Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beware the Priest

I made a priest a long time ago and basically stopped playing it.  Some time late last year I was bored and decided to do some PvP with the priest.  It was level 19 so there was not a great deal of stress involved.  Not much could be expected of a Priest.  Throw a few heals here and there and tada, my job was done.

So my first adventure into Warsong Gulch went pretty well.  While I had no heirloom items I did have two new things I made myself being the priest was a tailor. The Spidersilk Boots and the Spidersilk Drape where enough to make me feel as if I were OP.

Now I will be the first to admit I am not much of a PvP player.  My Hunter has just over 1,000 honor kills and that is only from doing the holiday achievements.  My Druid has a big fat zero. So my approach to my first PvP adventure with the priest was going to be simple.  Try to find someone that looks like they have a clue what they are doing that is either a Warrior or a Paladin and tag along with them keeping them alive.

I must have did a good job choosing who I was going to tag along with.  I don't recall the characters name or I would gladly post it and tell everyone how awesome of a player he/she was.  I am usually the grumpy person so I do not give high praise all that often unless it is deserved.  As time passed on it became more and more apparent how good of a player this was.

It went basically like this.  He attacked, I threw a shield on him, added a HoT and dropped two DoTs on his target then went back to him for any additional healing or shielding needed.  It was fantastic, only once did we both die and it was because as a team we died.  So when we revived we went back out together. 

Sure, you are saying, but that does not make him a great player.  Why am I touting him so highly? Because he had done something I have never seen done since.  Not even once in the open battlefield.  When he was attacking someone he paid attention to what was going on with me.  If a rogue tried to gank my little cloth wearing butt he came to help me instantly even if he was battling someone else.  He saved me the same way I was saving him.  He made quick work of any rogue that came after me, I made sure he was shield as well as myself and I kept both of us topped off.

Now my little priest is only level 26 but has leveled only through the battlegrounds.  The only quests I do is the daily PvP quest and the occasional holiday one but that is all.  By now I consider myself at least above average with my priest in PvP as that is all it ever does.  So in all that leveling I find it amazing that I have only ran into one player that actually has a clue how to play the game in a team work way.  I am pretty sure you can guess that this priest is on the Alliance side and being what I have seen pretty much explains why the Alliance always loses in battlegrounds. I can't say I have any experience on the other side, but they win more often so I am guessing they have more players that actually worked together like I did with my tag team partner.

I can not even guess the number of times that I found myself alone against the world so to speak.  Just yesterday doing the Warsong Gulch daily, we did the starting march through the open fields. Needless to say as the people started dismounting I started shielding and healing and dropping my DoTs like a good priest should. 

Now of course the mentality of any good offensive team is to take out the medic, which in this case is me.  And at level 25 when most of them are 27+ it is a bit easier.  But I am there with 4 or 5 team mates so it should not be all that bad right?  Wrong.  All the horde seemed to turn and come for me all at once and my so called team mates decided that being I kept them alive long enough for the attention to be changed to me that meant my job is done and they can leave me alone. Now, like I said, being I am leveling through PvP only I have become a little better at doing it.  But I would be hard pressed to guess that anyone, no matter how good they are at PvP would be able to beat 5 opponents, of any class, that are all of a higher level then you with the limited abilities that a level 25 priest has. 

I did the best I could, lasted about 6 or 7 seconds, which I consider damn near amazing.  Took out one of them in the process.  A level 21 hunter.  Hey, I knew I was going to die, at least I was taking one with me so I went for the weakest link.

You know what one of the saddest experiences of my PvP leveling has been thus far.  On more then one occasion I have lead in damage done, honor kills, and killing blows.  It is not because I am out there attacking, I am doing my job as a medic but am always put into the position of defending myself because no one ever comes to help.  I wish I could slap them across the face sometimes and yell at the top of my lungs.  It is my job to keep you alive... and it is your job to keep me alive.  The thing none of them seem to realize is that as soon as I am down they go back after the others and without me keeping their sorry asses up they go down faster then a Thai hooker.

I'll leave you with this little bit of food for thought.  Once I lead in killing blows, honor kills, damage done and of course healing.  As a level 21 priest.  Sad...very sad.  And people wonder why the alliance loses most battleground.

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