Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday Random Thoughts

- I am still playing diablo because I have not achieved the needed achievements yet for the stash.

- The level 45 solo rift with no set pieces seems to be a larger issue than I had anticipated.

- I played this weekend trying to assemble the set I wanted to use and got most of the pieces.

- I could not kill stuff fast enough.

- Bah humbug.

- So I either need to grind some better gear for it, grind some paragon level or try another conquest all together.

- Seeing the one to complete a level 55 with 6 different set seems interesting.

- Might be easier than a 45 with no set items.

- The hardest part is assembling all the pieces for 2 more sets as I will need to roll another class.

- Should not be an issue if you have friends you play with that are already geared.

- Roll the same class as them.

- Get rifting.

- Have them throw you all the tier gear they get that they no longer need.

- I am going to try the 55 with 6 different sets next weekend.

- I have only used 2 of the demon hunter ones thus far so have 2 more to try it with.

- But I have faith I can do it.

- Did not play much warcraft again this weekend.

- Not much really to do.

- Tanked a full run of normal and half heroic.

- Did not get any hunter time for the third week in a row.

- I guess that is partly why I have no motivation to play lately.

- Burn out, boredom, and not being able to play the class I want to play.

- I am thinking of "buying" a mythic run just to get something to do.

- I just wonder what would be the sense in "buying" a run when I would be one of the best players in the run.

- Shouldn't they be paying me.

- A guild mate has started joining a weekly pug that runs mythic Friday nights.

- She too is a hunter, and greatly out gears me.

- She says they all love her because he is always near the top of the charts and she knows the fights and is good at avoiding damage.

- I train my hunters well.

- Thank you very much.

- But I admit she picked 90% of it up on her own.

- Good players are good player.

- Thing is, she is a hot commodity because of her quality of play.

- And in my normal mode / heroic mode guild she is probably 6th or 7th down the line in terms of numbers.

- Makes me wonder what the issue with my raid team is.

- If she can down mythic with a pug and be top DPS, how the hell can my guild still be stuck clearing heroic?

- Oh wait, I know why.

- That retarded 20 man minimum.

- Blizzard really needs to remove that and bring 10 man back.

- It keeps good people that want to progress from being able to.

- It keeps guild that want to keep playing playing.

- It helps steam the boredom because we know we can't move forward anywhere.

- Sure I can pug, but I should not have to.

- There should be a 10 man version of mythic.

- Heck, mythic should be flex too for all I care.

- I do not take this "we need a set number so we can tune it tightly" argument seriously.

- It is a game, not a sport.

- Just because the top 0.01% want to compete for world first and want to level playing field should not matter.

- Every player with aspirations, and ability, to get world first could quit the game right now and it would be like a droplet of water being removed from the ocean.

- No one would care.

- The game should not be designed around them.

- Give guilds, a lot of guilds, guilds much better than mine, the chance to start raiding mythic again by allowing smaller groups.

- Someone in guild said we should merge with another heroic guild that is stuck and pick the top players and do mythic.

- I said, if they want to join here they are welcome too.

- But I do not feel like developing a raid team that works well together and then next expansion comes and we go our separate ways again.

- I would rather build a team than build something just to pass the time.

- And more too it, if I were actually serious about mythic I would have switched servers already.

- We have one guild on my server that is 5/13 mythic.

- They have been 5/13 mythic for as long as I can recall.

- The best of the best are all assembled there.

- They have tried to poach from my guild and many others.

- But we, they, are all happy where they are.

- And there is one mythic guild and more than a handful of heroic guilds that would all be raiding mythic instead of all fighting over trying to get a few good players.

- More so, a few good players that do not exist.

- They have to do what I do.

- Create players.

- Like that hunter that is pugging mythics in her free time.

- One person in guild that just came back asked me a few weeks ago which is better BM or MM.

- I said MM.

- I invited him to come along on a heroic run and see.

- She, with 10 items higher than me would play BM, I with only one decent trinket and still using the crated weapon would play MM.

- What the numbers and see what happens.

- First boss, a AoE fight and me with the single target spec, destroyed.

- Second fight, single target, destroyed.

- Third fight, mixed, destroyed.

- Forth fight, cleave and single, destroyed.

- Fifth fight, I went down first so of course I destroyed.

- Before the 6th fight he said, does she beat you on any fights in here.

- I said no.

- He said, she must suck.

- I said, nope, she is actually pretty damn good, playing over 96% on every fight, she is a fantastic player.

- MM is just better, simple as that.

- Percentage wise she beat me on some of those fights even if on the meters she could not come close to me on any of them.

- Don't judge a book my their cover.

- There is a lot more to doing well that just raw numbers.

- But when it comes to raw numbers, and considering only them, they are easier to compare.

- MM is better right now.

- But you never know what tomorrow will bring.

- Blizzard loves to change things on a whim don't they.

- There was a trick we used on the iskar trash, been using it forever, makes the pulls super easy and no one every gets disoriented.

- Been using it since HFC came out.

- Guess what?

- Did not work this week.

- Why patch a fix to the way we handled trash to avoid a mechanic when there so many things that are actually needed to be fixed in the game.

- I mean... really.

- I wonder who decides that it is important to fix the way some guilds cheese trash and it is no important to fix actual issues with fights, or classes, or balance.

- How about scaling the fights better for smaller groups, it is still horrible.

- How about fixing the bug that decided to choose me, as the tank, for heartseeker when there were 17 other people alive it could have chosen.

- I mean... really.

- We managed, told the off tank to taunt, ran away, came back and taunted back.

- But don't tell me that is not a bug.

- I would think fixing that should come before fixing a way people are making trash easier.

- But no, this is blizzard, no rhyme or reason.

- Either way, they do what they do, and we still play it.

- Because even with all the junk we love it.

- Have a great day.


  1. Decided to buy a month of time with gold.
    Figured I would knock out flying and get my ring and see if I can get a moose.
    Also decided to run a bit of an experiment.
    So I did the tannen stuff and ground out the saber rep.
    Looked up the other reps.
    Promptly said F that and bought the rep tokens .
    Not enough to get flying but enough that I'll finish in a few more days.
    Got lots of tells from old guildies OMG your back
    When are you restarting the guild?
    Felt bad saying I was just back to piss away some free time.
    I don’t see me ever leading a guild again.
    I suppose I could raid lead but that seems like a lot of work.
    I don’t like the shipyard at all.
    I understand it’s been nerfed.
    I still think it’s stupid.
    Decided to run a little LFR experiment to see how bad it was. Here's my findings.
    I was Ilevel 690. I solo qued as a DPS.
    I used my frost mage spec.
    I did LFR on Sat and Sun which I've heard are some of the worst days as the real raiders aren't there to carry.
    I decided to not look at ANY strategies for a boss before I killed it.
    I did have DBM loaded as it auto updated.
    But I really had no idea what it was trying to tell me most of the time.
    It would flash and draw lines and there were some circles I was like WTF is this.
    Solo DPS que I only had to wait for Que for longer than 10 minutes once and that was later at night on Saturday it was midnight PST when I finished that one.
    I wiped 3 times over the whole raid.
    First time a bunch of people zoned in right as the second boss landed and instantly died.
    Second time was on the construct boss? People were screaming at tanks to move it out of the fire.
    Next attempt it was move out of fire and we won.
    Then we wiped on trash right after that.
    DPS wise I managed to pull right around 35k almost every time.
    Seemed like there were a lot of people around about there but then a ton that were worse.
    I was always in the top 10
    Sometimes top five and above depending on how many LFR heroes were there.
    Mind you I had 0 Idea what was coming if the fight had adds or not
    I didn’t change my talents from the last time I logged out and it looks like they were set to maximum lazy talents
    I also forgot that I might have some to manage until about half way through the raid boss’s
    I died 4 times.
    You guessed it the three times we wiped.
    One other time on trash before archi.
    I was at full hp’s and all of the sudden dead so I must have done something wrong.
    From all the belly aching in raid chat these were the worst Looking for raids these people had ever been in.
    My perspective we downed boss’s I had a good time
    I got 8 pages for my legendary.
    That seems about right 61%
    I later read that is about the drop rate.
    So not lucky not unlucky
    Just average
    The boss’s seemed interesting but in LFR they were just all don’t stand in things and kill adds.
    A few times after the boss died I looked at a few of their abilities just to try and figure out what had happened.
    So I should have this wrapped up in about a month.
    Then ending cinematic was super boring reminded me of cata’s
    Snore fest
    Maybe I’ll try running some normal in pugs but I’m already bored.
    Makes me wonder if I should come back for legion at all.

    1. The reps were not that bad if you did not mind dailies. Even without a rep token IIRC it only took 10 days to get to the required revered for two of them. The cats you needed to grind a little however. But those two in the grand scheme of things had to be some of the easiest rep grinds in the history of wow, time commitment wise.

      Ship yard sucks. And it was not nerfed, it was buffed to make it more enjoyable, and as you see, it still sucks.

      Actually sounds like you had some good LFR groups. Kind of nice when that happens. You do not see many actual raiders in them any more. No need for them to be there unless they just got a new piece of gear and need some valor for upgrading. But even in that case they most likely run mythic dungeons. More valor, faster, you pick your group and not random. So better all around.

      There is a debuff one of the mobs puts on people, when it expires they die, instantly, and spawn a mob. You can (I guess) stop that from happening with a well timed ice block, I know I can block it with a well time deterrence.

      I can understand your are bored, we all are, more so as we have been playing. But if you want to have some fun you need to make your own fun. Assemble your own groups, run some mythic dungeons, nice gear, up to 725 if you are lucky, and depending on the group it could even be a nice challenge. With everyone over 700 is it a push over but with a group of 670 to 690 it can be a fun challenge. Even more so if they do not know the fights or are not so great at their class. Many one mistake and you are dead things in those for a low geared character. But it is still fun. Heck, I did the legendary quest line dungeons on mythic on my mage to start the quest, it was awesome doing it at a low item level. Hard but fun.

      Now, I will not comment on if you should come back for legion, I am bias because of how they changed hunters and I would say no. But for now, get some friends to play with. That is the only way to enjoy it.

  2. hiya GE, you probably won't see this and prob wont answer, bah,

    Anyway, you said something about those "top players" and wanting to "be first" and said who cares about them and that they should quit it would be a drop in the ocean. Don't you know who cares? Why it is Blizzard and that is who they ever listen too and design all the crap for.

    It was like when Clinton was elected President and you could ask everyone around you (in a bar if you want) and they would tell you "who the hell voted for him". Yup, same here. all the silly design things in the game, it's not for me. It's for them them and probably you if you sent letters to blizzard.

    For example, I remember when WoD came out and the complete re-design of armor and adds and jewels, etc how it got to be too much and needed to be "re-done". And what do we have now? people getting mythic armor and weapons so they are higher in the "ilevel". We have gone full circle.

    WHY?!? Why not have it simple and KEEP IT THAT WAY?

    ok, brain is getting fuzzy and I need to leave this. So if you comment, I will see it.

    stay frosty,
    - roo

    1. I see all... sort of.

      Don't always answer however, but I try to.

      I honestly do not know why blizzard cares about them. I do not know why blizzard caters to them. I have no clue. It has hurt the game in ways they can never recover from. Hey, just because they ran a successful business doesn't mean they are smart. What is the saying, better to be lucky than good? Well, they are lucky it seems.

      I am with you. Why not keep it simple and stick with a design that works. Expand on it, no need to change it completely every single expansion.

    2. Just wildly guessing, but I surmise they were attempting to get into "esports" at one time and even though they failed with WoW, they were half-hearted about giving up, so we have the worst of both worlds.

      They cater to the esports crowd, but the esports crowd shuns them.
      And the crowd they should be catering to suffers.



    3. Top 'things' (Gladiator, Mythic etc) are there as an ideal, for people to aspire to.

      I'm not sure how I feel about WoW though. For competition you need strict rules. And strict rules tend to eliminate most and address only to a few. It also makes things serious, which is kind of the opposite of fun.

      I was also thinking about other aspects these past few days. Doing some world bosses in Guild Wars 2 - those feel epic. hundreds of players. They are all around and around and you can't even see the whole beast you are facing - groups around each foot, around head and so on. People die, they get raised, it feels MASSIVE.
      And there is no requirement there for these bosses, anyone can participate. There isn't any competition, everyone gets rewarded, everyone feels like making a bit of a difference.

      But WoW isn't that kind of game... Even 40-men raids aren't even close to that. It's all closed up and fights have become more and more complex, like a tactics game and less about the hectic nature of army against army on an open field.
      You matter more in WoW, you're closer to your friends, but it also excludes a lot of people and you don't feel like you're fighting a war.

      Yeah, not sure where I'm going with this. I guess WoW is a different kind of game. One that promotes other values and encourages competitive nature more than cooperative. Raids themselves are a competition - for the highest dps, for the 'best' class, for the most appropriate spec, excluding more and more. Which leaves a lot of people out there wondering who are changes made for.
      I don't know if I should blame Blizz for encouraging this or people who create the context and keep it there.

    4. @Regardsanon

      I believe they are still trying to push toward esports. It is only a matter of time before they attempt to port warcraft to xbox and playstation will will increase their range and their attempts to get into esports with it.


      Serious can be fun. But that depends on the person of course.

      That was like Oondasta when it was new, it was great with bodies all over the place and what seemed like 200 people all beating on it. It does have an epic feel to it doesn't it?

      While the people "created" the competition blizzard catered to it by building on it. So while we, the players, are to blame, they gave us the tools to turn what should be a cooperative game into a competitive one.

  3. Was doing Diablo for stash as well. Same as you, have mosre Paragons this season than on my 'main' (monk). Same as you, picked a Demon Hunter. Same as you, had only another conquest left. Also decided on 45 without a set.
    Did it with a fire build with Yang's Recurve and Multishot. Not without a lot of frustration in regards to silly rifts with absolutely no pillars. It's extremely hard without pillars.
    My problem was that I was very squishy. So I had to find two Unity and crafted a can't die trinket for my follower. Also found a cube for my weapon which made a bit of difference cause I could reroll to Vitality.

    I'm playing with my honey (Wizard) which makes all the difference though. It's a lot more fun in two, I can't play Diablo alone for long, I find it boring. So gathering stones and doing Adventures is easier. I can also get alts boosted (got another DH and a wizard rebirthed and boosted to this season). I brought the wizard over think on the same lines as you do, that that will be my second character for another conquest if needed (already have Delsere set on it from honey).

    So... yeah, I have no tips. I found it frustrating playing this much for a much needed reward like inventory Space. I shouldn't have to go through this much trouble for it. Sure, reward me portraits and pets and other vanity crap, but don't hide space from me behind too high requirements. Almost got discouraged twice. Just my two cents.

    1. I tried the fire build and had no success with it.

      I just farmed up two sets quickly for a witch doctor and did the 55 with 6 different tier sets. It was actually easier than doing the 45 with no set pieces. For me at least.

      I think it was a little too much for, as you put it, a much needed reward like inventory space. It should have been the reward for finishing the basic 4 achievements. Maybe the 5th at most.