Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Soloing Raids at 100 on the Beta

During my time on the beta I have tested a lot of stuff and added my bug report tickets.  From questing to events to the pop up quests to rare mobs to some hunter tames that should be tamable that aren't.  You name it, I test it.  Partly for my own personal reasons and partly because I like to help so everything will be working when it comes out.  But lets face it, even if I am trying to be the "nice guy" helping out and reporting bugs I am really doing it for selfish reasons.  I want to see what is going on for my own purposes.

Recently I have been taking the time to visit different things but specific parts of them from garrisons to fishing to professions to gathering to those silly and sometimes frustrating jumping games that makes it so I can't wait to get flying so I do not need to deal with all that stupid jumping.  But the biggest one for me, as a hunter who likes to solo, is to see what I can and can not solo.

So, for a hunter on the beta, without even normal dungeon gear, I went through the paces and checked out raids that drop mounts to see how the soloing went.  For the most part all the things I was able to do I can still do and a lot easier.  From the already super easy onyxia to the occasionally challenging that I usually need a little help to get past dragon soul.

VoA, Onyxia, Maly, Ulduar and ICC, all those easy one are of course still easy.  And with the fix to Thorim no more need to bring help for that one fight or to be an engineer to do it.  Same goes for ICC now that we can skip dream walker.

Dragon soul went from me needing some help on spine and ultraxion to being able to beat them both without even thinking about it.  Same for firelands.  While I have soloed it, it was a completely different raid with 2 and so much easier so that was usually the way I ran it but at 100 that is no longer needed.  Even solo it is a hundred times easier than it was with 2 previously.

Something like throne of the four winds, which I admit I had completely forgotten about and have not even tried it on live so I do not know if it is soloable on live, was a total joke on beta.

It seems that anything that drops a mount and is worth soloing is easily soloable even in the most minimal of gear that I am current wearing, which as I mentioned, is not even as high as the normal mode dungeon gear.

Next up on my hit list was what is our current content.  Off to MV I went to see if I can get the elegon mount.  It did not go as well as I would have liked it too.  I handled all the trash to the first boss (bosses if you will) without any problem but the boss beat my poor pet into oblivion.  I tired it a couple of times just to make sure I had my pet positioned correctly and he was not being hit from behind.  No die, this was not going to happen at this item level at least and quite honestly, it doesn't seem good for the expansion as a whole.  The boss hits our pet too hard to keep up with and I am not sure gear will compensate.

This is basically what I would expect from content from last expansion at this gear level and I would expect as we get more gear we will be able to get a little further on the fight.  But as it seems, for me at least, hunters can not solo any raid bosses from mists because the bosses hit our pets WAY to hard.  I did put a ticket in on this as well but I do not expect anything to be changed sadly.

So the rundown is, in short, anything you were able to solo raid wise before mists, easy or hard, will all be easy now even if the most minimal of gear.  Anything from mists is not likely to be soloed right away at least.  Maybe with gear and some fixes so the bosses do not hit pets so hard it could happen, but not in my current gear and not as it is currently designed.

So here are the end of post questions.

Do you think they tuned all the older stuff too easy being it was a laugh fest even in leveling gear?

I personally think so.  Do not get me wrong, I love that I will have a lot more to easily and quickly farm to (not) get mounts from but it seems like they are all a bit too easy now.

I guess I will have to get my soloing challenge from mists raids.  Lets just hope blizzard fixes it so bosses do not three shot pets even with a mend pet rolling, both increased healing glyphs, and a shield shell up.

Are you looking forward to mount farming?  I know I will be and they will all be as nice and easy and Ony is now.


  1. Easy mount farming sounds good to me. I love soloing for the challenge but the challenge is only fun the first couple of times. If it's something I want to do regularly like mount farming then it just cuts the frustration and makes the process quicker. Pre-Mists raids should be pretty easy in Warlords anyway even with no buff. I hadn't soloed in a while before I quit, no time or inclination as I was just burning out but I have soloed some of Dragon Soul at least. So if I can do it now, Warlords should be cake.

    So I'm not disappointed about Pre-Mists being easy.

    However, I do wonder what Mists raid bosses will be like. I know you said the boss munched your pet but I ofc solo on my paladin. Usually when soloing the biggest problem isn't usually survival, it's beating the enrage timer. With all the changes they are making to tanks (grrrr, rage, rant, scream) I do wonder what an effect that will have.

    Oh and I meant to comment on a post you made recently but adding this on here is appropriate. You said rares were "hunter content", that here is a challenge/quest that required no group, just a hunter, something put in the world just for you. Can we change that statement to "just hunters and paladins?" :) as I don't need a group either.

    I made someone really mad on Isle of Giants once when I was bone/pet farming. They were pulling and kiting and dying with just one of the little dinos. I was pulling as many as I could get at once, like several little and a couple of big ones and then pretending like it was the core hound packs in Molten Core, tabbing through them to keep them all at the same health and then killing them all as close to each other as possible.

    I do realise that is slightly unfair to non-tanks and if I was joking I would say "well that's your fault for not rolling the superior class" but in all seriousness my time to kill was probably similar to a decent dps. I might have killed a lot at once but it took a while to mow them all down, a decent dps would kill them one at a time and we end up at the same place, probably.

    Anyway, I'm not in beta so I can't see if bosses munch paladins as well as hunter pets. I also can't see if blizz is screwing up tanking as much as I fear they might be. That blue post did ask us not to think the sky is falling so I am trying to keep an open mind.

    1. Tanks had it really good for soloing, more so than normal, in mists thanks to vengeance. It might not be as good once vengeance is gone however. I know I loved soloing on my tanks because the more damage I took the more survivability I had and the more damage I did which made playing a tank and soloing as one amazingly exciting. Figuring out how best to manage taking just enough damage to get the most out of it and still survive. This expansion was great for tank soloing.

      As for MV and it destroying my pet. I do not think you will have the same issue. They put in a multiplier where bosses hit pets for something like 500% of the normal damage because they did not want hunters pet tanking current content. I do hope they remove it from older raids, but at least on the beta it does not look that way. If the bosses hit my pet for normal damage I would have easily been able to solo it with a pet tank. With that said, as a real tank you would have no issue what so ever. Except maybe the enrage timers because you will no longer have vengeance. But the bosses will not hurt you are all compared to what my pet tank took.

      I noticed when soloing on my paladin, even if I do not do anything challenging, just keep sacred shield up is usually more than enough to keep me from taking any considerable damage.