Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Random Thoughts

-  I did not log in to WoW all weekend so it is hard to have many random thoughts about it.

-  Unless they are random thoughts about why I did not log in.

-  I lie, sort of, I did log on once because one of the people did not show for a rated battleground and they needed a fill in.

-  The person came on before it started while the leaders where laying out strategy so I logged back off again when they did.

-  Once again I have to say that PvP gear is leaps and bounds better looking than PvE gear.

-  My hunter looks kick ass in his PvP gear.

-  And this is coming from someone that normally doesn't even look at what people wear.

-  PvP gear is really that noticeable when it comes to appearance.

-  PvE gear looks like it was designed by feeding a dog a box of crayons and waiting for him to shit them out.

-  The colors are so horrible even a color blind person like myself says, these colors are horrible.

-  As for why I did not log on, there where no raids set up.

-  The game has really settled into that for me.  If there is no raid there is nothing to do.

-  There is a lot to do in the game, don't get me wrong.

-  Just nothing I want to do.

-  I am starting to wonder if it is all Cataclysm's doing or the game as a whole?

-  I blame Cataclysm for it but it could go deeper.

-  Cataclysm just gets the heat because it highlights, and actively promotes, all the bad stuff about the game.

-  The big question is, for myself and many others on the cusp, can we last until the next expansion comes out.

-  And an even better question for us all to consider?

-  Will the next expansion even help?

-  Not sure about anyone else but as far as villains go, I wanted to kill Arthas, I couldn't care less about Deathwing.

-  I wish they would just let deathwing live and move on from this already.

-  I mean really, all he does is go around breathing fire once in a while.

-  I'm so scared.  ~shivers~

-  I once said he reminded me of godzilla.

-  I was really wrong.

-  Godzilla is 1,000 times scarier then deathwing could ever be.

-  Remember godzillas little buddy that blew smoke rings?

-  That is about how tough deathwing seems.

-  He is no threat at all, lets move on to the next bad guy.

-  The only way deathwing could ever be a problem is if he bores everyone to death.

- On that note, have a great day all.

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  1. Bad movie, good line: The live action, Jeff Daniels 101 Dalmations. Geeky kid talking about his computer game design. 'lt's not hatred that's important. lt's a desire to annihilate'

    I've yet to meet anyone that has a burning desire to annihilate Deathwing.