Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday Random Thoughts

- Anyone have any love rocket love?

- Not me.

- I admit after the first few days of running all my characters through it I've been slacking.

- Doing all my tanks and healers but rarely all my DPS characters.

- So I would say I am averaging 7 a day.

- I did get the heartbreaker toy finally yesterday.

- So one more for the toy box but my mount collection is not feeling the love rocket love.

- Joined a nice pug this weekend.

- We wiped a few times here and there and I had to drop because I had a previous engagement before we downed a boss I really needed, which sucks, but I added the leader to my battle tag so maybe I will run with them again.

- This is why I like "guild groups" in the group finder.

- They usually need just a few people and wipes are not a killer.

- Also it is a lot easier to fill the holes if you are only grabbing a few people than grabbing a full pug.

- Never took long to replace the one or two that left after a wipe.

- They were not more progressed than my guild, end heroic, but that works for me.

- At least now when I am stuck tanking I can join them if they need a DPS, or skip it if they don't.

- I think they liked me even if I did not get on their voice chat.

- I would have to download a different voice chat client as I do not have the one they use.

- I am however proud to announce I got my first weapon drop since the opening weeks of the expansion when I got the normal weapon off brackenspore the first week highmaul opened.

- That was the last weapon I saw all expansion.

- Thank god for crafted weapons or I would have surely quit.

- Or been using a baleful one I guess.

- They need to ditch RNG in loot.

- I speak only for myself, but killing the same boss over and over hoping for loot is NOT fun.

- Never has been, never will be.

- But, for example, killing the boss to unlock the loot table and collecting a currency to buy what you unlocked would be freaking awesome.

- Then you would earn your gear.

- In two ways.

- One by beating the boss, thus unlocking the ability to buy stuff that drops from it.

- Two by earning enough currency, whatever that currency might be, to buy stuff you have unlocked.

- Leaps and bounds better than the luck system.

- Now mind you the weapon was not the one I wanted off manny, but it was the one of soc which was still an upgrade.

- Got the chest piece off heroic manny this week, which was nice.

- But needed to take off a 736 chest piece to put it on.

- However, that allowed me to put on 725 shoulders instead of my 711 normal tier ones and enjoy the crit that those 725 shoulders had.

- So going down from 736 to 720 and up from 711 to 725 might seem like a minor loss in stats.

- But if I told you my critical strike, which is my best stat for me, went up over 4% would you now consider it worth it.

- I really wanted the heroic archie gloves for my off spot as they have a ton of crit on them but alas no pugs that could kill him for me this week.

- I have normal tier on those so the heroic archie ones would be a major upgrade in both agility and giving my my best stats at the same time.

- The only heroic tier I have a chest, head and legs.

- So I mix and match whatever works best most of the time.

- I have a bag nearly filled with "off pieces" and possible upgrades.

- And upgrades that are item level only, so I don't wear them.

- And trinkets, I have so many trinkets I play around with on a fight to fight basis.

- Outside of my heroic warfored blademaster I really do not have one perfect second trinket.

- But in reality, I do not think there is one perfect one.

- Some work better on some bosses, some work better when doing normal, some work better for dungeons, some work better on demons, you get the idea.

- I switch my second trinket like I switch my talents, on a fight by fight basis it seems.

- I wonder, is this good design or just a waste of 8 bag spaces carrying all these trinkets.

- Or maybe it is just me because I have a horrible time making up my mind.

- Went back for a fun run of some old content this week with guild.

- We finally did the last three bosses we never got to on heroic (now mythic) in siege.

- We brought a bunch of new people who had never done it.

- Made it more fun.

- One of the new people, even after being warned got smashed by garrosh in the transition phase.

- Saw that coming a mile away.

- He is one of those "horrible at mechanics" guys that signs up for every raid and I have to try to be gentle in declining him.

- I don't not want to hurt his feelings, he signs up and he shows up.

- Now we just need to get him to be better.

- But I had it to about "here" with him.

- No no, not for that, we did not need him to kill last expansion content.

- But in the real raid I seem to keep having to call him out.

- And I try not to do that.

- I whisper, I make blanket statements explaining an ability to the whole raid so they can listen, and they still mess it up.

- So I finally got to the point I just called him out "if you keep messing up these mechanics you are going to stop getting invites".

- I don't think I was being mean.

- I have whispered him a lot.

- I have overly explained part of the fight I knew he had issues with before the pull, even if we have been killing these fights for months.

- I have given him weeks worth of attempts to get better.

- Doing normal and heroic with him each week.

- And he still messes things up.

- Flex or not, some people are just not mean to be raiders.

- And sure we can carry him through all of normal and even most of heroic without it hurting us but that is not the issue.

- The issue is if he is going to keep playing that poorly he has no right even being in a raid.

- Sorry, you do not need to be "good" to be a raider, but you need to at least listen to simple instruction.

- I say things like "this is not a DPS race, even if you have to stop your DPS, just do the mechanics right" and he still messes up.

- I am not asking for top players.

- But I am asking to at least run out of the group when you have doomfire on you.

- Hell, even if you run the wrong way at least you would be running with it.

- But no, he stands in the group and do not move and gets eaten alive by the doomfire.

- After six weeks of killing archie on normal with us (hell no I would not bring him to heroic) he still does not get it.

- Sure we still kill it without him but it is a matter of principle.

- So I told him, next time doomfire hits him because he stands still I will remove him from group mid fight.

- No excuses.

- Am I being too harsh?

- I don't think so.

- I believe that some people are just not raiders.

- It really is that simple.

- Enough ranting, more good vibes.

- May the light of elune bless you and the love rocket join your ranks.

- Have a great day.


  1. Not too harsh at all. Every raid gets to set it's own standards, and this player just isn't making them.

    1. I am VERY forgiving with our normal raids as we can easily carry people, even a lot at once, but I still say even for a carry there has to be some standards. I do not care if you are not pulling the numbers, but you should at least follow mechanics. I don't think it is much to ask. Glad you agree I was not too harsh, I really try not to be as we are a casual guild.

    2. I'd even go further. If they are signing up for challenging events, that implies they want to be good. Just carrying them without feedback won't help them get any better. If this person were only signing up for outdated content, maybe they don't care about improvement..

    3. Good point. He signs for heroic, so it is not like it means he can just slack off. Even more so being we only have the bottom on farm and still often find new and interesting ways to wipe on the top. So he knows he needs to do well if we do not want to wipe.

  2. hey if I was raiding with ya, I would run away from everything and I promise to die before bringing mobs back to the group.


    PS - also I wouldn't stand in anything longer than it takes me to jump out of it - maybe a nanosecond.

    1. No need to die, you are a hunter, just pretend to die. :P

  3. Anon, Grumpy's former Guild Leader:

    Wow, the dude must be truly epic in ineptitude for you to go that far. So, er, did he get removed mid-raid? Was the threat of the embarrassment enough to correct his behavior?

    Have you considered having someone else try to reach this player. Perhaps an assigned mentor from among the active raiders who aren't officers? Are there any guildies you can identify as friends and assign the problem of improving his play to them?

    Alternately, he may well be one of the folks who just don't fit in with us. Sounds like he likes the guild well enough and tries to show up regularly, which are not the worst qualities to build on.

    But on the other hand, I can well remember to many occasions on which I was so impatient for someone else to finally get the pattern of a fight. I knew my part, they didn't and as I figured they were better players than me, that was frustrating as could be. So yeah, you have my sympathy on this one.

    1. He fits with us, somewhat, but I do not think he has the same casual attitude of most in the guild. We have always been casual but moving forward, he does not seem to push forward. Maybe in time.

  4. 636, 625, 620 and 611 gear Grumpy?? I'm guessing you meant 736, 725, 720 and 711 (700's level gear) - at least I hope that's what you meant. LOL! Otherwise I really feel bad for ya. ;-)

    1. Fixed it. Did not even notice. But you have to admit it would really be more impressive if I were doing the content (and leading the pack doing it) in 600 gear and not 700 gear. lol

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