Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tips & Tricks: Hunters in Heroics

There are many things you can do to make your life, and the life of your party members, a lot easier in Cataclysm heroics.  They are getting easier as we all gear up but that does not mean you do not have to play smart and be a good Hunter.  Here are some tips and tricks I've noticed while doing heroics that seem to help a lot.

General Umbriss and his Purple Friend: (GB)
This is the best example of a Hunter being useful.  Stand all the way to the left, directly across from where the throggs come down and do your pew pew thing.  When Mr. Purple comes down, drop a trap at your feet, Distracting shot the little bugger and go back to the pew pew.  Refresh the trap as needed and remember to avoid the charge.  As long as he remains trapped another Mr. Purple will never spawn and you turn this into a tank and spank.

Erudax and the Faceless: (GB)
The key to making this fight easy is making sure the faceless do not get to the eggs.  That is easier said then done if you are the only ranged in the group but it can be done.  This will be good to do even if there are other ranged in the group.  Let it be known you are going to burn the one on the right first.  After you are all in the eye of the storm and two faceless come out.  Run toward the door. 

You know the path the left one will take.  Drop a trap in its path (max distance) and concussive the second the left one is in range then switch the burn the right, no need to move, the mob will not attack you.  When concussive comes off cool down, concussive the right.  Shortly after he should be dead and you switch back to the left one.  If you did it correctly as soon as the concussive wore off on the left one he entered the trap slowing him and by the time you turn back he is leaving the trap and your concussive is now off cool down.  Concussive and burn.  Even with the other two DPS being melee they should have more then enough time to get there to make sure he goes down in time.

Ozruk and the Paralyze: (SC)
This fight is a tanking nightmare, good thing you are a Hunter.  Sad part is, the fight is also a Hunters nightmare. There are two good ways to show your awesome Hunter abilities here and one of them is by being a melee Hunter. 

When he casts Elementium Shield Wall he will put a DoT on anyone that melees him.  When you see it being cast, get into melee range.  Wing clip, it is instant, whereas your melee might not swing in time if you are a good Hunter and using a 2 hander like you should be. He will cast paralyze right after, the DoT you got from hitting him should break you out of it and then you Disengage instantly so you do not get squished. 

Another option is to get some Sulfuron Slammer from the vendor in BRD and keep them on you.  When he has about 1 second left on his elementium cast drink one.  It will break you out of the paralyze that comes right after and you can continue to pew pew.  Be aware however you will be drunk by the end of the fight making things... fuzzy.

Until the bug is fixed that does not allow serpent sting to bounce back we will have to do these options.

Rom'ogg's Chains of Woe: (BRC)
It should go without saying that as soon as you break the chains you should disengage right?  Just make sure before you do this that you are not facing a direction where you had not cleared adds yet.  You will instantly go from the smart hunter that disengaged out of damage into the stupid huntard that disengaged into adds.

Corla's Beams: (BRC)
While I still see people trying to rotate two people in beams it is not needed.  If you wait until your stacks are 80-85 and move out and then come back as soon as they end it will have had enough time to fall off the add as well.  Only one person needs to block each beam.  This needs to be said as it seems most people do not realize this.  As a Hunter you are in a somewhat unique position of being able to get out of the beam fast with disengage.  As you might now, when you move sometimes the beam decides to stay with you.  When you disengage out of it you are assured you will get out of it. You can slowly make your way back if you want or just wait until it hits 1 and then run forward back into it from the full distance that disengage put you at.  It will be 0 by then.

Lockmaw's Venomous Rage: (LCotTV)
It can be removed with Tranquilize shot, I really hope you figured this one out on your own the first time you saw him get all big and red and, well, enraged.

Barim's Soul: (LCotTV)
The Soul Shards can be slowed by a trap if you didn't already guess that one.  When he pulls everyone in it will cause fall damage, the further away you are the more fall damage you will take.  Moving a little closer when you know you are getting to 50% is a nice way to help the healer even if they never notice you did it to help them.

As I remember some more little Hunter goodies I will add them.  Hope these help some people.

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