Friday, January 28, 2011

The PuG Dream Team Pt. 2

Yesterday did not start out like it would be a good day.  Entered the queue for a heroic and went digging.  I accomplished a lot yesterday with all my digging, up to 99/100 common and 15/20 rare now, but that is another story.

I enter Shadowfang Keep and say to myself, self, lets see who has interrupts here.  Knowing that the first boss is the only real issue in this instance and then the rest is basically a cake walk.  From looking around it seems we will not have any problems.  I do my thing and set the tank as my focus which is my habit for every dungeon I do.  The only time I do anything different is when I am the tank.  Then I set the healer as my focus.

No sooner am I done doing that the tank drops group.  Then the healer follow suit.  Neither says a word.  I hate people like that.  At least say something like I hate this one, sorry, and then drop.  Give us something even if it is a complete line of bull.

The three DPS enter again and start to wait.  About 10 minutes later one of the DPS gives up and drops.  About 5 more minutes later we get a group and someone declines from the get go and then the other DPS leaves.  Back into another 45 minute queue for me.  This is not looking good.

I go back to digging until my dungeon pops and I see it is throne of tides.  I really hate those hallways but over all it is an easy dungeon if people know what to do.  Apparently this crew knew what to do.

We blow through the thing.  The tank marks and I trap, the mage sheeps and the shaman frogs.  Everyone on the fly, everyone with out saying a word.  They all know to wait for my trap to drop.  They all focus on the right targets, they all do exceptional DPS.

First boss.  Ready check.  Everyone is okay.  We pull, no issues, dead boss.  Next boss the tank says, time walk on this one.  The mage says okay.  17K DPS for me.  I like that boss, so easy.  He never even gets to drop a forth circle we down him so fast.  The other two DPS do 14K and 15K respectively and the tank is even pulling 8K.

Hallways... no problem.  Tank dies on one of the goblin pulls but we down everything anyway.  Rare to see that done without the tank dying at least once so that is acceptable.  Ready check, everyone ready, dead boss.

Last boss, down adds with ease.  Even have to sit and wait for more to come they are down so fast.  When the funneler guys come out we all target the same one.  We all move together as a unit.  Wow, stuff like this only happens in guild runs.  We down everything nice and easy.  60K DPS from the lowest, the tank, on the last boss.  Last boss goes down so quick we bugged it out.

Yeap, the last boss can be bugged if you down it to fast.  We lost the buff for more damage, but the boss is gone and we are all still taking AoE damage.  It takes about 4 or 5 seconds before the game catches up to the fact the boss is dead and the dungeon complete thing pops up.  Oh well, we rez the two people that ended up dying, say thanks for the group and all go about our day.

Less then 30 minutes, everyone did more than 10K over all and exceptionally better on bosses, no problems, no brbs, no needing to stop to explain every little thing.  No arguing over who traps what and how to do it.

Doing a random with a group of people that actually knows how to play is pure heaven.  I wish I could get more groups like this.  This has only been the second super star run I have been on.  I wish there were more.  I would gladly pay 100g each time I entered a random to have a group like this.

There are always horror stories about the LFD that I find it fun to post one that is not a horror story.  I will admit however, I love reading about peoples horror stories.  I am sure most people actually do and I am not the only one.  It is nice to know that you are not alone.  Maybe you will not be alone and get a run like this one today.  Good luck.

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