Wednesday, January 5, 2011

LFD - Bound to Happen

Failure after failure after failure you knew the time would come that sooner or later that I would use the LFD system and actually find a group of people that were not semi-retarded or worse.  It took almost a month for the rest of the world to catch up to heroics but it seems it has happened finally for some.

I rarely try getting a random without at least 2 guild mates, usually 3, because of the horrible players that seem to clutter the system.  Yesterday it was just me and a tank and no one else that wanted to go was on at the time so we figured we would give it a try.

Deadmines popped up.  After waiting so long to get this to pop, needing it for my last dungeon, I seem to get it normally now.  I look at the make up.  Me (Hunter of course), Bear tank (my guild mate), a Shaman healer, a warrior and a lock.  Okay, this might be okay.

We start off and make our way to the first boss and I notice the lock is pulling 18K DPS.  I look to my 11K DPS and start thinking I really need to step my game up against this guy but then I realize that he was in the cannon and that is where his DPS was coming from.  The tank always brought all packs back to the cannon so he got a lot of cannon time in.  The warrior was sitting at 6K DPS.  Not great, but not horrible when I was pulling so much and the lock was pulling even more in the cannon.

First boss goes fine.  Lock still seems to do 10K on boss fights which is nice but the warrior really does not step it up all that much and came really close to 8K.  8K is the least I would ask on a heroic so we will probably be okay.

We cruise through with no problem, put the warrior in the harvester guy being he was low DPS and basically have no problems the whole way to the end.

We get to Ripsnarl and I am a tad bit worried.  Every time you get to Rip it is usually the first wipe even if you are in a good group.  Two of the people, the warrior and the healer, have never done the fight before but it is an easy one to explain.  Kill the adds and back to the boss.  If you have enough DPS it should be no problem.

We rip through rip with no issues what so ever.  It was as if this crew had been doing it for a year already.  Everyone did perfect, even the warrior had his best DPS, the adds never even got close to going off and rip is a joke if you control the adds.

I got a nice test of my new Survival spec on Cookie.  Limited movement fight so I could put my best foot forward and see what I am capable of with some buffs.  I had to move a few times (we had only one person doing food) but I was able to pull 16K DPS.  Now that is nice.  My max as MM was 14K on a boss fight (cookie as well).  Now I can see how SV is better.  Not to mention, unlike MM, you do not need to pay close attention to anything with survival.  Survival is easy mode DPS compared to MM.  16K is nice.  I was happy with that but I am sure I can squeeze a little more out of it with practice.

We down Vanessa with no problem as you would expect.  Like I said before, Vanessa is without doubt the easiest fight in all the dungeons in my opinion.

So it has finally happened.  A pug LFD that actually worked.  I am amazed.  Maybe there is hope for the future of wow. 

I can tell you one thing.  If the LFD tool kept throwing crap groups together it would eventually be the end of the game for a lot of people that do not have a lot of time to play.  Would suck for the end game to be before even heroics being it only takes a few hours to level from 80-85. 

If you take out dungeons and raids from the game once you hit 85 there is nothing else to do.  Unless you want to play the AH to make money your game is done as soon as you hit 85 if you can not get a group for heroics.  Within another month I am sure things will be even better. 

This run, while it still took WAY to long at an hour and a half, was nice and smooth.  The more gear people get the faster it will be but sadly it will never get to the point of being casual friendly like it used to be with 15-30 minute runs.  

I also got my second heroic piece.  Woohoo.  I'm moving up finally.  Now to try and get the rest of my gear to heroic level.  I guess my luck with drops, and rolls for that matter, has continued from last expansion.  Oh well, it makes it more of a challenge and I like the challenge.  Nothing better then destroying someone with a much higher gear score then you who brags they are so much better then you on the DPS charts in lesser gear.  Gear helps, skill helps even more.  As long as I am on the top in damage done and on the bottom in damage taken I am happy.  Gear is not as much of an issue.

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