Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Random Thoughts

- I found a few interesting things this weekend that I must have over looked on patch notes.

- Did you know you can turn off achievement sharing?

- I didn't.

- In the interface there is an option to disable shared achievements on that character.

- It does not work perfectly, you still share all your achievements but if someone inspects you or looks you up on the armory they will only see the achievements that character has gained.

- I like that idea.

- Don't recall reading that, must have over looked it.

- I also never knew that as a mage you can heal your elemental with a frost bolt.

- Could have been there forever for all I know, just never noticed it.

- Goes to show you how often I play frost.

- Must have been at least three years since I played frost.

- I mean it makes sense, just never knew that.

- I was cleaning up more characters this weekend, you know, in preparation for mists.

- Ending up playing a few for a while.

- Low levels are different now.

- I had a level 20 paladin that used to have a blessing, for buffs, they did not have it any more.

- Apparently they get it later now.

- Also, after resetting to defaults, I've been reading some tool tips.

- Since things changed I suggest everyone turn them on, at least to look around.

- Some of the tips have changed a bit and it might even help you catch up with changes.

- With all the changes it is easy to miss things and the tool tips help.

- On some stuff.

- Other times I wonder if the people at blizzard even know what game they write these for.

- Like for a beastmaster hunter if you look at core abilities.

- Bestial wrath is not a core ability.

- Excuse me?

- How is that not THE core ability of the whole spec hand and hand with kill command?

- I know you do not have it early but come on, not even mentioning it is ridiculous.

- I can burst up to 130K DPS now at the start of a fight, thanks to bestial wrath and other things.

- None of those other things are core abilities either.

- Try breaking even 30K burst as beast mastery only using core abilities, I dare you.

- Even in 100% BiS 30K burst without BW and those other thing might be impossible.

- So blizzard core abilities tell you to do 100K less burst DPS?

- It was nice of blizzard to attempt to actually teach people, something that has been lacking from the game.

- But to teach them wrong is as bad as not teaching them at all.

- Maybe even worse.

- If you teach them wrong they think it is right because it came from in game.

- If you don't teach them at all, they might look elsewhere and find the right way.

- So teaching them wrong is worse than not teaching them at all.

- One of the low level characters I logged into was a hunter.

- Still has arrows in his bag.

- Went to sell them and decided against it.

- I sold them on many others, nearly all, I did not think I had any left.

- I think I will keep one stack on that one for memory sake.

- One of those low level characters got a guild invite when I popped on it, so I accepted it.

- Then I decided to do a little leveling, just to see what the new guild reputation gains were like, I know they changed them.

- 4 hours later, 22 levels past, exalted with my new guild.

- Excuse me?

- Sure, this is better than going from 1 to 85 and not even being honored, but to get to exalted with guild before I have even gotten close to exalted with my home faction is a little out of line.

- They are always one extreme or another.

- Take forever to get reputation with your guild or just basically give it to you for doing nothing.

- Middle ground, I believe blizzard needs to read up on this concept.

- Perhaps it is just too advanced a concept for them.

- Not sure if anyone else had the same thing happen, but every character I log into that I have not had a title on has the title of jenkins as a default.

- Finding the right title for a low level character is hard now that you can.

- Oddly enough, I rarely use titles, but on all the low level ones I had to try and find one suitable for it.

- Made one paladin a professor.

- Not sure why, just seemed right.

- Light of dawn would be nice while leveling a paladin or priest, too bad you can't use it.

- Or can you, I didn't even try.

- I think you can not use it until 80.

- Seems to be a fitting title for a holy type character.

- But if you can't use it until 80 it loses its luster in my opinion.

- Some characters seem to have matching titles.

- No characters should ever use long titles, like defender of the shattered world or champion of the frozen wastes.

- Those are just horrible on so many levels.

- The only long title I really like we don't get to keep.

- Slayer of stupid, incompetent and disappointing minions.

- I would love to wear that one all the time.

- But if I could, it too would reach the level of annoyance of the other long titles.

- Of all my 85s only one has a title I use, my main, the rest I leave blank or choose randomly if I use anything.

- Wonder why choosing one for my low level ones became so important to me when checking them out.

- Most likely because I was bored.

- Noticed I would never use any of the holiday ones either.

- They are one step below long titles on the horrible titles list.

- Still having massive lag issues.

- Still having disconnects.

- Still not getting any help from putting in tickets.

- I reported a new bug I found while playing on one of those low level characters this weekend.

- A double gatherer, with mining and skinning.

- Moved from 240 skinning to 285 and from 165 mining to 185, then I disconnected due to extreme lag thanks to the cross realm zones.

- When I logged back in, my skinning was back at 240 and my mining was back at 165.

- Thanks for all that work lost blizzard.

- I was still on the quest line I was on, so I know it did not reset me back to before I had the skill ups.

- Even odder was I was no where near the quest giver when I disconnected.

- Was out in the world and went to loot a mob, loot froze, waited a few minutes and disconnected.

- When I logged back in I was standing in front of the quest giver.

- Good thing I was done with them, at least it saved me a walk back.

- To lose all those skill ups was really annoying.

- So I put in a ticket about that.

- Nothing, not even a thank you for reporting it.

- I can understand them not giving me my skill points back, there is no way to prove I had upped my skills, but why would anyone fake it.

- I did not ask for the skill points back either, I just reported it.  Low level alts, I will get the skill points back anyway, who cares, but it is a bug and a pretty big one if you ask me.

- Either way, not even a thank you.

- Put in three more tickets reporting moments of extreme lag and when I was experiencing it and errors experienced because of it.

- I can't be bothered with the forums.

- Even if people say that they read the forums I never feel as if my report is heard there.

- That is why I always report things in tickets, for the feeling that at least I know for a fact someone reads them there.
- There is just too much dribble on the forums that I feel the important posts get ignored, or over looked.

- I am still reporting all errors in tickets, and of course complaining that I do not want to be in a cross realm zone in each one.

- I make sure to put in a shot at it each time.

- Lost skill points, this would not have happened if it were not for the cross realm zone.

- Logged in at a different place than I logged out at, all because of this cross realm zone thing.

- So I am reporting errors and pointing out my extreme displeasure with the system.

- Makes us both happy, I get to complain, and they get details on errors.

- I do not hold any faith in them fixing the huge amount of errors before mists however.

- If they still have all these problems when mists comes out they are going to have to deal with some serious backlash.

- If it were me I would just admit I was wrong and remove the cross realm zones, at least until after the release of mists.

- I would not take the chance of it screwing with the release of a new expansion for many people.

- Then again, I would be willing to admit it was not ready for release.

- Blizzard will never admit that.

- I've gotten many useless GM responses, but none were worse than two of the ones I got last week.

- Two, about two different problems, that I have seen many people experiencing on the forums and in my guilds, got the worst responses ever.

- Makes me wonder if they think they can get away with these responses thinking that no one every reads anything and knows better.

- Both I was told, I am the only person that has that issue, it must be something on my computer.

- Blizzard will just not admit they made a mistake.

- It is always your fault, an addons fault, your service providers fault, but never their fault.

- I beg and plead to blizzard, do not make me have to deal with this lag on the 25th.

- Please, please, please.

- Cataclysm was such a great release, why release this expansion with a known problem.

- It didn't work in beta, so why did they release it?

- Did they think that adding more people to cross realm zones would somehow fix it?

- I think they should remove the cross realm zones until they are ready for release for everyone.

- Let us enjoy the mists release without massive lag spikes.

- Not much to ask for is it?

- I doubt there is enough time to fix the errors they made.

- We are going to be stuck dealing with this in mists.

- The expansion has not even come out yet and it is already off to a bad start.

- Maybe that is a good sign.

- Cataclysm had a great start and was horrible.

- Mists will have a horrible start so maybe it will be great.

- An elf can dream.

- Have a great day.


  1. As far as I am concern, I didn't have any error or lag spike since the patch hit, game is as smooth as ever, same goes for my guildies. So the problem may well be on your side.

    And for your information, Pandaria will NOT be cross-realmed at launch.

    1. I know mists will not be cross realm, not really pointing out any information that everyone hadn't known for a while now but that doesn't fix the problem. The problem is with cross realm.

      SW is not cross realm either, but once I went into the world I lag even there. I have to full close and restart or I will lag in SW too because I was out in the world previously.

      And no, it is not my problem only. Just because you have not experienced it does not mean many others aren't. Just take a look at the forums. Many players are experiencing them. Many even worse than I have experienced.

      Consider yourself lucky.

      They know what the problem is, they are just not fixing it. It is the way they handle cross realm zones. Every time you do something it happens on the cross realm zone and then gets sent to your zone, then to you, and then back in reverse. That means every time a dot ticks, an attack happens, both sides, anything that is ever done, it is jumping multiple servers.

      Some internet service providers will interrupt or slow the service as this server jumping is looked upon as suspicious activity. The service providers are right and they are within their rights to do so based on suspicious activity. It is the coding on blizzards side that is creating the error.

      If you are not having the problem you are lucky but there could very well be a reason for that.

      1) If you stay on your server and other people are being put on yours, you will not have a problem because you will not experience the jumping back and forth with information between servers. (could explain the whole guild not experiencing it as everyone is being put on your server and you are never actually moving anywhere)

      2) You are in the UK, which I have not heard that many problems from, probably none of their major service providers do the same security measures.

      3) You have never left SW or ORG, which would mean you never switch servers.

      4) You are not on runnerrunner, att, verizon, time warner or many of the other US service providers that do not allow multi server jumping as a security measure.

      Your response is why I never post on the main forums. Too many people that think, well it doesn't effect me so screw you attitude.

      I've been following the forums and a few tech savvy people are the ones that have figured out what is wrong with it and still no blue response.

      That is also why I said in an earlier post, just have an opt out option, so people like me, who have a service provider that does not allow server hopping like that, do not have to be forced into it.

      I have no clue why they even released it when people were complaining about all the errors on the beta. It makes no sense.

    2. I didn't mean to be rude, sorry, I was writing from work, tried to write it fast^^

      Indeed, the fact that I'm not having problems doenst mean there isn't one. But it does mean that the problem is not only on blizzard side. And as you point out, it is due to conflict between the way CRZ is handle and your provider (which, not being in the US I find strange).

      I don't think it is easy for blizzard to change the whole architecture, though I agree they should have think more about it.

      Sorry again for the slightly harsh tone.

      (And yes, I love playing devil's advocate)

    3. No idea what is causing it, but over the weekend I (and, going by the Forums, others as well) had very odd lagspikes. Home 40ish, World in the thousands; mobs you killed not corpsing, and having to re-log to see their corpse and loot it, things like that.

      The Achievements can be toggled, yes, but from the looks of it you then can't track an-already-gotten-on-another Achievement individualy, either (unless they hotfixed it). And the Title inflation still stands.

      They have altered things to hamper the Accountwide Features trafficking, though so far in the EU punishing culprits seems not to have happened (including a big row at the Arena Forum because someone who even admittted to ID fraud still gets to keep his Titles, thanks to the accountwide thingies)

      Yup, CRZ were bugged in Beta, but if you had to make a list of bugs that were known in one of WoW's Beta's but still went Live you'd be busy for a long time. For me personally it has lost the 'shock factor' by now.

      Speaking of Beta's...PnP RPG's seem to have started to copy the 'Beta' trend in their won way: Fantasy Flight Games has gained the Star Wars IP for RPG's and has released a 'Beta' for sale (it's even in the title) for the first part. Right era (Rebel), right faction (Fringe), right look (not a kiddie game) but wrong 'rub' (30$ for a 'Beta' PnP game??? Hell, TSR was glad if you tested their AD&D Editions, now you have to pay for it??)

    4. It is all good, I could have taken it wrongly. But that is the reason why I avoid the forums. To many people seem to want to be rude.

      I do not mind someone playing devil's advocate, I do it often myself, it spurs on some good conversations sometimes.

      I am sure it is hard for them to redesign for 6 or 7 service providers that have that security measure. This is part of the reason I believe it should have never been implemented in the first place, they knew about this from beta and still released it. An opt out option would have been the best solution for the issue I think.

      Sure, I can change providers, but I should not need to. I have a quality gaming computer and have no problem with games that have 2x or 3x the requirements of warcraft.

      I don't like the idea to begin with, the lag just moves it from something I did not like but I would live with to something I actively hate and want to see gone forever.

    5. @NetherLands

      And you are UK right? Odd that it is starting to appear there as well. Perhaps your internet service providers are starting to fight back against it as well. At least that is a possible reason.

      Sometimes when I get the lag spikes my set up looks like this.

      Home: 30
      World: 32

      Framerate: 182

      See, nothing wrong, but massive lag. Even if everything says it is fine.

      Some other times it is like you said, world in the thousands. Happened to me while on my deathwing kill the other night. I was still attacking but DW was already dead. lol

  2. Pandaria won't be CRZ, but that leaves the rest of the world. Have fun levelling your new Pandas past level 10 and your new monks (snort).

    1. I am glad the new continent isn't CRZs. I've known that for a long time, but that doesn't change anything. It still needs to be fixed. Why doesn't anyone get that?

      That is like saying, I broke my leg but I am sitting down now so it doesn't matter. No, it still matters.

      I won't be leveling a monk any time soon. I've got 10 other classes and many additional alts to get to 90 before I even consider making a monk. That gives them more than enough time to fix the errors of their way.

      I've done the panda starting area on beta, no desire to ever return there. One of my 7 max level hunters will be race changing to a panda and I will level a human monk and race change it when that time finally comes.

  3. I am noticing Blizzard's support system seems to offer up a generic reply to most tickets now. In all of my cases, they weren't helpful in the slights.

    "Hi, my character is stuck in Icecrown and I can't login. Can you move him?"

    "Hello there, we are confident you can find the answer to your question in our tech support forum."

    "The applicable discussions had GM's saying GET A GM TO MOVE YOUR CHARACTER TO ANOTHER LOCATION. Please move him."

    ...and yeah, cross-realm zones were a great idea. Now I have 30 fps in cities, 50 in dungeons/raids, and 7 in Thelsamar. -_-

    1. In theory CRZ is a great idea. In practice, and how it was implemented, it is not.

      I said that in a post the other day, when I get a ticket response it is usually nothing useful. Only when I talk to someone do I ever get a decent answer. Seems like they C&P anything they want sometimes.

      I've had a few ones that made you go, what?