Thursday, March 25, 2010

The options.

After an officers meeting last night we discussed the options we have open to us.  As I mentioned in the previous post we do have to main raiders that have alts that can tank.  We also have some up and coming players that can tank if they were more active and geared up some.  But that is the issue.  Even if we helped them with chain running heroics to help gear them up to at least T9 in every spot they would still need to be more active to be productive raiders.

So the options are as follows...

1) The main core raiders that are left, you know the ones that where always there nearly every raid, can move along and leave their alts there while the guild tries to rebuild.  Leaving the option open for them to return.
2) They just disband the guild completely and everyone moves along.
3) We all stay there and try to hard core recruit.

All options have their merits and all options have their disadvantages.  Over all I am leaning toward option number 1 as it gives us a chance to try to rebuild slowly while not gimping our main characters by letting them fall behind in gear progression.  Not to mention, all guilds have drama, all guilds will in time end up having some awesome people leave for no reason other then they are looking for something different.

If we were all around in different guilds with our mains and people left on their own we could always offer them a spot with the rebuilding guild.  No, I am not talking about poaching members, that is wrong and that is how we lost the members we lost.  They were constantly pressed by someone else to leave and join them.  That is wrong.  If someone is looking to leave and you offer them a spot, cool, but do not go around offering spots to people already in another guild that did not ask you first.  I am talking about asking people that leave why they left and then if their reason was that they were looking for something different and that different fit my main guild I would tell them they could join there.  Now that I see nothing wrong with.

That option allows us to keep upgrading our gear and being able to raid more then once a week that we will be able to now as well as gives us a chance to recruit passively. Almost a win/win.

Disbanding completely would be hardest for me being this is the first raiding guild I've ever been in as a new player.  I like the people there and have come to think of them as my WoW family.  They are my friends for better or worse.  I am sure you can understand how you develop connections to people you talk to every day.

The third option is a solid idea if, and only if, we had someone that was fantastic at recruitment.  We do not have anyone that fills that spot.  I am sure if I put the effort into it I could do it but I would not really want to.  And you know how it goes with guilds, you never want to make someone do something they do not want to do.  Sure, once in a while it might be a good idea to ask for them to help by doing something they do not want to and they will not mind usually.  But you can not ask them to constantly do something they are not comfortable doing.  I am not a recruiter.  I do not see anyone else being willing to step up and take that position either.

Another thing about the first idea that I like is that we can still raid with the guild on our alts there.  Sure, we would have to step down to Ulduar and ToC but there is nothing wrong with that.  Our mains would be doing ICC and that is what matters most really.

I think that is the way I am leaning, but I am not going to rush to leave my guild because even if I leave with my main I am still an officer there with my alt and turning and running right away is not the image I want to leave the other members with.

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