Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Random Thoughts

- This is the last monday of cataclysm

- Are there any other wow thoughts that would come before that one?

- What do I hope to be thinking about next monday is more what I am thinking about this monday.

- I am hoping I have my main all geared and ready for raiding.

- I am hoping I have at least started out with a few others.

- Alternating rested of course.

- I am hoping I have my jewelcrafter and enchanter maxed so I can take care of myself.

- Want to get my druid and priest up so I have one damage dealer, one healer and one tank.

- The druid is the tank and the jewelcrafter and the priest is the healer and the enchanter.

- Makes sense now right?

- Everything I do always has a plan behind it.

- My hunter is the alchemist.

- So I will have my flasks, potions, gems and enchants ready for raiding nice and early on.

- But oddly enough I currently have no desire to raid.

- But I always have the desire to be ready for it.

- For now there are other things that need to get done.

- Lots of characters to level.

- Lots of professions to level.

- Lots of reputations to level.

- Lots of things to do that raiding is actually the last thing on my mind.

- Raiding is always fun but for me it is something to fill the time.

- Hence the reason I hate when raids go on to long.

- Raids for me, are filler, while I am waiting for more of the game to come out.

- Good filler that I enjoy doing, but filler none the less.

- Not sure when raids become boring, but I would guess after a dozen or so clears.

- I don't care about getting all BiS because I know that I will just be replacing it as soon as the next raid comes out.

- But in the same breath I would never turn down an upgrade.

- I can never understand the people that obsess over getting BiS.

- I can see obsessing over BiS for your locked 80 herald toon.

- It has a cap, it can not get better gear, ever.

- So there is a real best in slot.

- Now, to me, that is fun to do.

- I've really lost my taste for gearing up over and over again.

- Running on the never ending mouse wheel of gearing up has started to annoy me and I want off.

- Give me content to do, stop giving me gear to grind.

- I wouldn't care if I wore the same gear for an entire expansion, or two even.

- As long as there is a steady flow of things to do I can have fun playing the game.

- But I am the extreme minority there.

- I raid for fun, for something to do.

- So if they released a new raid with no gear drops, I would still raid it.

- Or gear drops, but the same exact stats, just different looks.

- To throw some people a bone that feel they need something to justify raiding.

- Can't the fun of downing a boss in a team effort and overcoming a challenge be enough reward for raiding?

- It is for me.

- And I would guess me alone, that is how much in the minority I am.

- I hope we get more content patches this expansion because last expansion was about as boring as they come.

- What content did they really give us?

- Molten Front, Thrall quest line, Zul quest line.

- That is all I got, how about you?

- One hub that did not feel worth doing after the first time and two quest lines that were done in 15 minutes.

- Not exactly what I call compelling content.

- I think I am going to start getting into PvP.

- Seems to be so much more rewarding from a content stand point.

- Too bad I suck at it.

- But then again, if I do it enough I might get better at it.

- Do you know how hard it is to map out all the binds and macros a hunter needs for PvP?

- I would rather take calculus again.

- It is easier to understand.

- Easiest class to play, hardest class to master.

- No kidding.

- I am wondering if with the push blizzard is giving to try to get everyone into raiding if the days of actual content are gone for instanced encounters only.

- Again, not saying anything bad about instanced encounters, but with their track record they do not release enough of them to be a good flow of content.

- All too quick, too boring, and easy to burn out on.

- I have a feeling I will be spending a lot of time doing pet battles.

- I am one of those people that like to complete everything.

- So not only will I want to get all the pets I can I will want to max them all out in skill too.

- As long as it does not get boring too quickly I can see that taking me some time.

- Who would have thought something so simple in concept could end up being more compelling content than a raid.

- I would rather level 10 more pets than raid 10 more weeks of DS.

- Sometimes enough is enough.

- And DS reached enough about three months ago.

- If the raids are better I might go back to wanting to raid all the time.

- I used to do it every chance I got.

- Now I can't be bothered.

- I say that is the fault of the raid design however.

- It just wasn't very good on any level.

- I will have to go back at 90 and do it again so my main can get the achievements.

- Yes, I know they are shared, but if my main did not get it my main needs it.

- Just because it shares things doesn't mean my main go it.

- I did heroic on my tank and healer, my main only had three bosses down.

- The three easy ones from early on.

- Which brings me to something I have been thinking about a lot lately.

- Kind of forced into it really.

- I need to find another guild to raid with.

- I have enough hunters to go around, I want to have one of them in a weekend progression guild.

- One where I do not have to be the raid leader and can just sit back and play and have fun.

- One where I get to be on my hunter every week.

- One where I can just do what a hunter is supposed to do, kill whatever gets in my way.

- There will be some shake ups in my guild thanks to someone leaving and then coming back.

- While I can not be sure what was said I believe some sort of side deal was made to get them to come back.

- Wasn't me, I have learned to never bend over backwards for anyone.

- Was the guild leader that did it.

- If the rumors are true, and I have not seen him on to talk to him about it, I might be looking for a new guild on my main as well as looking for a weekend progression guild.

- When I wrote a post a while ago I said one thing I learned this expansion is that everyone is replaceable.

- Whenever we lost someone really good, we ended up getting better without them.

- So I leaned not to cater to anyone.

- If there is any catering going on, I too can be easily replaced.

- No one is irreplaceable.

- Goes to show you that success gets to everyones head.

- We finished tied for 9th on our server and for an extremely casual guild that is not so bad at all.

- So now some want to try for more.

- I am against any effort that might take place that tries to turn a casual guild into a hard core one.

- If I want hard core I will do that elsewhere.

- I am proud of what we accomplished but it seems some people looked at what we did and saw stars in their eyes.

- If only we had this person instead of that person we might have been 8th or this person we might have been 7th.

- Sorry, we are casual and for who we are and what we do where we ended up is pretty darn impressive.

- If we are going to make a move to do more hard core raiding, I would take my main to another guild for it instead of one of my hunter alts.

- I like the relaxed nature of our team and the good people on it.

- I raid with them because I enjoy raiding with them.

- If we have to start pushing out some of them for progression reasons, then it is not the group I want to raid with any more.

- It would not be the team I am extremely proud of.

- I would rather 9th fall to 40th than see 9th go to 3rd if it means breaking up good people just because someone can do 2K more DPS or 2K more HPS.

- Turning a casual guild into a hard core guild ends up one way only.

- Badly for the players that got them to 9th and made a few want to push further.

- It would be like punishing the people that did so well because there is someone better out there.

- Can't people just be happy having fun and doing decently with good people?

- If anything, this might finally be the way I can leave my raid leader post and not feel bad about it.

- Let the person that wants to be hard core lead.

- Good thing I really don't seem to care about raiding all that much right now.

- Imagine how much this would bug me if I did if it bugs me this much when I don't?

- Happy mists day everyone, just a few more hours to go.

- Hope you enjoy it.

- Have a great day.


  1. For me, raids are just another part of the game to experience. I have never put as much emphasis on them as many players do...or as much as Blizz has over the years. They are not the "end-all-be-all" for me. Just give me content to do and nothing to beat my head against my desk for please.

    BiS gear? I couldn't tell you if I've ever gotten a BiS piece for any of my toons. They all end up being moot when the next tier/expansion hits anyways. Why frustrate myself (read: beat my head against desk) over getting them?

    I'm not saying I won't raid in Mists. But, I look forward to pet battles, scenarios and building a farm more. Fun, laid back things to do are always a plus in my book.

    I have a love/hate relationship with PvP. I love to do it, but I hate how much I stink at it. I also hate how it usually ends up being "every man for themselves" and rarely a team effort. That is more frustrating for me than how much I stink at it. So, I don't PvP that often.

    1. Battlegrounds do sometimes have a feeling of an every man for himself thing even if they start out good. I would suggest going with at least 2 others, one being a healer, and try to stick together. In many cases you can take on anything unless you get overwhelmed and it becomes a lot more fun win or lose. From my experience at least. Nothing is worse than being a healer when it becomes an every man for himself thing because that just means instant death.

      Rant time: When will people learn to protect the healer. I hate them all.

      End rant.

      I do love to raid, don't get me wrong, and I have had many BiS on many characters, but it is on a "they will come" basis. I never stress over it. I think I am just growing out of this format some as I get older.

  2. That's why I raid. I raid for the fun as a team, not for gear, and not for a rank on wowprogress. If we down a boss it's because we did it as a team, not because we made ourselves miserable or replaced our friends to get it. So if you're in a minority then it's a minority of two not just one.

    Don't let the raid team change if you can help it. That's what wrecked my old raid team. We cleared normal and got the three easier hc modes. Then people wanted more, so friends of the raid leader who were more progressed came to 'help', and the friendly atmosphere changed to one of blame, and stress. The fun disappeared and it just became miserable. When we reached a brick wall the group pushing content we weren't ready for, the group broke. Some people left the guild, others quit raiding, others just took a break. Different attitudes towards progression kills raid teams.

    As for the leaving guild comment I recently left my guild. I was a raid leader and senior officer but I couldn't be party to what was going on anymore. It's not an easy thing to do but at the end of the day you have to be comfortable with your conscience.

    I too expect I'll be spending a lot of time on Pet Battles. I have a medical condition which means I have a fair bit of time to play. So raiding, or preparing for raids, doesn't fill up the time. I'm hoping that there will be enough content for something to do. I have been farming for rare pets with the new aoe loot. It's not the most engaging of tasks though so I hope there will be more.

    I'm watching the digital launch event as I type. There's 1 hour and 20 minutes left until Mists goes live on servers. I will see you on the other side.

    1. Still quite a while wait for me in the US, enjoy.

      Sounds like you experienced what I am going through now. One taste of doing well and people what to change everything that made us do well in the first place thinking it will make us do even better. Sorry, doesn't work that way.

      In a way, I am not even sure I want to raid again right away if I leave. If this is what fun and success leads to, I would rather have a great time wiping on normal and not finishing the raid with people that know how to enjoy the game.

      All I can say is pet battles better be good. lol

  3. My raid leader is pushing us all to level up quickly to be ready to raid. He wants us to compete with our progression team. Honestly, I'm not too crazy about it. Raiding was fun and I enjoyed the challenge but I got tired of the attitudes and complaining and the "beating our heads against a wall" of heroics. We got them down eventually but it was frustrating. I already told my raid leader that I'll only be raiding one night a week and I'm fine if they need to replace me. Just as you guys have mentioned, there's enough other things to do in the game besides raiding; achievements to get, pets to tame, reputations to grind, professions and alts to lvl, gold to make. Lots to keep busy.

    1. I already have things on the calender. Dungeon runs and raids next week. Doesn't mean I expect to run them, but if there are enough, I like to have them there to show we are thinking of doing them if we have enough.

      I do it lightly. I do not press. Even in my event notes I put something like, "if we have enough to do it". I think that is the best way.

  4. Anon, Grumpy’s GL:

    The only deal made when the in, out and back in player left and came back was between his Dad and him. In other words, his father told him to get back in the guild or give up his WoW account.

    Now as inducement to stay in the guild, yes, I did offer the kitty cat an opportunity to lead a 10 man team on a harder core basis. I figured that with our effort to have a 25 man team, that you would have your hands full with the 25, so why not give him something to see if I could persuade him to stay. This was done in light of the conversation we had in the officer meeting when one officer asked why it wasn’t the 10 man that would be considered our “best” and the 25 would be our all inclusive. With our plethora of alts, any players on the 10 man would also be able to participate in the 25 on either a main or an alt.

    I would also note here that the standards that the cat proposed weren’t any different than what your predecessor as raid lead maintained. Which admittedly were more stringent than our current standards, but are not truly bad standards to follow. Also note I have been urging in both officer meetings and guild meetings that such standards be followed for quite some time now, which may well have influenced his thoughts on the matter.

    The time frame of this was a vent conversation between me and the cat on the weekend, in which he told me he was thinking of leaving and the reasons why. A second whispered conversation the next day in which I made the proposed idea of him leading the 10 man provided he was going to stay to lead it. A whispered conversation on the Monday following in which he told me he was considering it, and then me logging in the next day on Tuesday to find he had left the guild. At that point I would say the effort I made to keep a valued player in the guild, one that you had trained to lead raids, was over.

    A couple of days later, I got another whisper from him asking to come back in the guild due to his father’s decision that he would either play in our guild or not play the game. At that time I told him he could rejoin, but it would be as a regular member as all his alts had been reduced in rank from officer to a general member status. He understood that would be necessary. We also talked about the fact that a number of the officers and general members had been disappointed in his leaving, and that it would take time for him to regain and rebuild trust from his guild mates.

    On this past weekend, he asked me in another whispered conversation if the deal for his leading a team was still possible. Frankly, I had not thought about that as something even to be considered until he mentioned it. My initial reaction was “huh, ya gotta be kidding me…” but as is my usual wont, I did not say that as it would not be polite. Instead, after a moment’s reflection on the scarcity of the fellow who is supposed to be leading the other team opposite you leading our more successful team, I told him I would talk to you about it. It is not a decision I would necessarily favor immediately, but what I favor may not always be in the best interest of the guild. I figured you could offer me another perspective on the idea.

    I hope we can continue this conversation in vent soon. There is more to be said of course, but I really would rather say it aloud rather than having to type it all out.

    1. That is what I told others when he left. I said when his dad finds out he will be back.

      He can do the 25s if he wants, he is the one that wanted them, not me. lol

      From the bad taste it left everyone with a doubt there are many that would be willing to work with him anyway now. I keep telling them to understand he is young but I agree. They all felt like they were lied to and they were. If he said to everyone he was leaving because he wanted to try for more progression they would have been fine with it but he told everyone, me included even if I read through it, that he was leaving because he did not want to be around not being able to raid because of school and thought it would be easier on him if he left. If anything, he was young and handled it wrong.

      We can talk about it later but there is one thing I want to point out. When looking to upgrade to hard core he and I are the only two players in the guild that would be able to do that with the requirements needed, it is a mentality and our guild does not have it, that is why I never pushed them hard. I may not have ever wanted to be raid leader but I know what people can do and I work within their limits. Just because we had a fair deal of success does not mean you could have pushed much harder. I don't think he understand that. We played above ourselves.

      I do stand by what I said, if he wants to try to create drama and pick apart people and make them feel like you are good and you are bad to assemble a super team, I am leaving, I do not want to be a part of that and quite honestly neither do most of the people there, and you know that as well.