Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Random Thoughts

- Don't you wonder why people automatically drop a group when they enter.

- Don't like the instance is usually my guess.

- I call it the The Oculus effect.

- I never dropped because I do not like a dungeon.

- But when we needed to find the entrances to get into dungeons only my main ever found the one for grim batol.

- After going through there on my main and having nightmares, I made sure I did not find it on my alts so they could not get randomed into it.

- I hated when they removed that.

- But I guess that is why they removed it.

- It would create The Oculus effect in a way.

- People would never find the entrance to the instances they do not like and those instances would never get played because of it.

- I would have found the entrance to the two drake ones and then randomed over and over again for just those two.

- I knew someone that did that.

- Bastard got the drake from both on the first run each.

- Now that is what I call luck.

- Did you notice the drakes in GB scale with gear?

- I did a run a few weeks ago with my main and some other high geared players.

- We killed nearly everything in the strafing run.

- It goes from being a long dungeon to a super short one when all you really need to do is fight boss fights and the rare trash mob.

- Makes me wonder if all randoms should be like that.

- Randoms are to cap out, and to gear up when you first hit max level.

- They should not take time or be hard.

- I am a huge fan of the 15 minute run when running with strangers.

- I never tested any of the new dungeons when I was on the beta.

- While I wanted to take a look around and do some quests to get a vibe for it and test the new skill trees, I did not want to ruin the experience.

- For that I wish they had allowed flying early in beta.

- I probably would have just flew around looking at things and killed a few starting area quest mobs and been gone.

- Being that was all I wanted to see and do anyway.

- I must admit however, traveling on ground does have its own benefits.

- For as much as I love flying, going on ground brings more of a real good feeling to the game.

- For me at least.

- I leveled an alt and walked through all outlands.

- It was great.

- I could afford flying, I just didn't buy it.

- I'll tell you one thing for sure, the game is a lot bigger when you do it on the ground.

- Once you take flight, things look a lot smaller.

- That's all for today, have a great day.

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