Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Random Thoughts

- With all the thinking about MoP the most important question seems to have slipped my mind.

- Will we be able to skin the pandas?

- They are animals after all right.

- I want my hunters T14 to be the Panda Slayer set.

- I can wear a panda on my head like in the movie tropic thunder.

- They made me wear a murloc, they should allow me to wear a panda.

- I think a panda helm would be way cooler than a murloc helm.

- I doubt we will be able to skin the pandas just like we can't skin worgens any more.

- I remember leveling my rogue back in the day and spending hours in duskwood skinning worgens.

- They had a great respawn rate.

- Now my rogue is a worgen.

- I wonder if his pixelated mind is suffering with some self hate issues after killing so many of his own people just for their skins.

- Someone told me they just leveled through there and they can no longer skin them.

- Quite sad, what is the world coming to when you can't even skin things with fur.

- Speaking of that, I remember the first arctic fur I ever got.  It was from a dragon.

- I didn't even know dragons had fur.

- I guess if we can't get leather from skinning cows (and tauren) then we can get fur from skinning dragons.

- This is a fantasy game damn it, stop trying to think logically.

- With the pandas being able to choose sides could this mean opening the door to other races being able to choose sides?

- If they ever do that I hope they make it so you do not need to level a new character to be allowed to change.

- That would be a hell of a lot of new tauren and trolls I need to level just to make them alliance.

- It isn't so much that I would rather be alliance, it is the fact that I see no reason for the tauren or trolls to continue to side with the horde.

- Their debt is paid, well paid, if you are even considering that angle.

- Not to mention, the leadership is not the leadership they agreed to help.

- Sides can change.  People to not remain allies forever.

- The days of tauren and trolls in the horde should be long gone.

- Even more so after the wholesale slaughter of the druids in ashenvale.

- Tauren and trolls are druids too, are you telling me that did not bother them?

- I can't see them staying horde, or at the least staying in line with the current leadership, much longer.

- Time for a change.  Orcs need to become the second class citizens in the horde empire and let the trolls take the lead.

- Their war machine would be a hell of a lot more effective under troll leadership and their diplomatic endeavors would be much more welcome coming from taurens.

- You have to wonder, with all the advances the horde are making the last few expansions, when will the alliance leaders stop being pansies and start fighting back.

- I am guessing never, the alliance is primed for destruction, they do not have the heart to fight back at the same level the orcs are taking it to.

- Horde are just forgetting their biggest enemy if you ask me.

- It is not the alliance.

- It is the forsaken.

- I still say when you start a forsaken you should be able to choose the race of the forsaken you want to be.

- Or is life after death reserved for only humans and the occasional night elf?

- I would make a panda forsaken.

- Even the panda haters have to see how fun that would be.

- A panda forsaken monk doing the barrel roll and leaving a leg behind.

- Time out!  I need to get my leg, sorry.

- As some might be saying now, the only good panda is a dead panda.

- So that means forsaken pandas are good right?

- That would also mean the hunter T14 Panda Slayer set would be good too.

- In the immortal words of Captain Picard, make it so.

- Have a great day all.

- Beware of undead pandas.


  1. The next Lich King is going to be a Panda!

  2. But more important, can I wear his head on my hunter after I kill him.

  3. Tauren will never join the Alliance now, not after Theramore butchered Camp Taurajo. That ship has sailed.

  4. My two taurens will happily join alliance should they ever be given the option.

    Garrosh killed their leader, even if it was an "accident". He murdered druids, which they are connected with. He attacked the alliance enough to warrant a response.

    The blood of the people from Camp Taurajo is on Garrosh's hands, no one elses.

    Don't blame the dog for biting your hand if you keep beating it. He kept beating the alliance, they bit back somewhere.

    They may never become alliance, but they sure as hell have no reason to stay horde.

    The only way I see them staying horde is if someone kills Garrosh.

    Just my opinion of course.

    If I where on a role play server with my Tauren, my entire role play would be about sticking a knife in garroshs back, a few hundred times.

  5. Tauren need a third faction. They don't really fit in either Horde or Alliance. Give me a third faction comprised of Tauren, Taunka, Pandaren and Trolls, and I'd be a happy camper.

    Oh, and Forsaken race choice would be interesting. Take it further and make a Forsaken faction and have four factions like WarCraft 3. (I always thought it odd to have the Forsaken in the Horde and to go from WC3's four faction world back to Horde vs. Alliance.)

  6. I thought the druids were killed by twilight cultists posing as the Horde?

  7. "I thought the druids were killed by twilight cultists posing as the Horde? "

    We know that, in game the characters do not.

  8. Keep in mind that CAIRNE was the one who challenged Garrosh, not the other way around. It'd be pretty hypocritical of the Tauren to be upset that Garrosh happened to win, especially since they KNOW - more so than any other race - that he was not behind the poison.

    Also, it's true that it was cultists who attacked the druids, though I do wonder what is known/believed about that now.

    And Garrosh may have done a lot of things, but push Theramore to the point where they would slaughter Camp T? No way. The Barrens has been one of the few places Garrosh HASN'T been mobilizing for war. Theramore had their own reasons for burning Camp T to the ground, which is why I don't think the Tauren would ever ally with them now.

  9. "Tauren and trolls are druids too, are you telling me that did not bother them?"

    My first character in WoW was a Tauren druid. I knew very little of the lore back then, but even I understood that doing a quest to kill the Sons of Cenarius, and help the orcs raze Warsong Gulch made no sense.

    And yet, 6 years later, the Tauren are still in the Horde? *shrug*