Monday, September 17, 2012

5 Reasons the CRZ is Awesome For Leveling

Here is a list of the top 5 reasons why the new cross realm zones are an awesome addition to warcraft for leveling.

1) Help With Those Elite Mobs.
- Remember that bear that you had the quest for in darkshore that you tried to kill alone and died, near instantly on.  And the second time even when planning you could not get him down to even 80% life before he ripped your face off.  Now with cross realm zones you can easily find someone else questing that you can join with the give that bear the beating he deserves.

2) LF 2 More Maraudon
- There are a lot of good quests reward from the quests in maraudon and it is impossible to find a group to do them on a low population server but now your problem is solved.  With the cross realm zones the area will be filled with young adventures that will join you on your mission in maraudon to complete those quests and get those great items.

3) Leveling Take So Long, So Make Friends
- Being leveling takes so long and it could be weeks, months or even years before you get to max level why wait until you have gotten there before you start to build the types of friendships that can last forever.  With the cross realm zones you can now find many people that are questing in the same areas as you and you can group up to do those quests that would take forever together otherwise and get to know each other over the course of those weeks or months or years.  Leveling with a friend is always better when it is a long grind.

4) Give Life To The Zones You Spend The Most Time In.
- When you reach a new zone you will see a whole new part of the world that you have never seen before and you have to consider stetting your hearthstone to your questing areas because you spend so much time there right? Instead of spending the next three weeks finishing those quests in an empty expanse you will now see people all over the place making the zones you will spend the most time in while leveling feel more alive.

5) Leveling Should Be Fun
- You will spend more time leveling than anything else you do in the game so why not live in a vibrant world with people all around you.  With cross realm zones even places like everlook will be growing hubs of constant activity.  For the weeks and months you spend in that area it will be as busy as any capital city ever was thanks to the cross realm zones which make it feel like it is an important part of the game again.

Note:  For the sarcasm impaired I will explain.

6, 7 or 8 years ago what I said was completely true.  Back then a cross realm zone would have been fantastic.  Now, none of those things matter even in the slightest.
1) There are no elite mobs that people can not solo any more and the few ones that there are the game always gives you help for them.
2) The looking for dungeon removed the need to assemble groups while in a zone or in a capital and travel there.
3) Leveling is so fast now, even when you take your time and building friendships while leveling is harder because everything flies by so quickly.  If you play 2 hours more than your new friend you will now be many levels above him and in a different zone.
4) There is no zone you will spend more than a short time in, no one really cares if there is life in the zone being they will be in another zone before they even realize the last zone had life.
5) Leveling took a longer time before and that grind could have used some fun added to it with more people around but the new leveling which is sneeze and you missed a level is so fast that it is more of an inconvenience to getting to the end game, where the game actually begins, and adding more people that can take your quest mobs, thus slowing you down in your speed run to end game is an annoyance, not a plus.

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  1. Yup, CRZ is a 'solution' for (arguable) issues that don't exist anymore.

    The funny thing is that (at least on the servers I play at) there are already are more people out now Questing than were after during Cata (before The Shattering, on my 'home' realm I'd bascially always bump into random people in places like Desolace; note that it is med pop).

    The reason seems to be: the updated Guild Rep and (esp) XP makes it now worthwhile to collect 6 bear butts on a walking toon instead of collecting them on a flying 85 in the Twilight Highlands.

    Extra incentives (or, given the realities of post-Shattering Azeroth, finally an incentive) to Questr out in the world = more people doing it.

    It sure worked for me, instead of literally dragging characters through Dungeons (the wwonders of multiple accounts), I know level them by Quests again despite it having become a total drag to me post-Shattering

    1. A lot of people are also leveling alts playing around with the new talent system. I did that this weekend too, trying to test other servers and see who they are merged with so maybe I could find one that is not a lag fest.

      Long story short. I went 6 level yesterday without seeing another person. CRZ does serves no purpose, it did not repopulate the world. I even did all the theramore quest, for probably the last time, and you would figured other people would be doing them as well, you would be wrong. I did every quest in the city and saw one person that whole time, a level 85, probably doing what I was doing, experiencing it for the last time.

      The only places I have seen a little busier now because of this are the gates of SW and Org with people fighting and in goldshire. That is it.

  2. CRZ is the worst "feature" ever! I got screwed out of my Salty title after I fished up the Blacktip shark in 5m, no winner was announced, hearth to Dal with my kirin tor ring only to end up in a zone 2 hours BEHIND my server time. The fish decays in an hour!

    I didn't server hop with realid friends trying to find a Dalaran with the time I needed hoping that since I would have legit won it would help my case with Blizzard. Nope! All I've gotten so far is run around and basically a big eff you from Blizzard. Meanwhile exploiters are running around with their Salty titles. I never realized how terrible Blizzard's customer service is until now. So mad!

    1. Holy crap that sucks. Did you report it as a bug, because that is horrible.

      Their service sure leaves a hell of a lot to be desired, I agree with that fully.

  3. I just started getting 5-10 second lags when changing zones and I wasn't getting that before. Luckily, I'm not noticing lag once I'm in the zone but the 5 second "border check" is annoying.

    I've also been lvling my mage and I do notice a couple people here and there (not from my server) but otherwise it's still pretty empty.

    I got pissed off though when some cross-realm horde mage killed Gondria just as I was flying up to it this weekend. It's not even part of the achievement... grr...

    1. More people means more people being jerks. Law of averages. Now add to the fact these people are on different servers, it gives them even more reason to be a jerk.

      Haha, I just kept some hunter from stormrage from getting a pet, aren't I the coolest.

      Another little side effect blizzard seemed to over look, people being jerks now have more people to be jerks to, and more reason to be jerks to them, because they are from a different server.