Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Random Thoughts

- Lots of new stuff to have random thoughts about and I played a lot this weekend and have lots of thoughts.

- First there is a wolf pet hunters can tame in the iron front that looks like cruelfang, I tamed him when I saw him.

- He uses the exact same model as cruelfang from the beast lord fight.

- I only noticed one of him in all of T2.

- There are two others that spawn with a rare but they die fast.

- Not sure if it is intentional that one can be tamed being it is a singular one out there, but since when did that ever stop me from taming a cool looking new pet.

- I have a couple of pets that can no longer be tamed and this might end up being one of them for all I know.

- Have not done the hunter challenge one yet, but I will get around to it.

- Funny story about that wolf.

- I was doing my dailies with it, and every day since I got it, I have been getting a lot of whispers about it.

- So I told people where to get it.

- A few hours after I told someone I see them talking in general that there is this cool looking new wolf he just tamed and he is the first person on the server to have it.

- Makes me wonder how pitiful his life much be that he has to try to seek attention and make himself feel cool like that.

- Someone in guild, as I have been bringing all the guild hunters there to get it the last few days, asked why don't I speak up in general and call the guy out as a liar.

- I said, because I don't care.

- I don't seek attention, I actually shy away from it and I have no need to mention I was the person that told him about it.

- If he really needs this to make himself feel better, call it my good deed for the day letting him feel better.

- I just wonder about some people.

- I did a bunch of time walker dungeons this weekend.

- Lots and lots of bugs I should share here in case you missed them and blizzard does nothing about them.

- First time walker dungeon I did was on my paladin, because I have not played it this expansion and it could actually use that gear.

- First trash pack in I am losing aggro left and right.

- Yes, I am the tank.

- Second pull I lose the mobs again and I ask on voice chat, as it is a full guild group, if maybe they went back to the old days of aggro in these old dungeons.

- I say, let me get a few hits on them first and then attack.

- Third pack it does it again, even with the DPS waiting for a few seconds and a hunter misdirecting on to me, what the hell is wrong here.

- I look at my buffs to see if righteous fury is on and it isn't.

- Excuse me?

- It is always on, I never need to recast it, haven't since cataclysm if I remember correctly, even if I die when I come back it is already on me.

- I do not even have it on my action bars any longer, it never comes off.

- Damn dungeon stripped it off me when I entered.

- Oops, talk about going it old school, was fun for a bit there and interesting but never had another aggro issue the whole run once I put it on.

- Next run I go in and pull the first pack and they go all over the place.

- Son of a...

- I put righteous fury back on my hot bar because it seems like I might be needing it more often again.

- The other three, of five, runs it did not peal it off of me when I entered but the first two runs it did.

- Maybe it was a bug they fixed over the weekend.

- The first two runs were on friday, the last three sunday.

- So maybe it is fixed or maybe it was luck, but either way I am going to look at my buffs before pulling from now on when I enter a dungeon.

- Now a time walker hunter warning.

- When you zone out of a time walker dungeon you are back to full health, your pet is not so lucky.

- So if you joined the dungeon while you were in a busy area of the world, when you come out, hit mend pet ASAP.

- Your pet will have like 5% life and will be one shot by almost anything.

- Probably even a critter.

- Happened to me once.

- Well, not the critter part, but the one shot part.

- If you are a tracker of any sort, herbs, ore, pets, fishing pools, etc, beware that entering a time walker dungeon clears that.

- I got out of one and was running around wondering why I have not seen an herb in an hour, there are usually lots of them around.

- Went to check my tracking and it was turned off.

- Turned it on, picked some herbs, go in another timer walker, came out, it was off again.

- If you want to track stuff, make sure to turn it back on after you leave a time walker dungeon.

- I must say I love love love time walker dungeons.

- They are great for inflating my epeen meter.

- I don't have any special gear for it like lower gear with lots of gem slots that you can enchant.

- I go in just wearing what I wear which has the few WoD enchants and one gem slot.

- And I never fell lower than 42% damage done on anything.

- Single target boss fights, AoE situation, you name it.

- I am sometimes around the 70% damage done mark.

- As someone pointed out to a warrior that was doing dreadful and blamed it on his gear, "we are all the same gear level in here, if you are doing poorly it is because you are not doing your rotation right."

- And being there is no such thing as "someone has better gear" being we are all item level 95, it makes me feel good that I am playing my class well.

- Or should it make me feel sad that it seems everyone else is playing their class so poorly.

- It really is a nice way to see if your are actually any good at a character.

- Without gear being a deciding factor (unless someone geared specifically for it or has a lot of gem slots thanks to luck)  how you do compared to the others there really becomes something you can read more into when learning how to do better.

- I did randoms with both hunters so I have no guild mates to compare to, but random people really seem to not have a very solid grasp of their class.

- Both hunters, 630 and 680 were doing roughly the same sort of numbers in the time walkers proving it is more skill based and less gear based.

- My main did a slight bit better but my main has better trinkets, one gem slot and enchants.

- Otherwise all the gear is the same, and they both were putting on a clinic.

- Maybe I did so well because hunters are so damn awesome and it has nothing to do with skill.

- Rocking the charts and being the only one to survive after wipes because the tank pulls entire rooms he can not handle and giving people a mass resurrection so they do not need to run back does make you feel like the hero of the dungeon.

- Being a hunter rules.

- One run there was me and this lock that basically two manned the entire dungeon.

- Or at least all the trash in the entire dungeon.

- Each pull would go something like this.

- Tank pulls, healer desperately tried to keep him up, tank dies, rogue dies, healer dies, lock and I kite the mobs back and kill them.

- Nearly every single trash pull went this way.

- Needless to say it was a very fun dungeon.

- Some people would say a run like that was a nightmare but I never died once, we finished it, and it was a challenge, so I loved it.

- Of all the pug runs of timer walkers I did I only had 2 that I would say were not smooth runs.

- The one I just mentioned and one where it seemed we had a bugged instance.

- Not sure what else you would call it.

- Slave pens, took me forever on the load screen, come in and the first pack is done meaning it seems only I had a problem getting in.

- Second pack of lobsters is killed, one DPS leaves group.

- Next pack is pulled, we down it, tank leaves group.

- Next pack is pulled, second tank leaves group.

- Next pack is pulled, we kill it, healer leaves group.

- Next pack is pulled, we kill it, tank leaves group.

- Next pack is pulled, we kill it, DPS leaves group.

- Next pack is pulled, we kill it, tank leaves group.

- No, I am not kidding, after each and every single pack up to the first boss we lost one player after each pull.

- I can't see people leaving like that so the only thing I could think of is that the instance must have been bugged.

- It took me forever to enter and we lost people a lot, had to be a bug.

- Speaking of bugs, my poor horde hunter got lost.

- I was on a flight path when my computer crashed and when I came back and went to log in I kept getting "world server is down" as a message.

- The world server was not down.

- I put in a ticket, from another character of course, explaining what happened.

- I get what can only be called the best GM response in the history of the game.

- Paraphrasing of course, the GM says they are sorry to hear about the situation and that if I put in a ticket they should be able to fix it for me.

- So... let me get this right... you are telling me to put in a ticket about a stuck characters as your response to my ticket about a stuck character?

- Thanks, I'll do that.

- Excellent customer service there.

- I could not even get angry at a response like that, it was so freaking awesome.

- I was floored, it was the funniest response I ever heard, I now have the best ticket story in the history of all ticket stories.

- The response to my ticket was to tell me to file a ticket, how can that not be seen as an awesome answer.

- Hey, I put in a ticket as the response to my ticket told me to do and they fixed it, so it worked, even if it took a strange route to do that.

- In the alliance camp there is a helicopter that takes you directly to the throne of kil'jaeden but I could not find the equivalent at the horde base.

- I looked all over and clicked on lots of things hoping to run into it.

- Anyone know where it is?  Or if there even is one?

- Maybe alliance got the better end of the deal this time.

- While the alliance ship yard is far way away from the garrison they still got it better than the horde.

- For horde you have to decide you want to go there three minutes before you actually do.

- It is so darn far away you can tell for sure that ship yards are something that they came up with recently.

- No way it was part of the original plan or the garrisons would have been closer to the water.

- I am thinking of retiring my horde hunter from huntering and starting a new company with it that gives charter rides from the garrison to the ship yard.

- I can make millions.

- People could sleep in the bus on the long ride down there.

- My poor druid, who was my first character with an epic ship it now also my first character to lose an epic ship.

- She had a 88% chance of success mission.

- She failed the mission and lost her epic ship and another ship that was just 8K away from being epic as well.

- Failing an 88% mission and losing two ships, how much more unlucky can you be?

- I have actually come up with a plan, being you can build an epic ship.

- I am going to keep sending ships with bad crews on missions of risk.

- If I lose them I have a chance to get a better crew and maybe even an epic ship.

- Ones with bad crew are disposable, unless I can figure out a way to change crew.

- I really wish I could change my crew.

- I do not want a crew with 100% bonus gold, I want a crew with a counter to something.

- Bonus gold is useless, counters are mandatory.

- Did someone not mention this lack of balance with ships, that any non counter crew could possible be viewed as useless?

- How did something go live this unbalanced?

- If my crew does not have a counter to something, they are disposable.

- When I get a crew with a counter, and it is an epic ship, than from that point on it no longer goes on dangerous missions.

- That is my plan of attack for micro managing the ship yard.

- Get the right crew, upgrade the ship to epic, pimp the ship out to do all the important missions.

- I really hate these long missions.

- I had a three day one and many two day ones.

- I would not mind waiting two or three days at all if I knew it was 100% but if it is less, I hate waiting knowing I could lose my ships.

- I think the long trip idea is okay and the losing ships idea is okay.

- However I do not like the two of them together.

- If there is a risk I want to trip to be short.

- I do not want to wait three days to see if I lost my ships or not.

- I don't mind losing a ship so much but I do not want to wait forever to see if I did.

- As soon as I get to the point I can set up teams to do the gear missions with ships, I think I will ditch the whole thing and only do gear missions.

- After I am done with all the achievement as well of course.

- But I really do not like this feature.

- It is one of those things I am doing because I want to get the achievements and the gear but if those carrots were not there I would not touch it with a ten foot pole.

- They need a flight path at the docks.

- They also need to make the docks a rested area so you can log right out.

- Does not even need to be the entire dock, just near my command table.

- I hate having to wait 20 seconds to log out when switching character.

- Yes my characters are now logging out sitting in front of the naval command desk.

- You are doing that too, it is okay to admit it.

- I only need one more addon for my ships, not counting the one I need exalted reputation for.

- Killed the guy that drops it multiple times and he has not dropped it for me yet.

- So in case you were wonder, no, blueprints are not a 100% drop.

- I have killed that guy at least three times as I can recall and do not have it yet.

- I want the ironbread toy but he will not cough that one up either.

- Speaking of rares, they need to give these things more life, as in a lot more life.

- As a joke we timed me killing a few of them solo to see how long they last.

- The quickest one was 9 seconds and most were in the 20-30 second range max.

- I was not using stampede for burst, no food, no flasks, and they were going down this fast solo.

- And I am not even well geared at 683 item level, just decently geared.

- Can you imagine how fast they would die if people blew cooldowns on them and get close to a 700 item level?

- These mobs need to get an insane boost to their health pools.

- Ten times what the current are might be a start.

- Sucks when one appears within vision and you can still not get there in time for a hit.

- I collected all the bodies to get night stalker out of the way, don't think that is a rare I will ever bother with killing again.

- Gimmicks are one thing, making me run all over collecting stuff and having to fight every step of the way even if raptors are easy kills is another.

- No thank you.

- Still need a few rares for the achievement.

- Can't believe I have not killed them all yet without trying, have to see how many I am missing.

- Got one of the three mounts from the special rares so far.

- Which one?  No clue, I collect them, I don't pay attention to them.

- In all honesty if any of the three caught my eye I would have been more on the look out for which one I got but none of them did.

- Got yelled at for not calling out a rare and waiting for people.

- It was one of those rares that dies in 20 seconds solo, so really, why should I call it out?

- So I can waste peoples time trying to get there when I know they never will?

- Calling those rares out is a jerk thing to do.

- What is worse than calling out rares like that?

- Not following it up and telling people when they died.

- There should be a rule, if you call a rare is alive you need to call when it is dead or you are banned from using general chat for a month.

- It is common courtesy if you ask me.

- My druid, who was well behind my hunter in gear might actually be passing my hunter in item level soon.

- Up to 682 and I plan to upgrade a couple of baleful pieces, should I get base ones with decent stats on them.

- Not to mention I am wearing no crafted gear at the moment, so I could craft some gear for my druid as well.

- Maybe I should switch mains?

- It is easier to get a group as a tank than as a damage dealer anyway.

- And my offspec is healing so I am a tank and a healer.

- Getting groups would not even take effort that way.

- Was up at the throne with a friend doing the objective and pulled 7 mobs, my health was falling fast.

- He said "are you going to be okay or should I start running?"

- I said I will be fine, just waiting on something.

- My mage tower bonus popped, I dragged the 7 back to it, boom, full health again.

- I am so cheesy.  I love that thing.

- No one thinks of it as a survival thing, but to me if that mage circle is on the ground I feel unkillable.

- It is almost as if something psychological happens in my mind and I become super bear, with a cape and everything.

- The power of the mind is an amazing thing.

- If you think you can do something, you can do it.

- I did all the legendary pet battles yesterday.

- Took me almost four hours to find all the pets and to make teams to beat all the pets.

- But I was often side tracked by rares and two time walker dungeons in that time, so that is not a completely fair assessment  of how long it took.

- But even discounting those things, it still took a long time to find them and work out the teams for them.

- I looked online for assistance finding them but I made the teams myself.

- I only look for team advice when I am having issues.

- I think part of the fun is figuring it out on your own.

- I only needed to look up 3 fights I had some issues with.

- One of the three fights, oddly enough, suggested using the exact same team I was using.

- Wonder why it was not working for me, but after I read it, it worked.

- Huh?  Power of the mind again maybe.

- Failed six times with the team, read someone else say it worked, used the same team, then it worked.

- How exactly does that work?

- That is RNG for you sometimes.

- I started each battle with the basic howl bomb strategy and worked from there.

- Amazing how well that worked, ended up using it for all but one of the legendary battles.

- I am surprised blizzard has not nerfed it yet but I am extremely glad they did not.

- It makes the battles less annoying.

- And lets fact it, every one of us pet battlers love to see those massive hits land one after another.

- And if any of the hits is strong against that type of mob let the fun begin.

- ~wicked evil laugh~

- I thought they were supposed to drop stones you could use to grant a pet 5 levels.

- Did not get a single one of those.

- Got two nightmare bells however.

- No other pets.

- T2 makes me want flying more than I wanted it before.

- It is annoying getting piled on by 30 mobs.

- Even as a hunter, who can handle it in most cases it is not a fun thing.

- Sometimes one little mob can dismount you and other times you could have 5 beating directly on you and it not dismount you.

- There is no rhyme or reason to it.

- And it seems some of these mobs have really long leashes.

- While others seem to have a super short one.

- I love bonus objective areas where you can pull bunch at once and mow them down.

- Sadly some of the areas it never seems like that is an option.

- Don't you hate when you are looking all over the place for something to kill and actually have to wait on spawns.

- And did you ever notice that when you do not need anything any longer as you finished, when you are running out it seems like every mob and their mothers spawned?

- Fighting mobs you do not want to fight is nothing more than a general annoyance.

- I really want flying back and I want it back now, not in 6.2.x

- I've already experienced the ground content on multiple characters and I can tell you one thing, I am already sick of it.

- It is amazing how quickly we can get sick of something if we are not having fun with it.

- And I am usually having fun with it, until I get dismounted.

- No, I have not switched my bunker to a stables yet.
- Waiting until I get my fleet done.

- The bunker has a chance of upgrading things remember, so that means upgraded ships as well.

- But maybe I am wrong.

- I've only had one ship proc to epic on creation and it was on my druid.

- My druid does not have a bunker.

- Well there goes a perfectly good idea right out the window.

- Oh, back to pet battles, do you know you can capture the secondary pets?

- I caught a few I needed.

- Heck, one of the fights I needed to catch one to win it.

- I could not take the last guy out in time, so I just caught him.

- Cheesy I know, but hey, it worked and I won.

- In the end that is all that matters right?

- So many more thoughts, I could go on, but I wasted enough of your monday already.

- Have a great day.


  1. They explained somewhere why they remove RF in timewalking dungeons. Luckily, I had my RF weak aura active and put it on after entering.

    1. I don't play it all that often so I had nothing like that. Losing aggro was how I figured it out. Not the best way, but at least we did not wipe because of it. I am surprised no one caught that in testing. You can't tell me that not even one paladin tank did it on the PTR.

  2. saw some people complaining about their oil stained wolf losing its appearance after they went into the timewalking dungeon.

    don't go in there with anything you are afraid to lose because it's no longer available in the game.



    2. I would be really upset if I had one of my special pets and lost their special look when I entered one. There should be some sort of warning if it is going to strip everything like that. I do hope blizzard is going to "fix" the pets that people lost thanks to this.

  3. Make me some sort of cable car to get me from my garrison to the shipyard and I will pay you all sorts of silly gold. But it'd better be a fast cable car. Or even a flying one... when I finish all this rep.

    1. So you will be the first one to sign up for my hunters services. I will make more gold than even the missions were giving.

  4. Timewalking dungeons were OK, but even with everyone doing them, the DPS queues were still 30 minutes... I miss the good old days when dungeons had 15 minute queues...

    I really don't like queuing while I'm out doing other things because the queue is always 100% guaranteed to pop when I'm in the middle of doing something. Got 10 quest mobs on me; queue pops. Killing a rare: queue pops. That kind of shit.

    I don't like the shipyard.

    It seems like an after thought that just doesn't fit.

    It should not have anything to do with the legendary. Although, if it was that way, I don't think I'd even do it, nor would a bunch of other people. Achievements be damned... We'd just unlock Tanaan and say "fuck this shit"...

    The success chances don't make sense. The multi-ship missions are clearly designed to be done with ~85% success where you will probably lose all your ships. If you want 100%, it'll cost you a bunch of garrison resources.

    As Grumpy said, it shouldn't be that far away from the garrison and it should be a rested area.

    Also, the 3 main NPCs in the shipyard should be closer together.

    The Equipment guy and the Drydock guy bug out on me and don't spawn half the time. I have to leave the shipyard and then go back to get them to spawn.

    The blueprint off Ironbeard is not a 100% drop (which really sucks), but the rest are supposed to be.

    I don't really like Tanaan either. As Grumpy mentioned, the rares die too fast just like they did on Timeless Isle and they don't respawn frequently enough.

    Although maybe they respawn 5x more frequently than we know but they're just never in the same instance as we are. This multiple "shard" shit is stupid. I hear the announcements all the time but the damn rare is never there. It teaches us that Tanaan is horribly broken even when it may not be as broken as we think.

    Now that I've collected most of the treasures, the daily to get 10 fragments is really annoying... The rares are rarely up so I can't get fragments from them and the spawn rates on the chests seem much lower than they were originally. For example last night, I was totally done with Tanaan but had to spend another 20 minutes or so trying to find 5 more fragments... Wandering around aggroing a bunch of mobs when you have 0 incentive to kill them is really freaking annoying.

    I've also noticed that I'm hardly getting any Baleful tokens anymore. I'll probably have to buy the damn things for Apexis... I have over 100K Apexis. I upgraded one Baleful piece so far, but haven't gotten any other slots with good itemization that I want to upgrade.

    I've yet to see any of the special rares. It seems the only option is to use Group finder for them. Goes back to the "shard" shit I mentioned above.

    I want flying again so much...

    It'd just sad that I'm sick of the new content after a week. Last night, I didn't even want to log in to WoW. My only real incentive was to continue the reps for flying...

    1. I waited 48 minutes on sunday. They really need to do something to make these queues better.

      Those guys bug out on me all the time too. I need to run far away and come back so they are there. I wish they would fix that.

      There is a blueprint off ironbeard? I never got one off him and I have every one of them except unsinkable. I did manage to get the toy off of him yesterday finally.

      The phasing is horrible. I hate seeing the darn emotes and not seeing the mob. But what do you expect, we are live beta testers, the same way we have been all expansion.

      I am with your on that apexis quest. It has become a two hours task, if not more, to get it done. They need to add more ways to get them to drop. I went for almost an hour yesterday without seeing one rare or getting one crystal loot from any boxes because I could not find any. It is dreadful design to make us wander there keeping busy, not to actually allow us to finish it in any reasonable time.

      You are not alone in being sick already with the new content. I know I am already. Not that it is bad, just that is was badly implemented. The phasing, the quick dying rares, the bad drop rates, you name it. The content is not half bad, just the way they implemented it is.

    2. I got the item on my second kill of him.

  5. I'm pretty sure the mill/bunker only work on gear upgrades, and stables are so much fun, I did most of the Tanaab intro without dismounting, since you can interact with things while mounted, and most of the objectives are just interacting with things.

    1. I really do what my stables back. Loved being able to interact with things without having to dismount and who doesn't love not getting dismounted when running around.

  6. :) For timewalker bugs, I was out questing as Destruction, accepted the queue the dungeon and found my spec had flipped to Demonology.

    1. Wow, that is a huge bug. I must admit it is a mildly funny one to me as it did not happen to me, but a big bug.