Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday Random Thoughts

- Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you enter a building it takes a while to dismount.

- I love to see how far in I can get before I am dismounted.

- I can understand why you are dismounted, who wants a horse running around their house.

- But why are worgen in running wild dismounted?

- They are not on a mount, they are just on all fours.

- It is not like they are coming in the door with anything but themselves.

- It is closer to someone stumbling home from the bar and crawling in on hands and knees than someone driving their car thru the front door.

- Worgen should not be dismount.

- They should actually be the only class in the game that does not dismount when they enter a building.

- Druids could say the same I guess, but they are in the shape of an animal.

- So maybe it is considered rude to have be in animal form when in doors.

- But you can still be a bear or a cat.

- And a shaman can be a wolf.

- Okay, now I confused myself.

- Have you ever played a pet class and been phased from your pet?

- Happened on my frost mage the other day.

- I wasn't even on a quest that had any phasing in it.

- I fought but my elemental didn't.

- Then my elemental was fighting, and I did not see what it was fighting.

- I could see my pet, but could not target it to heal it.

- I've had that happen in the golden lotus questing area on my hunter a few times.

- But never in a low level area like happened to my mage.

- Have you experienced the fishing bug where your first cast quickly ends itself?

- I've been getting that almost all the time on my first cast, no matter the character or fishing level.

- Do you remember when walking through water used to dismount you?

- I was questing in dustwallow and you know those bridges that sometimes go under water?

- I still jump over the water.

- Bad habit or good habit?  You decide.

- Have you noticed at the darkmoon fair you always catch fish appropriate to your fishing skill level?

- That is pretty awesome.

- If you really wanted to you could spend the entire day there fishing and cooking and max both out.

- It would be interesting to see them add more things to the game that changed with your level like the fishing there.

- I wish you could change direction when rolling as a monk.

- Noting worse than being a low level on a PvP server that just happens to hearth home when the other faction is raiding your city hard.

- Just die and wait it out.

- Nothing better than seeing them head down and watching your PvP timer and it hits 0 the second they hit the ground.

- Ever notice since CRZ PvP servers have gotten a great deal more hostile?

- Even open world PvP on PvE servers has gotten more hostile.

- I need to build some PvP pet battle teams.

- I suck at them worse than I do player PvP.

- Didn't think that was possible.

- I do understand why people love to PvP on a rogue however.

- Have a good day all.


  1. I always try to fly into the shrine and make it up the stairs to the 2nd floor before I get dismounted. Works sometimes. The tricky part is making the turn before getting dismounted.

    There was a group yesterday trying to do Oondasta. I did Tillers dailies and they were still asking for people, so I flew over. Didn't really need anything but just figured I could help out.

    It was an odd experience. Some random hunter said "Jaeger bad! :(" when I joined the group... Just ignored it. Focused on helping the locks get their closets up and summon people.

    Somebody was trolling by resetting the boss while we got setup. Nobody seemed to care really, which was good. However when we were almost setup, someone from our group pulled.

    The usual "who pulled?!?!" finger pointing occurred, but nothing really came of that. Few seconds later one of the tanks says "Kick Jaeger". wtf?!? Someone stood up for me in chat saying "why? he didn't do anything". But then I was kicked out of the raid group. Of course, they wiped after that. I just left. "No good deed goes unpunished" as the saying goes...

    1. I agree, it was all your fault, I was there, I saw it.

      Oh wait, sorry, was just jumping on the bandwagon.

      Basically that is what happens. All you need is one jerk to speak out for no reason against you and people just join in with him. It is the vocal minority thing. The one that speaks lowest is the one that is listened to. At least in this game it seems that way.

      I've seen the same thing happen in the LFR someone yelling to kick another person for no reason. Usually I will defend the person, if I feel they are worth defending. But most times when someone says "kick the rogue is is AFK" even if he is standing there dancing, the poor rogue is gone before he can type in raid that he is there.

      Mob mentality.

      Unless you were in a cross realm group, what would be the big deal with being kicked from Oon? You still get loot from the tag.

    2. No heals... like heals do anything on Oon.

      No raid buffs I guess. not like dps matters all that much on Oon either; still just a fight of attrition.

      I was basically done for the day and thought I'd help out before I logged. They apparently didn't want my help, so I logged... :)

    3. I saw screw 'em. If they want to be jerks I would not want to run with them either.

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    5. Most of the world elites are easily soloable if the person has current gear. Even the ones on the island I can solo on alts I am not very good at.

      I think that is part of the reason they do not want groups and the other part is that they want the loot for themselves.

      I know that I do a pass on my DK enchanter once in a while just to collect enchanting materials. The jade forest ones are best for that as they sometimes drop epics which are sha crystals. One night I stayed on late and did the rounds killing all of them multiple times and ended up with 10 sha crystals, many shards, about 25 baggies, and a few big bags. Basically I collected roughly 30K gold worth of stuff in a few passes. That is why people would rather do it solo.

      I know I like to help people, even more so if I see them having a problem. In my time with all the ones I have helped I can't recall one alliance person saying thank you but most of the horde people I stop and help oddly say thank you.