Friday, October 21, 2011

Day Dreaming

We all have things we are looking forward too.  Even me, no matter how grumpy I am with the game, have things I would like to see.

My ideas however will surely never make it into the game.  So we will call them dreams.

I will list some of my dreams that I know will never be announced in the announcements today.

1) Two lock outs again.  10s and 25s.
2) Better "minimum" design for dungeons to weed out some of the bad players.
3) PvE Battlegrounds.
4) More desirable single player content.
5) Intelligent loot drops.
6) Real world bosses that takes days to beat by everyone on the server combined.
7) Better gearing design.
8) Dynamic faction rewards. (359 items would be 378 versions now and 397 items in 4.3)
9) An intellect plate wearing hero class with no DPS spec.
10) Reasons to go out in the world.

I have more things I would like to see but a top 10 seemed like the best idea to keep it smaller.  I can see #1 being done, maybe, most of the other stuff I don't see happening ever. 

Having faction bonuses being dynamic (#8) would mean that it would be worth grinding rep on alts, while this might give us as the players more reason to grind rep on alts because the rewards would be worth it again, I don't see them doing that.  I think it would be a plus for the game however.

Same goes for the no DPS hero class (#9).  You would hear too many babies crying about how they can not quest like that and blizzard would fall like a house of cards in a wind tunnel, like they always do.  I leveled my bear as a bear, I leveled my warrior as prot, I leveled my priest as disc, all without the dungeon finder which makes leveling healers and tanks even easier.  If I can do it, you can do it, you do not need a DPS spec to level.

I can see them having the intention of making more desirable content (#4), I mean, come on, even the bad content was intended to be good, it just missed.  They always try.  Succeeding is a different story. 

I can see them doing a little bit to check on peoples requirements for dungeons (#2) as well and I am surprised they have not done it already.  On the website it shows equipped item level, why can't it do that in game?  So maybe that has some prayer of making it into the next expansion.

I don't see intelligent loot drops (#5) ever being added to the game.  You will still see every boss drop something for a holy paladin if there is no holy paladin in the raid and every boss will surely drop elemental mail if there is no shaman in the group.  It is just the way it is, we can make fun of it every day forever, they will never do anything about it.

I also think that real world bosses (#6) that run around for days and need 100s if not 1000s of people to down them are a pipe dream.  On small servers it would mean they live forever, on big servers that can down them in a more timely manner there would be arguments about if it is worth the time and effort because surely you can not give everyone that helped over a three day period of constant fighting an option to roll on loot and if 1000s of people helped, even if the mob dropped 10K gold, it would not be worth the gold you get?  It would be the type of thing every one would do once, to say they did it, and then never do again so the world bosses would eventually take over the game because no one would be killing them.  There is to much involved for them to figure out.  Not saying it can not be done, just saying that unless it is going to be a huge part of a coming expansion there is no reason for them to develop something like that.

I am sure they are always wondering how to get people out in the world (#10), it is a big problem and it is mostly from their own design.  If you can queue up for a battleground or dungeon from home, why not?  If only one person needs to go to the raid to "have group" everyone there, why travel there yourself?  They have went through so much effort to make sure we do not have to leave our home city it would mean a complete redesign to try and get us to go out there again.  It could be done, but it would be a huge task that they have no intention of ever undertaking.

So those are some of my dreams for what would be nice to see, what are yours?

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