mount, a friend did it for a mog piece he was looking for and got this 3rd one.

- He has only done it 4 times.

- I have done it at least 100 times over all my characters.

- More sad faces here.

- I was thinking of ZG and the fact that at the time I used to come on and valor cap at least 2 characters on tuesday.

- Being there were only 2 dungeons that means I was doing it either 3 or 4 times a week on each of those characters.

- Then on other characters over the course of the week.

- So I do not think it would be out of line to completely guess at a number of times I have killed them at being around 200 times and I have never seen the mounts drop from either of them.

- That is a really crappy drop rate if you ask me.

- I am sure I am well over that number on stonecore too.

- And a few others.

- There are three numbers I am trying to reach before the expansion.

- I was aiming for 600 pets, 250 mounts and 100 toys.

- I am pleased to announce, thanks to the argent tournament banners, I managed to get the 100 toys achievement.

- I am at 243 mounts and 574 unique pets.

- Both are attainable before the expansion, but time is running out.

- Another good mount week like I had the week before this one and the mount one could be done.

- The pet one would require a lot of luck or spending a ton on the auction house, which I am adverse to doing before an expansion knowing I will want to open all the garrisons ASAP.

- Not like it costs as much as I have, but I like to have extra.

- It could be done, but I am not stressing it.

- Wonder how many people have 100 toys already?

- I would have more but there are some things I never bought due to bag space issues.

- Some of them are no longer in game.

- I think blizzard should give us a chance to get them again.

- I am sure there are many of us that would have bought them if there were a toy box then, but didn't because of bag space issues.

- Would be nice to have a second shot at some of those things removed from the game, like the battlefield barrens toys.

- I bought pets with my mojos because it seemed like a better investment, and I could send them to another character to hold for sale later, so no bag space issues.

- I would have bought the toys, but had space issues.

- I want my toys.

- I will gladly trade the 20 pets I have for the 3 toys.

- But after putting in a ticket suggesting it and being turned down, it does not seem likely we will ever get a shot at picking up things we missed.

- More sad faces.

- Remember, toys make for great fun between pulls or on break in a raid.

- Can never have too many of them.

- Have a great day.


  1. * Doing Headless Horseman for the mount on 7 chars every day since the beginning.

    * Thanks to queues, this takes about an hour and a half.

    * No mount.

    * Sum total, every day I log in, spend an hour and a half in queues (the fight is a joke, obviously), then see that this was a waste of time again, and I have about half an hour of play time left.

    Why on earth am I still playing this... I don't know.

    PS: Sure, I do something while in queues, like trying to fish one more mr Pinchy, etc. This doesn't help much, because I'd rather switch to a different char (leveling last alts).

    1. A friend of mine that had been doing it on 18 per day finally got it this year. He had been doing it like that for years. If it were not for shared mounts, I would still be doing it on my main. Three of my alts had it so my main ended up with it after the mounts became shared. I know so many people that curse the horseman. But the love rocket it worse, way worse. I know only 2 people that have ever gotten that one.

      The game does have a "why am I still playing this" vibe to it with a lot of things. Sometimes you figure something has to give once in a while right?

      I'd seen a few people suggest having it so you can switch characters while in queue. I wonder if they could work or if they ever considered it.

  2. The more I read you random thoughts, the more I'm glad to play in europe, and US players seems to be terrible people.

    I did use the in-game tool a lot the past week never had any problem, even with undergeard toon, nor did I heard anyone complain about it. On the contrary many people were more than happy and got their Heroic/mythic garrosh kill thanks to it.

    I do agree that removing the old way to sign up was not the best move though, but I'm pretty sure the tool is still a WiP, remember that it was first designed to replace OQ, and to that extend it does EXACTLY the same as OQ, but with more rule enforcement (like not being able to ask for a higher ilvl than yours).

    As for moderating, it'as all good on paper, but you still have the problem of who to give that power to? You just can't really have paid people monitoring all that is going, there is just to much going on at once to do that anyway.

    1. Terrible is a kind word for some of them. I've called them worse. Not everyone is like that. But it is the few that ruin it for everyone else.

      The old way was best for world bosses, in my opinion. I think of world bosses as a come as you are thing. The more the better. But apparently my 12 cloaks, cutting edge achievement, and countless other things mean nothing because my alt has bad gear. Yeah, the new way for world bosses is horrible. I used to do ordos on every character I could each week and since this came out if I get one group a week it is a lot.

      I've written about it before as far as moderation goes. Yes, you have paid people doing it. They do not need to monitor every thing all the time. But if they do it enough and ban people for being jerks (for lack of better word) that abuse the in game system, then word will get out that the mods are watching and that people could get banned. That alone would help lower the number of people that act like that. Because the only reason many act like that now is because they know nothing will ever happen to them. Show them something will happen to them and they will stop.

  3. You know, one way to make regular outdoor content more engaging for players with over a hundred ilvls of difference, would be to add in more of the old (2) or (5) quests, that were intended to be completed in a group. I love doing those quests by myself when I level. Or lesser geared players could jump on with a friend (or random other person trying to get it done) and have just as easy of a time doing it.

    I successfully used the premade group tool once, for my resto druid. Such a shame that it's already worthless, though. As I was reading your article, I was thinking about one of my guild's heroic runs. We've been doing full-ish clears on thursdays of heroics, and then clearing mythic on saturday and sunday (our normal raid times). We've been taking lots of guildies to the heroics, but even if we have less than thirty, no one has every suggested "hey, let's advertise on the premade channel and take someone who needs it". And why would we? I can't imagine how anyone who hasn't already completed the content, could have more of a chance to complete the content with this new tool. Add copious trolling to that, and we've got a completely terrible new tool.. too bad.

    1. As a hunter I always looked at those (2) and (5) player quests as hunter quests, because we are our own group.

      I really do not think that would help with stuff like the blasted lands however. Let it be designed for the lowest level of player. Being 498 on my paladin or 580 on my hunter, I am going to blow through it fast as I can. So the content does not need to be for me. Raids, soloing, rares, etc, that is for the geared, leave the rest of the world for the majority of the player base.

      As it is I was helping people with the last guy on the quest line for a while on one of my characters. Saw people asking to group for it, and I hung around for about an hour killing it over and over for people that were having trouble. It is hard enough for the masses as is. I think the blasted lands is very well designed from a difficulty standpoint.

      I can't believe we already have people abusing the tool. I had thought it was just me because I was trying to get some really lower level ones into ordos, but hearing the 578 healer say that she kept getting declined for heroic groups and stories from others made me realize how crappy this new tool is. I hate when people are like that personally.

  4. I did the Blasted Lands quests yesterday!

    No I haven't resubbed yet. Blizz sent me a free 7 days so I said thank you very much. Yes this also means my PC is fixed. It took a week and a new PSU and new graphics card but touch wood it seems repaired. Anyway I thought that the BL quests were tuned really easily. I did them in tank spec on my pally and I was two-hitting most of the mobs. However, I do have 564 ilevel so not too much of a surprise.

    What was a surprise is that I still knew how to play. I queued for UBRS and no achievement? What is up with that? I made some mistakes due to not having been in that dungeon before. I read about it but I don't learn well from reading. However, I didn't die once, healer was dead for a large portion of the beginning trash. I assumed the cannons would show threat and they didn't, it was my mistake. Anyway I overpulled and everyone died one by one and I just kept going. Seven months and I was popping cds like it was yesterday. I know it was just a dungeon and not a raid. I know that it didn't hit hard. However, with the squish on top I was expecting some sort of transition but it was like I had never been away. I suppose it helped that all my addons bar one were either updated or still worked. Even recount still had reports from my last fights in March.

    I haven't used the in game group finder and I doubt that I will. I never used the in game list tool before and I never used oQueue. I have used OpenRaid but only when a friend has been running it, or I have a friend joining with me. I'm a coward I suppose, I will use LFG for dungeons but random groups scare me precisely because of how people behave. If I'm going to do anything that I don't out gear or out skill then I need friends for backup. Mostly because people ruin everything. I agree blizz should moderate or do something as it ruins the game experience and blocks people out who don't have guilds or nice people like you.

    12 cloaks! Yikes. I only ever did the one, just my main. Didn't even start the quests on anything else. You should get like a feat of strength for that or something.

    I can check on rarity but I think I had easily over 500 stonecore kills before I won the mount. I did see it drop a time before that but I gave it to my friend. We used to do mount runs together running all our chars through anything that was tricky or took a while solo. We were levelling I think and it dropped in the dungeon. I won the roll but I traded it him as he'd let me have the raptor in ZG, as you needed good dps or a way to cheese the instant death mechanic at that time. Not a problem for him because he gears his alts but I could only do it on 4 of mine. I hope it drops for you soon. Good news though, they have increased the instance limit to 10 per hour, which should mean the downtime is a little less.

    The nearly empty toybox makes me want to dive in and find all the things. I have 48 I think and the journal looks so empty. When I play for real that will definitely be one of the first things I look at. I've just cleaned up all my bags and bank space and done the pre-patch content so far. Got 10k from justice conversion, spent a chunk of it filling up my second void storage tab (I'm a bit of a transmog nut) and some more trying to make my pally look like my pally (I'm not a huge fan of the new models).

    Have a good week!

    1. Congrats on getting your computer fixed. Seems like blizzards bait is working on a lot of people. One of my guild mates that quit a year ago came back yesterday too.

      If you have an engineer in the group they can click the cannons which deactivates them completely. Nice little engineering bonus there. I tanked it when it first came out on 2 low geared tanks, around 530ish, and had no problems. It was not tuned hard at all. Surprised to hear so many people wiping in there.

      I did over pull the leeroy room and wiped us once, but it was no purpose, I was making a joke with my guild mates and screamed leeroy as we went in. We almost managed it. Killed all but 2 adds and the boss. If I were on a better tank I am sure we would have not wiped.

      I still hit the wall all the time with the 10 limit. Some dungeons, like stonecore, it takes less than 5 minutes beginning to end even if I am not rushing it. I have to learn to take my time a little because hitting that wall and losing the character sucks. You will get stuck on the load in screen and go nowhere if you meet the lock. So I have to go on another character and wait an hour before I can log into that one again. Wish it would just kick you out and not make you lose the character.

      Got 3 more toys yesterday so up to 103 now. Still a few more I can snag before warlords comes out, but all are rare world drops or rogue pick pockets, so not sure if I will get them before release.

      I think the new models are okay. Were not needed, would have been time better spent developing content, but oh well. What I dislike is the change to how things move. Characters, even if they might look better, move horrible now.

  5. I'm doing horseman for the ring and the helm for my DK. I got the ring on my mage and spriest already. I also need the mount still.

    Frost DK has 520 (my first alt)
    Frost Mage has 527
    Spriest has 516 (boosted from lvl 30)

    The DK feels the best. Mage feels weird after the changes and Spriest just feels weird since I never played it.

    Blasted lands quests were upgrades for all 3 of them. I almost died on the Spriest doing those quests though. It only had a 490 ilvl at the time I think though because I hadn't done anything with except use excess timeless tokens I had.

    I should do nUBRS for upgrades, but dead guild and don't want to wait 45 minutes in the queue...

    I haven't tried the new group finder... just sounds like a p.i.t.a.

    I need to get into a Heroic Garrosh pug. I killed him on Flex before the patch (no heirloom), but that's all. Might have to use OpenRaid since I don't really know anybody on my realm anymore.

    I've been lvling my feral druid as well. Up to 72 now I think.

    Listened to Stede's latest goldmaking podcast today. I really think I'm going to have to do some profession swapping.

    Mage has tailor/enchant. This will stay as is.
    Spriest has JC/scribe. This will also stay as is (just lvled this up after boosting; only took a few hours and actually made some gold from it).
    Hunter has herbalism/alchemy. I'm thinking to change this to skinning/alchemy or skinning/LW. Skinning is looking profitable for WoD and I need it on something anyway.
    DK has mining/skinning. Probably drop skinning for BS or Eng. BS is better for goldmaking but I'll want the gun from Eng for hunter.
    Druid has herb/skin for lvling. If I change Hunter to skin/lw, then I'll drop skin for alch. Otherwise, I'll drop herb for LW and keep hunter as is.

    A skinner/leatherworker fits a hunter from an rp perspective and it'll be good for gearing/goldmaking, so that's what I should really do... running out of time though...

    1. Getting a heroic kill should be easy enough with your main having a good item level. But be aware, people are auto declining hunters. My 580 hunter looking for a sha or shaman kill (for trinkets) got turned down over and over for groups only asking for 550. Just because I am a hunter. Eventually you will get in one however. There are garrosh groups going all the time. My guild is doing them nearly every day if people are on.

      Skinning will be double profitable next expansion. Being there is no way in the garrison to collect skins or cloth and all skinable beasts now drop cloth instead of humanoids, you can collect skins and cloth at the same time. Win / Win.

      A few notes on buildings.

      Enchanters study is awesome for a hunter. You can only make gear enchants with it and are not able to make weapon enchants. Being hunters do not need weapon enchants and the enchanting study can disenchant things for you, as a solo hunter you don't even need the enchanting profession at all in warlords.

      Second note. If you do not have alchemy, do not build the lab. It will be useless if you do not have alchemy to begin with. Sure you can make the lesser flasks, but the item you get from the work order is for higher flasks and you can not make them, so all you will be doing is work orders for a useless material you can not even use.

  6. Reading your posts (regarding abusing the tool), I realized it never fails to amaze me how petty people are. And how they can get off (excuse the term, but it's really what came to mind) on making others miserable.

    A couple of days ago I was with my honey getting candies from around Eastern Kingdoms. In one place there was a priest from the opposite faction, probably killing lowbies. He attacked my honey so we killed him. He came back and he was trying to harass us I think, running around, healing, getting on the broom and up in the air when he was getting low. We ignored him, got the candy and left. He followed us doing /rofl, /chicken and other emotes on my honey. And we were looking at him thinking... oookay... we killed him once, why is he still laughing... does he think he's annoying us or something?
    What kind of person it takes to get fun out of assuming you annoy them and in truth being a ridiculous joke yourself?

    Next, went to kill Chillmaw. There was a group of 5 people from my faction staying there and just killing him on sight. So no one else could get him for the quest. Peachy.

    Looking at it... WoW has too many things open to abuse. It seems people are evil animals, if they don't fear getting hit or punished, they do the worst possible. It's kind of scary. And the scary thought is that they are probably like that in real life too. People like going to extremes and say - what, if he kills something in a game does it mean he kills in real life too? That's not a point, the point is - you can't do this kind of crap in a game and not be a crappy person in real life too.

    Was looking at Guild Wars 2 and it seems like they limited abuse through mechanics as much as possible. Tags are shared. There is no open world pvp and you can't kill quest givers. You scale with the mobs in every zone so you can't oneshot mobs others need. All loot is personal loot. Maybe this is the future, mayve people just can't be trusted. I always thought MMOs could build this 'perfect' society, because unlike real life, it doesn't cost you much to be nice and helpful, build a strong community and so on. Yet it seems it created the following - a place where frustrated people come to piss others off, do everything in their power to make the experience less desirable for others and brag about it too, like it's some sort of merit being the biggest dick in the parking lot. I'm disappointed to say the least.

    1. I can't help but blame blizzard in part for their players poor behavior. They have went on so long letting them get away with it that it only encourages them to do it more. They know nothing will happen to them.

      Blizzard can do things, like the looting you mentioned, it is like that in wild star too, and other things. Any active moderation would help the game in a huge amount.

      I always though of people that acted like that as people who probably get crapped on in real life all day long so they act like that in a game to make themselves feel better. I almost feel sad for them, except for the fact, it is not my job to help them feel better and I do not care if the feel better. Stop acting like a jerk.

      Blizzard needs to start handling these people with a heavy hand instead of letting them get away with murder.

      A friend put in a ticket because someone kept pulling ordos on purpose trying to wipe a group that was assembling. Do you know what the GM responded? If that is the way he wants to play we can not tell him not to do it.


      Blizzards response to griefing is that "if that is how they have fun they are allowed to do it"? I just do not get blizzard.

  7. Didn't want to go OT in your Guides but did want to let you know that

    1) the anti-grinding mechanic was for real


    2) the head-honcho himself (Watcher) not only confirmed that, but announced they'd remove it altogether


    3) the removal for a time created another problem, as Blizz fouled up once again and it also removed the XP reduction for heavy level differences between Group Members. In other words, people have been boosting characters to level 75 in like 15 minutes by having a Group member grind mobs in Pandaria.

    They'll deny it, but I for one wouldn't be surprised that Blizz rescinded because for plenty of people the anti-grinding mechanic was the last straw.

    Frankly, if Blizz has any sense of marketing, considering how buggy etc. these pre-Patch weeks have been (even for pre-Patches) with many people even unable to connect, they'll chuck in those 7 days play time for all accounts, as it would likely pay dividends.

    1. I saw that post yesterday and I thought it described what it was intended for and explained everything excellently. Which is surprising for a blizzard employee. lol

      I am going to take advantage of that bug. lol I am sure others will as well.

      Would not surprise me if it was not really intended but they will not rush to fix it. So many people want to "buy" a 90 but would rather do it at 60 to get the profession boost. If anything this could very well sell a ton of boost. I know it will sell me 1.

    2. Blizzard already hot fixed it.

      Too bad, they lost what could have potentially been a lot of money. I would have leveled at least 1 to 60 and boosted it and maybe even a couple more.

      Bad move on their part hot fixing it so quickly from a business standpoint.

  8. the trouble with the premade finder made it much more efficient and less headachey to just pay for kills on the alts who'd get the heirlooms I want for leveling my army.

    I did manage one kill in the premade finder but most of the time I got declined. I'd rather not fool with it anyway. I have actually stopped Ordos runs as a result so that's a number of tanks and healers not queuing for it as well as a few dps. I did also tag along with a normal Garrosh kill with a friend's guild as well. So I have the heirlooms I need for my account.

    1. That only works if the pug person you are paying is on your server. If you could send gold cross server it would be a lot easier to buy a run.

      I only need one more, the agility polearm I believe it is. I had my beat loot set to restro when it got that one. :( So now I have to go with my brewmaster monk, which would be a slight problem as I have not tanked since the first couple of weeks of SoO and its gear shows it. I'll try to get it to tag along with a guild run. We run a few garrosh only kills each week.