Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Big List

Okay okay, I stole this idea from Alts Etctra's Big List.  Thanks for the idea, been a long time since I listed my characters and where they are in terms of leveling.  I am at work now so I am going to basically play this by memory and many of my low level characters will not be mentioned unless they happen to be ones I am currently working on, as I might have forgot them.  While I do not have as many alts at max level as Lyrestra does I am definitely no slouch either I would say.

Yes, I have multiple accounts and yes the server is merged.  That is how I have so many characters on my main server.

My Main Server:

Night Elf Hunter Level 90
Night Elf Hunter Level 90
Night Elf Hunter Level 85
Dwarf Hunter Level 85
Orc Hunter Level 80
Orc Hunter Level 17
Human Death Knight Level 90
Human Death Knight Level 90
Gnome Death Knight Level 71
Troll Death Knight Level 68
Night Elf Druid Level 90
Worgen Druid Level 37
Gnome Mage 90
Pandaren Monk 90
Draenei Paladin 90
Human Priest 90
Worgen Rogue 90
Draenei Shaman 90
Pandaren Shaman 90
Human Warlock 90
Dwarf Warrior 90

+ some other lower levels horde side.

My Role Play Server:  (I intend to have these all at 90 by expansion end.)

Night Elf Hunter 90
Human Death Knight 70
Night Elf Druid 27
Worgen Mage 90
Draenei Monk 35
Human Paladin 57
Human Priest 41
Worgen Rogue 33
Draenei Shaman 29
Gnome Warlock 27
Human Warrior 41

Horde Server: (New one I just started)

Blood Elf Death Knight 59
Troll Druid 15

Other Notables:

Tauren Hunter 90
Gnome Priest 90

Not listed but notable:

I have a horde server with 10 of the 11 classes but it is on an inactive account at the moment (pre mists which is why it does not have all 11 classes) and I have no intention of activating it at the moment.  That account also has a few 85 hunters floating around as well.  I also have hunters on various other servers at various other levels from 1 to 80.


  1. That's extremely impressive. My head is swimming after looking at that list. Some would call you an enthusiast. Some would call you a likely candidate for some light therapy. I applaud you. I can only guess from the obvious that you really really really like hunters...What's your motivation for that? I'm intrigued. Love the random thoughts posts by the way.

    1. I am not exactly sure why I have such a love for hunters. It is not really just one thing, it would be many.

      First off they are ranged. Every game I ever play the first choice I make when I try the game is a ranged class. Secondly, they have a pet and at one time that pet required maintenance which meant you were as important to your pet as your pet was too you and you make a connection to your pet. Being a solo player I like the idea that I am never really alone on a hunter. Yes, I talk to my pet. Also, being a pet can work as a serviceable tank it means I rarely ever need a group for anything, which again, fits the fact I like to play solo. I like that we have a lot of utility, while it is useless utility in a raid most of the time, it is the ultimate utility when alone and once again, that is my preferred way to play. I also like the difficulty and the ease of playing a hunter. They are the easiest class to level, mostly thanks to our furry friends, but they are the hardest class to get the most out of, and I like that bit of a challenge. So while hunters might have twice as many buttons as any other class which in turn makes the more difficulty to play well (as in know everything you can do and do it well) those abilities give me nearly everything I will ever need to get the job done and being a jack of all trades is a great thing for any RPG character. If you ever played many RPGs you would know you are better to have a character that can handle a lot of things because if you are on one that can not debuff the enemy you might take a hurting, but as a hunter, nothing is impossible because they can do almost everything, as long as you are willing to take the time to learn what those 10,001 abilities do.

      I guess those would be the things that stand out most about why I like playing a hunter but there is more to it. Something intangible. Something I really can not place my finger on.

      If anything I would relate myself to a paladin most closely as far as they are portrayed in the game and many years ago, way the hell before warcraft was even a dream, I used to RP as a paladin in a text based format online (that was how we used to RPG before games like everquest or wow gave us visuals). I would have never thought myself the hunter type but now I can never think of myself as anything but.

      In the end, I do not play a hunter, I am a hunter. The class grew on me, it found me, and I fell in love with it.

  2. Erm. You are a true fan. :-)

    I have a lot of low level alts on various servers from early play, and three char families across three different servers, two H and one A. I only have 4 level 90s and a couple level 85s/80s which were what I was arena'ing on in previous expansions. A single main for achievements.

    I might level a couple more, again, to PVP on, or maaaaaaybe for profession slots. But, frankly, I find leveling very boring after all these years. It's just a chore, very easy yet too damn slow, even with all exp nerfs. If a level 90 boost was free and had a cooldown of a month or so, I'd just use that.

    1. Ah, damn, make that 7 level 90s of 4 different classes.

    2. I started leveling alts as profession mules but ended up playing them as well. That is how it starts. lol

      I don't mind leveling, it is a nice way to pass the time now but after the redesign of the old world they really should have done something to the following expansions because, while still fast to someone like me that likes to level, once you leave the old world it is like hitting a brick wall for most.

  3. That really puts my list to shame...

    Main server:
    Night Elf Hunter Level 90
    Draenei Death Knight Level 90
    Draenei Mage Level 90
    Worgen Druid Level 62
    Human Rogue Level 32
    Gnome Rogue Level 30
    Night Elf Warrior Level 30
    Human Priest Level 30
    Human Warlock Level 21
    Human Paladin Level 1

    Starter Edition toons on Main server:
    Dwarf Hunter Level 10 (to create Raid groups)
    Orc Rogue Level 1 (for achievs)
    Troll Rogue Level 1 (for achievs)
    Undead Rogue Level 1 (for achievs)
    Tauren Shaman Level 1 (for achievs)
    Blood Elf Warlock Level 1 (for achievs)

    Icecrown (WHU server):
    Dwarf Hunter Level 22

    The rest are really just camping names on servers that I was considering transferring to, but never did.
    Turalyon (Gamebreaker server):
    Night Elf Monk Level 6
    Night Elf Druid Level 1

    Aerie Peak (CtR server):
    Night Elf Hunter Level 1

    RP server:
    Night Elf Hunter Level 1

    Server that my raid team transferred to:
    Night Elf Hunter Level 1

    1. I have a few level 1s sitting around, most notably a hunter and a mage I intend to level on their respective servers but have not started yet. But I could not stand having that many 1s around, I would need to get them to 10 at least. lol

  4. Gah. Lessee...

    Alliance (Main, Small) Server:
    All 11 classes at 90 (main account)
    1 class at 20 (trial account, for creating self-raid)

    Horde (Small) Server:
    All 11 classes at 90 (main account)

    Alliance (Large) Server:
    7 classes at 90 (main account)
    1 class at 90 (second account)
    2 classes at 86 (second account)

    Horde (Large) Server
    4 classes at low level (main account)
    1 class at low level (second account)

    So... 30 90s if my math is right? Sigh.

    1. I have a lot of catching up to do. lol

      I thought 18 was a lot.

    2. 18 is too many, 30 is ridiculous. We're both idiots, just at slightly different levels. :)

    3. We still have as much as (maybe more) than 6 months so I can catch up to you with 30. But I am sure as crazy as we both are you will have more by then too.