Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday Random Thoughts

- Week 2 of the monk hitting in 90 showed that luck does not last forever.

- Last week I won someone off of almost every boss in the ToT LFR.

- This week I won only one piece and nothing with coins.

- But that one piece, the 516 piece for the guaranteed cache for the heroic scenario and having enough valor to buy my first shado-pan assault piece has got my Monk up to 497.

- Ready for ToT normal in 2 week thank you very much.

- Now if only I can get good with it.

- Two weeks, or more accurately 2 days of playing, is not enough time to really get comfortable with playing a new class.

- I noticed my average DPS is to LFR runs was floating around 75K.

- Before I added those 3 pieces.

- I would think at that item level, 490 at the time, 90K would be a better minimum to aim for.

- But if someone knows how monks scale better than I, please feel free to let me know.

- Not sure how close to what I should be doing the 75K is at a 490 item level but I felt I had a lot of room to grow and was well aware of a few things I believe I could have done better.

- I did work on getting my up time higher, which as a melee is key.

- You can have huge DPS and be low on the damage done if you can not stick with the boss.

- And unless I can keep my damage done position on the list moving up with my DPS I don't consider it getting better.

- I still feel like progress was made and I am getting better at it and that is what counts.

- I did the longest day achievement.

- Did not get my marked battle stone.

- I put in a ticket and they sent it to me.

- Was a bit upset that an achievement that took that long gets you only a flawless battle stone.

- One that is BoA, unlike the normal ones you can sell.

- How lame.

- You would think that something for an achievement like that would give you a stone you could use more than once.

- Like one you can upgrade something with once a month.

- That would have been more appropriate in my opinion.

- And allowing us to upgrade something once a month would not flood the market with rares.

- And lets face it, any pet battler that would actually do that achievement probably gets 5, 10, 15, or even 20 stones a month to begin with.

- So what big deal would it be to give them one more that they can use once a month.

- Made the suggestion to the GM, they sent me my marked battle stone in the mail but completely ignored my suggestion.

- Did not even comment on it.

- Did not even say go to the suggestion forums with it like everyone else usually says.

- Nope, just pretended like I never even mentioned it.

- I was busy doing the BC raids for pets so I did not stress it anyway.

- No big deal, they would not have been able to do anything about it any way so why waste my time.

- Ran multiple characters through the BC raids and there was really no pet love.

- Of all the runs I did I got three pets, two different ones.

- Gave the double to the little lady. 

- She is not a pet collector like me but she was happy with it.

- All those runs did give me something I had been trying to get for a long time however.

- Ashes of Al'ar is mine now.

- I had done it so many times trying to get it and never did.

- Was there for pets and got it.

- How awesome is that?

- And guess which one of my characters got it?

- Yeap, the super lucky monk.

- So while my monk did not have any LFR love this week it sure as hell still had the midas touch.

- I really should go on one of the horde characters and work reputations with it.

- Sitting at 197 mounts now.

- And I do not have any of the horde mounts.

- I need to get reputation to buy them.

- Light bulb.

- Just as I was writing this it occurred to me that I do not need to be exalted if I am that race, I can just buy it right?

- Awesome, but I only have trolls and taurens that high on characters with enough gold to go mount crazy.

- I need to spread the love horde side.

- I have at least one of each race at 90 alliance side.

- But I only really like trolls.

- Trolls rock mon.

- Love the barrens quests helping Uncle Vol.

- Always thought he was the best leader horde side.

- Now that they will be getting a new warchief presumably there are many people jumping on the Uncle Vol bandwagon.

- And with that the haters come too.

- Wish we could go back to when I was the only one that liked him because he was cool.

- They are going to pull a Thrall with him now.

- Used to love Thrall, and that bad ass armor in Hyjal rocked.

- Then they deiced to bring him front and center and it ruined him.

- How is it that great characters always seem to get horrible when they become center stage?

- It has to be a writer thing.

- Blizzard needs better writers.

- The new heroic scenarios are making it too easy to cap now.

- How strange is that to say?

- I am not complaining however, would rather cap and be able to play a few alts then take forever to cap.

- No contest, hands down, capping fast is better.

- My Monk and my Rogue ended up doing the LFRs even though they did not need valor from them just for a chance to get gear.

- Now that was a choice.

- See blizzard, let us get valor easy and then choose what we want to do.

- I like that idea.

- You talk about giving us choice, quicker caps gives us choice.

- Now if the heroic scenarios where not the only way to quick cap.

- Hint, hint, hint.

- Being my Monk needs to do the old ones, as I have just started the legendary line with it, it caps super fast.

- Well, super fast in theory.

- Still takes a year and a day to get into those damn things.

- I think there are even less tanks now that you can choose what gear you get.

- Even with a healer yesterday I waited forever to get in.

- Each one took over 1 hour except one which took 40 minutes.

- Lucky for me sunday is my game day where I play all day otherwise I would have never been able to finish them all.

- Someone in my guild has decided to quit raiding because of that.

- They felt that they could not keep up unless they did all the LFRs, even if others might believe different, and they could no longer keep up because they could not even do one per day usually with their free time, so they are quitting raiding.

- Not the game, just raiding, because they feel that can not give it their best any more.

- I can understand that.

- But they have been a raider as long as I have known them, at least 4 years.

- I am sure quitting the game will be soon to follow.

- Unless they get into PvP that has a more time friendly schedule.

- Or pet battles, or something else.

- And then if they find a way to fix the queue so people can actually get things done they feel they have to get done, he will go back to doing what he likes, raiding.

- And if they do not fix it soon enough, he will be part of the next wave of 1.3M people leaving.

- People come and go all the time but they need to do something.

- No people are coming, and lots of people are going.

- Did a cross realm Oon this weekend, went to the vale on that other server and the shrine was packed.

- I mean you could not see one foot in front of you packed.

- And not with cross realm people, with realm appropriate people.

- I left raid and went back on my server, looked all over, 2 people in my shrine.

- It says I am on a medium server.

- It says that server is a medium server.

- What is it that I always say about blizzard?

- They really seem to have a bad relationship with math.

- We are not both medium servers.

- If theirs is medium mine in not low, it is dead.

- We are not both medium.

- Not even a third grade math student could look at one and the other and think the number of people was near the same.

- One had what looked like hundreds of people in it and the other had three.

- Yes blizzard, even a third grader is better at math then the people you have on staff.

- Some might say perhaps most of the players on my realm where out and about doing things and that is why.

- Okay, you can believe that, I know that is not true.

- I think they should merge my server with 3 or 4 other small servers and we would still be a small server.

- And then part two of that would be, lose the CRZ.

- Allow us to be where we want to be, on a small server.

- They need to realize there is a huge difference between a small server and a dead one.

- I like small servers, not dead ones.

- Speaking of CRZ fun, that new unborn valk will be hell to get if I do not get lucky.

- Every spawn point had at least 3 or 4 people hovering over it.

- And there were many people flying all over looking for it.

- And this was at 5 AM when I figured it would be easier to get it because no one would be on.

- I figured wrong.

- Well, I have today off, so going to stop here and get on the game and perhaps cap another character.

- Those heroic scenarios are great for alts as long as you can get two other people.

- My poor horde characters, I have no one to play with.

- Even my guild never has people on that can do it, even if they have nearly 1000 members.

- Kind of hard to find a decent guild with skilled players that can do stuff like that easy when you only play once a month or so.

- So while I love the new heroic scenarios it sucks when you are flying solo.

- But I would NEVER want to see it changed.

- I do not want to random into these things with this player base.

- They are just too darn hard for most of the people I see in this game.

- Seriously, I am not kidding.

- Well, off the the game.

- Have a great day all.


  1. Huh. I didn't get the battlestone either, but didn't bother all that much, not sure why. And no, I hardly pet battle as it is, I just wanted to tick that achi off the list, had a bit of a break since half my raid team got suspended for 3 days for an exploit...

    1. They used the bag exploit I am going to guess.

      I am surprised they only got three days. No offense to your raid team members but I think a permanent ban was in order for that. I knew about the bug, I could have done it, I knew it was wrong and didn't. If people know it is wrong, which I am sure they did, and still do it, a permanent ban is the only way to respond.

      More proof that blizzard will let people do anything, they do not care.

      I know people that did it that got nothing. Not even a 3 hour ban. Sad, very sad.

    2. I suppose you know the penalty volcano they have. Three days is longest time for getting suspended.

      Now I don't really get where you're coming from. These guys are first time offenders, they didn't affect anyone else directly (like ninja-ing loot or whatever). Our shadow priest told me he only opened up 4 lockboxes or whatever that was.

      Did you take advantage of the 100% mount drop for Ragnaros mount when that happened? Did you take advantage of the Ulduar Algalon 10 seconds or less title?
      I, myself, didn't do it for example. They learned their lesson. What is it that Blizzard doesn't care about and why should my guys be perma banned? Do you think people's hands should be cut off so they never ever steal again?
      Just a little too angry :)

    3. Nope, I did not take advantage of the 100% mount drop. But if I had, it is not something I figure would be a big deal. Only one person can get it once a week. And they can easily remove the one mount. Same for the Ulduar title.

      In those cases, nothing is really gained. I say who cares, they made a coding mistake and a few people got stuff that really does not matter that much if any. Still I think it should be removed, but it was no big deal.

      Perhaps they should just do the same for them. Remove any ill gotten gains.

      Perhaps your group might have just did minimal, but some people made millions of gold, some even in the hundreds of millions of gold. People got gear they did not deserve.

      I look at it one of two ways. Either give everyone the things those people got, or remove it.

      Should there be different levels of ban for it. Yes. Someone that opened it 4 times and maybe got nothing they can use and 100 gold does not deserve a permanent ban. I agree with you. 3 days is just fine. Actually three days is excessive if it were a first offense and that small. But three days is fine.

      What I have the issue with it the blanket 3 day ban. It if was going to be a blanket thing, it should have been a permanent ban and that is what I am talking about.

      People made millions and got away with it scott free for a three day vacation for the game. That is wrong. 100% wrong.

      So would I say your guys deserve it? No, 3 days is more than ample. But being they are not willing to address each case on a case by cases basis, I say if one ban was going to be handed down and it be the same for everyone, it should have been a permanent one.

      The ideal solution would be for them to address each case on its own and just not do a blanket action.

      Some guy on one of the forums I read didn't even get caught and made massive amounts on it. Yet your guys get screwed for 3 days when they did something small and this guy is walking around with more gold then entire servers have. It doesn't seem fair.

  2. Massive grats on Ashes of Al'ar! That is seriously awesome. I love that mount and hope one day it'll drop for me. I should go with more characters now to have more chances, I'll have to think on what can cope with it as I don't tend to gear my 90's on account of how much I loathe LFR.

    Have you got a Minfernal? As there's a lot of people hovering there all the time as well. Why they made that pet part of the achievement but left out half a dozen others I don't know. Given how rare the Minfernal is, and how casual and approachable, pet battles are supposed to be. You'd think if they wanted it to be that rare they wouldn't make it part of the achievement.

    My server is called medium as well, I guess they don't want to downgrade anything but a new server to low, it might send the wrong message. I too wish they would merge a couple of small servers and do away with forced crz. I like crz technology when you control it, but when it's forced I don't. I used to play on a high pop server, I moved to mine which was smaller for a variety of reasons. A very minor one was that I liked that the quest mobs weren't all permanently dead, that I could gather mats I needed for myself without frustration, crossing off the Bloody Rare and Frostbitten achievements still took some time, but I shudder to think what they are like now or on a high pop. So why take away what people like about smaller servers and not give them anything in return? More economy, more raiders for guilds etc. So they are lying on the server status keeping it permanently medium rather than low, and then stick a bandaid to fix the part of smaller servers that didn't need to be fixed.

    I haven't done that "The longest day" achievement yet as I haven't beat the Beasts of Fable quest, I also never got a team that could easily do a couple of the Spirit ones. I scraped that one with dozens of attempts. Pet Battles is something I dive in and out of. I'm levelling pet suggestions in wowhead comments so I can try swapping those in and out. I still have a lot of pets to level for the levelling achievement so I'll get there eventually. I am a bit disappointed that it's just a flawless stone. I have half a dozen of those on various characters, none for the type that I want which is why they are still sitting there. I don't want to waste them on anything until I need to use them. I think as you said they should have made it re-usable or something. Still never mind it's not family specific so I'll be able to upgrade my Winterpsring Cub at last.

    1. Thanks, it is a really pretty mount. Love watching the trail it leaves behind. Probably the prettiest mount in game at the moment. Although my main would want to ride it, my monk got it, so from now on it is my monks default mount.

      But the huge question is this. I do no transmog any of my alts, but for a mount like that, my monk will need gear to match. What should my monk wear? lol

      Even if you have characters that can't solo him, and it is still amazingly hard at 90, if you bring someone that can equip the dagger it will still be easy. Two man it.

      There are three ways to do it. Overpower it so you do not even see a mind control. Bring a second and both equip daggers so you break out the other mind controlled person. Or have one equip the dagger and hope that that if anyone gets MCed it is you so they can break you out. If it is them first then you, the fight would just reset anyway. So might take an attempt to two, with luck. Still not so bad to duo even with lesser geared players. As long as someone can equip a dagger.

      Yes, I got the minfernal. I got it a long time ago before they nerfed it to make it much easier to get. Funny how it is much easier now, and it is still hell for most.

      Got really lucky with it. There had to be 30 people hovering over the area. All really high. I was low to the ground and it spawned right under my, I landed, caught it, and when the battle was over, it looked like no one had even moved. Not one tell or anything in say. I got it so quick no one else had even noticed it. How great is that? I used a stone on it. Normally anything I can catch I keep catching until I get a rare but in cases like that, where they are near impossible to find, I just use a stone to make my pet collecting life less stressful.

      That is one of the reasons I prefer smaller servers as well. Less mob competition, less node competition, less trolling, less people standing on quest givers on mammoths, less griefing, less of everything bad in the game. Sadly, it also means less raiders. But there is a balance that can be found between what they call medium and what is really medium. One of my server feels full of life, even before CRZ I leveled a character and it was amazing to always see at least a few people in all areas while leveling. It was a medium but lively server. At max level however, there were no mob shortages and collecting was just fine. Now that is my type of server. Enough people to thrive, not so many that it makes the game unenjoyable. My server, is not medium. Not even close.

      I should list my teams, it might help you. I not longer have any issue with the spirits. While first doing them and finding a team I liked they gave me fits but now that I have my teams they are nice and easy.

      The one healing fish in Kun Lai for beasts of fable is a bitch and a half. I must have died 30 times on it since they changed it but got it done. That is the only mob in the game I currently do not have a team that makes it easy.

      I suggest get pet battle teams addon and save all the teams. I name them for who they are for so I just click the right team, fight, collect goodies. Even better now that they give valor, I can get my alts some valor.

    2. Well if you feel like making a pet battle post then I would certainly love to read it. Any suggestions for teams or general tips would be awesome. I haven't got that addon you suggested so I'll go and get it now. Sounds like a good idea. Does it remember the selected pet moves or do I need to remember to adjust those too? That's something that annoys me out of the default system, I swap a pet, start a battle and realise I didn't change the abilities back.

      Nice story on the minfernal. I guess they were all afk. Bet they kicked themselves afterwards. Thanks for the Kael'thas tips. I don't really want to duo it though as it's so rare. I wouldn't begrudge it my friend but if I only see it drop once I'd like it to be mine. Mind you my friend is as bad as I am, we do a fair bit of mount farming and when something drops we try and give it to the other one. So if I won it from him I'd feel a bit guilty, safer all round to just do it solo.

    3. Remembers teams, moves, everything. You can even name them so you remember which team is for who. I have one team named for every daily, so I just switch back and forth as I go to them. Makes life so much easier.

      When you remove something from a group and put it back you need to reset the moves. But if it says there always, it remembers the moves always. And if you have the same pet in a different group with different abilities, both will be the ones you set them too. Changing one does not change the other. It is great for battling.

      Yeah. Solo is easier because no fighting over it. Unless it is decided before hand who will get it. I've had people tag along with me on some things and I make it clear, I can solo things, I am soloing it for XXX item. If it drops it is mine but you are welcome to come along. Most of the time they will still come. Even more so if they know you do not need them. It is when you need them they feel they have equal rights to it. And they are right in that sense.

  3. I valor capped without doing hardly any dailies this week. Did all 4 ToT LFR, did the Barrens stuff including the couple scenarios for that, did a dungeon, did a heroic scenario (pug group so no bonus), and a few dailies.

    The Barrens map is very buggy. Caravans that don't appear on map because they're CRZ announcements and some Caravans that do show up but are CRZ so aren't really there... The Commanders seem to show up properly at least.

    Got the legendary meta finally... Now I get to collect 12 more stupid things from LFR...

    Finished leveling my Blood DK yesterday. Got him up to 461 ilvl w/o doing a single dungeon. 458 PvP gear, 476 boe shoulders that I had picked up a while back, 476 belt from Kirin Tor, 502 boots from Hordebreaker quests, 463 weapon from scenario box, 476 neck piece that was really cheap on the AH, 463 arch trinket, 450 dragonling trinket. I need better rings and bracers, they're only 429 and 434. He's gemmed, chanted, and reforged too. Blew a few thousand gold but whatever.

    Not sure what I'm going to do with the DK now though. Need to learn how to tank better. Normal scenarios on undergeared toons (with a a random group) are hard... The Barrens stuff is hard too with an undergeared toon. Was going around with the random groups killing the commanders and kept getting killed by them.

    It's a definite shock going from my 516 hunter to a 450-460 blood dk.

    I guess just focus on earning valor. Go to IoT and see if I can get a trove key to stock up on Elder charms. I hate to run LFR as Blood DPS though. Unbuffed single target is only about 20k; AoE can be 35k but that'd only be on trash. No way I'm going to try tanking LFR unless I can go with an overgeared tank who can tell me what to do on vent or an overgeared healer to keep me alive.

    I want to focus practicing Blood so don't want to switch to Unholy for LFR as dps. Won't help with the muscle memory.

    1. Collecting those 12 will take forever. 4 weeks do far for me, only 2 of them. Hope your luck is better than mine.

      Go blood, basically solo all the normal mode scenarios. Even in lesser gear, even with lesser skill while still learning. Blood is killer for soloing.

      Yeah, doing the barrens on my hunter was pull 20 mobs and mow them down, doing them on my mage was picking off one at a time or waiting for commander groups. Huge difference.

      Run as frost in your blood gear, that is what I do. Then again, I tank in DPS gear, so having DPS gear is no biggie.

  4. Oh god, I just hit that stage of the legendary quest myself, needing the 12 drops... 2 after 4 weeks?!


    1. Yeap. Horrible isn't it. :(

      Someone in guild has been on it 5 weeks, has 3. Another three I know of have been on it three weeks, one has 2 another has 3.

      It is sad when the one a week person is considered the lucky one. Even at that luck streak it will take 3 months to get 12. That is a lot.

      I am hoping this week I get lucky and double up. A week with 2 is needed. Can't get another week with none.

    2. That's beyond horrible - I figured at some point even a toon actively doing the legendary would be able to take a break from LFR until the next tier comes out...

      Guess not.

    3. Add another week with no drops for me. :(

  5. 6 LFR bosses so far (my normal raid hasn't happened yet this week so I'm holding off on the first two quarters since I think normals have a higher drop rate, I want to do those bosses on normal first), 1 drop. 2 a week would be... acceptable, but disappointing and annoying considering we just finished a collection quest. Enough with the artificial barriers to progress already...

    1. You'd think by now I'd push the right reply button...

    2. I noticed the reply bugs sometimes and does not register correctly.

      The titan runestones only drop off the last 6 bosses, so if you did those in the LFR you are done collecting for the week. Unless there was a change I am not aware of.

    3. Nah, it's me... it's too tempting to push the Reply button below what I'm responding to than to go back up to the original comment to do it.

      This, in a nutshell, is why I can no longer be a heroic raider. Situational awareness fail. :)

      Also, I just found out that only the last 6 bosses in ToT have a chance to drop those items... if I was aware of that earlier it slipped my mind. FYI in case that's news to you as well. Apparently it's a 25% or so drop rate so it'll be 8 weeks on average, or 16 for those with the Grumpy loot luck debuff.

    4. lol We all have our moments. ;)

      Yeah, I knew it was only the last 6 bosses. I am thinking longer with grumpy luck.

      5 weeks, times 6 bosses, is 30. I have 2. 2 out of 30 is closer to 7%. At this rate it will take me 30 weeks to get it, not 8. :(