Friday, October 21, 2011

Okay, They Listen Sometimes.

Hunter minimum range is gone!

 Very nice indeed.

Hunter melee weapon is gone!

 You better REALLY up the stats on the ranged weapons then.

Developers would like to do PvE battlegrounds, where you will have to slay 50 alliance/horde soldiers, destroy 6 towers and the barracks, and then defeat the enemy General.

Okay, we have proof they read my blog.  You think?  I have been on and on about this for a while now. and that is basically my description of one of my scenarios.  Hope they do gates of hell, please, please please do gates of hell. (check last post for a link to it if you never read my PvE battlegrounds idea)

You will be able to collect, level, and battle with companion pets.

This feels a little bit silly, okay check that, a lot of bit silly, but then why do I love the idea?

Players got grumpy

Really?  Who would ever be so grumpy?

You don't need the typical tank/heal/dps setup, you will just be able to enter and play your role no matter what it is.

Excellent.  Something in the game that lets everyone play instantly, how ingenious.

Resilience will become a base stat, and will increase a little every time you level.

No more PvP gear, thank god, no more need to complain about people that take the easy route just for a gear score and not for effective gear.

Allow achievements to be shared among all characters on the same account, things such as the raid achievements and the ones which are difficult to get.

There are so many achievements I have on other characters I do not have on my main, I was waiting for this for a long time coming.   Now all my characters will have 310% speed without ever having to buy it.

Allows to include new achievements such as "get all the professions to the maximum level"

Ah, some love for the alt-a-holics out there.  Thank you for noticing they are people too blizzard.

Scholomance and Scarlet Monastery (Wings 1 and 2) will be back in Heroic Mode

Lets hope they do it like Rades over at orchish army knife laid it out and we will have a real winner here.

Increased focus on max level content, it will reward you with Valor Points.

Valor points for doing quests?  Count me in.  If I get bored of dungeons and my guild is only downing 3 bosses a week I now have other options.  Huge thumbs up for this one.

For example finishing a quest might give you a buff for the day, and maybe that buff will let you roll on a loot that only appears to people with that buff.

Okay, you really got my interest with this one now.

More quest choices, and a lot less linear

I love you blizzard, I think I am going to cry.  It is okay for a grown elf to cry?  Even more important, is it okay for a grumpy elf to cry?  Down with linear.  Please do not make that mistake again.

Monk new class.

Isn't that what a disc priest was supposed to be?  I just have one question.  I have 10 alliance on one server, one of each class.  I have 10 horde on another server, one of each class.  Are you going to give me at least the ability to add one more character for the new class on each server?  If not... well, I try not to post the types of things I would say there in my blog but you get the idea.

No flying until max level

I'm all for that, excellent idea, but watch the QQ to come pouring in because of that one for sure.

Diablo III Free with Annual Pass

Awesome, a free game for paying for a game I am paying for anyway?  And a mount too?  Okay, who am I to turn away free stuff.  I'll take one for the team and bear the burden of free gifts.

Challenge Mode Dungeons

And you can't over gear them too.  I love it.

There is still a lot more to come I am sure but for an expansion based on Kung Fu Panda and as silly as the whole concept sounds, outside of the name and the new race being pandas, everything else sounds sort of good so far.

I am not sure how I like the idea of not having a villain for an entire expansion.  I like having a goal, killing Arthas was a driving force, killing deathwing just bores me, killing nothing?  Not sure how I feel about that yet but it can't be worse then deathwing. I'd say I have a higher desire to kill nothing then I do to kill deathwing.

So far it seems like this is looking good.  Just wish it had a better name, might as well just named it Kung Fu Panda Adventure Island with a name like they did.

I am sure I will have more detailed comments but so far I am finding little to be grumpy about.  I am not sure if I am happy with that or upset that I have nothing to complain about.


  1. Hah, you're the last person I expected to be excited about these announcements! :D Just goes to show... glad that you've got something to be happy about for a change though.

  2. Just goes to show you I was not Anti WoW, I just really dislike the expansion, not the game.

    Things are looking good so far in my opinion. A lot better when what we have been seeing so far this expansion.

    This expansion seems like they wanted to push people away and the coming expansion so far seems like they are saying, oops, my bad, didn't mean to screw up so bad, please come back.

  3. This is exactly how I feel. After the opening session, all I could think was "This looks VERY disappointing, and I don't like Chris Metzen". But as Blizzcon went on, I really ended up thinking...

    "Hey, I could actually have a ton of fun PLAYING some of this stuff!"

    I ended up 10x more excited about MoP than I expected to be. And now you wrote out the reasons why so I don't have to!

    TYVM GrumpyElf :)

  4. Is that a smile I see poking through there Grumpy Elf ;)

    - Jamin

  5. Well Grumpy, I did have faith in Blizzard to correct the things they didn't do so well in Cata, but as you have laid it out here so well, I almost feel like I get a free "I told ya so :P"

    Thanks for noting what I mentioned eons ago about the Disc spec being the proper choice of how to make a monk as things have stood to date. Making the monk class a separate class with the melee ability to tank, dps or heal is a good thing as the alternative way to go.

    Yea, I am excited by the choices they made for this next expansion. Of course as always, the real test will be in how it plays once it is live, but I like the sound of things so far.

  6. Can't wait to see what they have in store for us today. After all the good news yesterday I would have to say there is no way whatever they say now is going to better. Might have to brace for a small let down.

    While I posted everything I like here, I do intend to post the things I don't like soon.

    The difference is, the things I don't like so far are not game breaking, so to speak, they are not things I dislike so much that I would quit over it.

    I might not like the idea of pandas, but I don't have to play one if I don't like it. So it is not a big deal. You know what I mean?

  7. Just some good news about your point about being limited to 10 characters; in one of the Q&A sessions a Dev commented that they might adjust the system so that you can just have all 50 of your allowed characters on one server (as opposed to 5 servers with 10 or other scattered amounts). So possible that a person could have all 11 classes on one server.

  8. I saw that Clockwork, that would be great for the one extra slot but would suck in another way. I would not need 1 of each class as a horde on my alliance server and one of each class as alliance on my horde server. Ahh, more work for me. lol

    I like the idea, something that should have been done a long time ago.