Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New for 6.0: Player Housing & 2 New Professions

Player housing is coming next expansion, as well as two new professions that work to support it.  At least if my dreams have anything to say about it.

I had an odd dream last night that player housing was added and a slew of new things were added to support it.  Professions that used all levels of items to make various things for your house.  Stuff such a furniture and landscaping.

While it was only a dream it was oddly enough really fleshed out.  The player's house would become the new place your hearth is set to by default once you leave the starting area and first get your house.  In your house there would be a portal and you can select any area you have already been to when clicking it to go through it.

There is a set port option, so you can just step through and a change port option that will give you a list of all available areas you can set it to.  This effectively gives people the ability to get anywhere in the world they have already been instantly, assuming their heart is off cooldown so they can get home to use the port.

Another little detail I thought was interesting in the dream is that our farm from mists would be relocated to our house.  This would be so we could still use the farm without needing to go to old content to do it once 6.0 comes out.

The new main profession, not sure what it would be called, but it would make furniture for your house as well as other goodies that you could use in your new virtual home such as shelves and the like.  The new secondary profession would be used to upgrade your home.  While the main profession would make sense for people to take so they can make things to sell them even if they do not care about fixing up their own house the secondary one is something that you would not take unless you wanted to build on your house.

When building your new additions, more farm space, an area for horses or cows, or what have you, adding  a second floor or extending our house, you would start a project that would end up needing massive amounts of various different items to get it done.  Even your friends and visitors would be able to donate to it.  This would create a huge secondary market for older crafting materials and odd ball items and would work as a fantastic gold sink for the game as all additions would also need some items that are shop purchased only and of course cost an arm and a leg.

Your home would be a phased instance.  As such, there is no limit to how big it can be or how much land it can encompass.  People would effectively be able to build full castles with enough time, effort, gold and grind to build it.  It would take a lot of time and a lot of items to build up.

They added pet battles for something to attract a wider range of players, the same with farming.  While it is only a dream I can't really see this being that far off from happening.  It could be the next interesting addition to give people different things to do and attract different types of players.

As it was a dream some details I do not remember but there is one thing I do recall when trying to build something for my house, perhaps a storage area that would give me an additional 200 bag slots in a cabinet or something, who knows.  I do know that in my dream there were ways to add storage cabinets to your house that were like huge bags and I wanted to make dozens of them being the hoarder that I am.

What appeared when I interacted with the work in process was a list of things required to build it and it was huge.  I needed 12,000 herbs from a select list, all old world.  I needed 22,000 tin bars, 10,000 iron bars, 1500 gold bars, 1500 silver bars, 500 lions ink and 40,000 medium or heavy leather.  There were also many other things I needed small amounts of.  10 of this, 20 of that, and some of them I did not know what they were.  I am sure my mind was adding some sort of money sink thing there, like 5 of something that cost 10K each, or something like that.

All of that, just to build a place that allows me to put that storage cabinet there.  After that I would need to have one crafted for me to put there now that I had a place to display it.

It seemed really interesting and as odd as it sounds even if I am not into these types of things I liked the idea a little bit.  Probably because of the storage space.  I liked it enough that I didn't feel turned off by the dream or the idea of it.  Enough that I wanted to share the idea here.

As odd as it sounds, with the downtime in the game for me lately you would figure if I were to dream about the game it would be some PvP or some new areas to explore or new raids to attempt but this is what my mind gave me in a rested state.

Perhaps it means I am changing as a gamer, slowing down some so to speak or maybe it is just that my mind is learning to accept that warcraft is not the same game any more and this is the future.  Either way, it would be interesting to see.  At least for the storage space part of it.


  1. Player housing is an often requested feature. We do get a sort of house in Mists next the farm. The npc's we get friendship reputation with give us gifts for it. So we don't have control over it like in your dream, but it's almost like a visual representation of achievements, just for us to see (as it's individually phased).

    I can also see this being implemented in 6.0 as the farm is in Pandaria. Now farming is like a new feature rather than just quests or raids which are related to the current content. Now as it's a new feature rather than just current content I'd expect that it would be updated for 6.0 with the new mats. However, it's location in Pandaria would make that difficult as blizz doesn't go back and change released content (the huge cataclysm aside).

    Perhaps if they implemented this player housing in 6.0 and put a new farm there with the new mats. This would enable the current farm to stay where it is and unchanged so it still makes sense with the rep grind and achievements. It allows them to keep farming as a feature and update it. They could do a lot with it. There's already speculation that they mind add farm animals in the future. Plus it opens up another gold sink, another way for people to enjoy the game, it's also a requested feature so they could say we're listening to you.

    You have very interesting dreams. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. It does seem like something along these lines is indeed possible.

      I have some strange ones sometimes, that's for sure. lol

  2. Mannequins for displaying my sets of armour! And my shields on the walls!
    Now would I be able to move into my raid leader's house and furnish it for him? He's awful with these things... (jk)

    1. I like the mannequin idea for displaying armor sets. Nice touch.