Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday Random Thoughts

- With the announcement of some new stuff, even if not new "content", being added soon in 6.2.3, I tried to get back into playing a little this weekend.

- My priest, who had managed to get nearly all the runes they needed from garrison quests, went to take a trip through BRF LFR to collect the quest items.

- Two things became abundantly clear after the runs.

- I really suck at my priest now.

- Perhaps lack of practice and not fully embracing going back to the bubble only healing style.

- And the second thing was, Blizzard does not want people playing the game.

- It went smooth enough to start.

- I did not have great groups but I went through all 3 of the LFRs collecting the items I needed for the quest with little problem.

- Like I said, not great groups but no toxic behavior and no wipes.

- So in this world, of warcraft, it really was a series of great runs.

- Exactly what this elf needed after last week.

- In my endeavor to get back into the game everything was aces so far.

- Until I had to go back to kill blackhand and collect his severed arm.

- We wiped, which was not the problems, not even in the slightest.

- I expect wipes from people that never did the fight or people on characters which they had a lesser skill level playing, which is what I am guessing were the type of people there.

- The problem was, no severed arm.

- Stuff happens, so I put in a ticket and figure it is getting late, I will come on Saturday with the quest item in my bag and start collecting tomes in HFC LFR on my priest.

- That is when the second thing became abundantly clear to me, that blizzard does not want people playing the game.

- I get a response to my ticket, in very reasonable time mind you which was nice, that tells me I have to wait until next week to get the severed arm.

- Excuse me?

- I was on the quest, I killed the mob needed for the quest, the quest item was not given to me.

- How can you possibly tell me I have to wait until next week?

- Just credit the damn quest item.

- I was trying.

- I was enjoying myself.

- I was actually getting into the game and was looking forward spending a weekend playing it.

- And then blizzard tells me they will not even credit me a quest item that is supposed to drop 100% of the time from the boss.

- I could understand if there was a "chance" for it to drop and I did not get it.

- But it was 100% and it was not awarded to me.

- I am not a happy elf.

- I held up my part, I played the game, I gave them a chance.

- They just do not want me playing.

- Why do I keep giving them more chances?

- Your guess is as good as mine.

- If not for this I would have posted about all the other things I did this weekend.

- But because of this, it is all I have to say.

- I reopened the ticket, I explained, politely, my stance and I have not logged back on since.

- Sure, they could have credited me the severed arm by now.

- But it is too little too late.

- They should have given it to me when I put in the first ticket.

- Hope you had a better gaming weekend than I.

- Have a great day.


  1. That's annoying, but I'm not surprised.

    I remember that quest and just assumed I had to wait another week, but thinking back that assumption didn't really make sense.

    We can kill bosses over and over now, we just don't get loot from them more than once.

    We can still go back and use a coin if we didn't already though, so it makes sense that you could go back and get a quest item for a newly acquired quest.

    I kind of know the feeling though.

    I logged in yesterday and got the Terky murloc pet and then did the new Hallow's End dailies.

    Things were going fine until I got the spider garrison decorations and found out that Arachis is bugged.

    Tried to loot him and got a grey piece of junk while the bag of spider toys disappeared...

    Supposedly, I can try again today (don't Autoloot the spider's corpse!!!), but I'm much less motivated to do that now... stupid bugs...

    1. You can kill it and then go back and kill it again and get the quest item. I did that on my druid when my druid was at that stage. I accidentally killed it to get runes because I forgot I needed to go back to get the quest item.

      But I queued directly for it again after finishing it the first time and killed it a second time and got the quest item.

      It works, it has always worked that way. I remember in ToT it worked as well. I can't tell you how many players for their last rune on lei shen and then went back to kill it a second time to get the quest item.

      So it is not a matter of "if" I killed it already or not, because the quest item is a 100% drop no matter what. It should have been credited to me.

      I forgot about hallows end. I am going to need to check that stuff out this evening. Thanks for the reminder.

    2. ok, let me understand - there is a giant spider one can kill for more loot in the spider garrison d├ęcor?

    3. Nah, I was talking about the raid boss, not the garrison spider. That you can only kill once per day for loot on each character.

  2. Blizz gms seem to have several levels of customer support and the first few just try to convince you to forget about it. They outright lie about it too, they say no one else has reported such an issue etc. I actually doubt they will credit you the arm, best they'll tell you they've filed it as bug. They are annoyingly unhelpful these days. Hope they credit you, though.

    1. I've gotten the occasional exceptional GM that was helpful, knowledgeable, and genuinely nice but you are right, the majority it seems just try to do as little work as they can brushing off the question.

      They either give a non answer type of answer or they tell you it is a known bug and nothing they can do, or the case here of just telling you to try again next week.

      It seems like they are actively trying to NOT help people. I wonder how these people can keep their jobs being so poor at doing them.

  3. It would help if they were clear about it, make it obvious that you needed to wait until the following week.

    And it would also help if they could be consistent... the equivalent in MoP, collecting Lei Shen's head or whatever, could be done even if you had already killed him that week.

    Extremely frustrating.

    1. Collecting Blackhands Arm could be done even after you already killed him. Did that on my druid.

      So it is a 100% drop that you can get no matter when you do him. So, in my opinion, it should have been given to me, no matter what. To say, "too bad, sucks to be you, try again next week" (they did not use those words) is just wrong.

    2. Oh right, I misread it.
      So it bugged and they refused point blank to resolve it?
      That's even worse.

    3. Yeah, that is basically the case. They flat out said I would need to wait until next week. I don't know if they even took a second to consider it is a 100% drop I should have been awarded it.

    4. I actually had to wait another week too even though I killed him twice. Of course, I didnt mind because somehow for both times the LFR one shotted it.

    5. I think, over all my characters (just a guess here) that I killed BH around 7 times. Only once was it a one shot.

      I am convinced I need to find a better time to LFR, because doing it "when they kids get home from school" is not working out for me. lol

  4. I read somewhere that it can conflict with the arm drop if you already looted blackhand in the same week.
    I played much less in WoD and I was luckily to get

    1. 900/900 before Blackhand.

      I think people posted it in forums.

      Maybe you could loot it in the same week back then. But maybe a patch broke it? :P

    2. One of my characters did it after 6.2 came out. So if it was broken it would have had to be broken in one of those mini patches.

      I am guessing it is a possible bug, or maybe it was never intended to you to be able to loot if later in the same lockout. Either way, people have been doing it in the same lockout since ToT so I see no reason to change it now. More so to change it and make no notes on it what so ever. This would lead me to believe it is a bug.

      I am almost tempted to try and kill it a second time just to see if it gives it to me this time, but fear wasting my time.

  5. There are few options:
    1. It's somehow broken now and they know that a mini-patch will fix it.
    2. The guy at support is not good for his job and doesn't know it's a 100% drop.
    3. The guy is good at his job, but it's technically restrained, he can't send you CD-bound item now or whatever.

    I would clear this issue in my next tickets and also post the thing at official forums.

    Had no problem with any legendary pieces with many toons myself.

    1. All three of your answers seem plausible.

      One is what I was thinking it might be, that it got broken. Two seems the be the most logical answer, even more so after so many run ins with very ill informed blizzard employees. I do not think three is really an option, even if it is possible, because isn't that they job, to fix things that screw up like that so them not having the ability to do so make little sense. Not to mention if they could not handle it they should have passed it to someone that can instead of answering it incorrectly, which would then turn it back to number two, someone bad at their job.

      I knew you would be the person to ask having done, what, 12 so far?

      I had no problems until this one this week. Perhaps one of the teaks they made recently in those super tiny patches that come from time to time broke something.

      But again, even if I think it is a bug, I can not get my mind off of your number two. Someone really bad at their job, or someone that just does not care enough to check deeper into it. Maybe someone just plowing through tickets as fast as possible without really doing anything so they "look" like they are doing a good job.

  6. Soooo.....after I read that I went back to check the comment on WoWhead about that quest (and item).

    There are comment there taht speak about that very problem all theway back to 6.1 (it was not possible to finished taht quest before 6.1 dropped anyway). So what you experienced have ALWAYS been the case for blackhand (it was not for Lei Shen and Sha of Fear).

    That being said there are plenty of ppl in those comment saying that they got the arm mailed to them after a ticket.

    So basically either you got a douche GM, or they had a very nice one.

    The fact that you get locked out of the legendary item after you looted the runes seems logically for me, I really think that however nice it was Sha of Fear and Lei shen loot behavior regarding legendaries was odd.

    1. I got it, after doing BH first, on my druid when I went back a second time. So I know you can get it even if you already killed it.

      As you said, it was probably just a GM being a jerk, or not being all that knowledgeable about what they can and can not do.

      Thus far, since the legendary was added this way (last 2 expansions) you have always been able to go back for a second kill. Maybe they changed it after 6.2 and did not update patch notes to reflect that. Which, knowing blizzard, is entirely possible.

  7. That's weird. I wonder if there has been a shift in the GM services lately. I recently levelled a druid, as my guild had been having trouble getting enough healers to show up for farm night. I had just dinged 100, and wantetd to get all my baleful items to 695 before raid, so I needed some apexis. The bonus weekly quest that week happened to be for apexis, so I of course did it. I didn't notice until the end of the weekend that I wasn't getting credit for finishing the apexis areas (you were supposed to do five for the quest). So I thought maybe it didn't count tanaan. But then I jumped on my main hunter cause I figured I could blow through all of those apexis areas in just a few minutes, which was certainly the case, and as I was doing them, i noticed it was giving me credit for the bonus quest.

    So I put in a ticket on my druid. They didn't get back to me until tuesday evening (I put in the ticket on late sunday/early monday). At which point he aknowledged that they could see I had done the apexis areas, but because The ticket was opened after the quest was over, they couldn't mark it as complete. So I left it open, and responded that, as they could clearly see, I had opened the ticket an entire day before the quest ended, they just hadn't responded until after it was over. And that I didn't really care about getting quest credit, I'd be happy just getting the rewards (5k apexis and 1k garrison resources, I think). Then, after waiting another day, someone else responded saying that I should have put in the ticket earlier, and that they wouldn't give me credit.


    I mean, it's only 5k apexis, that's less than you get from one day of dailies on tanaan. Not like it's a big deal. Just really weird that they wouldn't want to fix it. It was obviously a bug on their end. You'd think they'd want their customers to be happy... I guess not, though...

    1. I think what it might be is the luck of the draw getting a decent GM or not. I've have awesome customer service and horrible customer service from them. Sadly more of the latter.

      Maybe you get someone that is actively trying to be "good" for the game and helping people or maybe you get some guy who this is "just a job" and they plow through things as fast as possible doing as little as needed to get by and not caring if it hurts the brand.

      Seems like you got one of those "bad" GMs trying to do as little work as possible, as I did.

      I had one nice one last expansion. We just did Thok, I needed the helm piece, as did a few others, the boss bugged out and we could not roll on loot.

      I put in a ticket saying it dropped and a few of us were going to roll on it but it was stuck and could not be awarded to anyone. So he sent me a heroic tier piece token in the mail. I did not say it was "mine". I said I wanted to roll on it. I had not even won it. Now that is a good GM that makes people happy and keeps people playing. They need a few more like that.

  8. Or maybe on your druid you did it in normal/hc first, then in LFR?

    As I said there are comment on WoWhead dating back from 6.1 (you have the patch number at the time of the post in the comment) saying that they had that problem at that time. So it's not something that started with 6.2

    1. My druid did that part of the quest after 6.2 was released, so I know for a fact I did not do BH on normal or heroic, as I was no longer running it on my druid. That is why I went to LFR inthe first place, to catch up as I was no longer tanking BRF.

      Being I did it after 6.2 came out, I know it still worked that way after 6.2 came out. So if it is "broke" now, it had to have been in one of those little mini patches they keep adding to fix bugs.

      But as that one person said they had the problem earlier, and a couple posting here said they have had none even after 6.2, it is entirely possible it is a reoccurring problem that just popped up again. Or I am just unlucky with pulling a GM from the mix that did not feel like helping anyone.