Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My rules as a Hunter

This is my I WILL/I WON'T list, I am sure I could add more but these where things on my mind after reading some things on the forums.

I WILL... Follow the pace the tank sets.
I WON'T... Complain if he wants to skip bosses.

I WILL... Wait when the tank pulls before DPSing.
I WON'T... Let myself die as well if tank dies within three seconds. (FD to the rescue)

I WILL... MD on every pull of three or more if it is off cooldown.
I WON'T... MD on single target trash pulls.  If the tank losses aggro it is his fault.

I WILL... Wait for my MD to get off cooldown if I know the pull will need it.
I WON'T... Go out of my way to DPS to early when it is not off cooldown if I know I will pull aggo.

I WILL... Save the healer if they draw aggro with my pet, a shot or a trap.
I WON'T... Save another DPSer unless the battle is almost done anyway.

I WILL... Move out of the fire.
I WON'T... Save the healer is they refuse to heal me from unavoidable damage.

I WILL... Manage my aggro with MD, FD and switching to viper if need be.
I WON'T... Put up with your shit if you blame me for pulling aggro, if I pull, that means you are a bad tank.

I WILL... Be an aggro hog on run away mobs and loose mobs because I can take more damage then a robe wearer.
I WON'T... Be able to tank it myself, so you need to get it back off me once I save the squishy people.

I WILL... Hit every target in order if you mark them.
I WON'T... Be responsible if I hit the wrong one because I used target of target and you did not mark.

I WILL... Lay a frost trap to give us time to move back and let the tank round things up.
I WON'T... Listen to your crap because you still got hit.  It slows them, it does not stop them, you still need to move.

I WILL... Silence the casters on those annoying pulls to help.
I WON'T...Tank them after the silence is over.  Hint for the tank:  After I silence them, they will come to you if you get aggro.

I WILL... DPS as best I can without grabbing aggro to burn the boss down fast.
I WON'T... Expect the tank and healer to realize that DPS can be important too.

I WILL... Say please, thank you and other niceties during a run.
I WON'T... Ever expect to hear the same from others because while all of us play a class very few of us have any class.

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