Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Monday Random Thoughts on Tuesday

- I finished off all my brewfest stuff.

- Getting all the new toys gave me something to do.

- Funny part is even with more stuff to do with flying back in the game I am still only logging in for raid.

- I guess the only reason I did the brewfest stuff is because it is time sensitive.

- The other stuff like archaeology, which is always better with flying, can wait.

- I know the time will come when I start playing again.

- So I will get to it then, no rush, it is always there.

- But one thing that worries me is blizzard loves to remove things lately.

- I just do not think archaeology stuff is something they would remove.

- Would they?

- I mean who would have ever thought they would remove the garrosh heirloom weapons?

- I know I didn't expect that.

- Thought that would have been something they left.

- It would have given people something to go back for if they never got them, or some of them.

- But with the direction they seem to be going, logic gets thrown out of the window.

- I so want to make a post about the changes to hellfire normal.

- It might actually get me writing again.

- Did the fights this week on an alt and they do not seem right after the changes.

- Some I agree with, some I think were a huge mistake.

- That is what I want to make a post about.

- There are acceptable ways to make things easier for friends and family guilds.

- And there is an unacceptable way.

- Some changes were great, some left me scratching me head.

- Not sure blizzard ever thinks things out any more.

- They have not for years.

- They just do and damn the consequences.

- Like that stupid no flying idea.

- So many people left because of it.

- Many still have not come back.

- And many more, even if they did not leave, are still upset by it.

- I did not leave, but it will always have me worried now with each expansion.

- Are we always going to have to wait until the expansion is over before getting flying like this expansion?

- If so, that is a bad idea.

- I think blizzard let their success get to their heads.

- They think the game is too big to fail.

- I think they are wrong.

- They need to start caring about their product again.

- I would like to see that happen.

- Do you think they can right their ship?

- Test number one will be if flying will be available at launch with legion.

- They said they like the achievement idea, so if they roll with it and the achievement can be achieved before the end of the expansion, before the first patch even, then it is fine.

- Make it loremaster, explorer and maybe even doing all the dungeons on heroic as part of it on release and I would be fine with it.

- I would get flying on day one.

- Many people would by week ones end.

- And those that want to take their time still can and those that do not care about flying don't have to get it.

- Now that is how it is done.

- You do not wait until the expansion is over to add it.

- I think if blizzard added flying in 6.1 there would not have been as much backlash over it.

- And 6.1 would have been so much better with it.

- I mean, really, what the hell did 6.1 add to the game that could not have waited until 6.2.

- When I think back on warlords I will remember it for adding three things.

- One raid, hellfire, the selfie camera and twitter integration.

- Everything else should have been there at release, tanaan included.

- Remember the map, tanaan was a level 99-100 leveling zone.

- So do not listen to their BS saying "tanaan was never intended to be released at launch".

- Really?  It was never intended to have a leveling zone released at launch?

- Of all the bad things blizzard did this expansion it was mixed messages and lies to their player base that ruined them.

- More than lack of flying, more than lack of content, more than lack of dailies, more than anything else.

- We, or at least me, are diehard fans that keep playing.

- But lie to me enough, and you lose us.

- That is what I think happened to me.

- I actually want to go back to playing more.

- I just can not bring myself to yet.

- I am still mad at blizzard for constantly lying to me.

- Have a great day.


  1. Anon, Grumpy's former Guild Leader:

    I wish I could have done some Brewfest events as the rewards were sufficiently nice enough that I wanted to get them. Alas and alack, that was not to be. Oh well. I guess I didn't really want the items that bad because every time I took the initial opening holiday quest, that was the end of it for me. I just could not bring myself to actually do any of the daily activity to garner the tokens needed to purchase things.

    I guess I prefer the Summer Festival style of gathering where I could spend a long play period for a character and then immediately get a reward at the end of it. The business of logging in every day to make sure I accumulate enough tokens (hate to call it currency--gold in game is currency) simply turns out to be a discouragement for me to even start.

    Maybe next year...

    On your last point, yes Blizzard lied, both by commission and by omission. Flight was one instance of it and probably the most noteworthy but it was not the only one as you noted. It was not the lack of flight that was the issue so much as how they handled it (and here the word badly applies). Basically WoD was the most poorly handled public relations venture Blizzard has done to date. Here is hoping it retains that title for all time and that this was the low point of Blizzard as a company. We will see.

    1. If you were just after the 2015 brewfest stuff, with 3 characters you could get it all in 2 days (1 day for each toy, 2 days for pet). Unfortunately it ends/ended today. Next year.

      The toys are both meh, basically a +1 for your toy collection, and the pet is similar to the skunky alemental from timeless isle. If you really want it, the AH will have it though.

    2. Anon, Grumpy's former Guild Leader:

      Thank you for your information about the toys and pet, especially the AH suggestion. I may well look there and see what type of price is current on my server.

      Mostly what I wanted were the heirloom upgrades. The pets and toys will likely be there next year, or so I was/am willing to bet. If they are not, no biggie.

      Not sure how many days investment in time it would have taken to get nearly all my level 1-90 items turned into 1-100, but that was what caught my eye for a brief moment. Still, I just didn't enjoy the thought of doing that much effort, even when I desired the outcome.

      Hopefully there will be some more holidays to come with heirloom upgrades, holidays where I feel more like investing my time and effort. Guess if not, then I don't really want the upgrades that badly.

    3. There's heirloom upgrades every event, so not that big of a loss. Also with timewalking. Though I only recommend getting the 100 ones and buy the 90 with honour.

    4. @Anon

      I agree, it was not so much is issue with flight itself, it was the issue with how they handled it that was the problem. If they were just honest at any point, or had any real direction or decision already in mind. But they had no idea what their plans where and they all said what they "thought" they might be doing. That was the mistake. They needed someone to make a decision, a real concrete one, and they needed to stick with it. From the beginning, not make it up as you go.


      I really did not feel like doing it on alts, but I agree. With my stable of alts I could have done everything I wanted in a day.

      I am like Anon with the heirlooms personally. I don't really care if I get them. Nothing to really aim for. Leveling is so fast to begin with now, they are no longer needed.

  2. 6.1 didn't even have a raid, BRF was unlocked before that, and HFC was 6.2. We had one Blizz spokesman admitting it really should have been a 6.0.5 and another conflicting that position by counting it as a major patch.

    If Blizz came out and said Legion wouldn't have flying, because 'immersion' and it makes their job easier, I would accept that. I know some people wouldn't, but I believe it was the backflip on flying in WoD that really did the damage. Including the way they delivered the news, and how long it took to come once they reversed their position again. For an expansion already light on content, to try and quietly pass off news that flying wasn't coming when they'd been talking about it in a future patch since day 1, and the collector's edition mount being flying, would have burned their reputation with so many people.

    1. I don't buy "immersion". Having Choluna / Thisalee Crow pick you up and fly you in their flight form while you're on the ground and somehow incapable of it even as a druid is not immersive.

    2. I agree with the 6.0.5 idea. I think it should have stayed as a fix patch, which is really what it was.

      I do not buy the "immersion" argument. It always has been and always will be a matter of opinion. So someone can not say no flying is more immersive. That is not a fact, that is only an opinion.

      However, if they said they did not want to add flying and were not going to add flying. I might dislike it and disagree with it, but I would go into the expansion knowing it is not coming and not expecting it. The only reason it became an issue was because they kept saying it was coming, they kept saying they would do what the people wanted, and then they decided not to add flying after they "lied" saying it was coming and "lied" saying our opinion mattered. That is what hurt them. The lying, not the flying.

  3. I'm pretty sure I'll carry on playing WoW (still plenty of old content for me to catch up on), but I won't buy Legion until flying is available in game.

    1. I wish I could say that, but I am one of those people that like to be a first day player. But I agree with our stance. I just wish I could do the same.

  4. You know what is also time sensitive? Ashran. People are already talking that you should've done some achis while it was "current" (like killing 500 pandaren before they changed raid queues). It's ridiculous.

    1. Tell me about it, my poor PvP character, which I did not play all that often, I have given up on even trying to get any of those achievement on.