Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Random Thoughts

- Still spending all my time on the island for the most part.

- A few of my characters need to travel all the way to townlong to buy some valor gear, but they chill mostly on the island.

- Hey blizzard, can we move those old out dated pandas that sell the valor and justice gear from townlong somewhere closer please?

- Why am I buying valor gear you might ask?

- I'll give you a hint.

- 522 > 496+8

- Not to mention the 522 trinket is better than having a crap trinket which most of my characters that were not running raids have, crap.

- So my warrior, my DK and my paladin all have enough valor for the 522 trinket.

- But I can not buy it on any of them.

- Guess why?

- They still require reputation with the shado-pan assault.

- I thought they said they were removing that reputation bullshit.

- Guess they lied.

- I am so surprised, blizzard lying, they would never do that.

- Not like getting to friendly is hard, one ToT LFR and it will be done.

- But did you notice the problem in that line?

- LFR.  That is the problem.

- ToTs were bad runs when they were new and everyone was doing them, how do you think they will be now with no one doing them.

- And all three of those are tanks and I do not tank the LFR alone.

- And if I fake DPS I would feel bad, even if my 60K fake DPS with tank gear and tank trinkets would still be better than 80% of the people in there I am sure.

- Maybe even more.

- I remember being #1 on my monk a few times in the LFR.

- But at least my monks tank gear is the same as my monks DPS gear.

- I am sure all that dodge on my plate tanks does not translate very well into a DPS stat.

- So I could go in as DPS and fake it, but with lesser groups now, if everyone tried to fake it, we won't even get trash down.

- And I will not get my reputation needed.

- So guess what I did.

- I went into ToT on my death knight solo and tried to see how much I could solo.

- Lets just say, not much.

- Okay, lets say nothing.

- I tried at least and lasted almost a full minute.

- It went a lot better than I expected really.

- Death knights are insane.

- Speaking of soloing I can now officially say that a hunter can solo everything on the island.

- Except the world bosses of course.

- I was on late the other night and the place was a ghost town.

- Every time I ran into a rare I tried to solo it, I did not die at all on most of them and died once on only one of them.

- Take a guess which one killed me.

- Cinderfall.

- It budged a bit forward for some odd reason and I did not notice it and got hit.

- Otherwise you can out range it even when the fire is sent straight at you.

- No need to ever move if he never moves.

- It is really really close, so when it budged forward it got me.

- I did it all as survival.

- The biggest problem is pet aggro on the island.

- Please blizzard, fix the coding..

- My pet does not taunt, and even if I manually hit taunt it does nothing.

- It makes soloing a bit harder, but not undoable.

- I need to use MD on cooldown which means with the glyph that is every few seconds, unload during it, hit growl after 4 seconds and FD on cooldown.

- So I start all fights off slow, very slow, before I can start to unload.

- I should not need to do this, blizzard really fucked something up in the coding.

- Excuse the language but there is no other way to say it, they seriously fucked something up.

- Fix it.

- Guess what the hardest rare to solo was?

- The ship, oh my god was that a nightmare.

- With spirit bond and the island thing that heals you it is doable however.

- You are constantly moving, so only a hunter can do it really at this moment I think.

- Those heals make up for any incidental ticks of damage you might take and for a fight that long you will take some.

- I got four stampedes off that fight and at a little over a 3 and a half minute cooldown (thanks to AoC trinket) that means the fight was at least 14 minutes long.

- Over 14 minutes I started to get a little bored and almost screwed up by getting slower to move from the fires.

- You know who the easiest rare to solo was?

- I mean beside the ones down on the main land that only take 15 seconds to kill.

- The giant rock guy with 216 million life, so something around that.

- Hunter tip, you do not want your pet to have aggro on this one, never.

- Seems that if there is someone in melee range it will always stomp.

- Your pet is always in melee and takes no stomp damage.

- If you keep aggro, and being he does not move you do not have to worry about him hitting you, your pet stays in melee and he keeps stomping and never throws a rock.

- Not sure if him not moving is a bug or intended, but either way, he was soloed.

- Two people came and joined toward the end, but I still consider it soloed.

- It is not like I needed their help, I had my rhythm going, I had him land locked, and I had him only casting stomp, which allowed me to just stand there and pew pew.

- If I did the first 150M myself it is safe to say I soloed him even if I had help for the last 30%.

- He went down a lot faster than the ship.

- When running when you start getting bored you lose abilities effecting your DPS but when standing still and not having anything to worry about I could just chill and do things by memory muscle.

- Someone on my server was saying the dragon that drops the mount is unsoloable.

- Here is how to do it as a hunter.

- I just love proving people wrong.

- I cleared the area I was planning on pulling him at first.

- That is rule number one of soloing, you pick the conditions of battle.

- When he came I pulled and let my pet get a nice aggro lead.

- Using my tools, and a lot of timing thanks to taunt being broken, damn blizzards bad coders, and then when it was time, I killed the dragon.

- Once the pet has a nice aggro hold and will not lose it, just kill.

- He seems to only throw the ground effect on whomever has aggro, or is over a certain aggro percentage.

- So with your pet having aggro, and you using MD and FD all the time the only ground effect there ever is will be under the pet who takes 0 damage from it.

- Easy peasy.

- Funny how the island was so dead so soon.

- Didn't this patch just come out a few days ago and this was only its second weekend?

- Last weekend the island was packed and now I had my pick of the litter.

- Needless to say my luck seems to be back to normal.

- Been killing all these rares in huge numbers and no pet drops, no mount drop, nothing.

- At least I got the achievement for all the rares thanks to the rock guy spawning at 3 AM.

- So glad I happened to have been on at that odd hour I am normally not on otherwise who knows when I would have seen him again.

- Even more glad that he was so easy to solo.

- I was worried that with no one there I might not be able to get him down.

- I would have had to make the choice of waiting up for people to come on to do it or to wait for another time, a choice I did not want to make.

- My vote for most nasty mob on the island goes to those damn frogs.

- As a hunter they are not a problem but on a tank character they are a sure shock to the system until you find out their mechanic.

- I am so used to running in somewhere mounted and wrapping up a bunch of mobs and then dismounting with an AoE and I start killing.

- Did that on my paladin, rode in, grabbed 6 or so, spun, dropped some AoE, was at full health one second and dead the next.

- WTF!!!!

- Lets try this again, I can not believe I lost all my life that easily.

- What was the name of that freight train that hit me.

- Did the same thing again, died again instantly.

- WTF!!! x2

- I want revenge now so I go in an pull one and take a close look at the debuff.

- Ah, now it makes sense.

- Get to 10 stacks and die so that means it is a bad idea to pull that many because that basically means dead in 2 seconds.

- Got ya.

- My paladin went to kill some cats instead.

- Doing a flex run when someone asked me what item level was needed.

- I said, none, it is about performance, you do not need a specific item level to do it.

- I explained we can take a couple of people lower to help them gear up, it is how it is designed.

- So they asked what type of numbers should they be doing to be considered respectable for it.

- I told them what I believe was needed from a damage dealer and then was told I was completely out of line.

- Why you ask.

- Because I said that someone should be doing around 120K on patchwork style fight.

- I explained I understand it could be more or less when taking about fight mechanics, but that 120K should be the minimum someone should be doing to contribute.

- Am I really over estimating it?

- I figured flex is for people coming from ToT type item level and anyone in mostly 522 gear should be able to do 100K-120K on a patchwork fight.

- So 100K would be low end of "okay" and 120K would be the "decent" range.

- Maybe I am wrong.

- Maybe I am over estimating.

- But seeing some people play makes me think I am over estimating, no maybe about it.

- Seems even in 522 gear 70K-80K seems to be about what the average wow player caps out around.

- The more numbers go up due to inflation the more people that start to be left behind.

- Numbers are odd because although you can not argue them as they are fact but they do tend to change the way you look at things.

- The difference between doing 800 DPS and 1000 DPS is the same as the difference between doing 80K and 100K percentage wise.

- But 80K to 100K feels so huge and 800 to 1000 just, well, doesn't.

- Heck, when I got an upgrade a few weeks ago I was upset it was only a 200 DPS increase.

- That "tiny" increase is the difference between 800 and 1000.

- So while percentage wise things are just like they always were, they just feel bigger now.

- I guess this is one reason to support the item squish.

- It would just feel better.

- Can you imagine people asking for 1K DPS for the next tier?

- Someone was trying to pug normal on my server the other day and was asking for 200K minimum.

- How funny is that?

- Not the 200 part, the trying to pug normal on my server part.

- When my guild is the #3 guild on the server with only 4 down you are not talking about a server with a lot of pugging options here.

- But I agree, for normal I would ask for at least 200K too.

- Might not need it on some of the early bosses, but sure as hell would need it on the later ones.

- Had to pull 2 non normal raiders in to try the 5th boss.

- Did not go extremely well but at least we got a little practice at it.

- This week with our whole crew I think we can get it, assuming we can get past the first four again nice and quickly

- We are not going to extend, at least not this early in the patch.

- So far this tier is a lot better than last.

- Nice to see yourself getting a few bosses deep when you raid for 2 hours instead of being stuck on the second boss for 5 weeks.

- Normal seems a little more nicely balanced, with my crew as its intended audience.

- It is hard enough to make us work for it, but easy enough that we can still do it if we put the attempts in.

- Fits for us.

- Sucks for when you have to fill in however.

- We have a healer we can rotate in but no additional tanks and no additional damage dealers.

- Because I too, as I said, expect 200K potential from someone.

- Doesn't seem there are many that can do that, at this moment.

- Maybe with some LFR gear and some flex gear they will get there.

- I like flex but still see some issues with lesser players.

- Tried to run a flex run over the weekend and had 2 people say "I want in" and showed up with a 500 item level and no gems and no enchants.

- We carried them, sure, but that is not what flex is about.

- It is about people that want to raid.

- If you have no gems and no enchants you do not want to raid, so no, you are not a raider and you can not do flex next time.  Sorry.

- There is a huge difference in my opinion.

- If someone is 500 and "wants" to be a raider they will come prepared which means gems and enchants along with knowing how to play their class.

- Then I do not mind helping them get more gear and practice, they came prepared, they earned the shot.

- But sorry, I am not going to carry someone that can not be bothered to gem and enchant their gear, even if we can.

- Even more so when there are dozens of people in the guild that would make all the gems and enchants you need for free.

- There is just no excuse.

- If you want to be a raider, act like one, even if you are in bad gear and are still not very skilled.

- Gear and skill take time and will come.

- Being prepared shows who you are more than anything else at first impression.

- And first impression of someone wanting to raid without gems and enchants is "freeloader".

- Speaking of freeloaders there is a big secret in my guild that someone is leaving and taking some  people with him.

- Funny part is the only person that thinks it is a secret is the one leaving.

- He loves to tell anyone that will listen that he is leaving.

- I just wish he would leave already and get it done, not sure what is taking him so long.

- I did not run with him last night but someone that was with him told me a funny story.

- They wiped and he said people are getting out of the range of the healers and dying.

- The person that ran with him said to me, it was the healers that were dying.

- Then he spoke up and asked the raid, how are the healers getting out of their own range.

- I had to laugh, that was a great line.

- As someone that has healed however I know the answer to that one.

- They forget to heal themselves as they are going after others to heal them.

- Anyone that has ever healed has done that.

- Just means they need to get better at healing.

- But don't blame the people for being out of range, blame the healers for no positioning themselves better and forgetting about healing themselves.

- Oh wait, he is one of the healers, that is why it is not the healers fault.

- Got ya.

- Have a great day.


  1. Filling out our 25n with 200k+ DPS pugs is getting harder and harder. But I think you're right that it's necessary. After a couple nights of banging our heads against the enrage timer for Sha (which was probably partially due to not cleaning up the mechanics enough, but was predominately do to not having enough DPS), we snuck in there with a more selective 10 man group. Sha then became cake. Partially because the mechanics are a lot easier on 10 (the tank to squishy ratio is much better, and tons less adds). But also it's just much easier to find 6 dps that can hit 225 - 275k, than it is to find 17 dps that can hit >175k. Sha was particularly unfortunate for our group, because our 5 highest damage dealers are our 3 hunters and 2 warlocks. Next highest is mages. We have a couple DKs that are pushing >200k, but over all our melee are struggling to keep up with our ranged. And this fights needs the melee cleaned first.

    Hmm, got off topic there. The point was, yeah, 200k is neaded, especially for a 10n where you can't really carry as many people as you can in 25n.

    I saw a friend from a different guild looking for pugs for his 10n. He was so desperate he was simply asking for pugs who could top 100k dps. That's not a typo. he'd gotten so many pugs, people 515 and higher ilvls, who wanted to raid, who couldn't hit 100k dps that he was willing to carry someone if they could even do over 100k dps. If I hadn't been locked out of the bosses they were working on I would have gone with him out of pitty... That's gotta be rough.


    1. That is the one huge advantage to 10 mans is that they are easier to fill with top players. My 10 just barely makes the timers on 3rd and 4th bosses, admittedly we make it harder than it needs to be because we 5 DPS it and 3 heal it, but if we barely make it there is no way in hell our 25 can yet when they still have 5 people not even doing 100K.

      It is extremely hard to find 25 good players that are dependable. That is the hardest part of 25s in my opinion.

      I tried a pug with some of the lesser geared and lesser skilled players for flex and could not get past the 3rd boss in the second part because I was the only person over 200K. So even with flex people need to be better. So many people want to raid and can only do 60K.

      It is a said part of the game, and blizzard should design with that in mind. If they want the masses to raid, they need to make it so the masses can raid. And the masses can not break 100K even in 522 gear. We that can are few and far between.

      I was doing 275K on the 7th boss and we wiped at 7%. I wanted to cry, would have logged # 1 in the world for a survival hunter. Oh well, next week I have to try to repeat it.

      But I look at things like that and wonder, what the hell is required for these fights? They are really not for the "normal" player.

  2. They specifically said they were changing most of the SPA gear to Friendly requirement, and the rest of the rep gear would have no requirement, so it wasn't necessarily a lie. :)

    1. Yeah, I noticed that, but we do not start at friendly as we do with many sometimes and there is no easy way to get there outside of LFR. So they did not lie, true, but still not very nice to make us have to do LFR.

  3. Oh so glad you mentioned the pet taunting issue in the Isle I seriously thought it was me the first couple days I hope they fix it soon

    1. I don't think they intend to fix it. I think it is designed that way on purpose so the pets do not taunt the rares on the island because many people complain about stuff like that.

      I believe that is a bad decision on blizzards part. If the pet can not handle it and it taunts, it dies, if it can handle it, who cares. Disabling pet taunt is effectively disabling part of the ability that makes a hunter a hunter.

      As I said however, do not expect it to be fixed.

  4. Inconsistent pet taunts has been an issue ever since pet taunts scaled their threat up close to infinity... sometimes it works all the time, sometimes it never works, sometimes it works intermittantly on the same fight. I don't think it's getting worse, it just isn't getting better. When soloing, though, just macro [@pet] MD to all of your attack buttons, since it's off the GCD there's no harm in doing that and you should never have to feign. In theory. :)

    As someone said above, it's JP gear (<= i496) that had the rep requirement removed, i522 gear still requires friendly (so, one LFR wing). I have no idea WHY they have that requirement but they do. I ran a few ToT LFR wings this week for a few reasons (keeping friends company a couple of times and getting a toon to Friendly once) and while I expected to have the issues you mentioned, I didn't... the runs were competent and the dps was surprisingly high. It's almost like the majority of the LFR dregs have moved on to SoO and the ones still running ToT are just doing it to fill a few gear slots (ie. people who care about specific gear vs just having the highest possible iLvl). You might be surprised as well if you find yourself in there.

    I would say 100K is the minimum in flex to be functionally carried and 120K is the requirement to be actually useful (ie. will at least cover the extra dps required by adding you). Anyone coming in under 100K is going to be a significant drain on the rest of the group. 200K is probably a bit much to expect from most players at this point, most classes will need over i530 to hit that kind of dps number on a non-gimmick fight and players with that level of gear probably already have raids of their own... most of the well geared pugs I see advertising their services are already locked to bosses, meaning they're just looking to progress beyond what their raid group is capable of. Nothing wrong with that, just a limited market. Someone looking for a 200K+ pug for a fresh run isn't likely going to have much luck even on an active server.

    My personal guidelines for my own toons is they need to be at least i510 for flex if the rest of the group is solid, higher if not and you're actually hoping for success. I discovered last night that i515-520 is below par for normal, which was expected but I hadn't tried normal on a lesser geared toon yet... might be enough for the first two bosses but not enough for later ones. I'd say i522+ is a fair requirement for normal if someone performs appropriately for the gear and more is obviously better.

    1. Pet taunting is not inconsistent, it is nonexistent. Your pet will not auto growl on any mob over its own level. That is by design people people complained. Hey, bad hunters will be bad hunters, let their pet die so they learn. They need to stop listening to the whiners and give hunters pet the ability to growl back.

      I just can not wait for the DPS queue time. I tried this weekend, twice, on my DK, and just gave up after 25 minutes when it queue time kept going up and up and up.

      Maybe I will just bite the bullet and tank it on my tanks. I've done it on normal and even a few heroic on other tanks, I am sure I can handle LFR even in crap gear. I just do not like the LFR crew, even more so their attitude toward tanks. That is why I do not do it.

      We had about 8 people under 100K and we hit a brick wall. With a few more 200 people would would have been fine but only I was over 200. So I am learning the limited to how many you can carry. And when there are 8 under 100K and only 5 above it, it can not get done.

      I tanked the first two bosses at 515 on normal, but it got hard, make that near impossible, after that. I guess the same number for someone that knows how to play their class can work for a healer or damage dealer as well. But the key is knowing the class well. Item level will always just be about potential. Skill is about what you do with that potential.

      I ask for 520 minimum item level and 150K minimum for the first 2 bosses. After that I would like to see higher numbers DPS wise.

    2. Sure, it's possible there's a level issue which kind of makes sense (pets aren't supposed to be able to tank "bosses" which could be defined as L91-93 mobs). They're meant to be tankable, just not by pets.

      But no, I'm talking about the growl in general. I've fought mobs where auto-growl didn't work but pushing the button did. I've fought mobs where my pet had an infinite threat, then the threat just disappeared. Stuff like that. I've been struggling with those issues for months, I assumed that was what you were talking about.

      150K at i520 is probably a bit too much to expect unless someone got really lucky with a weapon drop. I'm good on a monk and I've been playing a lesser geared one lately, currently i519, I'm able to occasionally hit 130K on a perfect fight, 120K is more typical... held back by a pair of i502 weapons. And if I'm filling a spot, I'm not expecting someone to be as skilled as I am on my monk...

      Normal SoO should be tuned roughly around a full set of normal ToT gear... so, i522 average across everyone. That's where my 120K or so average comes from, at least for the earlier bosses. I'm not sure what dps requirement the 3rd boss has but that fight is more about strategy than balls-out dps anyway (except on pre-nerf heroic, at least).

    3. I think that is a bug based on the not supposed to be tanking bosses thing. I hit growls manually but some mobs it flat out does not go off and others it does nothing on.

      So yes, in a way I am talking about what you are saying but noticing it more so when it comes to the island. I never had growl issues on the isle of thunder, and those rares should be the same as these rares.

      I do think it is intended for us not to be able to pet thank them however, and I disagree with that. Heck, I disagree with not being able to raid tank either. If a group want to try it they should be able to try it. Just because some bad hunters leave their pets growl on doesn't mean all hunters should lose that ability to have it. Let the bad hunter pets die and move on. They made an issue out of nothing by doing this.

      100K at 520 is not out of line however. I have not monk DPSed in ages and I switched for ordos the other day and managed 105K with tank gem and one tank trinket, just basically hitting random keys and I was 515. So you hitting 120-130 with more skill and a tiny bit more level is reasonable. If you had a 522 weapon I would not be surprised if you did 150K easy. Even more so in a 25 where everyone tends to do more.

      We tried the zerg on normal our first time there for fun just to see how far we could push it. Got it to 28% before the timer ran out. I said, as soon as we get more gear we are just ignoring these stupid bubbles.

      So yeah, I can see how heroic ignored them. Not sure why they "fixed" it. If a group is geared enough to skip it, let them. What is the big deal?

      As for DPS requirements, I think we did it with 40 seconds left and while our DPS, of course, was lower than average, all 5 are usually at or near 200K.

      So we would either need to get more DPS cleaned sooner, or something else, but as we do it, 200K is what I would expect someone to do on that fight. I could see it being done with about 160K if you used a tighter DPS in first approach.

      We did 1 DPS/1 Tank, 1 DPS/1 Healer, 2 DPS, 1 DPS, 1 healer.

  5. Spending a lot of time on the Timeless Isle as well.

    I went to Isle of Thunder and did a couple dungeons and scenarios though to get some extra valor.

    Blizzard only removed rep from the shitty T14 valor gear... which you'd have to be an idiot to buy now.

    I've solo'd almost all of the rares as well except for the few that I never get the chance to solo. Still haven't even seen Golganarr btw. I need him and the Imperial Python left for the achiev.

    Been experiencing the pet aggro issues as well. And I agree, I think it's "by design"... stupid ass design... I didn't notice that it was because the mobs were higher level than my pet and that's when it didn't work, that would explain a lot. Still stupid design though. All Taunts should be the same!

    And there are some mechanics on the 'super' elite Yuangols that will smash your pet to smithereens, which is quite annoying. The Chanters give me problems because those stupid golems tend to attack my pet sometimes and smash him to death.

    I've solo'd Huolon as well, plus an extra red dragon that came along for the ride. It wasn't hard. Just keep moving out of the bad and dodging the frontal attacks.

    Haven't gotten any mounts or pets either from the rares.

    The Isle is a lot less populated. I actually got about 2hrs of straight Yuangol rep farming in on Sunday afternoon where I wasn't fighting for mob spawns. I'm 70% or so to honored now.

    I did LFR on Saturday and the DPS numbers seemed quite low. Take Sha of Pride for example, the average DPS was probably 75K (I did over double that). I don't think expecting 100K+ is asking too much for Flex... We still one or two shot all the bosses though.

    200K for normal seems a bit high though. My ilvl is 534 which is definitely enough for normals and my simmed DPS on FemaleDwarf is only 190K; my 510 weapon is holding me back, but still. 200k is a lot.

    I checked the 10N parses on RaidBots and 200K for a BM Hunter puts you in the top 20% of all hunters, so it's obviously not required to be that high to kill normal bosses. Maybe the numbers you guys are talking about are different than the ones I'm talking about though...

    1. Also doing some Brewfest stuff. I still need the Disturbing the Peace achievement.

      Got to Honored with Shaohao

      Bought the Discipline of Xuen trinket

      Won the Assurance of Consequence trinket from LFR. That trinket rocks!!!

      Got an all Crit ring from a Burden, didn't bother to upgrade it though, hoping for something better. Just got Crit/Mastery boots from a Burden. Not Crit/Haste but pretty close. I think I'll try a belt again with the next one.

      Burning through valor with all the upgrades

    2. You DPS in normals will be inflated. I sim under 200K as well but do over 200K on almost over all the bosses. Guessing the sims are wrong of there is something else not being taken into account.

      I can't believe the numbers would be that high. It is odd. I think the reason we are still pushing timers is we use 5 damage dealers and not 6. With 5 those 5 need to be higher.

      I got 2 new pieces to add, both flex, but have not added them yet. Might before raid time. Wanted to see if I got the better version from the real raid before wasting valor on upgrading a 540 tier hands and then maybe getting the 553s a day or two later.

      Did not win anything in LFR but that is a good problem, otherwise I would need to think of upgrading that too.

      That first influx of gear can be a lot if you get lucky. I am amazed I got 6 pieces in 2 weeks, that is so unlike me.

  6. Monday random thought of my own...

    I've probably come across occasionally (if you can tell one Anon from another) as a Blizzard apologist... which I'm okay with, it's probably true, I do believe they have better data than we do and that when they do something (or don't do something) they have good enough reasons for doing or not doing it.

    However, saw this in Watcher's explanation for changing a heroic fight after going live and it doesn't really mesh with my belief:

    "That mechanic was originally added to completely shut down any chance of a brute-force approach, but we believed that the damage penalty from the initial Corruption would be sufficient to require players to use Look Within to purify themselves in order to meet the berserk timer. Clearly we were mistaken, and I'd like to personally apologize for that."

    I find this type of mistake on week 2 (first week available) of a raid boss to be baffling... they have all the logs. They know exactly what gear the top raiders have. They have better sims than we do (or at least have access to the same ones we do). They often watch those raids do the fights. How on EARTH could Blizzard themselves not be able to determine if actual players in actual gear can brute-force through a suppression mechanic their first time in?!

    I'll still generally take Blizzard's side in these types of things but my confidence has been shaken a bit... and it does perhaps lend a bit of credibility to those on the other side.

    In other news, MM got a major Chimera Shot boost (which y'all can take full credit for, since it's the signature shot and all ;) ) and even SV got a bit of a bump (which surprised me, it felt fine dps-wise after 5.4 hit). They do often get where they should be eventually. :)

    1. I do agree to some extent. I believe they do have more data, I do believe they are working based off that data. But I do not always believe they are reading the right thing into the data.

      For an example as I said to someone in another comment. I do more DPS in 25 man raids than I do in 10 man raids. That piece of data they might view and say, he is more focused in 25s and that is why he does better whereas the truth is, there are more buffs and/or debuffs and when rotated correctly I can do more DPS.

      See, 1 piece of data interpreted two ways. So while I agree they have all that data, I do not always believe they interpret it correctly.

      That was a case of them not interpreting the data correctly. They thought that people would want to see "high numbers" and could go inside to get the 125% buff. While their data might show people like high numbers they forgot one simple fact, people like downing bosses. So screw the high numbers and down the boss. That is where they made their mistake. They did not take into account people would prefer to say screw the numbers and just collect the loot with lower numbers.

      About freaking time for chimera. Wish I could take credit but I know it has nothing to do with me. Greg won't return my phone calls. :P

    2. Well, apparently the brute force method that was used involved dropping a few healers for extra dps which is how they managed to do it... that's what Blizzard objected to more than anything, the healers who had to sit and presumably the healers who were stuck actually doing the fight who must have been going out of their minds... imagine going into a heroic fight with half the healers it's designed for. I realize that's been done at times (I recall Heroic Rag was like that for a while after it came out) but this is a different kind of fight. Guess they just tuned it TOO tight where a normal world-first heroic raid would put up 85% of the necessary dps and Blizzard thought that'd be enough, not realizing they could kill their healers and just add enough dps to make up the 15%. Next time I'm assuming they'll tune it to 70% instead of 85% and make it impossible in week one gear.

      Just because he doesn't return your calls doesn't mean he isn't getting your voicemails... ;)

    3. If the group has the gear, ability, and the skilled enough healers to do it, more power to them. That is what a kill is all about. Getting it done. As they get more gear they would be able to let some of those other healer get in there and get drops they might need off that boss.

      I see no reason to change it. They had that ability, congrats to them for managing to pull it off.

      My group does normals with three healers because we have good damage dealers when you could say most were designed for 2 healers. Should they make changes because we use a different make up and other 10 man normal teams can not get by them with only 5 damage dealers? Hell no.

      Sure, there is a big difference from heroic world first and some casual 10 man guild, but the theory is the same. You find a way to defeat the boss that works for you. If your way is not the "designed" way and works, cool.

      If he was getting my voice mails I think I would be writing this from a jail cell. ;)

    4. Shrug. Blizzard didn't want that fight to be brute-forceable in the first week so they're taking steps to make sure it can't be anymore. As long as the desired strat isn't significantly harder (and it's the #3 boss so for those raids, it probably won't be) then I don't see the issue. If any of the world first raids gripe publicly I'm willing to consider a change of opinion but since they normally don't (they seem to care less about that stuff than we do), I think I'm safe on this one. :)

      And yes, by the time raids like ours get there it's a different story... the first time I killed Prim in ToT was using the zerg strat. By then we had enough gear to do it. Totally different story from a world first race. Even 2 weeks from now it'd be a different story, I suspect.

      Have you seen some of the stuff he gets on Twitter? I think you'd be safe. ;)

    5. Same here, but the time my guild got there we one shot him just going straight at him. I guess that is one of the good thing about taking it slow.

      World first guilds do not care, they will do whatever they have to do, but as I said, they will always look for the most efficient way to do it. I guess blizzard did not do their math right and never realized they would be able to do it that way the first time there.

      He gets some really harsh stuff thrown at him on twitter. I can't see how he puts up with it. If I were him I would be trying to find some of those people in game and banning them. I feel sorry for the guy with all the crap he has to deal with, but then again, that is why is job is, to deal with it.

  7. Love reading about all the DPS elitist epeen boasting , but then again i'm heals lawl

    1. I know you are not talking about me. I'm not good enough to boast. I'm just happy to do my job and I think more damage dealers should.

      You have the easy route, as long as people live, you did your job right. Otherwise numbers don't matter.

      Yes, I heal too, I know how it goes, healers brag about numbers too, but in the end, if people live, no one gives a crap about healer numbers.

      Damage dealers are jerks by nature. Even in a wipe you hear someone say, did you see, I was top DPS.

      One day they will learn, your DPS means nothing if it was a wipe.