Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Share Your Bugs

So what is the funniest bug you have seen so far with the patch?  What is the most annoying one?  Which ones have you ran into that you can't be sure if they are a bug?  Anything happen that was completely unexplained and can not be duplicated?

Every time a new patch comes out there are always bugs that come along with it.  I've seen a bunch so far.  Some annoying and some funny.  Going to share a few.

The Attack Doesn't Stop.

First boss in Hour of Twilight.  We down him and the ice never stops falling from the sky.  As we are running to the next boss with the slow as sin savior of azeroth that can't even afford a mount, Thrall, the ice keeps falling from the sky and we are stuck avoiding it while trying to finish the dungeon.  Made for an interesting run.

We considered porting out and back in to see if it would reset it so they would stop falling but figured we would roll with it to give the dungeon a little challenge.  It stopped shortly after we started the decent to the adds to the second boss where Thrall likes to face pull mobs that we could have just walked past.

We were almost upset when it stopped.  It would have added a fair deal of challenge to the dungeon if they kept falling like that.

The Attack Doesn't Stop 2.

Same boss, on oh my god insane mode.  If we were not raid geared it would have been a wipe, and even almost was.  The second the fight starts the ice starts falling from the sky.  Not a little here and there, constantly on everyone.  Get your self chained, get free, you get chained again instantly.  We could not move, none of us, and the ice kept pounding us over and over.  It was insane.  The damage was crazy and completely unavoidable.  Even with everyone using everything they had to get out of it they got chained again and the ice kept falling.  Two of us died, but we got it down.  Barely.  Any less healing or any less DPS and it would have been wipe city.

My Eyes are Bleeding

Azshara in Well has always been one of those fights that was more of an annoyance than anything else.  I question the people that make this game when they think things like this are fun.  Or when they think a pug can handle it.  I mean, come on, there is target switching AND an interrupt.  How dare you ask people to do that.

Good thing I do this stuff in guild groups mostly.  So the fight itself is no problem or never had been, until they decided to see if they can blind everyone in the dungeon or maybe cause people to have epileptic fits with flashing light.

The arcane mage guy that puts that effect under someone before charging them, well, his aim is a little off now.  Did this a few different times and it is always the same now.  That little thing under one persons feet now is in the center of the room and fills the entire room in bright, blazing, flashing, swirling lights.  If you play on high like I do, that means you see nothing.  Nothing but a bright flashing light.  What is worse, is you can not target though it, no clicking on your target, you need to tab to get it and we all know how great blizzards tab target is.

So lets see, blind the players, make it impossible to click on azshara so you can interrupt, and now maybe the fight will be a little harder for non-pugs.  Still did not wipe because we know what we are doing, just set focus to Azshara and have your interrupt focus macro do its magic, like any half way decent player would, but it took an annoying fight to a whole new level of annoying.  It was now annoying +2.  Someone remind me to turn down my setting next time I do that dungeon.  I really do not want to end up blind because of a video game.

Don't Worry, I Got This.

I mentioned in my random thoughts that my mages DPS seems all over the place.  No place more than the last boss in Well.  The one with the damage buff which some people love to pull insane numbers on.  But for an arcane mage this fight is not the boon it is for other classes, usually.

Early on I changed my approach to this boss when on my mage and not doing fire.  I ice lance spam.  I can do it while moving, it is instant and it is spammable costing nearly no mana.  Being you get a chance to proc the 1M damage off each hit the more hits you can make the better you will do, that is why DoT classes do so well on it.  So this always made sense to me why my mage did not do so well on it.

Not like I ever did great on the fight either way.  I think I was usually around 50K on it, not being all that lucky with the proc for 1M.  So when doing it with the guild the other day I went to old reliable.  It will not be amazing DPS but I did not feel like trying fire because I've only read up on arcane changes thus far.

Not sure what happened, or how, but my mage went psycho.  Late in the fight people started going down, one DPS, two.  It was just me, the healer and the tank left.  I said those famous last words that are usually followed by the glorious deaths in battle by everyone in the group.  Don't worry, I got this.

138K DPS later and my mage offically more than doubled anything he had ever done in arcane before on that fight.  I did nothing different, but arcane missiles seemed to proc instantly, all the time and that means a lot more attacks and a lot more chances to proc bonus damage.  Might be a gimmick fight, but I would have to say that was a strange bug because it seemed like as soon as the other two DPS went down nearly every shot I made proced the 1M.  He was at 50% when the others went down, he only lasted another 20 seconds after that thanks to the most impressive streak of procs ever.

I think it was a bug that when two DPS were dead I got nearly 100% proc rate on the bonus damage.  Must say, this is a better bug than being blinded or having ice fall from the sky 24/7.  Not even sure if it was a bug or just some case of insane luck.

I'll Solo Heal This.

So how does 157K HPS sound to you?  How does it sound to you if I say it was on a non gimmick fight?  Pure, unbuffed by mechanics 157K HPS.

That is what my discipline priest was capable of doing in heroic dragon soul.  89K HPS and 68K HPS over healing which when added together meant that I was doing 157K HPS.  What is more insane is the 68K over healing as disc priests by nature rarely have high over healing.  It means I had a lot more healing sitting around that could be used. Being my over healing numbers were so high, I could have solo healed it.  If only I were capable of figuring out how the hell I managed those numbers.

I was at 100% mana.  I was spamming my heals, they were hitting insane numbers.  Prayer of healing was hitting 5 people for 120K each.  What?  How?

I did not keep it up, no, I went back to earth and 30K HPS.  But I wonder what the hell happened a few times when my numbers just went insane. 

If I had to guess I would say it is linked to the power word shield bug that happens when you go to cast it on someone that has weakened soul.  Instead of failing like it is supposed to it freezes your cast meaning you need to move, jump or pick another target to use it on.  If you keep on the same target and try something else, you will be locked.  Being I healed like I normally do and this was the only difference, I would have to say something happened when I was locked by the shield and tried to cast something else.  It is the only think that makes sense that could have triggered the bug.

So what are some of your odd bugs that you have seen, good and bad?

Anything worth sharing.


  1. Not so much funny but odd:

    logging out in Lion's Pride Tavern in Elwynn takes 20 seconds if I'm coming from Inn/Hearth side, automatic like always when I come from outside into the Inn.

    Happened on several of my characters on seperate occasions.

    (I'll leave the annoying ones like Accept issues with Northrend PvP Dailies for elsewhere ;))

    1. That is weird.

      Reminds me of the fishing one where sometimes if you are mounted and toss your fishing pole from the mount you will stay mounted for a little bit. But not always.

      Some weird stuff out there.

  2. I've been a part of the falling ice. Not fun!

    However, the annoying thing for me has been fishing! Please, tell me this is a bug:

    I no longer have the little count-down bar when I'm fishing!

    I know, that is a minor thing, but I'm trying to fish up old Ironjaw in IF. One out of 6-7 casts has me missing because the bobber "bobs" just as the invisible countdown reaches its end. Usually, I would just automatically click it when the count-down was a second from ending. It would always hit simultaneously as the cork would "bob" for me. But, without the count-down/timer bar; I can't see when my time is up!

    I know, it is silly. But, I'm one of those silly people that actually enjoy fishing. I can still fish, but it is annoying knowing that every now and then I won't get it because the timer is ending.


    1. Nope, no count down bar for me any more either. Took me a good 5 or 6 casts to get used to it. As if it made a difference. Odd as it sounds, it does make a difference.

      I understand the fishing thing. As someone that has over 25K fish caught (and over 100 hours in org without that darn fish) I can relate.

      Not having the cast bar is annoying after we have gotten so used to it.

      Have you had the fishing while mounted bug yet? That is funny. Doesn't last long, only a second or two, but I bet that is what fishing from the raft in mists will be like and why it is happening sometimes.

    2. No, I've not tried to fish while mounted yet. I prefer to sit down and fish. :)


    3. Well, you can sit on your raft and fish soon enough. :)

  3. The Karazhan chess event is totally broken - even with a full raid, it's now practically impossible to win without a huge slice of good luck.

    1. Ouch, that sucks. You used to be able to solo it with some luck and now you can't do it with a full raid. Big ouch.

      Did you report that one?