Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday Random Thoughts

- I have 9 of my 10 classes set up now, so my thoughts are about them at the moment.

- My thoughts on hunters are well noted, as I am a hunter main and posted it, so I will leave those random thoughts out for now.

- My death knight needs a second spec.  Have not had one since... ever.

- I have always been blood tank and blood DPS.

- Yes, even after blood went to pure tank I still had a blood DPS spec.

- Being the spec changes I can now do something else with that second spec being we can't really spec differently so two of the same thing makes no sense, unless I want to be really cheap and not pay for dusts to change things.

- I am thinking frost.

-  Resetting up my tanking bars was not so bad on my DK, doesn't seem like much has changed.

- Also noticed that DKs are now the only tank with 2 taunts, which is a nice little plus.

- With the change to active mitigation I don't see many DK tanks having issues, that has always been what they did.

- The good ones at least.

- My warrior is another story all together.

- Lost my AoE taunt, lost my unlimited taunt vigilance, feels like I lost my mojo.

- No, not the pet.

- The warrior set up is like the bear, always has been.

- Not much to spend the rage on now however but still find myself rage starved when I need it.

- Have to learn to active mitigation more and bleed rage less, that will come with practice.

- I like that I don't have to stance dance any more.

- I like that I can tank in berserker stance.

- There is a lot to like, now to get some practice at it.

- My warriors offspec will be fury most likely, but it will not see action until 90 being I sold all my DPS gear in the great bag clean out for all my characters getting ready for mists.

- My bear tanked heroic DS, so I can say I have a little more practice with it than my other tanks.

- I did not notice as many issues as I thought I would with active mitigation.

- But I did cause a few wipes by being hit 3 times in a row, even with cooldowns.

- I can't remember getting hit 3 times in a row in god knows how long.

- I went from 60% dodge, unbuffed, to 25%.

- Sad bear.

- My DPS went down considerably as well.

- I think that had more to do with me worrying about active mitigation however.

- It will come back.

- I sold all my resto gear and my kitty gear but I quest as bear so no biggie.

- Not sure which of those two I will gear up for in mists at 90.  Still undecided.

- I will not be a boomkin, that is for sure.

- Just do not like the way they look and that turns me off of them.

- They could do twice as much DPS as every class in the game and I still would not play one.

- Speaking of liking their look, maybe that we can be a tree all the time again I might go back to healing.

- A abandoned that early cataclysm because it just did not feel right not being a tree.

- If I wanted to heal and not be a tree I would do it on a priest or a shaman or a paladin.

- Not to mention I am a better priest, shaman and paladin healer to begin with.

- But I hate paladin healing.

- Doesn't mean I did not heal this expansion on one.

- Had a full healing set and a full retribution set.

- Both gone to the great clean out.

- I quest as protection.

- That tank set up seems to have gotten lucky compared to my others.

- Doesn't really seem to have many new buttons.

- Along with my DK it seems like it will be easier to adjust to.

- The loss of righteous defense makes me want to cry.

- That, with my heal bot, was awesome.

- Saw I was losing arrgo, saw a name that was not mine light up on healbot, right clicked the name, aggro is mine again.

- I wish every class had a taunt like that so I did not need to tab target around or click around to get the mob.

- Now none have it.

- My favorite reason for being a paladin tank is gone.

- As least my passive mitigation is still insanely high on my paladin.

- I honestly think nothing changed with it.

- I saw my bears drop.  I saw my warriors drop.

- Now my least geared tank has the most passive mitigation.

- Bug maybe?

- My bear and warrior got my paladin by at least 15 item levels, maybe 20, and my paladin has more passive mitigation.

- I will never understand some things in this game.

- Now to the healers.

- I already said I have not been healing on my druid and paladin so that just leavea me with my priest and my shaman.

- My priest has always been disc/disc.

- Don't need that any more, so what to do?

- I was gearing up for a shadow spec but sold everything, just like I did on other chars, to clear space for mists.

- I think I will try shadow unless I end up feeling lost like I did at the beginning of cataclysm when I almost went holy.

- I might be forced to give holy a try being I like healing and disc has no big AoE heal any more.

- Gee, thanks blizzard.

- Restoration shaman seems the same as before, just no totem forest now.

- I like that water shield does not need to be carefully monitored any more.

- It would get annoying at times.

- I kind of dislike the loss of the totems even if they were a set it and forget it thing.

- I even used my bartender and created my own totem bar again.

- I bet a lot of you shaman out there did the same.

- I will most likely keep enhancement as my offspec.

- Will have to figure it out all again because the last time I played it was T11.

- I did it on two fights in DS just for fun and did horrible.

- Healing is just so much more fun than DPS, not to mention easier in a raid setting, in my opinion.

- Now to the pure DPS.

- My mage confuses me.

- I am all over the place with it.  18K on this fight, 38K on the next.  13K on the one after that.  25K the next.

- I am doing the same things, or am I?

- It is arcane, my offspec is fire.  Most likely keeping it that way.

- Love the new glyph that makes our poly on critters last 24 hours.

- I was turning all the rats in stormwind into all types of animals.

- It is a zoo there now with all the different things I can poly into now thanks to glyphs and other stuff.

- At least I have a way to waste some time and have fun when I am bored now.

- At least for a few minutes here and there.

- Only tried combat on my rogue, offspec is assassination.

- Actually, my main spec is assassination and my offspec is combat, but that doesn't matter does it?

- Going to keep it that way for now.

- Combat seems the same.

- Keep thinking I forgot to put poisons on because of the new way of doing them.

- Cleared up some bag space at least.  That is always nice.

- My rotation doesn't seem to have changed and if it did and I did not adjust it, it is not noticeable at all.

- I picked up roughly 6K DPS doing nothing different since the change.

- The hunter I told you about and the warlock remains untouched.

- Makes sense, I hate warlocks.

- To many buttons, to many things to watch.

- Now that hunters are like that too I wonder if I will end up hating them as well.

- I hope not, my pets would get all lonely if I stopped logging in on it.

- And they really are the best class in the game for many things.

- Questing, soloing, and now AoE loot fest fun.

- Hope you are having fun adjusting to the changes and relearning what you have to.

- As much as I hate some changes, I am having fun with it.

- Have a great day.


  1. You mentioned you hate Paladin Holy and Retribution, but I'd recommend giving their 5.0 versions a shot at the very least, you might end up enjoying them! I loathed Ret pre-patch, but I am actually really enjoying it now. It's much more active and engaging than before, to me at least.

    Not saying you'll love it for sure, but you might be surprised!

    1. I'd give it a shot. Always up for trying it again and being it is new I will have to test it out again. Won't be until 90 however.

  2. Table coverage for tanks isn't really something that exists anymore, ever since the two roll block. I'm not sure how you figured paladin passive mitigation is really high. Per my character sheet, I have 29.92% avoidance against a boss (lvl 88) and 34.8% block against a boss. That means I have ~70% chance to be directly hit or to block the attack. And if the hit falls into those 70%, then I have ~65% to be directly hit. Haven't been directly hit since very early Cata. I admit my parry/dodge ratio isn't optimal and I'll get to that but still, the nerf is pretty big and easily felt.

    1. CtC is dodge, parry and block added together. If it reaches 102.4% that means you will never take a full hit.

      So how I figured it was high was I added my dodge, parry and block and it was closer to 102.4% than I would have expected based on the changes.

      I am currently sitting at around 73% and that is in mostly firelands gear and still a few 359 pieces. So yes, that is absolutely high based on us supposedly having less passive mitigation now. Consider my warrior, all DS gear, it is only at 61%. So I think the paladin is bugged.

      Although it is true it was a lot easier for a paladin to reach the CtC to begin with (I had heard there were paladins CtC capped in T11) there is no way that number can be accurate for the gear the paladin has after the changes that were made.

      With that all said, I have not used my paladin yet so I can not comment on if the changes would be easily felt or not first hand, but just looking at my numbers I don't see it being much of an issue, if any what so ever, for the content my paladin does, dungeons mostly.

      We have three quality paladin tanks in my guild so there is no need for me to work on it any. Same as why I left my warrior behind, we recruited two good warrior tanks. Now I only tank on my bear because there are no bear tanks at all on my server it seems.

    2. CtC was what you're saying PLUS miss chance (5%). That value you needed to have at 102.4%. Anyway, I know full well what CtC used to be, as I said, I haven't been directly hit since very early Cata, was 'block capped' since tier 11. But it doesn't work that way anymore, unfortunately. I just explained above how the two roll system works.
      That aside, paladins are the "block a lot" tank and warriors are the "block more" tank. this is why there is a slightly higher value of block for a paladin than for a warrior. We get to block 31% of the damage when we do block. They also have a chance for a critical block. So overall, both classes even out with 'passive mitigation;, even if one class is spikier than the other.

      Bottom line, adding things up isn't really how you judge passive mitigation anymore. Looking at 10% more block chance on your paladin than on your warrior doesn't mean you get 10% more chance to not get directly hit.

    3. As a side note to why I said CtC doesn't really exist anymore. Because Complete table coverage assumes the existence of one table. And the one table at the moment is dodge / parry or fall into the second table. Second table being block or direct hit. To be unhittable we would need to have a guaranteed 100% block chance. Which isn't really obtainable.

  3. Druids do get 100% tree form now.

    1. And that is awesome on so many levels. Might make me heal again. I ditched it in cataclysm when they lost tree.

    2. Also, regarding moonkins - you can spec to retain your humanoid form when shifting into moonkin, much like the tree form mentioned above.

      warlocks are pretty badass now, especially demonology IMO. we'll see if it gets nerfed

    3. O_o I did not know that about boomkins. They might just be worth trying now. Thanks. I must have over looked that one being I always disliked them. Maybe I read it and it went in one ear and out the other.

      I still hate playing my lock but I love being a petless class for affliction now. That is awesome. Too bad I need to keep killing my own minion to get the 50% damage boost. It looks so sad when he dies at my hands. For a main hunter, that hurts killing your pet.

    4. Sorry, meant glyphed, not spec'd for the boomkin humanoid. the glyph is astral something or spectral something, I forget, you just kind of fade a little and get sparkly.

      You should take a look at lock for the heck of it. I know with demonology, they now utilize demonic fury, which builds up using certain spells. You can now metamorphisize into demon at any time, it just costs a certain amt of demonic fury per second to stay in that form. There is also a talent (I think) that basically turns you from a ranged dps to melee, as it gives you a buff for melee dmg reduction, and changes some spells (like shadow bolt to some sort of claw or stab that generates demonic fury). plus that form gives you purple wings and horns :) I may be getting the destro confused with mages, but I think destro has burning embers rather than demonic fury, but works similar. you have to build them up then use to unleash high dmg spells, and think one will heal you for 20% of your hp. I haven't messed with affliction yet. I apologize if you already knew all this from the beta. I, too, was not a fan of my warlock before, but am really digging the changes

    5. The only lock spec I have played around with is affliction. That is all I have ever been. Tried demo for a bit but could not get into the grove, not like I could with affliction either, but you probably know what I mean. Some thing you just find more comfortable.

      I might try the others for something to do and to see how they work. Doubt I could get into the melee one being I hate being melee.