Thursday, January 20, 2011

Finally a random as it should be.

I had a random dungeon yesterday that was simply amazing in every way.  I finished 3rd in DPS and I loved it.  I seriously hate being in a random where I know that everything falls on my shoulders.  It was nice to see others that are capable of pulling their weight.

I zone in and see a tank and a healer from the same guild.  Both, barely geared.  I see two other DPS that make me look like I am still in quest greens.  Everything they have is raid gear already.  They are from different servers.

I am sure the tank and the healer looked at 3 DPS that where from three different servers and worried at first.  As I said, they were both barely geared.  This run however proved what I have been saying.  The tank and the healer are not nearly as important as having good DPS when it comes to Cataclysm heroics.

I did 13K and finished 3rd in DPS.  A Warrior was second with 15K and a Mage was first with 18K.  Makes me wonder how a Mage the day earlier could not get past 3500 and this one could do 18K.  Proof that skill makes more of a difference then gear and this Mage had the skills and the gear.

The tank marked.  I trapped, the mage sheeped, we all mowed down mobs in record time and kept moving along.  The barely geared healer could have just put the tank on follow.  Nothing lived long enough to hurt anyone and on the few times that someone took damage it was not sustained damage.  It was damage for a few seconds before the offending mob was dead.

I said before and many times that good DPS is more important then a tank or a healer and this was proof of that.  We all did huge numbers, we all avoided avoidable damage, we all knew what to do and when to do it.  This made the life of the healer easy and the life of the tank easy.  Being the tank marked, we all killed in order which meant that even in his lesser gear he never had a threat problem either.

I wish every run was like this.  While some people would be completely butt hurt knowing they got destroyed in DPS in a run I loved it.  I wish every run was like this.  If I can sit back and relax and not have to stress that I need to do everything it makes for an enjoyable run for me.   I hate that sometimes running my daily heroic is stressful and not enjoyable.

If I can have fun at the game again I would not mind being 3rd in DPS in every run I ever do.  This run proved another thing.  It is the people that have ruined the fun in the game, not Blizzard.  The average player base is so horrible that doing runs is like pulling teeth.  When you get the rare, and I mean really rare, group that can do their job and do it correctly, then dungeons can still be short, fun and effective.

There is absolutely no fun in wiping over and over with a group of idiots that just do not understand a mechanic and probably never will.

There is absolutely no fun in being the only DPS that can actually pull more damage then a level 50 Mage in an 85 heroic.

There is basically no fun to be had in heroics in the game now, with the exception of this one run.  This rare run.  This once in a lifetime run.  I've run so many heroics I can not even count and this is the first one ever since Cataclysm came out where I can say it did not feel like I was working.

I play for fun and I hate that doing my daily dungeon feels like work.  I wish I could get this same group every single day.  They make me want to try and step up my game too.  When you are around good players they make you play better.

I am sure that tank and healer were in heaven.  I could only imagine what they where talking about during that run.  They, like me, are probably used to groups where getting 1 good DPS is about the best you can hope for. 

Your average DPS build in a heroic is one good player, one barely competent player and one barely functional player.  This group was something special.  You rarely hear anything good coming from the LFD system so this is one of those ever so rare runs to talk about.

The reason for that is that the bad ones tend to stand out, they linger with you.  Good ones are just good.  They fade into the distance as soon as they are done and end up forgotten about.  Exceptional ones like that, they are rare, so very rare, that they need to be mentioned because finding one of these is basically equivalent to finding the Holy Grail.

I'd be willing to bet that if I asked 1000 people if they ever had a run like this 1000 would say I was full of crap.  Runs like this do not exist.  Trust me when I say, they do.  I just wish they where more commonplace.

Now, to work on my DPS.  There is no way I should ever be beat by a warrior and a mage.  I am a Hunter, there is no reason I should ever get beat by anyone.  That is just wrong.  Time to step up my game some.  I love that someone has finally pushed me to want to get better. 

I had become complacent with where I was.  I had become bored with even trying to get better.  It seemed there was no need to when I was always 50% of the DPS in heroics.  They taught me that I can do better.

Awesome, I have something to aim for again.  I have a purpose in the game again.  Is it possible that there might be a glimpse of a chance that this game is not as horrible as the expansion has made it feel.  Nah, this expansion still sucks, but at least for one day I actually had fun playing again. 

You do know what this means however right?  I am destine to have a horrible run today.  Have to get back to normal.  One day I was blessed.  It will not happen two days in a row.

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