Saturday, October 22, 2011

I'm Starting To Like The Pandas

So far the only two things I don't like about the next expansion are pandas as a playable race and the name.  The name is just a name, so no big deal and the pandas are just another race, no big deal.

I don't like them but neither one of them is enough to make a big deal about.  So they decided on a stupid name and a cutie race.

While I can't really see playing a panda I most likely will, just to have one.  I have one of everything else so why not?

I am starting to really like pandas however even if I do not want to play them.  Each time I see someone complain about them it just makes me like them more and more.

If you are going to complain then complain about something that matters.  Take it from someone that is a master complainer.  I complain about things I don't like, I complain about things I do like, I complain about things no matter what.  But there is always a reason behind it.

There is no reason to complain about a race.  Don't like it?  Don't play one.

The trade chat on my server is like the panda hate society.  Each panda remark is more rude then the next.  People saying blizzard has gone full on retard and are catering to 6 year olds.  Each one of these comments make me like pandas more and more.

Step up your game people.  Complain about balance.  Complain about difficulty.  Complain about content.  Complain about quests.  Complain about horde favoritism.  Complain about alliance favoritism.  Complain about something that impacts the game in some way.

There are people out there that hate gnomes, or trolls, or what have you, but you do not hear them saying that they are going to quit because they are in the game.  You know how those people protest the races they dislike?  They don't play them.

While the fact remains that I am in no way a fan of the pandas and I might see it as a step in a direction of making the game aimed at a different type of player than myself, I can just not play one if I do not want to.  There is so much in the game to love and hate.  To focus all your hate on a race because they are cute seems a bit sad if you ask me.

Are they secretly afraid that having a cute race around might cause their epeen to shrink?

From looking at trade it would seem the only thing people hate so far about MoP in any large numbers are pandas.  If that is the only thing there is to hate in an expansion then I think we are in great shape.

If the people in trade keep this up, I might just become a panda lover by the time the game comes out.


  1. There is no reason to complain about a race. Don't like it? Don't play one.

    Because it's not like us sitting in some Panda city hub with NPC pandas all around, doing daily panda-style dungeons and panda-style raids. The only time we could ever possibly encounter any panda-style is if we played one.

    Come on!

  2. Okay, I get where you are going. I still do not care what the pixels look like, I care how the game plays.

  3. So cute Pandas are so bad it drives folks wild, but a two feet, six inch pink haired warrior gnome female tanking Deathwing is serious, yea, right.

  4. Okay, I get where you are going. I still do not care what the pixels look like, I care how the game plays.

    I understand that the pandas aren't a problem for you, and it's just normal that different people have different tastes. But I am pretty sure this sentence is a bit too far reaching.

    So you wouldn't have a problem if Blizzard exchanged all characters by triangles to optimize frame rates and thus gameplay?

  5. I should have added the words "within reason".

    I hate the voices of the undead and the worgens, yet I still have both undead and worgen characters.

    I think male dranei are the worst looking characters in game but it never once even occurred to me to be bothered by the fact I do not like their look when I pick up a quest from one of them.

    As anon said, pink haired gnomes tanking everyone looks as with a laugh but it is no less silly then a panda. If anything it is worse then any panda could be.

    I can understand people not liking it. We all have things we like and dislike about the game and weigh what is important to us and make our decisions based on that.

    I don't like the pandas either. I've said so many times, I think it was a stupid idea to add them but is the fact that they are going to be the new addition to the game something I could consider game breaking for me? Nope.

    Game play issues annoy me. Stupid additions to the game like pandas I can live it, it is no big deal in comparison to actual game play.

  6. I just can't get behind all the beefing about pandas as a playable race. WoW is a "Game", and as such, anything is/was/always will be possible. People just don't like change. We had this same reaction back in 2006 when Draenei were announced. Filthy Space Goats? Fabulous. This too shall pass. If people don't like it, they'll quit or they'll suck it up and get back on board with the fact that games are never meant to be seriouz bidnezzz.

  7. I remember thinking that cowdudes in Warcraft 3 were bizarre and kinda dumb. Years later, it happens that Tauren are my favorite WoW race.

    You never know.