Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday Random Thoughts

- I've still only been logging in for only raid nights.

- But this week I logged in earlier because of brewfest.

- Lots of new toys to grab for my toy box.

- Sadly I forgot about pirates day and that means I missed picking up the things that are now toys right now.

- If I end up needing 3 (what I could have got) more toys for 200 I will be very sad.

- But you know my luck, that is what will happen and I will have to wait until next year.

- So I log in a little earlier on raid night and do some Brewfest stuff.

- Two days I actually logged in just to do them and logged back out afterwards.

- So brewfest got me back a "little" bit more if you think of it that way.

- I got the kodo in one baggie, thought I needed it but apparently I did not.

- Maybe I got it last year and forgot.

- I knew I needed it for the longest time.

- I was glad when they added account wide mounts.

- Had gotten the ram before that on my shaman and my warrior but never my main, the hunter.

- Same for the headless horseman.

- Got it on my priest, my warrior and my shaman before but never on my main.

- So account wide mounts helped me there, for my main.

- With my mains luck I would have never got it.

- Heck my mage got the kodo this time around.

- My mage is the only other character that is doing brewfest this year.

- He is the only one I do those things on because he can port everywhere making life easier.

- And being just doing all the opening quests you can get close to 200 I figured doing it on a second character will help assure I get all the toys.

- Being I am not logging in every day I figured I might need an extra character.

- But brewfest lasts a long time so that is good.

- I think blizzard needs to do one of two things with the holiday mounts.

- 1) Make them tradable.

- 2) Give them a sell price.

- Don't tell me that I am the only person that hates having to throw it away and type delete.

- There is just something that feels so wrong with that.

- I would love to give it to someone in guild that needs it, for free.

- But I can see why they do not make it tradable.

- So give it a 20 gold sell price, that seems like a fair price.

- Would be better than having to throw it away.

- In my opinion at least.

- Does anyone else think they increased the drop rate of the mounts?

- I got the kodo without even farming the boss.

- Many years I was doing it every day on multiple characters and never got it.

- Some times well over 20 characters, daily, for the long event.

- And in all that time in all those years I got a total of 2 rams and 1 kodo.

- This year I have done it 5 times on my hunter and twice on my mage and already have 1 kodo.

- A guild mate with 7 characters, who is doing it on all character to farm brewfest tokens to stock up on pets to sell later has gotten 12 kodos and 3 rams so far.

- Excuse me?

- And the number of people in guild saying they got their first ever mount from the event is astounding.

- It seems like everyone is getting them this year.

- Just a large flow of luck going around now or did they increase the drop rate?

- I think I know the truth.

- I broke the game.

- Yeap, I admit it, I am sorry.

- The other week the corrupted nest guardian dropped and I won the roll.

- Me, the unluckiest person in the world, won the roll.

- Even with 18 other people rolling, I won the roll.

- I went on to get the four piece set in one week.

- Yes, you heard that right, I won 4 tier pieces in the same week.

- I hate, hate, hate the feast or famine design of getting gear.

- You win nothing for months and months on end and then win everything at once.

- It was over 2 raid log outs but during a one week span.

- It started with a tier piece someone passed to me, as the second highest roller, because I was wearing a 670 piece and he said I could use it more.

- Then I won 1 piece on a roll, straight out.

- Then I won 1 piece on a roll even being the forth highest roller.

- How that happened was 2 warrior hunter shaman monk pieces dropped.

- The top roller was just rolling for an upgrade but they already had one.

- We have a guild rule, that people that do not have it at all get first shot, you can not roll "just" for the chance at a gem slot or warforged unless no one needs it at all.

- So it moved to the second and third person getting it.

- Then the third person, after I awarded it to them used a coin and won the tier piece.

- So they passed it to the forth highest roll, meaning me.

- My luck was rolling in full swing.

- And for the forth piece I won it on a coin roll, do you believe that?

- And it was warforged too.

- Well, there goes all my luck.

- I will have to wait a few months for another feast week.

- But at least I have the four piece set now.

- And boy will that takes some getting used to.

- I absolutely love the instant aimed shots, it is how the rotation should be.

- But I ended up focus starved instantly.

- And I seem to have the habit of hitting aimed shot and not doing anything else after.

- My mind is trained for it to take time to cast.

- So I am waiting for it to cast even if it already has went off as it is now instant.

- It is going to take some getting used to.

- But this is what I always refer to as "a good problem".

- I would rather have the problem of having to adjust to a new rotation than have the problem of not having gear.

- So you might think that being I finally won something I would be happy and playing a lot again.

- Happy yes, playing a lot again, no.

- The game needs a lot more than a better loot system.

- I will get back into the game again, I am sure, but giving me some loot one in a blue moon is not going to make me all excited about the game again.

- Boredom, that will get me playing again.

- As weird as it sounds.

- When I am bored on day I will fall back on something old and familiar.

- Something comfortable.

- Something I know well that I can get lost for a few hours.

- That will get me back.

- But thanks for the bait loot blizzard.

- Too bad it was long over due.

- You need a better loot system next expansion or it might be worse than this one.

- Seriously.

- Hopefully me breaking the game by having luck did not screw over the people that are normally lucky.

- If so, I am sorry, things will turn back to normal soon I am sure.

- I can never stay lucky for more than one week every 3 or 4 months.

- Have a great day.


  1. There were toys for Pirates day???

    I've earned all the toys/pets for Brewfest now. Still need the damn Kodo though...

    I'm doing Coren everyday on my hunter. I should do it on the priest, mage, druid, and dk as well, but I really can't stand to play an undergeared alt at a poor skill level...

    I agree that the mounts need to not be soulbound or we should be able to earn them if we get enough coins.

    I don't have much else to do in game.

    I built 2 more shipyards...

    I'm working on the logging achievements on my dk.

    I've gotten a couple of the new pets that drop off the new flying zone rares.

    I've done a little archeology.

    It's just not enough to keep me actively playing.

    Finished Witcher 3 yesterday and started playing Dishonored instead.

    Dishonored is pretty good so far. Picked it up a year ago on a steam sale or something, but never played it til now. Going for a Low Chaos play-through (stealth, no kill).

    1. hiya Jaeger - yes, I was wondering the same thing about Pirates day and toys. I didn't see any, so maybe he is thinking brewfest. :)

      I'm not really playing either, but leveling up alts. I got to lvl 93 in Pandaland, lol.

      Haven't felt like racing rams or doing anything else is Brewfest, so I will not have those toys. but, I finally was able to turn in a Ram Racing Stamp that I had on a toon when Brewfest first started and she was lvl 10, now lvl 41. LOL, got the original lvl 40 ram which surprised me was still in the game.

      Somewhere the last few years I got the Kodo and the Swift Ram.

      But like most here, I hit that wall of boredom. Don't care about achievements or killing or raiding, or dungeons or legendries or ....
      So, just trying to get other toons up to 100.

      I seriously doubt I will buy the next expansion and will stay at WoD. I do not believe there will be any improvement in the game, and I don't feel like I need a Hunter's Hall. I just want to go back to my farm in Valley of 4 Winds and stay there.

      On those games you mentioned. Do they have keyboard re-binding, where the "D" and "A" keys turn you around instead of straffing left or right? Playing WOW all these years has it where I need to be able to turn instead of side step, lol.

      ok, take care Jaeger, Anon, and the other folks.


  2. As I have just collected the four piece after too long, I can empathize with what you are going through on the rotational changes.

    My advice: If you prefer to maintain mobility and use steady shot and lone wolf, when high health triple tap the aimed shot then weave steady's in as needed watching for crits that will return focus and allow a double aimed shot tap.

    If you are ok with the mobility restrictions, then Focusing Shot will be the most damage (usually), as you can double tap Aimed Shot after each FS. Its superior recover yields more Aimed Shots per fight and better on time usage of cooldowns as you can repool focus quicker.

    Personally, I prefer the steady shot on the move. It does cost me some dps, but I find FS creates too much incentive to take "just a little bit of damage" to get that shot off and get the focus back up, especially halfway through a cast. After reading your writing the last six months, I get the feeling that you value survivability over raw numbers, especially when you are talking less than 5% difference in numbers.

  3. Anon, Grumpy's former Guild Leader:

    Congratulations on such a week! It is a shame you have used up four expansions (Wrath, Cata, MoP and WoD) worth of luck in one week, but hey, at least ya got a four piece tier set now. Teasing you of course, but you will freely admit you have had very few weeks like that in the course of the game to date.

    Of course, before the destruction of the Valor system, it did not matter near as much as it does without it. Perhaps in Legion...

    I do understand the boredom factor in playing again. It is why my subscription has never lapsed save for lack of cash once or twice, and then only briefly. A couple of years ago, I basically disappeared for a good long while. That was partly because I wanted my replacement space to establish her reign as guild leader, but mostly it was due to not being interested in playing for a good long while. Eventually the desire to play came back, more so over time than I actually had expected. Maybe you will feel the same with the passage of time.