Sunday, March 28, 2010

A lost Hunter in the PvP world.

I am not much of a PvP player, never have been.  I only PvP to get achievements for the holiday meta achievement.  That is partly the reason I made the priest that I am leveling through PvP only.  It was a way for me to get a taste of PvP.  I learned something that really made a huge difference when PvPing today and I think that it is because of playing the priest that I was able to make the breakthrough into what seems to be me becoming a much better PvP player.
Now with the priest, many times I found myself in a situation that I knew I was dead.  One much higher level then me or two or three against me.  I would basically drop my DoTs and try to keep myself alive as best I could and hope that some help came.  Sometimes it worked, sometimes it did not and sometimes I embarrassed the hell out of 2 level 29s on my level 23 priest by beating both of them.  Okay, so that last one was really rare and only happened once, but I can brag a little here and there when I want to.

Over all however, I die.  That what a priest does when they are all alone and in a healing spec in PvP.  They might drag it out a little bit, but they will die.  I learned to live with that and it was no big deal.  I learned that now the fun comes in with... how long can I keep them occupied trying to kill me.  Not... can I win, but... how long can I keep them out of the battle while they try to kill me.

With the changes to honor I decided that I wanted to grind to get the PvP mounts. Yes, I collect mounts. With the addition of the random battleground and giving more honor now I thought it would be easier to grind honor.  I was right.  I grinded for a few hours this weekend and got a mount, my second one, I had enough previously when they changed it to buy one.  So now I have two.  Just three more to go.

With my new found understanding of death in battlegrounds that I learned from my priest it seemed that my PvP game was stepped up a level.  I was not so worried about "can I live", "what to do to make sure I live", or "I'm going to shy away from this battle because I can't win."  All things I found myself saying whenever I PvPed before, that and many other things of the like.  Now, I just did not care at all.  I went in guns blazing and killed anything red dropping the pew pew all over the place.

Nearly every battleground I was in I ended up having the most damage done, or damn near close to it.  A few I was a killing machine racking up killing blow after killing blow.  When I saw myself dying I did not go into self preservation mode like I used to. I just kept killing until my last breath was taken from me.  A few times this even worked out that I did not die.  Situations where I would have been trying to save myself before I did not and won the fight without dying.  I would have died before because before I would have tried to live.

My PvP abilities still need a lot of work for sure but since I no longer worry about dying I've seen marked improvement with my game play.  I think that is the key to winning in PvP, to not give a shit about dying.  I joined my first ever wintergrasp yesterday too and we won.  Mind you, alliance rarely if ever has wintergrasp on my server.  It is pretty rare.  I joined the next one as well to defend it and we won that too.  Back to back wontergrasp wins as my first two ever wintergrasps.  I bet not many people can say that when their side normally loses 80% of the time.

Besides wintergrasp being my first time I also got into isle of conquest my first time as well.  Funny being in these things for the first time and having no clue what to do.  I lag just a tiny bit behind, like two seconds at most and follow the pack.  Made me wonder something.  perhaps the reason alliance loses so damn often is that most are people like me and did not start PvP until they were level 80.

In truth the only reason I am an alliance character is because I did not want to PvP.  Horde characters just look cooler in my opinion and I would have chosen Horde when I started but I did not want to PvP.  Most outsiders to the game with only minimal knowledge of it, just starting, see the breakdown like that.  If you want to fight against other players then be a horde player, if you want to fight against the game then be an alliance player.

With that in mind, most people that want to PvP join as horde and are PvPing since day one.  Most alliance players do not want to PvP and only start doing it out of  boredom one day.  That is why it seems that horde are always better at PvP almost universally no matter what battlegroup you look at.

As amazing as that is, there is your reason why horde is better at PvP.  Because to new players, like me when I joined, think the game is designed that if you want to fight others be a horde, if you want to fight the game be alliance.  If blizzard wants to balance the game some, it really needs to get rid of that stigma where people sign up thinking that.

Another thing I learned, and the only thing that would make me drop a battlegroup, is campers.  It happens all the time and it seems to be that it is only the horde that does it.  Between both characters I've played in PvP I've been in most likely 200 battlegrounds and I have only once seen alliance camp the horde graveyard.  And even at that, it was not really camping, it was one guy with one healer.  That one guy was just good enough to keep killing all the horde. 

Yet I see, about once every five games, the horde camps the alliance graveyard.  It is like it is part of their game plan.  Push back, leave your best at the graveyard and then kill everyone on the field.  Then go about objectives.  That way you are effectively removed from the game, you respawn and are dead before you can even buff yourself again.  Blizzard really needs to do something about that.  It takes all the fun out of the game.  Like I said, win or lose I would never drop a battleground and I have no problem with dying, but that is just plain wrong and only the horde does it... at least in my battlegroup only the horde does it.

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