Tuesday, March 23, 2010

All good things...

Last night we were two people short for our ICC run to end out the week and decided not to try and pug those spots.  Sadly this has been the way for a few weeks now.  No one signing up for it and then either too many show or not enough show.  The not enough show part was more often.  We used a three night raiding schedule and if we got one solid run in per week it was a good thing.  Needless to say it is quite disheartening to be ready to raid and no one shows.

Last night after our failed attempt a few of us officers from the guild decided to do some old BC heroics for achievement sake and that is when the raid leader (tank) and our other main tank(with his healer wife) along with our shammy broke the news to me and another of the officers that they were leaving.  I can not blame them.  I hate sitting around waiting for people to show too.  Thing is that is two tanks and two healers we are losing.  That is the core.

They even mentioned that they wondered why I was still around.  I out gear everyone in the guild and do a fair job as DPS, as any good hunter should.  I basically said the truth, I was still around because they were there, along with a few others, but being they are the important pieces, they are what matters.  Now with them leaving I am put in a weird position.  As Co-Raid Leader I will be the choice to take over as Raid Leader I am guessing but what would that really mean with no tanks and down two healers.  Sure we have two other healers, sure I can go as my bear tank and we have another person that can switch to their pally.  But for me and the other person those are alts, not mains and we really want our progression on our mains.

Like it or not I might have to leave for greener pastures myself.  Unlike my counterparts that just left, well geared tanks and healers I am a hunter.  Yes, a hunter, the same class that there seems to be a billion of them all over the place.  Sure, I know my class better then most even if I am a newer player.  Sure in 95% of the raids/heroics I join I am tops on the DPS and damage done and in some cases by a hell of a lot too.  But that does not change the fact that I am a hunter.  It will be no easy task to find some place to go to.

I am almost sure I am leaving too.  I can't pug everything all the time.  Thing is, I would rather not.  I was lucky enough to find a place that I fit into well that had a raiding time that worked for me and rules that where not laid down by hitler like some guilds have and a core of adults that are serious but not people that all think they are gods gift to the game.  I guess I have to look around for something else now.  Not that I like it.  Hopefully my guild would allow my druid to stay there.  I can understand if I would not be Co-Raid Leader of course, but I would like to still be around with the group of people that are my first friends made on WoW.

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