Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More Blue Than Red?

As my gear gets better and I get raid ready I started looking into appropriate gemming and enchanting.  While on paper the best meta gem for Hunters is Chaotic Shadowspirit Diamond the requirements for it are appalling.  What Hunter in their right mind would have more blue gems than red gems?

About a week ago, when I first got a helm with a meta slot I started to look at my options and in my opinion (no math to back this up really) I believe that the Fleet Shadowspirit Diamond is the way to go.  There are various reasons for this. 

One being I always used Tuskarr's Vitality on my boots to begin with.  It is a minor run increase but I like it.  Using this will also allow me to use a better enchant on my boots which in turn can make up for using a different meta.  It is just changing some things around.

Another reason is that having two yellow gems is not going to really hurt us at all.  Yellow has various options that a Hunter might find useful such as haste, mastery and critical.  We could also go with combo gems that include hit if we need hit thus fulfilling two needs, the need for hit and the need for two yellows.

The third reason is actually the most appealing of all of them.  Some socket bonuses are now really attractive.  Having to use yellows and yellow/blue hybrids allow us to meet the socket bonus requirements while activating the meta.

Reforging makes it even more attractive in some cases now as well.  Even if you do not need hit you can use two hybrid gems with hit just to meet a blue socket and your meta requirements for the bonus and then change the stats on an item from hit to something else useful like mastery or critical or haste.

The basic idea now is that you actually want to use at least two hybrid gems to meet the requirements and use them in the most intelligent spaces to get the most out of them.  As in the highest bonus you can get from matching gems.  Using them in two different pieces to get +10 agility in each is not as smart as using them both in one piece to get +30 agility.

While we will still be stacking agility only for the most part we can now match some gear without feeling as if we are doing something wrong.  This meta gem is actually a good thing for us.  It forces us to think a little bit about how we gem. 

Unless they change the other one back to it's old way I can only see the Fleet gem becoming more and more popular among Hunters.  I know I have been using it for a week already and have no designs on changing it.

No Blue Gems for us.  Real Hunters use Fleet.

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