Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Monday Random Thoughts on Tuesday

- Today's monday random thoughts are late.

- Because it is tuesday, duh.

- I spent my day off work running friends through dungeons.

- Well, a couple of hours of it at least, I have not played otherwise all that much.

- There is nothing left to "test" on beta really.

- All the quests I could not do I still can not do.

- I guess I need to wait for a patch.

- And watch it be the third patch in a row where it does not fix the quests I am stuck on.

- There is still absolutely nothing to do at max level on the beta.

- Normal mode dungeons are still incapable of being completed with a random group.

- Yes, normals, which need controlled pulls, CC, and quality focus fire DPS.

- And I have yet to even find one group that can finish one.

- I've seen a lot of the early bosses at least.

- Once again, that is normal people, not heroic.

- So if beta goes live like this I expect to see well over the 2M losses that we saw at the beginning of cataclysm.

- When normals can not be completed there will be problems.

- When there is is nothing to do at max level there will be problems.

- When there are no incentives for people that do not need anything from dungeons (read valor) once people are geared we will never see a decent player in them and that will be a problem.

- Basically, beta is just in seriously bad shape.

- No non raid or dungeon content at max level.

- Raid and dungeon content is tuned way to high.

- There is no incentive to do raid or dungeon content.

- Yeah, I do not see this turning out well for blizzard.

- Not at all.

- I guess there is still time for blizzard to add content, but they better get off their ass and add it because time is running out.

- I've been a part of many betas for many different game and I have never seen one so incomplete this close to release as warlords is.

- And if this is complete, with nothing to do, I really have to ask blizzard, what are you thinking?

- I still log in and do my garrison missions, because I want to get a few followers to 100.

- It is basically the only thing left for me to test.

- Only 1 level 100 so far.

- I have that follower up to a 632 item level.

- Which opened up a quest for a 630+ item level follower.

- Could not do it because I needed 3 but it would have rewarded me with a 655 piece of gear.

- Looks like you need some luck to get a gear quest.

- It was marked rare.

- And being I did not do it hoping it would stay there while I got some characters up high enough to have a chance at completing it, it disappeared.

- So if you get a rare mission, even if you most likely will fail it, at least try it.

- Because if you do not do it within a week, it disappears.

- So better to try it and fail than not try it at all.

- Giving decent starter gear might make garrisons "required" for people that do not want to raid, because that is raid level gear at 655.

- I have a ton of gear upgrades for followers when they reach max level saved up.

- Oh joy, more bag space gone.

- Why do these not stack?

- I have 9 +2 to a followers armor.

- I see absolutely no reason why they can not stack, it is an item like anything else.

- All this stuff to help us save bag space and I have less bag space now than I did before.

- Blizzard can ruin a wet dream.

- But lets get to some fun stuff.

- I still love having my battle pets follow me around.

- Sometimes they come flying out of nowhere to catch up to you, follow you around for a little bit, and then if you stand still too long they give you a look and walk away because you are boring them.

- At least that is how I interpret it.

- Really wish hunter pets hung out in the garrison.

- But understand why they don't.

- Too many other players would cry a river over it.

- Not to mention us hunters already got it good.

- We take it for granted, but every single expansion we get new pets to tame.

- Sometimes special pets to tame.

- Sometimes challenging pets to tame.

- Think about that for a second.

- Hunters are really lucky.

- We already get more content than any other class on a regular basis.

- We have just begun to take it for granted.

- But it is not like other classes get stuff to change their "pet" all the time like we do.

- Warlocks had the green fire quest, that is like their changing their pet.

- But outside of that, who gets a new pet every single expansion.

- Sometimes even in patches.

- No one.

- Speaking of the green fire quest line, I did it on my lock this weekend.

- I figured I would knock it out before the expansion so I could get the title and the achievement when it comes out.

- I am not very good at a lock so I needed gear to help me get past it.

- I have the legendary, but I still wearing mostly 522 and 528 gear.

- But I do have the 4 piece set.

- Got the four piece set in one day actually.

- Did the celestial and won the gloves, used a coin and won the legs.

- Then I went into the LFR and did them all and ended up getting two more pieces there.

- Four piece set in 1 day.

- But outside of that awesome 4 piece and the legendary, the rest of my stuff was crap.

- I actually got up to the last boss there once before.

- I tried it, died horrible.

- Tried a second time, did okay but died, and decided I would come back when I had a little gear.

- Well, also after I looked up the fight.

- I went in blind when I did it.

- I like to do this, to see if I can figure things out on my own.

- I think I was around 480ish back then.

- I am not skilled enough to get the most out of the class so I needed the gear to help.

- Otherwise the fight is just a mechanics thing.

- Took me 9 attempts to get the mechanics down.

- Well, 8 to get them down, 9 to finish it.

- All but one of those 8 attempts I can trace directly to what I did wrong, mechanic wise, that killed me.

- The one I could not directly connect to something I did wrong, I am guessing I just did not notice what I did wrong.

- I wiped because I got hit by a chaos bolt on the first one.

- Let the DoTs tick too much on the second one.

- This is when I noticed I was not using the grimore of sacrifice.

- Only a fool runs around without a pet and does not use sacrifice.

- It gives you an extra 15% damage and sacrificing an imp gives me a dispel.

- Third wipe was a chaos bolt again.

- Forth wipe was to fel puppies eating my demon.

- Same with 5th.

- 6th wipe I timed cataclysm wrong and charge was on cooldown and died.

- 7th was fel puppies again.

- 8th I have no clue what went wrong but I died fast, really fast.

- I said, if I can just get past the freaking puppies I can do this.

- 9th attempt, I did just that.

- Key was putting my demon behind the portal, not just too the side, which was what I was doing.

- Made it past puppies, and just killed him no problem after that.

- So I will give a super quick guide to doing it for people.

- So simple even this elf could do it.

- Basics are watch timers so you know when you drop rain of fire, when to avoid chaos bolt, when cataclysm is coming, etc.

- Oh, and always stand in front of the enslaved demons breath to remove debuffs.  That is key.

- So this is how it went.

- Pound on boss until he summons demon.

- Enslave demon, put demon on boss, wait for chaos blot and avoid it then pop cooldowns, potions, charge from demon, then chaos bolt the hell out of him.

- Drop rain of fire around portal to pick up imps.

- Stand behind demon so it looks like a line up, you, demon, boss, imps.

- Hit charge, breath, fire and brimstone, all imps die.

- Remember to turn off fire and brimstone.

- Beat on boss, interrupt cataclysm, keep eye on the timers.

- Move demon behind left side of the portal, drop rain of fire on portal to get puppies attention when they spawn while you are on the right.

- Once you have puppies on you, facing you and with full aggro, use demon charge on the puppies from behind, breath, havoc one puppy, bolt another, burn last.

- All three will die while still stunned most likely.

- Basically that is the whole fight now.

- Just finish the boss.

- Goes to show you, I did not need a higher item level, all the higher item level did was make it shorter.

- The fight is just about mechanics.

- But shorter is always nicer.

- Admit it.

- Even if you can do it at 480, wouldn't it be so much easier at 540?

- Well, it was for me.

- I think I enjoy doing things on classes I do not normally play because it makes me feel like I accomplished something.

- I still say my most exciting moment of mists was doing the legendary boss on my rogue with my massive 502 daggers.

- Knowing I am not good at melee, less skilled at a rogue, had crap gear and it took me over 20 attempts, getting it was so damn exciting.

- Admittedly, I was not all that excited doing the warlock one.

- I well over geared it which make it much easier.

- I could be a lot slower on reacting to dispel the debuffs on me.

- I was doing 170K instead of 80K which shortened the fight and meant less chance for error.

- Over all, while I am very glad to get it done, it did not hold a place of excitement like doing the last boss of the legendary quest line did on my rogue.

- Either way, I suggest if you have a lock, or can get one up, go for it.

- You will get the achievement when it gets added and a title that will be removed once 6.0 comes.

- I am guessing that at least we have 4 weeks before 6.0 and at most 6 weeks before 6.0.

- So no time to get the cloak if you are not already into it, but more than enough time to get some quality gear otherwise.

- And if you put your mind to it and work on doing the patterns, anyone can do it, really.

- There are basically 6 abilities you will need to use.

- Bind them for ease of access, even if you are not used to binding, and have at it.

- I wonder why they "remove" things like the achievement and title.

- I know they are basically not removing them because they are not even in game yet and they are only being put in after you can not get it any longer, but it still makes no sense.

- Why does blizzard insist on removing things all the time.

- I am still upset they removed ZG and ZA and so many other things in the game for no real reason.

- Don't you think leaving the achievement and title would work as a great motivator for people to go back and do it?

- In a sense it would create more content.

- So why remove things?

- I think it is because of pressure from the very tiny minority that wants to inflate their ego and think they are special because they did it.

- Do people really need to feel special so much that for them to do so they need to restrict other people from getting it?

- I am sure if I wanted to I could have done it at 480 item level, but I knew it would be there, so I let it sit.

- I did it because I wanted to get it before it was removed.

- But I am not happy with the fact I felt I "had to" do it now or I would never be able to get it.

- I really do not like that design.

- All because some people want to feel like a special snowflake.

- I saw screw the snowflakes, this is a game, let people play it.

- If the snowflake wants to do it when it first comes out at 480, and I want to take my sweet ass time and do it at 540, and someone else wants to wait until the end of warlords and do it a 740, we all should have the same achievement and title.

- At least that is how I see it.

- If doing it "at level" is that important for you, the achievements are dated.

- Just because I have cutting edge and someone else does doesn't mean we are on the same level.

- I got mine in june, after it was out a long time, their could have got theirs 6 months earlier.

- So really, why even remove it.

- If achievements put me in the same league as someone who did it in the first month and it shouldn't, what difference would it make it someone gets the achievement next year.

- They are dated for a reason.

- The fact my achievement will be 6 months after theirs should be more than enough to make someone feel special.

- There is no need to remove content, remove achievements, remove titles.

- Let people play the game, let people have fun.

- It is not a lot to ask, is it?

- Have a great day.


  1. Nice insightful post. It really makes you wonder what Blizzard has been doing about WoW these last few years considering WoD has had the longest production time for an expansion so far.

    As a side question: Are professions still broken? I'm trying to choose which ones to use my WoD pre-order boost on in preparation for the expansion.

    1. Hard to say right now being crafting professions no longer matter. They do matter, but not in the terms of crafting. You can craft all warlords stuff at a skill level of 1. So even if you drop pick up blacksmith the day warlords comes out you can still craft the 630 gear. Same goes for leather working and tailoring. Also works the same with alchemy. You can craft potions and flasks at skill level one.

      Effectively they have made professions and leveling them completely useless. That added to the fact they have completely screwed over everything we know about professions, like needing fish for first aid, ore for alchemy, and herbs for leather working, among other things, professions are not in a very good place.

      However, with all that said, my suggestion is going to be a weird one, a very weird one, on which I think people should take.


      Everyone can collect herbs and ore at their garrison, plus there is a herb and ore catch up system if you wanted to level it in the world. You can not (directly) collect leather in the garrison and there is no catch up system for it. So that, combined with the fact animals drop cloth now and not humanoids, means you can skin and collect cloth at the same time.

      It quite possibly could be the only reason to ever leave your garrison in warlords. Yes, you can trade garrison resources for leather and cloth, but it would still always be faster going out and getting it yourself.

      So as weird as it might sound, skinning seems the way to go, at least as it is now on the beta.

      For the record. I have not tried inscription, engineering or jewel crafting on the beta yet so I can not comment on them yet.

    2. I'd be very surprised if skinning didn't get its own catchup mechanics, else it would be weirdly asymmetrical.
      As for cloth only dropping of beasts, this has been change in one of the recent builds (according to the WoW beta forums).
      Also, herb/mining allows you to gather double the resources from your mine and herb garden. This makes the double-gathering a possibly VERY profitable choice for the beginning of the expansion.

    3. Cloth dropping from beasts has been like that since I was in beta. The only humanoids that drop cloth are the cat people, but they are beasts in a way.

      We have to see how it turns out but I do not think herbs or ore will be worth anything more then vendoring them because everyone will be able to gather both and in decent amounts meaning a flooded market.

    4. It might be that the mine and herb garden are providing excessive amounts of resources to help testers skill up their profession during the beta. Otherwise, you are right, those gathering professions are dead.

      It is scary how silent Blizzard is on the their plans for professions. My guess is that they themselves have no idea what they want to do with them.

    5. I am thinking that might be the case, which is why I said we will have to see. But they have tweaked it quite a lot. It is giving much less than it had been giving already and it is still a hell of a lot.

      Their professions seem like they were thrown together with the idea was like lets do what we think people will expect the lease. Ore for potions, cool, lets do it.

  2. “Warlocks had the green fire quest, that is like their changing their pet.”

    WTF, never heard of this – what level is it available? I know locky’s are lucky in one respect – they don’t have to pay for riding and get 2 free mounts. Not to mention being some tuff hombre or hombress in regards to their wicked magic and they do get a pet or two or three or possible four (haven’t made it past lvl 61 yet).

    As far as the other items you touched on, I am not owrried. I'll never see the cloak and I guess I am a fool as I have no idea about thise s'mores of sacrifice or whatever itis called. again, I have stopped at 61 as I am now leveling up my one and only horde (bad ass Orc named Deathwasp on Winterhoof). Very different not having a fall back team of professions from my other toons who can make 28 slot bads, give Gnomish Army Knifes, all the inscriptions for hunter, one could ask for, armor, rings and things, weapons, and gold when needed. Cloth for 1st aid. Yup out on a pickel, made my 1st 500G but can't afford not even "fetch" because of the crazy amounts people put on their AH junk. I forgot the name of what i am trying to say. oh well.


    1. level 90. The book that starts the quest drops from mobs, rares even more so, on the isle of thunder. It takes you to a solo scenario thing in the black temple.

      At low item levels it can prove to be quite difficult if you are not a good lock like I was. The achievement and title are going away when the expansion comes, but the quest will remain, so you can always do it whenever you want.

  3. This form just ate my comment. Perhaps it was saying I shouldn't be asking the question.

    I quit back in March. I've been thinking of resubbing for the 10th anniversary. Your posts on Warlords are less than encouraging which is a good thing, I'd rather read an honest appraisal than fluffy "omg I love this game and it can do no wrong" which is quite common. By the way I might not have been commenting but I've still been reading your blog and wowinsider actually.

    So my question - is it worth resubbing?

    You say there's nothing to do at endgame. When?! When!? did they remove points??? How did I miss that announcement?

    Mists was a step in the wrong direction in my opinion. In fact I'm going to commit a cardinal sin and say my favourite expansion was Cata. It may well have been Wrath but I was still so new to the game it's hard to tell. What I liked about Cata were the dungeons. 5 man content gives greater control, it's easier to affect the outcome. The queue times are shorter, the content itself is shorter. The dungeons dropped gear and they dropped points. So if I login on my hunter alt say, run a couple of dungeons, I know in a session or two I can buy some more gear. Clear measurable progress. I'm having fun and feel like I'm getting somewhere.

    Now Mists did away with this and gave us LFR which I could rant about all day and won't say anymore about. Warlords said they were bringing dungeons back. So as someone who has been hands on in the beta are they a viable endgame 'progression' as it were? I've been trying to see on wowhead via ilevels but I'm not sure the dungeon loot is even in the game yet.

    So honest appraisal Grumpy? If Mists went in the wrong direction, is Warlords coming back home or is it over the park and up the hill? Cheers!

    1. I would say it is worth resubbing even if only for the 10th, so if you happen to get back into the game at a later date you will not regret that you didn't get a chance to do it.

      I am sticking around more so because my friends are around and really there are no better games out there. Wow is still the best their is. But it goes to show you want we are willing to settle for.

      I hated cataclysm. Disconnected content, horrible story, bad end boss build up, content to hard for random players, wasted development time for 1-60 that ruined the questing experience and time line. Honestly, there was very little to like about cataclysm, except that it ended.

      If you liked Cataclysm, you might like warlords. Warlord is like cataclysm with 1/2 the content. But being cataclysm did not have much to start off with that is not really saying much.

      But yes, I would say it is worth coming back to try it out at least. The fact that you are asking shows you still love the game so why not waste a few bucks on a short sub and see what it is like.

    2. ah fudge, somehow damned Google wiped out my reply. I can only remember bits and pieces, so forgive me if it isn't coherent. LOL, nice, seems there is a built in spell checker - nice.

      ok, Cata was not that bad! The land as we knew it changed. Black dragon would fly into the area one was in and let loose with it's flame breath and one died and got an achievement. Not bad. On one toon, I was killed 3 times by that dragon. It was a fun time for those of us who quested. Maybe not those who raided or did dungeons, but it was fun questing. :P

      -roo "only have to kill me daddy once to git me PO"

    3. Taitrina, it isn't worth resubbing. I unsubbed, came back seeking for things to do, finished everything I could finish in a couple of weeks and am now wondering - for two months already - why the heck am I still subscribed. There is nothing to do. Almost literally. It's all boring and repetitive and we've seen and did all that a thousand times already, and WoD is not looking like it's going to change things to the better. The prepatch will come, we'll roflstomp the prepatch raid, everyone will get their pet, bam, done, fun is over after 30 minutes. Ah, right, I forgot, there will be that zerg in Tarren Mill and Southshore, add 1 more hour to that "fun" thing. And WoD - how long will it last? My guess is one month. Tops. After that it will get back to the boring state of things which we have now. If it does, I swear I am going to sell all my pets for peanuts, give all my gold to strangers and get myself banned so that I can never really come back.

    4. By finishing everything I could finish in a couple of weeks I mean that I finished everything that isn't a rare raid drop and can't be bought on the AH, and that it took me only a couple of weeks, because there wasn't much to begin with.

      (The only exception to that is that I still don't have all the JC recipes which you get for Cata tokens - one token a day, can't speed it up - and trying to finish that is of dubious value since they are reworking stats and gems and many of the recipes which I haven't bought yet - as well as many which I have already bought - will very likely simply disappear. So yeah... So much fun.)

    5. Ah wow that's a lot of responses. Thanks guys!

      @Grumpy I didn't mean I liked Cata as an expansion so much as the approach it had to dungeons. The heroics at the start were a bit brick wall hard for pugs and the Zul's could be a trial. The 4.3 dungeons though I loved as they were relatively easy, they were quick and as I said I just loved the whole dungeon approach. Those 3 Twilight dungeons kept me playing during the last few months of Cata when I otherwise would have unsubbed. They enabled easy fun play on my alts. I just didn't feel like I had that in Mists. The dungeons were eclipsed so early and then got no updates that it felt like a waste of time running them. I know that's probably a bit stupid but it's just how I felt.

      I will come back for the 10th anniversary, I've pretty much decided. My only factor as to whether I might not was if I would need to buy Warlords in order to do so as I'm still kinda on the fence.

      @PVPanon I won't resub until the 10th anniversary which should be about the same time as the launch event? if they are still having one, so it won't be all that long before Warlords. As for Warlords Grumpy is probably right and it's worth checking out. If I then unsub again after a month or two, well at least I will know for myself. I may kick myself for having fronted the box price but meh I'll see. The sub has gone up recently as well. I never used to blink at that because it felt worth it. I suppose if I play for a month or so then it might be and I'll always have the option to return and be account will be up to date. Anyway I'll shut up now and I'll just go back and forth in my head rather than typing :)

      Thanks for the responses.

    6. If you are interested, here's what I am seeing in WoD, after reading all news, watching lots of streams, and talking with two friends who are in the alpha:

      * New zones / questing to 100 - fine. Shorter than Pandaria, but fine. After you level to 100, you do each rare once (yep, once, you get nothing for the second kill, like GE says), you find each chest once, and you are more or less done. Reps are as usual, nothing groundbreaking. Instances are as usual. Raids are as usual.

      * Garrisons - meh. Interesting for a sum total of a couple of hours. The amount of time it takes to read a blue piece on the shiny bonuses coming from the next building is almost certainly going to be larger than the amount of time you "play" these bonuses. You get some new button in the zone, you push it a couple of times, you get some bomb or whatever, fine, done, you don't notice it after that.

      * Professions - meh. Yeah, there are changes, some are for the better (fishing), others are dubious (catch up for everything), some things are unclear (spawns of herbs / ore in the world - how dense are they going to be? right now they are very uneven). This is one of the better points of WoD, they are trying to change things to the better, but, frankly, it doesn't look much too interesting. You want to use professions to make gold? Fine, have lots of alts. That's it. Even without garrisons, although garrisons reinforce that. It's boring, it's always been that way. As to some new lucrative markets, well, there are transmog enchants, and that's basically it. Professions continue to matter only in the last 100 skill points, as usual.

      * Pet battles - pretty meh. There are new pets and there are new trainers, but the numbers are small. MoP added 600 pets. WoD adds 100. Most of these 100 are obtained easily. There are some small good changes to mechanics of battles, but nothing terribly new and exciting. It's same old, same old, just a couple new battles which you will complete on the first one or two weeks, that's all.

      * PVP - OMG. OMFG... I will make it short. Blizzard never learn. PVP is going to be as broken as it usually is at the beginning of the expansion. That's no surprise, perhaps, but what's significantly worse is that PVP becomes MUCH less skillful and somewhat slower. Here's what they did to PVP in MoP: crazy imbalances -> they are fixing problems hard, it gets somewhat better -> every month there is a new problem, but they are ironing most of them out -> more or less fine, problems that remain are annoying but tolerable -> they do nothing for a year so it is just boring, problems that remain get abused all the time and are constantly in your face, you crave for fixes. In WoD, we are going to have this: crazy imbalances -> they are fixing them -> WTF, is this the new PVP???? really?? is this all there is? two buttons to press and everything so slow? -> ??? (not sure what's going to happen here, maybe we'll have some serious revamp, which will undo most of the things WoD did, maybe something else). We have a serious problem with PVP. Yeah, Ashran. Ashran is meh. You do it a couple of times, you get your achievements, you are done. 99% of action is going to be in a zerg. There's nothing they can do about it.

      I think that's all. (Not talking about lore, but that's on purpose, I have no good words for it.)

      WoD looks very unpromising.

    7. We cross-posted. The anniversary should be about 4 weeks before WoD, I think, I never saw definite dates though. Sure, if you decided to check out WoD, why not. I see very little good (and quite some bad) in WoD, but people like different things, and it never hurts to check personally.

    8. Also, for those who are interested in what exactly is wrong with WoD changes to PVP: a typical arena in WoD makes ALL specs play like the worst case of warriors - you tunnel one of the enemy guys all the time trying to kill them. That's all you do because (a) there's nothing else to do 95% of the time, and (b) if you don't do that, they won't drop. You might say, hey, that's better than sitting in CC for 30 seconds, but just wait until you see how it plays now... And no, it's not because they didn't do tuning yet, the amount of tuning required to fix this is enormous, we are talking about erasing everything they did in WoD and starting from scratch, it's way too fundamental.

    9. @PvP Anon

      The TM vs SS will add a hell of a lot more than 1 hour for me. I am alliance, to get the achievement it will take me a few days, maybe even a week. We would actually need to win to get the achievement and that is not going to happen as alliance.


      I liked the HoTs as well. But healing them sucked on a priest. The one were you needed to interrupt, the damage dealers were always too stupid or too stubborn to do it and my priest did not have an interrupt. So it was wipe city if I don't get a group with someone that has a clue.

      Over all the cata dungeons were awesome, even at first release, with premade groups, but sucked otherwise.

      It is nice to see you will not miss out on the event. I am sure if you are anything like me, and it seems you are to some extent, if you did come back a year or two later, you would kick yourself for not participating in it.

  4. it's beta .........of course theirs is no end game why don't you just fuck off and quit the game and stop whinging ...i knew there there was a reason to stop reading your whinging (sorry - blog). my bad for giving it a second chance ..peace out

    1. Ah, did someone piss in the poor baby's cheerios. Of course it is beta, I said that didn't I?

      I also said that in every other beta I've participated in (blizzard and other games) they were further along in this stage of development.

      They also said themselves they would not be adding any new content as far as end game goes.

      So I made an observation based on my opinion and even if you are complaining about it you seem to care enough about what I say to read it and reply otherwise you would not have wasted your time to make a complete fool of yourself.

    2. My, someone didn't have their cheerio's this morning.

      I thank you GE, I think you are pretty dead on with your assessment of Wabbits of Death and it's beta amongst other thingies.

      One would figure that a beta would have an ending to test everything. But Blizz prob thinks it doesn't need an end of any sorts.

      I am wondering if Mr "I missed my cheerios" is from Blizz. LOL, that would be cool.

      Good night GE, good night.

    3. I am mostly worried about class balance because it is still not even close to being finished and soon 6.0 will be out and that is when the class changes come. I can't believe they are still that far off at balancing when it is going to be released in 4-6 weeks.

  5. And I wonder why I didn't play the beta - now I know why! TGE don't be mad that I didn't read all of the post because I didn't want to spoil stuff for myself - but you never know! Maybe they're trying to keep some of the good stuff to save for release? You know like how these days those movie trailers seem to give some tidbits but not totally spoil the movie? Maybe the good bits don't need beta testing. But I could be wrong.

    And WoW, someone needs some chocolate. LOL why did they bother coming back to read, I wonder? I like reading how TGE is the opposite of everything I believe sometimes - it's refreshing! And opens my mind to stuff that I never even thought of in my tiny corner of WoW.

    1. I keep saying to myself maybe next patch they will add something for us to test that will be end game. Maybe they will fix the level 100 mobs so they actually have loot tables. Each patch comes and nothing. Nothing to do at max, 100 mobs still drop no loot. As time goes on I am getting worried. Added to the fact that they said they will not be adding any more content, this is it.

      I am really worried because I love the game and I feel releasing it like this will hurt the game and the game does not need that right not. Not after a 14 month lull in content.

      I know I can be a jerk sometimes and really nasty toward how blizzard handles some things but I really don't get the people that always fall on, if you don't like it quit. Excuse me, if I did not like it I would not be writing about it. It is like they talk but don't think. If I didn't like it, I wouldn't be complaining about it. lol

  6. I also read somewhere else that a whole zone worth of endgame stuff (similar to the vale?) Was left out of the beta due to time constraints....do we know anything about that?

    1. If you are talking about Tanaan Jungle, then it's been delayed for 6.1 even (the part of the zone with max-level content just won't be available when WoD launches). Just another cut in a long series.

    2. Yes, that is tannan jungle. They did not have time for it so they scratched it and then said they never intended for it to be in on release.

      That is a pile of horse poop however. Even in their most recent cinimatic they show tanaan jungle as release content. Maybe they should have changed their newest cinematic. ;)

      In the end they did say there would be no new daily hubs, and seeing the design of world events and rares, there really does not seem to be a lot of repeatable content at max level at all.

      Lets hope they change their mind on some things. There is still time to make the rares more capable of being content instead of one off kills and to add some daily stuff. I am not holding my breath however. Doesn't seem like that is the way they want to go any longer. They are poker players that pushed all in on garrisons, that is all they have to offer.

    3. AHA! I knew Blizzard had a trick pony up their sleeve! Cutting back, quests not finishable -anythign to keep us from getting to 100 for teh 10th anniversity raid. for teh molten core mount. SNEAKY, I say s.n.e.a.k.y.

      bloody bastards

    4. Actually I was level 100 basically not even doing one zone and not finishing two others. So there are more than ample quests to get to 100. In fact it might be a much easier leveling experience than most expected with 10 levels.

    5. that will be good, however, dare I say, you were in very exoctic ilvl armor, as I, will be in crap ilvl 480. hopefully good armor is given out as rewards for doing quests. ilvl 502 - "go kill 20 fish over there somewhere". mu-hahahahahaha

    6. The gear scaling works well, you will end up being roughly in the same gear I was in by the time you would actually need to have that gear. I over geared the early zones. As it should be. Questing and gear progression through questing is extremely well done.