Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday Random Thoughts

- I had some sad new this weekend about a fellow player.

- We have all hear stories about people we, or others, have played with that passed on.

- We have all heard, and in some cases personally experienced, how people get older and their abilities diminish and they play less or can do less.

- It is part of life, and real life always has an impact on our entertainment.

- His wife came online last night to let the officers know why we have not seen him all week.

- She too is a player.

- He came down with an extremely rare illness.

- Doctors were able to save his life, but he lost his arm.

- I saw my eyes are tearing up a little writing about it.

- Some may say this is only a game, and it is, but the relationships you make while playing it can be very real if you let them be.

- I've known him since 2008.

- He was my PvP partner since wrath, a really solid player with a high ranking that always tried to help me get better when I had the itch to try PvP.

- He was a semi consistent raider.

- When he was not away for military duty.

- And more importantly, he has been someone I am glad to call a friend for a long time.

- While I am saddened to lose my PvP partner and a solid raider I am near heart broken to know that my friend lost so much more.

- And not just his arm.

- The game he loved to play he may never be able to play.

- When he woke up one of the first things he told his wife was to go online and tell us not to kick him from the guild.

- My god I would never even think of it and if someone even thought for a second of suggesting it I would kick them first.

- He was, is, family.

- He is welcome to stay as long as he likes.

- I just hope that some day he can find something he can do in game that allows him to still have som joy with it.

- I will gladly help him level next expansion.

- I might never be able to help him PvP but I am sure I can drag him along for some raiding.

- He will always remain a member of the guild.

- He will always remain a friend.

- And I am just glad he is alive right now.

- I was thinking what class it might be best for him to play, so he can still play some.

- Demo warlock or BM hunter make the most sense.

- Being will have to become a clicker and movement might be an issue having a pet that does solid damage and can tank could make it easier on him.

- I've one question for the people that read here.

- Is there a way in game, or with an addon, to add a click to move functionality like they have in diablo?

- That would make one handed play a lot easier.

- And maybe it can bring a smile to his face.

- That would mean a lot to him I am sure.

- One of the officers said a funny comment that sort of softened the mood when we were all feeling down.

- They said, "I bet even with 1 arm he would still be a better raider than half the people that sign up for raid night."

- It is funny because it is true.

- On to other random thoughts, short and sweet version, as that was really the only thing on my mind right now.

- Got 1 achievement left on diablo to get my stash.

- Do the level 45 rift solo with no set pieces.

- Attempted it with some random stuff and could not even kill anything.

- Building a set now for a fire build that should do the job.

- Have 5 pieces of gear thus far with bonus fire damage bringing me close to 100% extra damage from fire abilities.

- That with my ancient manticore and ancient rucksack for increased sentries, increased sentry damage and increased cluster arrow damage I should be able to do it.

- But that will have to wait until next weekend as I am a weekend warrior only on diablo.

- Did manage to hit paragon 600 while doing rifts to upgrade gems.

- Can't believe my seasonal character has more than twice as many paragon points as my normal one.

- Funny part is, I think doing the one to do a solo 55 with 6 different sets would be easier at this point.

- 55 is a breeze now.

- The hard part would be getting two full sets on another character.

- Either way, I would have to say the extra stash slot is mine.

- I am glad because it was the only reason I was actually playing it.

- As far as wow goes, not much to say there.

- Random people still stuck at cataclysm time walkers.

- No surprise there.

- They kicked one of my guild mates from a random because, get this, he tried to explain how to do the fight after they wiped 3 times because it seemed no one else ever did them before.

- He got kicked because he knew the fight?

- Does that make any sense to you because it sure as hell makes no sense to me.

- I love the idea of someone willing to teach me how to do something I do not know.

- It is not even remotely reasonable to kick the person that is explaining the fight so you do not wipe again.

- The only thing worse than a bad player is a stupid player.

- And even worse was the fact they were bad and stupid based on what my guild mate said.

- Not willing to listen to how the fights were done.

- Not even attempting to follow mechanics.

- And doing dismal numbers, as he said he was over 65% of the DPS on the first boss and over 80% of the DPS on all the trash.

- It is standardized item level.

- Sure you can gear for best in slot, but he was just using his normal gear.

- So they were bad and stupid.

- Funny part is the cataclysm time walkers are not even half as hard as they were at release.

- These have to be all new players, because older players learned those fights when they were actually harder.

- At a 429 item level on day one.

- It was a nightmare in some groups.

- I remember the rock boss in deepholm and all of grim bartol as being horrible.

- The under water one with bad pulls or lack of focused fire and interrupts and CC could be horrible too.

- In low item levels with lesser skilled players that did not know the fights the cataclysm dungeons were, or could, be really really hard.

- With a guild group they were awesome.

- Amazing hearing some of these people saying how hard these are and here I am thinking how super easy they are.

- All about perception I guess.

- Well, I guess that is all for now, and please if anyone knows of a click to move addon or something in the game setting that will allow it, please let me know.

- I would be very grateful.

- Have a great day.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your friend.

    There is a Click-to-move option in WoW.

    The tick-box is in Interface / Mouse.

    1. Thank you. I could have sworn I heard about it in game some time ago but did not recall it I really did or was just imagining it.

  2. This might be a decent option for your friend as well as click to move.

    1. That thing looks interesting. I've saw it before while mouse hunting but never would have considered it for this. Good idea.

  3. Very sorry to hear about your friend. I bet, though, if he is still interested in playing the game after a bit, that there will be a way for him to do it with very little noticeably different result. One of the very few positive things to come out of extended periods of war and military conflict is the quantum leaps that always occur in medicine, especially in adaptive prosthetics. My husband works with disabled veterans, and it seems like every day there is some marvelous new technique or equipment that 5 years ago would have seemed like science fiction.

    I feel bad for your friend, he has a long and hard road ahead of him, but I believe he can come back as strong and skilled as he wants to be.

    1. As both of them are officers I am sure if the military has any options for him they will let him know. I've seen and heard of a lot of amazing things they are doing but I am not sure how well they are moving along with them.

      He is a strong guy, I believe in spirit he will remain strong. But I am sure it will take its toll on him. Something like that is a hard pill to swallow even for the strongest person.

  4. I use a raser naga and certainly don't put all the buttons to use but with time I'm sure it can be done. I also have a footpedal which I probably don't use optimally - just using it for trincket or cleansing when healing. But that could be bound to shift and the naga suddenly has double the buttons. Mouse moving will still works. Altho it all depends on if he has lost his preferred hand... I dare say WoW may serve as motivation for him to adapt... and if he's worried about his guild kicking him sounds like he can still see WoW in his life going forward... Good luck to him!

  5. I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I don't know if something like this will help him, but I've been looking into foot pedals like (Fragpedal Quad PC gaming pedal is one). I'm still researching it for my purposes, but maybe you can look into it for your friend?

    1. Wow, that is an amazing idea. I think that could really work for movement. Thanks.

  6. not sure if this helps, but I saw video a while back when trying to get the treasures and found a disabled gamer that does youtube.

    Youtube: Hypnocroak without jumping

    Looking at their profile, looks like their web site is

    I don't see any particularly specialized addons on their site though.

    Looks like their steam community only has 14 members.

    Not aware of any other resources off the top of my head.


    1. I remember that one too from some time back when they profiled them on wowinsider I think it was. I am sure he could get ideas from looking at them. That is one of the first things that popped into my head was finding that post about them again.

  7. there is also the community of ablegamers they work for accessibility and some adaptive tech with video games. Might be helpful for your friend. WoW is pretty playable one handed, as that's how i played and raided through vanilla. My left side is mostly recovered from he stroke so i have full use of my left hand now, and am using both. My skill is about the same, although i was never great. I use/used a mouse with many buttons, and macros.

    1. I was thinking a mouse with lots of buttons myself. It does make it easier.

      Sorry to hear about your stroke but glad to hear you got the use of your left side back over time.

      He has not been online yet, but when he comes on there are a bunch of us that would be more than happy to go our of our way to help him.

  8. Hello from Ability Powered! Warcraft is amazing for one handed gamers. There's even a Move Pad ingame! You can also right click to move. I have a collection of Addons on my Youtube although not all are on my website yet (trying to do better about posting to both!) I would love to help more. You can email me anytime at abilitypowered at gmail!

    1. Thank you, I will pass your email along to him when he is ready to come back to gaming.

  9. you are right! WoW is amazingly more than a game, it is a community of gamers who help each other out. thank you Short, GE, old grumpy puss former leader of GE.

    take care.