Friday, September 5, 2014

Making a To Do List is Tops on My To Do List

I am usually a very organized person when it comes to everything in my life.  Everything has a place and everything has to be in its place.  You know the type of person I am sure.  So it makes sense that carries over into my gaming.

In a way it is why I like building games because they require a plan of attack.  I love those text based games where you build a base, an army, a fleet, whatever.  I usually play them until the beginner protection time ends and sometimes a little after.  I've also been known to spend a bit of cash on them if I am really enjoying the building up process.  That is what I enjoy the most as I said.  Once you build everything it just turns into a PvP sort of game and I have no interest in that.  I want to build stuff, not rip the stuff other people build down.

With that said I always have a plan, or usually have a plan as it might be.  This is what I am going to do, this is how I plan to do it, and this in the long term forecast on when I expect to finish it.  The problem is I have not had a plan for a while now.  I've been playing the last couple of months kind of aimlessly which is not my style.

I always liked valor and valor gear because it gave me something to build.  It filled the type of game I like to play.  I would build the gear of my player by collecting valor.  So it gave me an easy way to set up my to do list.  Max out this character, get some valor on that character, collect the last 200 on the other character I need to get that chest piece.  So forth and so on.  I loved loved loved valor and valor gear and not having any in game now has left me with nothing to do on my max level alts that I have no intention of raiding on.  Instead they just sit around in their crappy timeless island pieces and if they were lucky a celestial and ordos piece or two.  I've got no desire to log into them because there is nothing to build up on them.

I think it is also a reason I like reputations because that is like building something.  You are doing things and watching that reputation bar move up.  You are building your friendship with the faction.  Same goes for many other things in the game.

I loved recently working on another server and building up a crew of 11 new characters with their professions.  Some people might hate leveling but I love it.  It is building your character.  I level and do my professions at the same time because they are all part of the building process as well.  Not to mention I need to have all professions on that server so they all get built together in a group effort.  I dig that stuff.  But somehow, even if I love leveling, seeing that instant 90 looming there kind of makes me question doing it.  Sure I can still do it because I like to do it, but with that instant 90 option I am at battle with myself.  I love to build stuff, but I also hate to waste time.  If I can get to 90 for the cheap price of 60 dollar than it would really be a waste of time to manually level.  But I like to level so I am leveling but each time I log into the character, no matter how much I like to do it, I can't help but feel as if I am wasting my time doing it now.

So I am left with nothing to do now at max level because I don't want to run LFR any more and there is no valor gear and I am level with nothing to do because I can't level because it feels like a waste of time now and I refuse to pay 60 bucks to instantly level the character and then have another character sitting with nothing to do at 90 because there is no valor gear to get for it.

So my normal things at the top of my to do list are gone.  Gear up alts and level alts.

So now I am left with nothing to do even if I have a lot of things I would want to do.  I need to make myself a to do list.  The problem is that I am not feeling very motivated to do anything right now.  I think all the time I spend on the beta has effected me in ways I could have never expected.  I had already prepurchased the game so I will be playing warlords, but I am not all that happy with the possible future direction of the game with what I see on the beta.

It has all but killed my desire to do my standard stuff I do when I am bored like mount collecting and going after the DS mounts, mimrons head and onyxia's mount.  Maybe I could work on rebuilding my gold after I had a case of open pockets recently and spend a bunch putting me down to a little over 600K.  Seeing what garrisons are going to cost with as many characters as I have and the 10K price tag to switch building in the zones that might not be a bad idea.

I think for me to have any sort of fun I actually need to make a to do list.  It had always been I never needed to because there was always gearing alts and leveling alts to keep me busy and happy and I can not do either of them any more thanks to some changes to the game.  So perhaps for the first time ever I actually need to make a to do list.

So the first thing on my to do list is to make a to do list.

Do you have a to do list on what you want to finish off in the next two months?  Maybe I can steal some of your ideas for mine.


  1. I laughed out loud when I saw the topic for today's post, because I spent a fair chunk of time yesterday making my list. I was feeling disorganized and unprepared for WoD, and making the list really helped me focus a little, and continue playing with a purpose while we are in this intermission.

    My list:

    1. Evaluate my current set of professions for their continuing viability in WoD. (Bottom line, I am not making any changes, including keeping for now all my gathering professions -- may reevaluate after it goes live.)

    2. Make a spreadsheet listing each char and my intended priority of garrison build-outs. Again, this could change as the xpac unfolds, but the important thing is to have a plan. Think it was Fredrick the Great of Prussia who said no plan survives first contact with the enemy . . .

    3. Clean out all the junk and soon-to-be useless items from my banks and bags. In addition to giving me extra space, it puts me in the "look forward, not back" frame of mind for the xpac.

    4. While I am at it, outfit all my alts with the biggest bags I can afford or craft.

    5. Do whatever last minute farming and crafting I can to make a bit of gold -- see also cleaning out my banks mentioned above. Mats and transmutes are selling like hotcakes right now on my server for some reason.

    6. Do some camping on my second hunter to try and snag a couple spirit beasts. Patience is not my long suit, but now I feel like I do have some time to do it.

    7. Finish up my last legendary -- on my third hunter, who is currently in the middle of Secrets. Feels like I may have just enough time to finish before the patch.

    8. Do some preliminary practice healing with my never-really-seriously-used druid. In fact, run through at least silver on the current proving grounds on the alts I have not done it on. I hope this will give me some practice to make the lvl 100 PG less annoying.


    10, Enjoy my flying mounts and the freedom of flying while I can. :-( Make one last visit to Zouchin Village and the NE part of Kun-Lai Summit, imo some of the most beautiful graphics Blizz has ever done.

    1. I will start my reply with #9.

      I still have not gotten even one BoE on any difficulty. :( A couple of weeks ago in 10 man when we downed him twice in one night 5 people got one in one of the kills 3 in the other and I still got none. :(

      #1) Don't worry so much about professions. They removed anything decent from them. No bonuses, no specials, not even the crafted gear like engineer helm is any good (it is only LFR level). Not to mention all professions can craft everything at level 1 of the professions now. So even if you were to switch later, you would not need to level it up first to make the new stuff. So do not worry about professions, they are basically useless and you can stick with whatever you have if you are like me and have everything somewhere to begin with.

      #2) Right now this is my big thing. I want to figure out who gets what and testing on the beta is really helping me with that. Of course I will want all the achievements as well so that has to come into mind. As in which class might be best for which things. I still need to work on that. Only conclusion I have come to so far is the enchanting study seems useless so I am not wasting a spot on it for anyone really. Maybe only if they tie an achievement to it.

      #3) Keep the over grown lily pad, even if it will be a gray item that is useless. It will sell for 100G. Wait and vendor it. I too need to do some cleaning up.

      #4) Excellent idea. I need to do a little of that on my lesser played alts. I still have some with only frostweave bags. Trust me when I say you will need a LOT of bag space. Think you have issues now, next expansion it goes full on. Even with the regents bag, stacks of 200, void storage space, toy box, you will have less space than you do now. I've not even been playing much on the beta and I already have less space than I started it with.

      #5) I think I can put that on my list up near the top. Part of the clean up. Just start getting rid of a ton of things.

      #6) Would you believe that I still do not have a spirit beast on my main hunter? I should think of getting one but really have no desire to ever since they added the CRZ.

      #7) I want to finish my shaman but have major LFR burnout. She has been on the secrets part of months now.

      #8) Wait until 6.0 of that. Would suck to start learning it now only yo have to relearn it in one month.

      #10) Mists did have some beautiful zones, that is for sure. At least we can always come back to it to fly around.

      Thanks for sharing your to do list.

    2. Some very good advice, thanks. Since I have not played on the beta, I am pretty much making some decisions in the dark, so I appreciate your insight.

    3. You're welcome.

      In a way I like the professions change and dislike it at the same time. Maybe they will change it so everything can not be crafted at level 1 when the expansion comes out but you never know. Over all I think professions are in a really bad place over all in warlords. Kind of like blizzard lost sight of what they wanted to do with them. Seeing the engineer helm being LFR level and not normal (soon heroic) level was really upsetting. Insanely upsetting.

    4. @Fiannor

      It is actually a quote from Field Marshal Helmuth Karl Bernhard Graf von Moltke (Moltke the Elder) - “No operation extends with any certainty beyond the first encounter with the main body of the enemy.” Over the years it has been condense and attributed to others.

      * why do you feel you need get spirit beasts - are they going away? And flying, is flying being totally removed from all of WOW?

      * Stole 1 thru 4.

      -roo, your local military know-it-all.

    5. If you do any transmog, or think you might want to in the future. You should check out the gear lists from old dungeons that are getting a revamp with WoD, because the old loot lists will be replaced. I guess that is UBRS and maybe some others.

      I finally decided to make a transmog on my DK last month, looked around for cool sets. Found one I liked. Then discovered half the pieces dropped in old scholomance and are no longer available. I was sad.

    6. Re: Profs

      They removed the bonuses? So having max lvl profs would even provide dps bonuses? like Master of Anatomy giving bonus crit? Thats annoying. Removing one more thing that allows dedicated players to pull ahead of the slacker masses.

      Also, can a lvl 1 tailor craft the new WoD bags? If he can I might very well quit working on lvling my tailor up. That was one of the main things on my to-do list.

    7. @ Troutmonkey

      so removing the profession bonuses is bad?

      Not trying to be snarky, but your last part of that sentance, makes me wonder if you believe those that like it are slackers?

      Anyway, the new hexweave bag recipe :

      Recipe: Hexweave Bag
      Item Level 100
      Binds when picked up
      Use: Teaches you how to make a Hexweave Bag.
      Requires Level 90
      Requires Tailoring (1)

      Hope that helps ya. :)

      - roo

    8. @Troutmonkey

      No profession bonuses at all. No extra gem slots, no boosted gems, no better bracer enchants, nothing. Not even 2 hour flacks for alchemists.

      That is a good idea, checking old dungeons. I got myself the spirit boar that is being removed this weekend on my horde hunter. Have to snag it on a few others as well.


      Because everyone always wants spirit beasts. No other reason. And because BM is the best spec in warlords, so might as well. But a shale spider provides the best buff right now as it gives 2 buffs.

    9. Oh, and Roo answered your tailoring question.

    10. @ Roo

      I'm not saying that liking the change makes you a slacker. But part of what allows me to be a LFR Hero and top the meters in that pit of bad dps is because I do things like fully lvl my profs.

      So I don't like it (for selfish reasons) when they remove something that helps make me good, and that I've already put work into.

    11. @ Troutmonkey

      now I get what you are trying to say - I agree with ya. Sorry, but I did add "wasn't trying to be snarky" :-)

      You gots to remember, I don't think like 95% of people, so I don't have a clear understanding of what I have read most of the time. :-(

      -roo the perplexed

    12. @GE

      no, I know folks like spirit beasts, I was afraid, from what F said, they were going away, thats all. Wouldn't surprise me if Blizzard did that.

      Alway a Beast Master, I have no idea how to play anything else. :Þ

      Thanks though GE - stay away from me gold


    13. @Roo

      Ha! You are right about the quote, it was von Moltke. Frederick is the one who supposedly said to a general pleading his case for promotion based on years of combat experience: “So too has my mule. Must I make him a field marshal as well?”

      On the spirit beasts, my only point was that before the patch and xpac is a good time to spend some time trying to snag one, as there is not a lot else to do in the game. They are not going away, and honestly the whole experience is more like a lottery than ever with CRZ. You pretty much have to be on top of one exactly when it spawns, which is how I got 2 on my main hunter -- second and third hunters have not been so lucky. I absolutely do not have the patience to sit for hours waiting for one, even if there were not 4-5 other hunters lurking for the same purpose.

    14. Hi F - thanks for the explanation. I was worried there that certain pets (spirit beasts) were going away. CRZ sucks for a hunter looking for certain pets - I wish they all became like the MoP pets where you have to hunt them down from the tracks. I really like that. I need to find the pink bird though. I have a hard time reading her tracks. :(

      - roo "needs new glasses"

    15. @Roo

      I never did any of this expansions track quests for hunters. Did they ever fix them or do you still need to follow the tracks backwards?

    16. no idea. I got all mine when they were backwards. I am thinking they did. I will check it out tonight. Going to spend DMF tickets for some more heirloom crap (I have over 2000 tickets on my 15 that can make it. Wished tickets were bOE and could be shared :) ). maybe that DMF mount if it is pink color. and the bear and plate heirlooms and 1 more hunter set. Oh, my, strider, bear, and heirlooms, oh my, strider, bear and heirlooms...

    17. Man that is a lot of tickets. I could only imagine what I would have if I did it on all my characters each month, but I rarely if ever do them. I think I have somewhere around 4000 over all my characters. If I did them every month I would probably have over 40,000. I do have over 60 characters between my two accounts.

    18. my turn to say -

      Man, that is a lot of characters!

      If I remember right, I know I have 4 toons who have almost 500 each. and 3 who have less than 20 and the rest have between 200 to 400, just on 3 servers. There another 2 servers and 18 more who have maybe 200 each. So, maybe I under estimated how many I do have. oh well. no biggie.

      I like do teh professions is all and the turtle ring toss. :) its easy for me. I dont do the arcelogy (or however it is spell) or most of the other crap.

      so, yeah.


  2. Roo's list of to-do'isms....

    1) Read what everone is listing and steal their ideas.
    2) Re-read and steal some more.
    3) Give up if it requires dungeons and LFR or LFG.
    4) Drink me coffee and play my lvl 49 horde hunter.
    5) Visit my lvl 1 bank and check to make sure she still has her 200,000g. GE might visit her with his wiley NE ways and beguile her into giving it all away to him.
    6) Make more coffee and play Deathwasp some more.
    7) Triple read this post and see if there is anymore "to-do's", I need to steal.
    8) Go to bed not caring if there really is a list made by me, because the changes are too great and I unfortunately had "expectations" from Blizzard to make a great add-on. : (


    1. Hey now, I am trying to steal other peoples ideas so that means you are stealing my idea to steal ideas.

      I would never steal your gold. I am not a goblin. :P

  3. I think my only to do list is to level the last class I need, a mage. She's my banker so I think I may be too lazy to transfer everything over to another class that I hardly play. Otherwise, once 6.0 comes out, I'll see how the classes play and make my decision on what I will try to focus on come WoD.

    I'd love to play my hunter again, but I keep reading from you and others that they're utter crap. Gone are the days such as in DS where hunters were freaking awesome.

    Anyways, just a question for you. There's a post on MMO about LFR being required to play, because it gives gear that is 10 ilevels higher than heroic dungeons, in the first tier at least. I think for at least the first tier, this difference might not be so great to where we feel forced to run them. However, the more tiers we get, the heroic dungeon gear will not be catch up gear, so then we may feel forced to run the new LFRs to catch up.

    The contrary to this is if they add new dungeons like the troll ones or Twilight hour ones throughout the expansion, this may make the new LFR content that is introduced with each tier irrelevant. Just want to get your thoughts on this. I guess the bottom line is I really don't want to run LFR, might might need to if there's no other catch up if I decide to level some alt 6 months after WoD comes out.

    Thanks again, keep up the great work.

    1. If you need a change of pace leveling try leveling through pet battling. I recently levels a druid doing almost nothing but pet battles. Nice and easy and really quick even, considering what little effort is put into it.

      Get yourself to the valley of the four winds, yes a level 1 can get there, and just go around the safe areas pet battling. You can it doesn't start really slowing down level wise until you are past 80 but getting to 80 is kind of fast.

      While hunters might be low on the totem pole for raid DPS, they are still a great class. We lost a butt load of utility which hurts our solo game and still we are the best solo class in the game. Just goes to show how far ahead we were to begin with. I will still be leveling my hunter first and hoping for a few small buffs here and there to get us in line with the other classes. But I will not hold my breath.

      I am afraid they will not add new dungeons or if they do the gear will be worthless which means they will be worthless because they do not want to undervalue LFR. If you do not want to raid, you do not get gear, simple as that. I don't like it. Not at all. And it will be the end of the game for me sooner or later if they do not come up with an alternate way to get gear for non raiding characters.

    2. ok, GE, pretend you are talking to a complete noob here and explain how a lvl 1 can get to the Valley of FOur Winds? Without a port to the captiol then a 2-seater ride to Vot4W.

      Thanks Grump. I truly have no idea how to get a lvl 1 to Vot4W.


  4. I checked out professions and saw that there are items that crafters can use to reroll the secondary stats of items they make.


    This might partially fix your unhappiness with the removal of reforging and your apprehension of getting a whole lot of versatility on your gear. On crafted gear you could reroll it until you don't have versatility anymore.

    And they will possibly introduce items that allow you to reroll the secondary stats on drops as well. I'll cross my fingers for you.

    1. That might be okay, but that is also a luck thing. You could end up rerolling dozens, maybe even 100s of times, to get the stats you want. Not sure if you play diablo 3 but that is how it is there. I can spend all my materials trying to reroll one stat I need. I do not want more RNG on gear and having to reroll over and over to try and get the good stats. Reforging was better, why remove what works?

  5. I got myself the spirit boar that is being removed this weekend on my horde hunter.

    Thanks for the heads up - do you know when this week-end it is being removed? I can't find the info anywhere.

    There the 1st thing on my stolen list - get the ghost board on 10 hunters.

    -roo "finally a good #1 to steal"

    1. yes, I am getting the lumber needed for the garrison. Ghost Board, lol, need that too with the boars.

    2. @ Roo

      Oh, I think he meant he got the boar this weekend. It isnt being removed until WoD released and Razorfen Kraul gets updated. So you have plenty of time to get it.

    3. @TM - thanks, see what I am yammering about - I misunderstood what GE meant. Appreciate you explaining it. :-)

      - roo me fadda's sperm wears kilts

    4. Yeah, if it in razorfen kraul. Just stand on the boss, do not attack it and of course do not have a pet out. After about 10 seconds he will summon a ghost looking boar and you can tame it.

      I did some running around with it this weekend. It is a sweet looking pet. Too bad boars do not have good abilities, but for some standard quest stuff it was fine.

  6. Grumpy, I think two hours on flasks for alchemists is staying (logic: because it is convenience, not increased power).

    I love TODO lists. I have some for WoD, but unfortunately, they are awfully short. Basically:

    (1) Farm more gold in the world and on the AH, stock up on stuff to sell pre-WoD and right after WoD (and for this: clean banks on alts - I am half-way through).
    (2) Do raid bosses that drop mounts which I don't already have. (This is where it gets a little bit better than usually: I try soloing raid bosses on undergeared alts. ICC25H, for example, can't be done just by any alt in TI gear, I can tell you.)
    (3) Do two instance bosses that drop mounts which I don't already have.
    (4) Try to get TLPD, Poseidus and Aenoaxx.
    (5) Try to get remaining kills for Frostbitten.
    (6) Try to get gold in tanking and 30 endless waves in every role (I know these achs are going away, but still).
    (7) Complete the last Brewfest achs that I somehow don't yet have after all these years.

    That's more or less it, my real list is much more detailed, but that's the gist of it.

    1. For perspective, when I was walking into MoP, my list was about four times larger.

    2. If the 2 hours is staying then it is bugged on beta and has been. It is not working for me and I have three different alchemists on the beta. So based on seeing it is not there and having reported the bug and it not being changed, I would say the likelihood is that it has been removed.

      I could be wrong and it is a bug. I too was like you and thought that because it actually had no combat boost it would stay. I was surprised to see it did not.

      I should try and do the proving grounds thing. I forgot about that. Did it on my hunter for gold and left it at that. Never even considered going back to try it for endless or with my other characters. I'll add that one to my list. I already do mount farming, in instances, not the ones out in the world. I have no patience for that and even less when considering CRZ, the worst thing ever added to the game.